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Prep track coach self-reports scoring error, and team loses state championship. Story.

Any lone wolf preps out there who need support? Story. Fortunately, the Foothill schools are well-coached and likely provide all the training and information needed to reach ones potential. But maybe not. If one is especially motivated, and can't always find a partner, you might want to check out Zach Schoeder's offer to the public to run with his athletes at 6 A.M. If nothing else, why not find out how and where the big boys and girls work out? What do they do to stay healthy and not injured?

Tonight's Oregon Track Club Masters workout in Read More.

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The spirit of Pre lives on. His high school team mates gathered in Eugene over the weekend for a documentary, to reminisce, and enjoy the Classic. Story.

Brian Zabiliski is the 5th seed in the state championships performance list.

Too much? Bakersfield prep Blake Haney was racing Leo Manzano a week before the state championships. Story.

Pre Classic photos from Image of Sport.

How to Prepare for a High Altitude Race. Galen Rupp sleeps in an altitude tent, and Mary Cain will too. Most of us are not going there, but the idea of a four hour run/walk at altitude once or twice a month sounds good to me. Substitute that for the boring weekly and flat long run. At least during base training.

Good chatter on The Monday Morning Run

Ken Goe says Deadspin's Nike slam was a cheap shot. Link.

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Pre Classic results.

LetsRun: 6 Quick Takeaways From The 2014 Pre Classic

The Signal: New CIF rule will limit practice time

Jay Johnson: Summer Training for High School Runners

It's easy. "Supplements" and steroids available from Amazon.

Favorite books in May:

A World Lit Only by Fire
Goodbye, Darkness
Falling Off the Map
Eat and Run
The Survival of the Bark Canoe
The Most Famous Man in America

More outstanding Pre Classic photos.

Apparently, Al Sal thinks Rupp can take the 10,000 AR about 15 seconds lower. Drill down into this article. I don't doubt it. Rupp looked good at the end, and that's only a tad faster than a blink each lap (25 laps).

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Dan Agnew/Signal: Three locals move on to CIF State championships. Zabilski, a junior, only trails David Hartman's 8:58.64 for best ever in SCV. Dave ran that time to win the state championship in 1991.

Chris Low won his regional qualifier in 1:47.36 and advances to the NCAA Championships at Hayward Field. Chris is the fastest ever 800 guy from SCV. Several years ago, he competed in the final round, U.S. Junior Outdoor Championships at Hayward, and we met Chris and family.

CIF-SS Masters results.

LetsRun on Galen Rupp's race. No doubt about it, Sambu was an excellent pacer. All was for Rupp. The race was scheduled way-late, at 9:17, to avoid the evening wind. Conditions were perfect. Rupp had plenty left at the end.

Pre photos.

The entire 10,000 on video.

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He worked as a conditioning coach at the Nike Oregon Project, and doesn't want to talk about it. Much.

Jason Gay/WSJ: How to Run 'Naked'—and Love It ...Reminds me. After a great lunch at the Crater Lake Lodge, we were chatting up a newlywed couple from Portland, and asked what is a really fun thing to do in Portland. She said, We love the Naked Bike Ride. And invited us to join them and about 10,000 others. Maybe, we decided.

The doctor is in. Michael D. Joyner, M.D. Old and Unexciting Exercise Solutions. In addition to A, B, and C, add D: No injuries.

Luie Bernal writes: Don, I thought that all your readers would be interested to know that the Summer Series is modernizing. I hope the old timers will embrace this considering that the series has grown by leaps and bounds. (expecting close to 800 this year). We are moving to chip timing as a trial this year. In doing so, the cost has gone up substantially. However, the series card is still a bargain for 7 races. I think the biggest impact is going to be on the high schools that bring all their kids. We'll see how it goes this year. If results are important to runners, to view them almost instantaneously, then I think most will embrace this.

Zach Schroeder, coach at Master's, writes: We are going to host a 5 mile road race series this summer. Our team will be using this as part of their training... we designed this course for our 5 mile thresholds. It would be amazing if we could get all who might be interested out to support our program by joining us for a fun 5 miler. Flyer. Also, we are going to open up our summer conditioning to anyone interested in joining us. I will be publishing a calendar of where our summer conditioning will be taking place and it will be open to anyone who wants to join @ 6am. I would love for more locals to see what our program is all about and I think this would give anyone interested a good look at our training.

The 2014 Prefontaine Classic's 7 most intriguing events to watch

Galen Rupp gives the Prefontaine Classic crowd reason to roar by setting the U.S. 10k record

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Breaking news. The New York Times agrees with Lauren Fleshman. Of All the Track Coaches to Bring Aboard

The Signal: 30 percent of world is now fat, no country immune

Why China's best women runners are training in Kenya. Link.

LetsRun's Pre Preview. Rupp going after the 10,000 AR, and a great women's 800. Free.

Blake Haney Sub-4 Workout video.

Injury-prone? Some day you might get a clue. Like Masters champion Edie Stevenson.

Going “Rim to Rim to Rim” is a double-crossing of the Grand Canyon, covering 42.4 miles and 22,000 feet of vertical. Photo Essay. ...Before you and the kids get too jaded or old, visit the following National Parks, all within a day's drive from SCV: Bryce, Channel Islands, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Sequoia, Zion. ...We're leaving soon for Crater Lake.

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Daily Relay at the World Relays on The Monday Morning Run.

Lord Coe hearts the World Relays.

Marc Bloom profiles Orange County senior Bethan Knights, maybe one of the best ever. I mean, if you don't count Mary Cain. Bloom does not provide her 400 time. Critical info, no? Best (only?) 800 this year is 2:17.49. Three Foothillers (Magsarili, Janes, and Pate) ran faster.

Best American cyclist not named Paul Vernier or Mike Kent? Probably Andrew Talansky. “There’s nothing—no supplement you can take, nothing you can eat or do—better than getting enough sleep. Eight to nine hours each night, and I take an afternoon nap when I can.”

Al Sal says maximizing your speed is essential, as is happening with Rupp and Hasay. Link.

Guts and perserverance as taught by Heather Dorniden. ...Now a professional, Heather Dorniden Kampf was third in the 1500 at the indoor championships. ...Workout video.

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With passion, Alan Abramson recounts the thrills of the World Relays. For competitors and spectators, there's a special electricty in the air with team competition, with elites and national pride in the mix. ...Thought for the day. If you're tough enough to do a marathon, you can handle racing on the track.

Talented young runners share trails and tracks with Olympians like Ryan Hall as they run hard, live small, and dream big. They Might Be Ryans. Nurture your dreams.

Matt Elliott: America’s Fastest Kindergarten Teacher. Of course as a 4:42 prep miler, he knew he had the talent, and if he just kept working hard...

Funny. Top 10 Running Fashion Faux Pas. But whatever.

Pre's legacy touches lives.

Tonight's Oregon Track Club Masters workout in Read More.

Update, it was drizzling at the start of the OTCM workout, but got worse. Almost as wet as if I'd jumped in the Willamette River, I bailed about half way through.. I took the CA genes, oldest guy there exemption.

Rupp might go for the 10,000 AR on Friday, and the show is free. Story. ...We're heading out to Crater Lake. Might be back to catch the race.

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Honor the vets.

Deployed Marine Daniel Atwood was slated to miss his sister Sarah's wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina... Video.

LetsRun has the stories, along with the vid, on the thrills at the World Relays. I love relays.

Signal: Two Mustangs go All-American

A recent flurry of studies suggests that too much sitting is associated with every health issue imaginable: cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and just straight-up death. Link.

SS Masters qualifiers download.

Pissed? There's help. Story.

Bro has Finals photos. And updated Foothill Bests.

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Dan Agnew/Signal on SS Finals.

Erik Boal/Daily News on SS Finals. ...Daily News has photos.

West Ranch's Bill Bolden has photos.

DyeStatCAL has race video.

Rich Gonzalez/PrepCalTrack: Studly distance doubles, crazy vaulting & thrilling team battles @ CIF-SS Finals!

Lets Run: World Relays Start With a Bang as Kenya Holds On For Gold and USA Settles for Bronze in 4×800. With video highlights. ...More thrills: W 1500: Kenya Crushes World Record, USA Beats Old World Record, Australia Celebrates Bronze

Hey, buy Don's place. 60 minutes away (the way you drive) from SCV, elevation almost exactly one mile. See here. Page to $169,000, 15636 Brig. Planted on the side of Mt. Pinos, about .25 acres of the property is private forest. Photos are mostly lousy. The furnishings are available outside the sale price. Very quiet with great views. Trails galore.

Brit Diane Leather, now 81, says ‘I don’t know if it was sexism’ about the time in 1954 when she became the first woman to run a mile in less than five minutes but was denied the official world record Story.

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