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Bernard Lagat Has Run His Final Track Race

Supplements, or other interventions intended to alter inflammation such as ice baths, need to be used sparingly. Consider.

The Drive to Survive

Running is predictable, dependable, satisfying and thus a counterbalance for the mercurial muses of the creative professional. More.

Daily News features the Saugus girls.

About Sully. ...More here and here.

Mark Covert Classic photos. Jason Hilquist and Jonathon Bay compete for Cal State Fullerton.

CIF-SS Rankings West Ranch boys up two, Saugus girls down one.

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Happy National Read a Book Day

Techie stuff:

Stride Length vs Stride Frequency in the 400 Metres

Steeplechase 101

Mario Fraioli: the morning shakeout

A cannonball and a belly flop are two things that are not often seen at cross-country races. Watch

Hike, run, enjoy Mt. Joly, France

Women on the Run: Six Stages of a Runner’s Life

September Oregon Track Club Newsletter

Zagreb results.


9/7 Saugus @ Palos Verdes Mini
9/8 Canyon and Golden Valley @ CV Invite, Crescenta Valley Park
9/9 Hart @ Seaside, Ventura
9/10 Canyon presents Lake Castaic Tri #2, Castaic Lake Park
9/10 Canyons @ Fresno Invite, Woodward Park
9/17 Master's @ UC Riverside Invite
9/22 Foothill League #1, Central Park

XC/ other runners. Parent. You. Time for a flu shot. ...Don't be stupid.

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Welcome 5K Runners!

Keep Bikes Off Our Wilderness Trails. ...The McKenzie River Trail is a 26 mile long multi-use trail, open to runners, hikers, and mountain bikers. A singletrack sliver through 1.6 million acres of the Willamette National Forest.

Lori Peterson/Hart provides Cool Breeze photos.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. ~George Bernard Shaw

Ross Tucker/Science of Sport on track & field world records.

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Wayne Lee provides Fastback fotos ...Error yesterday. Wayne is a proud Wildcat parent and volunteer.

Margaret Reily-Bates, another Wildcat parent, provides photos.
Cool Breeze results.

Why Power Might Be the Ultimate Training Metric for Runners ...More

Best California prep cross country program of all time? Here.

David Brooks: The Moral Bucket List

Antioxidant supplements don't reduce mortality

6/27/12 Flashback. 5K On The Runway. Greg Bates 21:00. Margaret Reilly-Bates 21:18. Don 21:41. ...Craig Godwin 16:24. ...All present/past SCV residents. ...All age group winners.

Paul Broneer/Canyon provides Cool Breeze photos. ... Sophomore, Andrew Mawhorter, had the top Cowboy time of the day, 16:10, and placed 3rd in the Seeded Sophomore race..

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Saugus girls v. McFarland boys. Vote.

Saugus girls post race video.

Fifth Avenue Mile live webcast.

Health Myths We Need To Stop Worrying About

Fastback Shootout results. ...Wildcats run wild, girls and boys.

Ashton Eaton ponders life after track and field

Callie Binnie, Wildcat alum, is leaving for her first year at Seattle University, but only after cheering for her favorite team, taking dad Bob along for his always outstanding photos. ...With Callie gone, and a lot of time on his hands, seems to me (and probably Callie too) that Bob should continue his good work for his dear daughter, her Wildcat mates, and, of course, DD.

Wayne Lee, Valencia alum's dad, was there and advises photos in process.

Mark Covert Classic results. Outstanding work by The Master's and Canyons women.

Fifth Avenue Mile results. ...Forgive me for saying so, fully understanding you are a long distance specialist, with so much glory trailing behind you, but I think you owe us an official 800 or mile time each year. Having said that, I confess here, due to minor injuries (you don't care about), no official 800/mile time for Don exists in 2016.

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Saugus xc results.

In 1980, no state had an obesity rate above 15%. This year, every state is above 20%. More.

Speed is relative

Excerpt: The Kingdom of Speech by Tom Wolfe

How Tom Wolfe Became … Tom Wolfe

Water Bottle

CIF-SS rankings.

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Quarterfinals are on, and Saugus comfortably ahead. Vote.


9/1 Saugus in Tri Meet with Simi Valley, Seranno @ Corriganville Park
9/2 West Ranch @ Fastback Shootout, San Dimas
9/3 Canyon, Hart, Golden Valley @ Cool Breeze Initational, Pasadena
9/3 Master's, COC @ Mark Covert Classic, Cal State University Fullerton

Valencia? DNF'd after a ten minute search.

Lananna's mission: Keep Oregon 'the center of track and field' in U.S. Secretly, he means the universe.

The Real-Life Superhero Who Beats the Cops to Bike Thieves

NYT: 12 Tips for Living a Longer Life. Wait a sec. No running?

Study: 10 days without exercise makes you stupid. With Don, stupid and nuts.

Study: Wine And Coffee Are Good For Your Gut

Study: How fit you are matters more than how old you are.

Zurich results.

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Saugus? See Comments.

Must read: Centro's Olympic story

OOOF! — right into the solar plexus! ...Fun review of Tom Wolfe's latest, The Kingdom of Speech. ...Fanboy since 1962, his articles in Esquire and first book, The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby.

Braking news! NYT! How to Ride Downhill on a Bicycle. ...Reminds me. Now reading this. It's terrific, and really funny. Fun fact. The author, recent mayor of London, commuted to work on his bicycle. Can you even imagine Hillary or Trump on a bike? We're not endorsing anyone here, but Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party choice,
has completed the Ironman, marathons, 100 miler, and reached the summit of Mt. Everest.

Steve Magness: Overtraining- Why a little perspective matters ...And more.

To Get to Harvard, Go to Haiti? ...How superficial our pretensions to compassion and charity.

Super video. Phil Howard, Rene Paragas, Alysia Montano. and maybe you too. Running Santa Clarita.

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Week That Was

Mario Fraioli: the morning shakeout

Signal: Saugus girls and West Ranch boys cross country make preseason polls

Best CA XC Program of All Time?

Scientific American: Paper v. Screens

Read du jour. Run v. Rest. "Those with the most depression and anxiety also get the least exercise. The happiest students get the most."

Saugus xc Saturday morning workout photos.

Lannana Reflects on Rio

How to Think Like Shakespeare

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