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The ugly 3000 controvery continues. See here. And here. And here.

Dave Barry: Manliness Manifesto

One of the hottest new coffee spots in the U.S. is in... Valencia?

Mary Cain did sprint after sprints following her victory in the 1500. Story.

Elijah Stepan (18:35) and Kaylee Thompson (18:31) did well at the Race on the Base

How running makes you smarter. Link. ...Now for a study on learning while exercising. (I read on a treadmill.)

Run less. Move more. Link. Now retired, I exercise more now than when I was running 70 miles a week, usually 4 to 6 hours a day.

Ken Goe says there has been a rush to judgment in the women's 3000 controversy. Link. OK, so we all saw the same thing as he did. My view is that both ladies share responsibility for inadvertant contact, no different than most contact in a race.

USATF Announcement.

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Bizarre happenings yesterday at USA Indoor Champs. Al Sal goes berserk. Lauren Fleshman calls out Jordan Hasay. Winner gets DQ. Link. Not nice.

The Master's women competed yesterday at the Rossi Relays. Story.

Is the marathon passe? Going the Distance Grows Shorter for Many Runners

Joe Vigil: Deena Kastor - Anatomy of a Medal. Bookmark that.

SCV News: COC Men, Women Break 4 School Records at WSC Relays

More on the Grunewald DQ

Two girls from West Ranch ran in the Los Angeles Firecracker 5 / 10 K this morning. It was a great showing by Caillie Binnie and Taylor Hernandez. Caillie ran the 5K course in 19:37, finishing 30th overall, 2nd female and 1st in her age group. Taylor ran the very hilly 10K course in 43:37, finishing 49th overall and 4th in her age group. Results here.

Bob Binnie's photos here. WR coaches Leon Maldonado and Rick Larimore surround Callie in photo #20. Sez Bob: I can't say enough good things about these guys as they and their wives dragged down to Chinatown at 7:00 am on a Sunday morning. Their commitment truly deserves a medal.

Ken Goe/Oregonian on USA Indoor Champs news.

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Saugus ran the Beast today. 67 Saugus athletes made it to the top. Top marks below.

37:31 Brandon Jauregui (alum)
37:52 Brian Zabilski (11)
38:08 Ryan Tate (10)
41:01 Jason Hamburger (11)
42:43 Jonathan Summer (11)
42:50 Jacob Crosson (10)
43:12 Tim Broggie (11)
43:15 Jonathan Hamburger (11)
43:29 Samantha Ortega (11) - New Girls HS Record (old mark Jenay Jauregui 43:43; Shannon Murakami has the all-time best of 43:26)
43:53 Townsend Kaneversky (12)

Funny. Google Translate For Runners

COC competed yesterday at the WSC Relays. Results.

Provocative Q&A with Eamonn Coghlan

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DyeStatCAL: Girls Distance Preview

USA Indoor Champs this weekend. Entrants. Media details.

Are you at risk in racing marathons? New study says "...that while endurance running is not a ‘magic pill,’ neither is it a loaded gun." More.

Be true to your own act, and congratulate yourself if you have done something strange and extravagant, and broken the monotony of a decorous age. It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, “Always do what you are afraid to do.“ ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Why so serious? The Guy Who Puts The Fun Back In Fun. Go play outside.

Honor the stay-at-home moms. Link.

Sir David Attenborough's alternative curling commentary.

A Guide To Meats

Hitler is a Race Director

Amby Burfoot: Heel Landing Beats Midfoot In Half-Marathon Study

RunnerSpace previews the distance races at USA Indoor Champs

There's an ongoing culture war in America between fitness enthusiasts and automobiles. Broken Stride

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Alan Webb's final 1609.34 meters were a tribute to middle-distance runners everywhere. The Unsung Glory of the Mile Run. Most of us would have been happy being milers, and nothing more, if we had a lick of talent.

LetsRun: The Week That Was.

Brando: 2014 SCV Track Bests

Coming Attractions:

2/21-COC @WSC Relays, Ventura College
2/22 - Master's @ Rossi Relays
3/1 -SCV Track Invitational

Roger Robinson: Imagining A Future For Cross Country

Funny. How To Pick A Local Running Store and 10 Things You Should Know About Southern Ultra Runners

Must read.First Woman Over 50 to Break 3:00 in Marathon Dies

Yikes! Undie Run In 30 Degree Weather And Snow

Intervals on the track tonight with Ian Dobson. See Read More.

How Running Saved the Life of an Olympian: Lynn Jennings’ Story

Read More... | 2188 bytes more | 1 comment

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Cross-country skiing, or why you'll never be a secret Scandinavian. Unlike running, cross country skiing employs every major muscle in the body, each screaming for more oxygen. Not pleasant. ...In another era, the Scandnavians were the white Kenyans. Think Paavo Nurmi and Lasse Viren, Grete Waitz and Ingrid Kristiansen.

Alex Hutchinson/Sweat Science: Who Has the Greatest VO2max of Them All?

We're not bullet proof. Rest and Recovery for Runners

Just in. Skiers on toilets.


Oregon men do post UW Classic workout here

Wait a sec!!! (Move that defib just a bit closer, please.) Are you telling me curling is more dangerous than speed skating and cross country skiiing? Link.

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The Signal: COC growing in wine wisdom. More trail to trod?

A Midwestern transplant enjoyed commuting to work by bike in L.A., until an encounter with a Chevy S-10 pickup. Story.

Pete Magill: Justice is Served: Race’s Real Winner Gets His Gold. ...Pete was registered, but didn't race the USA XC Champs. My spy writes: Pete was in awesome shape but had a small kid on a bike dart in front of him and he strained his hammy trying not to mow the kid down.

T&FN: Top 10 U.S. Men since 1963. Link.

The World Indoor Track & Field Championships are coming to Portland, Oregon in 2016.

City of Santa Clarita story and photos on the Golden Valley trail extension. All the photos of politicians you could ever hope for, but few of the trail.

Mac Kaufman 2:04.08, Jason Hillquist 2:09.96 at the California Indoor

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Stories on two admirable people, Mary Cain and Bob Fraley. ...So many of the very best people are involved in track, it makes me feel proud and good and inspired being around them, giving back so much as they do for our sport. Eugene is Track Town because it is richly populated with volunteers.

Unbroken, the story of Louis Zamperini, is being made into a movie. Trailer here.
Read the book. Don's best tip for the year.

Here Are All The Olympic Athletes Who Lost Medals For Doping Since 1968, And All The Drugs They Took

Fathead researchers discover lazy gene. Story. Pills to follow, only $19.95, plus shipping and handling.

Rich Burns, Hart alum, now 59, raced on Saturday at Pomona Pitzer, 9:44 in the 3000.

Running with the Buffaloes on Gold Hill. Video.

10 Awful Stock Photos of Women Running

Chatter on The Monday Morning Run.

About Lydiard's LSD (long slow distance) pace? It's not slow or "mucking around." It's one minute slower than your current 5K race pace. Video. It's the normal training pace for elites, which we are not. More. Definitely too fast for me, and probably thee.

10 reasons why cross country should be in the Winter Olympics. Link. The 11th reason should be the primary reason. It's the best sport on earth. ...It should award medals to top three individuals and top three teams.

SCV News: Jasmine Hall Breaks COC's High Jump Records

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My full name is...Gavin Klinger
I am...Happy. Amazing wife, healthy kids. The running, riding and swimming are adornments.
My people come from...Socal.
I started running because...the 3rd kid was free in Warriors track. I went along with my siblings and found success my first year…I’ve been running almost ever since.
Gene Blankenship is...a great coach.
What we did that Gene doesn't know to this day is...he knows it all…with my dad as one of the assistant coaches, I was on a pretty short leash.
I'll never forget when Gene…would wake us up on team trips, skipping and singing at the top of his lungs through the campground ... or when he freaked out on a kid for taking the bus home from halfway through a two mile run.
Best Hart runner I ever saw was...Brett Strahan…strong runner with the speed to finish stronger.
Toughest runner in league during my time was...our #8-10 runners…fast enough to be on almost any other teams top 3 but just fighting like hell to make the varsity team.
My prep PRs were...1:59, 4:16, ~9:25…Rene would probably know the specifics, that guy is like an encyclopedia for PRs.
I say all the time...babies are the devil…they ruin your life!!! It’s the best advice I give my high-school students…I’m sure by the time they are ready to have kids, they’ll realize I’m only slightly serious.
Dad always told me...I brought you into this world and I can take you out! (but with a smile)
When I was 15...I won my 1st individual league championship, it was also my last! Frosh/Soph 1600 and 3200 double…the pinnacle of my running career!
When I was 30...I was ready to have kids.
Three best movies I ever saw were...Shawshank Redemption, Super Troopers, The Thin Red Line.
I first met church...she was in my 12th grade English class too, but she was super quiet and I didn’t notice her in there until after we’d officially met.
As a dad, I always say...I love you buddy.
There was this runner at Hart, Rene Paragas, who...moved in with my family.
When Rene was 17...he had a sweet ‘stache.
People would be surprised to know…after college, I was done with running. Somehow Nancy got me out there again, now I have to keep going so she doesn’t embarrass me in the local 5ks.
When people don't like what I have to say...I move on…I’ve found that arguing with somebody is never really going to change their mind, and I just get worked up.
The farthest I've even been from Santa Clarita...Bora Bora
Some day, I'd love to live...where the summers aren’t nearly as hot and there are tons of trails for running and riding.
I mountain bike…for fun, for exercise, and not as much as I’d like to.
Best runner in the without a doubt Nancy...I wish I had a stride like hers.
On date night with Nancy, we like to go’s more like date mornings. Most Saturdays are 90 minutes of swim followed by a run together or we are off to a race, cyclocross, mountain bike, or triathlon. We spend enough time away from the kids exercising together that we rarely need the typical date night.
In high school I was voted...most improved runner…I went from being injured as a soph to missing the state finals in the 1600 by one place as a junior.
What really ticks me off is...not much; I’m pretty mellow.
If I was the supreme ruler in Santa Clarita…there would be bike lanes on every road and many more trails in the hills.
As to best coach, Gene or Rene, my answer is...ha ha…I’m not even going to try for that one.

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The Signal: Santa Colorita 5K. Obviously more fun than my 5K yesterday in the rain. Though we got some surprisingly good clam chowder afterwards.

Are you willing to pay big bucks to see Miley Cyrus and Bruce Springsteen, or Mary Cain and Bernard Lagat? Millrose Games a Hit Despite Ticket Prices

Husky Classic results. Some SCV names in Session 2, mile and 3000.

There is a new, more accurate way to calculate your maximal heart rate. Ever seen a Kenyan, or someone on Pre's Trail, wearing a heart monitor? No, I haven't either.

Young Adults Need Flu Shots Too.

Chris Derrick, USA XC champ: “I want to be the best cross country runner in America,” said an elated Derrick after the race. “I feel really strong in my training, especially training at altitude at Colorado Springs. I've never done two-hour runs before, and now I'm doing those. I felt the guys were letting me have it, and I felt like I was in a groove, so I went.“ Story. Never done two-hour...?

California Cross Country Champions College Choices. Unlike the best ball sport athletes, the best runners favor the best academic institutions.

Check back later today for Q&A with Hart insider and legend.

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