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CIF-State stories in the Signal and Daily News.

Finals photos from Bob Binnie and Saugus XC Fundraiser

Paula Radcliffe: Words of Wisdom

Next month members of MIT’s Class of 2018 will descend upon campus to get their feet wet—literally. Consider.

10 Life Lessons From a Navy SEAL

Scariest Word. Especially for old boys and girls.

Saugus has a new FB site: Saugus Track & Field

After record year, Matthew Centrowitz doesn't shy away from expectations

WSJ: She Started Running in Her 70s and Hasn’t Stopped

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CIF-State results. Cheers! All Foothill teams beat expectations.

Signal preview.

It’s something special to witness the bond on a cross country team. Day in and day out, a team must mentally and physically break down barriers and come together as a cohesive, supportive unit to achieve success. The Team, The Team, The Team

NYT: Running Into Danger on an Alaskan Trail

Humans can outrun nearly every other animal on the planet over long distances. Born to Run. ...But not other humans driving cars and trucks.

Always fun. The Master's University Winter 5k

How to Raise Kids at the Edge of Civilization

D2 boys race video. Thanks, Jeff Sherfey.

WSJ: She Started Running in Her 70s and Hasn’t Stopped

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Why Fayetteville-Manlius Is So Good

Q&A with Vin Lannana

Jesse Squires says Oregon’s win was a massive upset, far bigger than any other I can recall.

Never quit in a race.

If everyone ran their best race. Virtual Meet: CIF Division 2 State Championship

Want to Be More Creative? Take a Walk

The Hazards of Confidence

Video: Run Mama Run. Follows elite runner and new mother Sarah Brown. ...Fast forward. What happened.

CIF-State XC Championships details. Go 'cats and cents!

The leftover pies and ice cream were tossed on the compost pile, now being hammered by rain.

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Week That Was

Ken Goe on Vin Lannana. An achievement machine.

Now rereading (on the treadmill) Roger Bannister's Twin Tracks. Another extremely busy, admirable fellow. A life crammed with achievement.

Just in from 1908. How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day

On this day of indulgence and abundance and good cheer. Stoicism.

COC Turkey Trot results.

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What is Heart Rate Variability?

IOC has behaved like Keystone Cops in anti-doping fight

Flotrack video: Kate Murphy 5 X Mile. Murphy, elite Washington prep, has committed to Oregon. ..."You're hunching over. Stand up. Keep your butt underneath you!" ...Hey, a pro tip for life.

L.A. today. World's worst traffic?

Hulk Ryan Hall.

NYT: Born to Move

Resilience personified. Q&A with Brenda Martinez

Sweet! 8 Things to Know About the Surprise Women’s College Cross-Country Champion. Does your coach, do you work on your form and finish? Kinda critical, yes?

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The Myth of the Sports Scholarship

Goat Yoga. In Oregon, of course.

Toni Reavis: NCAA XC -Torture In The Waiting

What happened at SS Finals? Story.

Lauren Fleshman: Discussing “Equality” in NCAA Cross Country ...And says, "There are NAIA schools where you can compete in the marathon at the NCAA Championships." Really? ...The athletic lady in this house says females mature earlier than males. Doesn't know about puffy. And notes if females as a group don't train as many miles as men, then it follows they shouldn't compete at the same distance as men, assuming we all train for the distance we race. ...Can Lauren write an article without using the word "shit." ...Once called Eugene a "God forsaken rain-soaked shit hole" ...I've been a Lauren fanboy for 20 years, so don't give me no shit about my comments.

Can DNA and blood tests reveal which foods are optimal for an individual’s health? Better question. Do you know anyone who eats an optimal diet?

All you ever wanted to know about periodization.

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Signal stories on the Foothill boys and girls

Daily News has Foothill coverage here.

About those Oregon women. Here. And here. ... by .01 of a second.

Google photos at NCAA Champs. Women. And men.

Congrats to the Mustang men and women.

Motivation. How do you get others and yourself to run, train well, race better? Even if only by .01 of a second.

NYT: How To Run Like a Girl

Steve Magness: The History of Endurance Training

Alex Hutchinson: Do Ice Baths Work? ...My take. Terrific for immediate relief after a brutal ultra, trail race, or marathon. If available, wade into a frigid ocean, lake or stream.

WaPo: A non-pill treatment for many chronic illnesses: Exercise. Who knew?

About Laszlo Tabori. ...About 55 years ago, Los Angeles Sports Arena, just after Jim Beatty breaks world indoor mile record, first ever sub four, my buddy spots Laszlo and asks for an autograph. Laszlo says, "No, no, I'm retired. Go talk to young fellows."

NYT: Quit Social Media ...Nobody has real friends anymore

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NYT: I Get Knocked Down by the Hill, but I Get Up Again. On the joys of fell running.

CIF-SS Finals results. ...Signal preview. ...Valencia boys 14th (1:18:16). ...D2 girls. Saugus 7th. West Ranch 13th. Hart 15th. ...Top seven teams in each division advance to state finals. ...D2 boys. West Ranch 6th. Saugus 7th.

NCAA XC Championships results. ...Major, shocking upset. Oregon women win! They were fourth in the west regional. ...When they found out video. ...NAU men win. Knight beats King Ches. Patrick Tiernam (from Villanova) wins, but w/o team.

NAIA Championships results. Abigail Frankian (12th) leads Master's to a 10th place finish. ... Men. Southern Oregon 1st. Master's 5th. Nice!

Steve Magness: Training to Failure: Good idea or bad?

Michael Lewis: How Two Trailblazing Psychologists Turned The World Of Decision Science Upside Down

I Took Walking Breaks At Work Every Day For A Month... More.

About those Oregon women. Story and photos.

About the Foothill boys in 2017? Lotsa talent returning next year on all teams. Difference today in total team times?

West Ranch 1:17:50
Saugus 1:18:15
Valencia 1:18:16

Southern Oregon Goes Deep To Secure Title. Dylan Alexander is fourth from your left. Usually their first finisher. At age 12, a really tiny guy, on his first try, ran The Beast in 41:30. ... Before this season I asked him what he could do. He said probably not as well. It's an advantage to be light and with short legs.

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LottaFun. Outside on LetsRun.

Outside: Four Reasons Why You Should Love Cross-Country

Five storylines on SS Finals. No mention of Foothill teams.

Chris McDougall: How a Donkey Became My Running Partner. It's more about Chris and his on-going nonsense about barefoot running. We did that in high school xc in '61 and '62. Can you imagine racing Mt. SAC barefoot? Perhaps you've seen a barefoot racer. Always a male with a weird manner about him. Last one I saw was an inmate at Oregon State Penitentiary. About to race a 5K. Friendly fellow with a story about how barefoot running healed his body, changed his life. Didn't finish the race. Foot issues, I think.

There were no opportunities this year for outsiders to race at Oregon State Penitentiary. But I heard a prominent, retired Olympian is working with the prisoner running program. More on that soon. I hope.

NYT: Charlie Engle Runs for His Life, Once Again

Tomorrow. World Toilet Day Movember 5K

Do You Live in a Bubble? ...I got 54.

Should I Train My Brain for a Marathon?

Everyone fails, but only the wise find humility

XC Racing Wisdom From The Lady Pros. Including Lauren Fleshman

Will Justyn Knight Dethrone King Ches? I'm guessing not, but the guy oozes talent and charisma. About 16 months ago, along with his Syracuse mates, Knight happened to be at South Eugene High School when Don and the old boys and girls he hangs with showed up for our weekly work. Knight's's fun, charming.

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