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Toni Reavis has some thoughts on presenting track & field.

Marc Bloom/Running Times profiles the cross country program at Los Alamos. Does the training appear modest? Not so if you're running (hiking, biking, swimming, playing) above 7500 feet. BTW, characterized as the "rich kids school," the academic achievements are as impressive as their running prowess.

Semi-Rad: The Three Laws of Stuff Dynamics

Eric Schranz writes: Rob Krar sent his Strava splits from Western States on Saturday (which he won). If anyone says ultramarathons are for slow old folks, I'd direct them to his 94th mile which he ran in 7:09. Link. ...Every day I check out (and often steal from) Eric's site,

Six ways Maggie Vessey gets us interested in track. Consider.

The days of the digital watch are numbered ~Tom Stoppard

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For the quick and smart word on track, you can't beat Lets Run.

Ken Goe/The Oregonian: The legend of Devon Allen hurdles onward...

Mac Fleet tweeted: Honestly one of the most quiet crowds I've been around. Maybe everyone is just dead from heat stroke.

Kevin Liao: Grading Sacramento. My thoughts. Hey, Sacto is very hot in the summer, as is Des Moines and Indianapolis, with the latter two being muggy as well. The final two days are on the weekend, and the networks insist on afternoon meets. For competitors and spectators, how fun is no shade and 100 degrees? It was clear and in the 70s yesterday in Eugene. ...Traffic issues in Eugene? No. ...Parking? For the NCAA Champs, I parked on the street. Free. 10 minute walk. I could have biked there in 15 minutes, mostly on the river trail. ...Finally, the real issue is television. How can you beat free and with no hassle? With visceral excitement, being with other sport nuts (as at the World Cup), and very friendly and informed ones if in Eugene. ...Watching alone on the couch? A second rate experience, even pathetic. ...At NCAA Champs, I was in the stands, near the pole vault. Behind me was the Texas A&M vaults coach, a most genial fellow who chatted with me and other fans, along with the University of Texas coach, even as his focus was on his athletes in fierce competition and a possible team national championship on the line. LSU athletes were next to me. After watching Chris Low win his semi, I easily found him in the transition area. You can see/talk with athletes within minutes of their finish, often still half-hammered from the physical and mental strain, some happy, others in near-shock, devastated. ...Track gods and goddesses of yore are all around.

Chris Low just got a call to represent the United States in the U23 NACAC games in British Columbia. Sometime in August.

A Day in the Life of Kezar Stadium. Too bad the common folks lost ready access to Cougar Stadium.

Who's the Greatest American 10,000 meter male runner of them all? ...My vote would be Billy Mills. ...Classy move by Sacto with the Billy Mills 10K, the finishers given free entry to the Champs meet.

Sacramento awards itself an A+ See here and here.

On the enduring effects of doping.

Kevin Sully: Monday Morning Run

Favorite books in June:

Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War
Heroes: From Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar to Churchill and de Gaulle
Wine and War
They Marched Into Sunlight
Benjamin Franklin's The Art of Virtue
On Glory's Course

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Kevin Sully/Daily Relay on the USA Outdoor Champs. ...Photos here.

Usain Bolt crashes into flower girl. Video.

Ken Goe and the rest of Oregon is loving the saga of Devon Allen. Football or track?

Football causeth fighting, brawling, contention, quarrel picking, murder, homicide, and great effusions of bloode, as daily experience teacheth. ~Philip Stubbs, 1583

Daily Relay: Sunday’s Best Matchups at the USATF Championships

USA Champs results. Devon Allen wins!!! Allen victory video.

Brando: 2014 Foothill League Cross Country Pre-season Girls Rankings

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Lets Run: 2014 USATF Outdoor Championshps Results and Start Lists

The Sacramento Bee has Day 3 photos.

DyeStatCAL provides early top ten team rankings for 2014 California cross country. Saugus girls are third.

You know the USA Championships aren't in Eugene when fans are exiting the stadium prior to the 5k finals. ~Ken Goe

Ken Goe, The Oregonian track expert, adds, It will be another hot, breezy day here... I'm not sold on Hornet Stadium as a championship venue.

After decades of study, researchers still can't agree on whether nutritional supplements actually improve health. Vitamins on trial

Master's Summer Series 5 Miler results in Read More.

Let me tell you what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. It gives women a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel…the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood. ~ Susan B. Anthony

Read More... | 2953 bytes more | Comments?

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USA Outdoor Champs results. Our cheers and thanks to Alysia Montano, Chris Low, and John Gilbertson for representing SCV so prominently and well on road and track.

Check out Montano story and video. Low race video here.

Is Sacramento supporting the Champs? Can't tell by the media, including the Sacramento Bee, though the Bee does provide photos. And a report on Sacto losing to mighty Clovis.

The support and vibes remain outstanding in Eugene, including for last night's all-comers. All races on video. Includes Don's butt last finish in the mixed 3000/5000, a minute slower than his winning 5K time not even two weeks ago. ...Hey, Alysia was last too.

In other news, Vin Scully is talking shit.

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Dan Agnew/Signal has the All-SCV prep track & field teams. Girls. And boys.

No longer MIA. Week That Was.

Track & Field News has USA Outdoor Championships form charts. Women. And men. Two competitors from SCV, both Cowboys, Low and Montano. ...And Allyson Felix.

Marc Bloom/Running Times: Sarah Feeny and the Need for Speed. ...Deny if you like, but you would almost certainly benefit from track work under the direction of a coach.

Wait a sec. So I'm not suppose to stretch before my race? Link. Ten guys. Settled science.

American Heart Assocation: Watch TV and die.

Jason Friendman, an E.R. M.D., at Western States 100. Confessions of an
Ultramarathon Skeptic

Official update on USA Outdoor Champs Status of Entries

Master's College Summer Series starts on Saturday, 6/28. Details.

Chiroquack yanked, twisted, and adjusted the truth, and will be training for his next race while in prison. Ouch

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New York Times: For Fitness, Push Yourself

What can our sport learn from the World Cup? Link.

Patrick Wales-Dinan, distance coach at Long Beach State, on the need to rest and burnout.

Mash review from a Foothill dad: Thanks for the promo for the Masters running camp. My daughter just finished day 2 and is enjoying it immensely. Fun runs, Malibu Creek today, individual attention and some good "theory" is making for a good experience

PrepCalTrack updated 2014 California Cross Country Master Schedule ...Canyon's tentative schedule here.

Not about running... Even before yesterday... Is Luis Suarez batshit crazy? ...On America's wrestling legend, Dan Gable.

Is it ever OK for a male to comment on a female's weight? Link. Of course, but only if you're batshit crazy.

Amby Burfoot honors George Hirsch: Still Leading the Pack at 80

Amie Schroeder, Master's College coach: Iron, Ferritin & Hemoglobin POV

Where, when, how to watch USA Outdoor Championships

Kevin Korendahl: Why I Am A Good Pick for Santa Clarita Parks & Rec. Commission

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Pro track athletes make as little as $5,000

Lets Run: Meet Grant Fisher: The Foot Locker Champ And 4:02 Miler Is Only A Junior, But He’s Already Wise Beyond His Years. And he's still playing soccer!

Marc Bloom/Runner's World has the latest update on Mary Cain.

Caitliin Chock/Competitor: The Runner’s Guide To Bounding

What I hate about cyclists/What I hate about runners

Should your kid get a screening EKG? Story.

Ken Goe/The Oregonian has further thoughts on Max Siegal, USATF, and the impoverished elite athletes. Link.

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The only time you must not fail, is the last time you try. Read the Stanford speech by Phil Knight

Local paper profiles Brenda Martinez.

Natural History magazine: Death By Affluence?

David Sedaris/The New Yorker: Living The Fitbit Life

Pete Magill/Running Times: Strong For A Season

Meb says, "“There are three to five, maybe six marathons left in these legs.” Story.

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Not a minute too soon. Brando's 2014 Foothill League Cross Country Pre-season Boys Rankings

Signal: Burbank man to run 86 miles to benefit SCV nonprofit

Competitor: Interview With High School Phenom Anna Maxwell

Brooks PR Invitational results

Watch Alexa Efraimson hammer the 800 at the Brooks PR Invitational. Here.

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