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Here's the 800 men's cumulative results. The finals are on Friday and you should be able to access on ESPN. Otherwise, catch a flight, see it live and in person (all things important are not to be seen on a screen), and give me a call and we can bed you down for the night. Hope you don't insist on a lot of crap in your coffee. It's not available.

As to Chris' heat, he was dead last in a tight pack at the 400. At 600, where I was, he had moved up to the shoulder of the leader. Then he took off and just ran away from the slugs. Seemed easy. In total control. Tall and lanky, reminds me of Andrew Wheating.

I met up with Chris after the race. I asked him about the race and he said it went as he had hoped and planned.

Cheserek is a total stud. A great race, nearly as thrilling as Rupp's 10,000 AR.

I'm not saying I was in the cheap seats, but for sure I wasn't sitting with Vin and Phil. A bit of the sun as the day and sun declined. And the sun block might not be as effective as claimed. Story.

NCAA Championships photos

Golden Valley's Tyra Sparks overcame bad choices to become a leader. Story.

Erik Boal/Daily News story on Chris Low. ...More here.

We are, truly, a single species, undivided by race. The walls we build are of our own making; they are not foundational. More.

Just in from The New York Times: Should Runners Get Pedicures?

Deadspin: High School Runner Eats It Ten Meters From State Title

Yes, you may be serious and superior... Wave.

Ken Goe/Oregonian on Cheserek. It's a cool, eriee feeling at Hayward when the crowd starts the rhythmic clapping, the screaming and stomping.

Another insight on Cheserek and the 10,000. Here. Reminded me. It was sunny, about 75 degrees during the race, and there was even a water station on the track. And in a pack of four richly talented Africans, I was thinking, why was Kennedy Kithuka, wearing a big-ass gold chain, leading for about 22 laps, even when his head began tilting back (as so many of us do when beginning to stress). As to that interchange with Cheserek. That was really strange, it happening just in front of the stands where I sat. He said something, and also make a sign. ...Like the crucifix sign to ward off a vampire? Will check the video when available.

Before yesterday, I'd say the best ever male distance runner out of SCV was Hartman, Gilbertson, or Peter de la Cerda. Now I'm thinking it might be Chris Low.

Today's NCAA Champs results here. ...Didja know Sylvia Mosqueda, from Cal-State Los Angelas holds the 10,000 NCAA Champs meet record with a 32:28.57? Lisa Uhl holds the collegiate record with a 31:18.07. ...BTW, the NCAA site indicates Mosqueda set the record in 1998, but in fact it was in 1988.

Help me out here. Chris Low, who easily won his heat, has the third best time going into the final. T&FN projects him as the 6th finisher. Link.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/6/11 11:23:19 (188 reads)

Most folks overestimate how hard they're exercising. Link. The study participants were sedentary sorts, unlike DD readers. But wouldn't you say regular exercisers, even competitive runners, tend to overestimate, especially in their conversations with others?

Chris Low projected to be 9th in Track & Field News Form Chart. ...LetsRun preview here. ...BTW, this is not Chris' first appearance at Hayward Field. He ran here in the 2011 USATF Outdoor Championships, finishing 6th in the Junior division with a 1:51.58. ...More here. ...Don will be at tonight's prelims.

Coaches debate whether Eugene should own the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships. Another benefit is the weather. Mostly, it's in the 70s all summer. Clean air. Any rain would be occasional and light. Sacramento, Des Moines, Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida tend to be hot and/or humid.

Jim Ryun Festival of Miles photos.

For a community of runners, never taking a day off becomes a fixture of existence. The People Who Can't Not Run. Is it better to exercise daily or watch television five 5 hours daily (average for Americans, per Nielsen)?

USA Today: Feds want Lance Armstrong under oath this month

Edward Cheserek ran 60 miles to school. Story. Tonight he races in the 10,000 finals. LetsRun picks him to win.

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Rene Paragas writes:

This is the end of my tenth year at Saugus. As you are aware, the Saugus program was not the state power it is today or even a league power just 10-years ago. I decided to commemorate the last ten years with a top-10 ten list of best distance runners. Attached (in Read More) is the girls list. Boys to follow.

Below is a summary of team accomplishments during the last decade:
Girls XC+ Track
7-State titles (1 runner-up)
7-CIF titles (3 runner-up)
14-Foothill league titles
26-lower level league titles

Boys XC+ Track
1-State title (2 runner-up)
2-CIF titles (1 runner-up)
8-Foothill league titles
14-lower level league titles

We'll see if I can last another decade coaching.

Want to run in college? Here is what it takes. Q&A with Hakon Devries of the University of Kentucky.

Jason Fitzgerald: 6 Workouts That Make Running Fast Easier

Some damn kid transforms his Nike KD sneakers into a power generator. Link. With billions of runners and walkers around, I guess we can...

Chris Low will race tomorrow at the NCAA Champs. His PR makes him competitive, and that killer kick might make him a top three. Only a Junior. Heat Sheets. Has Santa Clarita ever had such a male running threat at the NCCA t&F champs? And I might be wrong here, but I don't think he ran track until his senior year at Canyon.

How to watch the NCAA Champs

Phoebe Wright: Baseball Could Teach Track a Little Something.

Porn to ride has gone international. Story.

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Dan Agnew doubles with a look at 2015 Foothill t&f, and Chris Low. And about good guy Jeff Gilkey stepping down as Valencia XC/track coach

Update on Mary Cain. So young, so talented, and with an air of insouciance.

Once your moral compass is on the fritz... Hincapie rationalizes doping choices.

Zach Schroeder writes: For the months of June and July I'm opening up my team practice to the public. Tomorrow (Monday) morning we are at Central park. I will be posting our locations on this calendar. ...Don has done it. It's fun, educational, good experience, etc.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/6/8 12:48:02 (55 reads)

Bultman 6th, Zabilski 12th at state championships. Dan Agnew/Signal story.

PrepCalTrack has championships story and results.

Tatnall is one of the best high school programs in the nation. Check out their summer program. Everyone, girls and boys, has to do at least ten pull ups.

Daily Beast: Fasting Might Regenerate Human Immune System

If you've ever been fat, lazy, addicted to cigs and junk food or old, or if you have a job, you might find Steve Way's story inspiring. Link.

Texting while driving 'slows reaction times more than drink or drugs'

You probably won't be interested in yesterday's Portland Naked Bike Ride. No, we didn't get there. Maybe next year, she said.

From Fargo South to Oregon, standout runner Laura Roesler has achieved ‘mythical status’

Infographic: Is Your State's Highest-Paid Employee A Coach? (Probably)

Maggie Vessey turned a lot of heads last week at the Prefontaine Classic, and not because of her second-place finish. No, the media was more interested in what she was wearing. The Tyrants of Running Fashion

Posted by donmclean on 2014/6/7 11:49:53 (183 reads)

Dan Agnew/Signal: Down to two SCV athletes at state track finals

CIF-State Prelims Full Results!

Eric Avila, the 2007 CA 3200 champion, runs a 21 second PR in the mile, beats A.J. Acosta with a 3:56.89. Story. ...Recent Eric "I was a cocky little turd" Avila profile.

The spiritual death of a people trapped entirely indoors

About that connection between moving feet and a moving mind. Here. Leave the gizmo at home.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/6/6 12:32:06 (216 reads)

Dan Agnew/Signal considers state championship prospects for Brett Molster, Nathan Bultman, and Brian Zabilski. Go Foothill!

LetsRun: Rome Recap. ...And results.

semi-rad opines: Don’t Focus On The Dog Shit

Competitor: On fixing form and Getting To The Source Of An Injury. ...Agree, but probably more injuries are caused by stupidity, doing too much, too soon, with insufficient recovery. And wearing worn or goofball shoes.

Amby: First-Time Marathoners Don't Suffer Knee Damage

41 Superfoods, Ranked By How Healthy They Are. ...More here.

Sacramento Bee says SacTown can become TrackTown USA again. Or something pretty close. Story. Othewise, the track capital of California is Clovis, Walnut, or Eagle Rock.

State Championships results. Molster and Bultman tonight in the prelims.

While we're waiting... Is it too early for national XC rankings? Whatever, and we understand it is XC Nation, and not Marc Bloom. Saugus girls are 5th, while Saugus boys are 18th. Link.

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Today is the 50th anniversary of the first prep to go sub 4 in the mile. Do you care? Toni Reavis asks, How Important Are Heroes. Our Darcy Arreola Lange will be competing in the EliptiGO Mile.

Good read. Dick Beardsley, world-class marathoner, developed a pill addiction. Link.

New York Times: The Great Hamstring Saver

8 Health Tips Without Scientific Support

How naturopaths and other unscientific practioners are Quacking All The Way to the Bank.

Why you should (could, but won't) run the Leadville 100 Ultramarathon. ...Many years ago, Dave Park, my friend and rival from Canyon Country, ran Leadville. He was freakin' first at the 50 mile turnaround. Falls and breaks his wrist at 55 miles. Finishes third. Soon thereafter, he shows up fashionably late at a runners' pool party, sporting the Leadville buckle as big as a pie pan, sun bouncing off it, blinding us all.

The science is settled. Running makes us sexy. Proof.

Workout Wednesday. Oregon Track Club (Will Leer, etc.), down from the mountains, blazing it on the track. Video.

Phoebe Wright: Running Bad ≠ Bad Runner

Stephen Sambu, who paced Rupp to the 10,000 AR, collecting his own PR along the way, spent $15,000 of his last year's winnings to have a well drilled in his hometown of Eldoret, Kenya, so that people in his hometown could drink fresh water. Link. See item 14

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Rich Gonzalez/PrepCalTrack: CIF-State Championships Meet Preview!

Chanelle Price, the world indoor 800 champ, works two jobs, surviving on Subway gift cards. Story.

Lord Coe has twenty jobs. Story.

Instant motivation. Five Running Books You Should Be Reading. Don's tip. Start with the Buffaloes.

New York Times: Losing Weight May Require Some Serious Fun

Just in. The Really Weird Trend of Breast Milk as Energy Beverage

Posting only because runners can also be jerks and narcissists.

Adventure Journal: 21 Best Thoreau Quotes

He was a good swimmer, runner, skater, boatman, and would probably outwalk most countrymen in a day's journey. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson's oration at Thoreau's funeral. ...Don here. OK, so what's Thoreau's 10K PR? No one knows. I've been a Thoreau groupie since required to read him in 11th grade English. I've asked several Thoreau scholars about Emerson's runner reference. No one knows. Plainly, Emerson makes a distinction between running and walking. As does Thoreau in his famous essay, Walking.

Amby Burfoot/Runner's World: Researchers Say Drugs Unlikely to Improve 100-Meter Times

Marc Bloom details how a specific workout defeated a nemesis' usual tactic and led to a 3200 championship and PA state record. Link.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/6/3 15:28:00 (364 reads)

Prep track coach self-reports scoring error, and team loses state championship. Story.

Any lone wolf preps out there who need support? Story. Fortunately, the Foothill schools are well-coached and likely provide all the training and information needed to reach ones potential. But maybe not. If one is especially motivated, and can't always find a partner, you might want to check out Zach Schoeder's offer to the public to run with his athletes at 6 A.M. If nothing else, why not find out how and where the big boys and girls work out? What do they do to stay healthy and not injured?

Tonight's Oregon Track Club Masters workout in Read More.

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