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Big win by Canyons men at WSC Preview. Canyons women take second.

It's Deadspin, and pretty damn good. In Search of a Two Hour Marathon. If you want to run your fastest marathon, you probably need to train fast.

I'm going to run harder. I'm going to run faster. I'll take a short break, but in the new year I'll train with my fellow runners to try and break my own record. ~Dennis Kimetto. More.

5 Ways To Procrastinate Fall By Extending Summer

Master's raced at the Pomona-Pitzer XC Invitational. Results. Karis Frankian was 2nd overall. The women were 4th. The men ran in a pack, scoring in spots 50 through 54,l separation only .3 seconds, 10th overall.

Still waiting for prep results and, of course, photos.

Bob Binnie was first photog at Staub/Barnes. He writes: Hot and dusty day at Crescenta Valley Park with 4 teams from SCV running. Saugus and West Ranch rested most of their respective Varsity squads, while Canyon and Golden Valley appeared to run at full strength. Pictures of each can we found at the following links:

West Ranch
Golden Valley

Time out for A Workshop with Alberto Salazar.

PrepCalTrack posts Staub/Barnes results.

Paul Broneer has Staub/Barnes photos.

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Kilian Journet is the best mountain racer in the world. He has some tips on downhill running. Watch him on You Tube. Look at your downhill on video, in photos, your results. Don's crappy. Ask George Serrano. Who said: If you can see him, you can catch him.

Jim McClain has Bell Jeff photos.

Is the cause of your injury supported by research? Link. Invariably, the cause is two words: Running stupid.

Is the IOC a corrupt joke? Read.

Is WADA a joke? Read.

Check out the Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Is $35,000 to $75,000 (depending on model) too much?

IOC fights back. Trashes Norway for refusing to run up huge deficits. Story.

State Cross Country Championship Meet Handbook

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Coming up:

10/3 - Canyons at WSC Preview
10/4 - Master's at Pomona Pitzer Invite
Hart at Palos Verdes
Canyon, Golden Valley, Saugus, West Ranch at Staub/Barnes
10/11 Canyon, Valencia and Golden Valley @ 30th Annual SCV Invitational
10/16 - Foothill #2 at Central Park

Flotrack: Workout Wednesday with Notre Dame

Training tip: Uphill Intervals. It's also recommended after a long run, or otherwise when your legs are tired.

Matt Fitzgerald: Why You Should Eat Like An Elite

Hunh, now 8:25 A.M. and no new rankings to report. What gives?

It's OK, we don't have to be the god or goddess of running. Funny.

Just back from the run, 10:29 A.M., and still no new rankings. But there is always Lance. Video. Why did the guy run clockwise?

DyeStat delivers. Boys. And girls.

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Must read. The Wetmore Formula.

Being the objective, unbiased person that you are... Vote for National Girls XC Team of the Week #6

Coach arrested for DUI while driving students to cross-country meet. Story.

PrepCalTrack has new CIF-State rankings. ...We're getting rankings fatigue.

NYT: Kicking The Facebook Habit.

Is coaching a science? Consider.

Eugene scene stuff in Read More.

LetsRun: Week That Was

Read More... | 3109 bytes more | 1 comment

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Erik Boal/DyeStatCAL: Boys State Top 10 By Grade. Includes Brian Zabiski (5th Senior) and Ryan Tate (9th Junior).

Q&A with Jenny Barringer Simpson.

We're awesome. But how do we match up with our age grade competition? Men. And women. ...The Oregon Track Club Masters grades us even more precisely with the WMA calculator. Our current standings. 75.00% is considered All-American. Note Don's age competition is David Elliott with an 85.36%. ...There's always someone out there to humble us. ...Coming up is the Nick Symmonds 800. OTCM hopes to come up with some team competition.

10 One-Star Yelp Reviews of Majestic National Parks

Our choice for the design of Castaic High School, assuming SCV will be as built out by the time it's delivered.

Run Like A Girl in skirts and skorts.

Bricklayer Bill's Ultramarathon of a Life

Favorite books in September

Gates of Fire
The Secret History
The Little Friend
The Return of the Dancing Master

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Phirst class program has 943 photos. Saugus XC Fundraiser comes through. Thanks!

Golden Valley?

Brando updates Foothill rankings. It's Saugus in a landslide.

New York Times: The Bro Hug.

Why cross country is more than runners going from Point A to Point B. Story. Best sport on earth.

Roger Robinson and Kathryn Switzer: Love Story.

Roger Robinson on Volunteer Spirit.

Sports Doc says regular use of OTC pain pills is probably not a good idea. Link. Listen to your body.

Kimetto now has the world record and three major marathon wins. But he has never beaten Meb Keflezighi. Meb always wins. That and 25 other Berlin thoughts on The Monday Morning Run.

With Dennis Kimetto's marathon world record on Sunday, it's provided further evidence for what we've long suspected: it's never been a better time to be an old man runner. More.

Per Erik Boal/ DyeStatCAL, Ortega best senior, Castillo best freshman in CA. Link. Boys rankings pending. Zabilski, Sterkel and Velarde look good for top 10 in their grades. Kaylee Thompson is having an outstanding year (3rd at F1), and perhaps belongs in the top 10 sophs.

PrepCalTrack updated CIF-SS rankings.

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Dennis Kimetto goes 2:02:57 at Berlin. Story.

Shalane gets third, and no American Record. Story.

Bell Jeff results. Canyon boys varsity 2nd, girls 3rd. Canyon girls f/s win. Bro has photos.

Saugus girls in post race video.

Runner struck by vehicle on Old Orchard. Story.

A good one for you helmet heads. Cycling's Greatest Hour.

We applaud Eugene for dreaming big even if we donít think they should be selected for Worlds in 2019. Vin Lananna gets sh** done. ~LetsRun

Boo LetsRun. We had a friendly exchange with a LetsRun staffer, who opined, I think it would be cool for Eugene to host, but it's just hard to see the biggest sporting event of the year in 2019 being awarded to rinky dink Eugene. (Recall Lauren Fleshman's "Why do I live in this God forsaken rain-soaked shit hole?!") But here's the deal. Qatar is a horrible country and doesn't know/care sh** about track. Simply, you will never experience and thrill over track like you will at Hayward Field. The world needs to see that. And it's good for the U.S. See here.

Kimetto/Berlin video here.

Paavo writes: Both the Roy Griak boys and girls race videos are available (for free!) on Flotrack. Quality is not great and they tend to be mostly on the leader, which means Sam in the girls race. Boys. And girls.

Dan Agnew/Signal: Saugus girls cross country wins Roy Griak Invite in Minnesota. Mighty impressive, after some recent tough meets, flying a-cross country to kick ass in the national champ's back yard.

Gotcha way-better Griak boys video.

Renato Canova sees a sub-2 marathon. Link.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/9/27 3:06:53 (540 reads)

Saugus races Saturday at the Roy Griak Invitational in Minnesota. Samantha Ortega and Sabrina Janes on video interview.

Daily Relay considers The Weekend's Best Matchups.

Breaking news from 2009. Fast Abs. Mmmh, with all my farmer chores and naps, I've missed doing some of that. But not drills.

New York Times: Locker Room Cultivates a Reluctance to Criticize. Players, coaches, league, school administrators, sponsors, fans... Like Sgt. Schultz

Real Clear Science: How To Spread Misinformation.

Canyon races today at Bell-Jeff.

Chuckles ahead: Cal will change athletes' admission standards

Roy Griak results -boys and girls. Cheers for the Centurians!

Canyon boys and girls both reaped trophies at Bell Jeff. Results not yet available, though we heard Canyon boys got 2nd. As it happens, Bob Binnie was there to photo Chaminade, but (scooping Bro and McClain) also got some Cowboy pix. ...More Bell-Jeff here and Chaminade here.

Canyons men 1st, women 3rd at the Golden West Central Park Classic. Results. We're impressed!

Did any SCV team stumble? Guess not.

Interview with Coach Paragas video.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/9/26 14:38:39 (366 reads)

Joseph Tan has Foothill #1 photos. With this collection, Bob Binnie notes, "sixth man" Tan breaks the tie and nails down WR's No. 1 ranking. ...Could there be any other league with such excellent and bountiful photography? Doubtful. ...Why is it always guy photographers? DD has been posting collections for a decade, but not once have we had any from the ladies.

Competitor: 10 Healthy Habits of (Insanely) Passionate Runners

10 reasons to run through perimenopause. Link. Who knew?

Brando has Five Quick Thoughts.

Beware the terrorist jogger.

Consider Doha's bid for the 2019 World Championships. Our world traveling friends (158 countries to date) say Qatar can be described in one word -bizarre. Definitely not tolerant to non Sharia believers, gays, showing skin. Funds Hamas. More. With September temps around 100 degrees, how will that work for the marathon? Can't a/c that. Will the women's marathon be open to the public, and outside the five-star ghetto, with skimpy attire allowed? The world boycotted South Africa over its apartheid policies. Why not the equally noxious Qatar? ...An informed source, who probably has Vin on speed dial, writes: The Eugene people think Barcelona is a bigger threat.

Runner's World: 10 Things We Learned From Deena Kastor Over Lunch at Our Place

Photos from the Mustang Challenge.

Sports Illustrated: Top Exits in Sports. Shockingly, two were in track & field. Herb Elliot was my first running hero. And Bob Hayes was awesome, back when and always. Check this Hayes 4X100 video.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/9/25 13:33:42 (248 reads)

Mike Whitman has Foothill#1 photos.

New York Times: The Woman Who Walked 10,000 Miles (No Exaggeration) in Three Years

Why is Great Oak great? Thread.

Esquire: U. S. Forest Service to require permit to take photos in phorest.

Blind kid barred from cross country competition Later, school decides to allow it.

The Atlantic: The Corrupt Bargain Between Politicians and the NFL

It's official, Eugene bids for the 2019 IAAF World Outdoor Championships. Story.

Jim McClain has Foothill#1 photos. Canyon threatens WR for best site/photo rankings.

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