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Today I go see the tax guy. After that ordeal, I feel like I've just finished a marathon, both the beat-up and so relieved it's over feelings.

Ever heard of Pete Julian? No, I hadn't either. He's a good runner and, judging from a recent interview, an intelligent and good guy. Link

Brooke Russell is training with the Hart boys. Hey, Coach, where did that idea come from? Link

One of the best boy distance runners is in Antelope Valley, and his name is Jose Melina

Joan Benoit and Wilma? Remember?

There's a fun thread to read about the great Steve Jones. In the early years of the SCM, there were pre event training talks, and I remember Phil Howard telling me he was close to getting Steve Jones to talk at one. Wouldn't that have been great? I'm sure there are a lot of famous running characters around who, for chump change and a free dinner and quaffing, would like to talk to us. It would be great inspiration for the entire running community. Perhaps this could be discussed at tonight's SCR board meeting? Jones thread

The Commish, Bud Selig, high-fives himself. Daily dope

Ritz is profiled in the latest Sports Illustrated. I haven't seen it. That article, I've heard, like most about Ritz, talks about his incredible toughness, his willingness to absorb the maximum pain. That's probably one of the keys to his success. There are some good photos of him at Footlocker years ago here

Ah, the luck of the Irish. Here is the SI profile of Ritz

Posted by donmclean on 2005/3/17 2:33:00 (935 reads)

American ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes' name has been at play in the media of late. He won the most recent Badwater, and now he has written his first book. It is reviewed in the NYT and the reviewer, Times reporter Kirk Johnson, went for a run with him. Johnson is himself a gifted runner who completed the Badwater race, wrote a good book about it, and who also was in the movie, Running on the Sun. Link

More trees along the Bridgeport trail? Link

I just finished reading Neal Bascomb's The Perfect Mile. It's the story of John Landy, Wes Santee, and Roger Bannister in quest of the four minute mile, and also the subsequent race between Landy and Bannister at the 1954 Empire Games in Vancouver. The book is chock-full of great stuff, marvelously written, about three admirable guys. I'll say no more other than to urge you to read it.

On the grief of Bekele

Will you be watching the March Madness? If so, will it be because of your intent interest in amateur basketball, or because you have a bet going? More likely, it's the latter. I read somewhere that 1 in 10 Americans are in a basketball pool. (There's no pool here at the home office.) Anyway, while you're watching, you might reflect on the woeful graduation rates of those teams participating. It's really pathetic. You won't see any young Roger Bannisters, future neurologists out there with fancy passing...BTW, it's a fact that distance runners are usually good to fine students, but there are instances, even in the Hart District, of runners and track athletes in academic trouble. Are those athletes being helped, or mostly just steered to the dummy classes? I know, this is old-as-the-hills stuff, and was done even back in my high school days. However, what does it say about us, the high school, the district when we allow this enabling? We are not helping the kid. Yes, the kid's learning problems should have been addressed much earlier in elementary levels, and yet it is never too late to learn. I've often thought there should be a district ethicist, grades cop to police transfers and invesitgate athlete grades and the like. Or maybe almost as good. Why not have the district set minimum test scores? If an athlete can't read, write, do math at a certain level, the athlete doesn't compete. Period.

The Daily News headline: "Most schools surpass standard" The story is how our SCV schools performed in the state academic testing. Most of the elementary schools exceeded the target standard. On the junior high level, only Rio Norte met the standard. None of the high schools met the standard. What's happening here? BTW, you can't ascribe all the better marks to higher family income. One of the highest rated elementary schools was Rosedell in Saugus. The surrounding homes were built in the late 60s. I know, because that was the school my kids went to. It was great back then (80s) and it continues to be excellent. Link

Does choice of the sport affect academic performance? I was talking to a dad whose kid was formerly involved in a team sport, one of so many that is known for aggressive playing, ref bashing, beserk coaches and parents. While the kid was proficient at the sport, the kid became more settled, happier and studied much more once the same became devoted to running only. I've heard that story at least one hundred times, and I've seen it in real lives many times more.

World xc champs this weekend in France. Americans have done well at the worlds in the past. Remember Pat Porter and Lynn Jennings? Neither were world-beaters on the track, but they had the strength and guts to be great xc racers. This year, I'm looking for Ritz to do very well. Goucher, Flanagan, Fleshman and others may also shine. Hope so. So, at what prime time hour will this be televised? Preview

Late-night yucks

AMA Journal critical of extra doses of Vitamin E. Statistical difference on heart problems in study is so slight, I wonder if it is really significant to make the call. Link

BBC has a good article on cross country

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Regrettably, the 2005 edition of the Leona Divide has been canceled, as determined by a vote of the LD Board of Directors. Due to damage from winter storms, the USFS has now closed all dirt roads in the Saugus Ranger District to all mororized vehicles. No permits are being issued for events that rely on these roads.

We apologize for any inconveniences and sincerely thank all who have volunteered to help out this year, those who support the race by running, and our generous sponsors. We are looking forward to a better that ever race in 2006, with the tentative date being April 15, 2006.

All entry fees for this year's race will be returned or refunded. All free entries for age group awards will be carried over to 2006. Please check our web site,, for future updates. We look forward to seeing you all in 2006.

Posted by donmclean on 2005/3/15 14:08:00 (834 reads)

It was 38 degrees, no wind, when Ole and I started out this morning at 4:30 (44 degrees when we finished). 10 X 3 minutes with a 2 minute jog interval, ten miles in all. Greg joined us along the way. He and Dennis did a 28.1 mile out and back on Saturday, from Lowe's, down San Fernando Road, up the Beast and over to Olive View Hospital, and return. 4.5 hours. These guys are going to do Leona, and they'll both do very well. Dennis has done Leona twice, once under 8 hours, though it has now been 6 or more years since he's done an ultra. Greg has never done one, but he is one tough, persevering dude...One of the trees along the South Fork, mature and about 15 years old, blew down in the windstorm yesterday...Greg said Towsley is now officially open, and he ran a double loop (the big and little loops) in the past week. He said there is a lot of damage behind the park -mostly washouts - but the hills are incredibly lush and high with flowering vegetation, on both front and back switchbacks. I'm definitely going to get over there and capture that on film...Today's LAT has the top 10 So Cal trails, but nothing in the SCV. The trails they picked are fine, though I much prefer the mountains nearer SCV. But wherever, I do urge you to get off the asphalt and cement and onto dirt trails as much as possible.

NYT article (registration probably required) on Ritz. One of his key workouts is hill sprints. Lydiard says you should bound or high stride up a hill, and I'm sure you would benefit from that too; however, others go for making the hill repeat a more traditional hard interval workout, and that's my way also. Link

You've probably seen the Bud commercial, Applause. I hadn't until just now. It's quite moving. Link

Daily dope

I should have known. Irish Mike McSkane has been to Towsley and has the photos to prove it here

The feature story on today LAT front page is wonderful. It's about a jogging track installed at historic Evergreen Cemetary in the barrio, and about the older (mostly) Latino women out there early walking or jogging. We get a bit nutty around here, thinking running is about getting faster and being stylish and thin; for many of the Evergreen group, it's about saving their lives. Link

Posted by donmclean on 2005/3/15 0:41:00 (1349 reads)

#1 Rich Burns 15:48 * First Male
#2 Orlando Benitez 16:03
#3 Giovanni Guzman 16:57
#4 Jeff Smith 17:02
#5 Kevin McSweeney 17:10
#6 Nancy James 17:45 * First Female
#7 Jennifer Overlock 18:13
#8 Mark LaPlant 18:16
#9 Darcy Lange 18:17
#10 Mike Kent 18:43
#11 Phil Shirley 19:04
#12 Loren Sitomer 19:19
#13 Don McLean 19:27
#14 Guy Moore 19:32
#15 Ray Reyes 19:41
#16 Nick Trozzi 20:02
#17 Rick Joly 20:11
#18 Chad Hess 20:17
#19 Carlyle Rogers 20:18
#20 Ken Law 20:31
#21 Mark Horak 20:41
#22 Keith Oblander 20:52
#23 Stephen Roth 21:12
#24 Jesus Chavez 20:15
#25 Bernard Fitchpatrick 21:27
#26 Jessica Gill 21:29
#27 Megan McDaniel 21:31
#28 Cathy Senne 21:41
#29 Tina Daucher 21:43
#30 Kevin Prim 21:53
#31 John Pryor 21:56
#32 Brandon Senne 21:59
#33 Frank Schranz 24:43
#34 Dave McNeil 22:23
#35 Alan Brown 22:32
#36 Dominic Terresi 22:40
#37 Kathryn Nelson 22:43
#38 Chris Sullivan 22:56
#39 Marie Edstrom 23:00
#40 Tony Terese 23:13
#41 Roxanne Brush 23:17
#42 Ken Sarkis 23:21
#43 Bruce Braucher 23:25
#44 Robert Mahan 23:28
#45 Scott Butler 23:32
#46 Jason Mock 23:37
#47 Kelly Clark 23:39
#48 Noah Beilin 23:41
#49 Shirley Bartholomew 23:45
#50 Dave Berkey 23:52
#51 Mick Canale 23:59
#52 Favian Guzman 24:00#53 Tom Gawley 24:07
#54 Frank Hansen 24:19
#55 Siobhan Myrick 24:27
#56 John Thomas 24:43
#57 Leighton Reynolds 24:48
#58 Josh Davis 24:50
#59 Hannah Wilcox 24:51
#60 Christopher Bonfilio 24:52
#61 Britney Fitchpatrick 25:07
#62 Nicole Mock 25:11
#63 Larry Lyman 25:18
#64 Chris Aros 25:22
#65 Roger Woodward 25:30
#66 Nancy Teresi 25:37
#67 Rawlins Jordan 25:38
#68 Kelley Schranz 25:39
#69 Jasmine Gill 25:47
#70 Joel Hopkins 25:58
#71 Gaylon Rodin 26:00
#72 Jessica Callow 26:01
#73 Steven Sitomer 26:05
#74 Reagan Davis 26:17
#75 Laura Duncan 26:17
#76 James Duncan 26:28
#77 Josh Guzman 26:35
#78 Tom Schoenbaum 26:38
#79 Jat Headley 26:39
#80 Melanie Cotterell 26:45
#81 Kayley Braucher 26:46
#82 Kirste Whipple 26:47
#83 Jacqueline Baca 26:54#84 John Swall 26:55
#85 Preben Poulsen 27:01
#86 Christine Sakajian 27:02
#87 Mark Hiett 27:13
#88 Andrea Hansen 27:17
#89 W. Winslow 27:21
#90 Brandon Pantoja 27:27
#91 Shelley McGrath 27:28
#92 Tami Hill 27:29
#93 Carl Ponto 27:29
#94 Emily Cotterell 27:36
#95 Lacey Headley-Collier 27:50
#96 Kathy Jolly 27:53
#97 Becky Waterman 28:21
#98 Don Hughes 28:34
#99 Darcel Pertusati 28:37
#101 Barry Truex 28:43
#102 Kelly Steele 28:47
#103 Marcy Calman 28:47
#104 Rachel Rush 29:03
#105 Jennifer Gill 29:04
#106 Christine Rush 29:05
#107 Darby LaPlant 29:19
#108 Ernie Velis 29:26
#109 Breeann Braucher 29:30
#110 Kristin Grant 30:22
#111 Joe Aloisi 30:22
#112 Betsy Swallow 30:43
#113 Guy Horanberg 30:45
#114 Devin Bulkley 32:05
#115 Gina Bogna 32:15
#117 Russ Sidles 33:02
#118 Lisa Ferrer 33:09
#119 Mike Riley 34:28
#120 Judy Haus 34:39
#121 Amanda Frank 35:23
#122 Kevin Frank 35:24
#123 Pat Downing 35:43
#124 Brianna Guzman 35:57
#125 Courtney Hiett 35:58
#126 Mallory Bonfilio 36:01
#128 Jen Miller 36:52
#129 Janey Kay Moch 37:30
#131 Pat Horanberg 41:30
#132 Chris Sidles 41:32
#133 Britney Kruzinski 45:12
#134 Megan Braucher 45:59
#135 Steven Bulkley 46:00
#136 Stephanie Canale 49:59
#137 Jennifer Canale 56:06

For Age Group results, click Read More

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Brian Frank forwarded more on the Agoura race. Click on Read More below for recent updates.

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Yale University is getting a new track, and it is named after alumnus Frank Shorter, who did so much to jump start the running boom in America. The Boulder paper (where Shorter lives) has a good article about it and the importance of a quality track accessible to the public. Registration is necessary to view. The paper frequently has running articles, to which I link, and I urge you to register for current and future reading pleasure. Link

In Read More below, Brian Frank tells us about the Great Race of Agoura.

According to Deb, the ultrarunners are agog with joltgum. See

What's going on in Golden Valley? Darcel writes: I ran Golden Valley today with Linda Burrows and Mervat Tawfik. Do you know what they are doing over there? There are earthmoving trucks everywhere. I wonder if it's just to fix things up after the fires and floods, but it looks like they're clearing the land to build something. I remember last year running on the fire road and at one point you could look down to the valley floor and it was a carpet of yellow flowers. (It's still a carpet of yellow but it's not flowers - it's yellow earthmoving vehicles.) Anyway, I was really surprised. In one spot, there's even the concrete "steps" that they put in to hold the hill back and provide drainage before they put in houses. I read the Daily News and I thought I was up to date, but I don't recall anything re: that area. It's possible I missed something. The purple lupen were everywhere, that part was nice.

While Brian Frank is unable to run, or walk much for that matter, his young 'uns were out there at St. Paddy's 5K: It was fun for me to see my Kevin help Amanda (my daughter) complete the race in a surprisingly fast time, since she never runs at all and wasn't even wearing her running shoes. I thought she'd take about 50 minutes and he brought her in around 35:30. Even if it had been a full 3.1 miles, I'm sure she'd have been around 38:00. Some of the SCR's told me some of the encouraging things he was saying to motivate her out there. It sounded like he was telling her the same things I tell him when I'm pushing him along in a 5 or 10K. Pretty cool!!!

Brian got an email from Gene Blankenship, who sez: I ran my first race in five years today, and my first race for the SCRs in maybe 17 years, wearing my SCR jersey proudly. It was the St. Paddy's 5 Mile Run. It's basically flat with some uphill grades along the Spokane River in 41:50 (8:19 per mile?). I felt pretty good about it since I've been running my training runs at 10+ minutes per mile. So I have a ways to go to beat any records. But I felt good. Wonder what the 60 year old times were for Knights of Columbus/St. Paddy's Day 8K. Do you know if the results are posted?

No, I don't have the results yet. Several of you have asked me for same. I'll supply and post when received.

American teen breaks Michael Johnson's indoor 400 record. Story

"You can't beat Montana." Yep, that's what Scott McGowan, the US Indoor 1500 champ, said about his native state. Funny interview

During a recent early morning run, Ole said to Vince and Don, "Pretty soon you two will be the last two in America without cell phones." Like, that's bad? Consider

There's a Dyestat thread on the Royal meet, and Bryant's race is discussed. Here

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Thanks to Canyon coach Paul Broneer for the results. He confirms our experience, the Signal sucks when it comes time to post meet results. What's the problem with those guys? I was so pleased to hear from Paul. I'd really like to post results from whoever. You all know I'm the Saugus honk, but I'm also a honk for all SCV runners. I truly want everyone to achieve their best. It really is good for everyone. I do have considerable internal motivation, but I confess what sort of times I achieve and get noticed motivates just as much because I know those I'm a in competition with (age group, etc.) will also notice, etc. It all adds to the fun. Let's all get good. I wish the very best to Adam, Salim, Stephen, O, Alfredo (hey, I don't even know what he looks like), Brooke, Bryant, Shannon, Scott W., Bryant, Joe, Dean, Avocado, John, Hector, Todd, Katie, Hannah
Colley, et al. Ok, and Tim too, though he will be in my age group for just 6 days more.

Click Read More for Canyon results.

Complete Royal Results

Once again, this weekend, we stayed at the Bella Maggiore Inn in Ventura. You're right, it's probably not always best to take Don's recommendations, cheap bastard that he is. And yet Vince, along with his bride, the very fellow who claims to know ever Malibu sommelier by first name, stayed there on my recommendation, and pronouced it very swell indeed. Vince doesn't have the continental experience that I have, but he said he's sure I'm right, the place has a European flair, and it's a great deal...So give it a try! How can you (and that special person) go through life being even less experienced with the high life and good times than Don?...It's an hour away, and so reasonable...Emma Wood campground is unavailable, and so is the private campground next to it. The river next to the 33/101 spilled onto both... It's just shocking to see La Conchita. The slide area is quite large, and I understand the area will not be bulldozed...It was very cloudy both days...I often go to More Mesa beach in Santa Barbara to run. Today the tide was almost to the cliffs, so I ran above, which I'd never done. The mesa is at least as large as 10 Central Parks. It was very green, lush, and filled with flowers. There's a Rave Run photo there. I ran all around and through it, and then exited out into this neighborhood I'd never seen, even more impresssive than Montecito. Some of the estates looked all horsey and even 40 acres plus, overlooking the Pacific. Some of the roads had horse trails in wood chips right next to the road. Nice running. No horses were out, or hardly anyone else, for that matter. So nice.

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Posted by donmclean on 2005/3/13 17:22:00 (950 reads)

We had some impressive marks once again! Most notably Bryant, the
Machine, Hinesly doubled back from the 4x1200m relay to run a PR in the
3200, by passing 5 runners in the final lap of the 3200, to take 2nd in
a time of 9:52! The boys 4x1200m consisting of Hector, Josh, Chris, and
Bryant finished second to Royal earlier in the day!

Shannon Murakami knocked 34 seconds off her 3200m best running a solo
effort (she lapped everyone except the 2nd place finisher). Her time
10:54, only 10 seconds off the Saugus school record. She wasn't feeling
well before the race, so this was a good achievement for her.

Our frosh/soph boys all ran well. Jabob 10:54, Todd 11:02, and Scott
hung tough to knock 11 seconds off his best, 11:22.

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