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Signal: Mustangs men’s track and field tramples record

Sam Ortega loves Arcadia. Video.

Bill Bolden: More Arcadia Invitational Photos. ...Bill sees and captures the action not involving his favorite team and Foothill competitors. Good stuff. Must see.

A strong butt is the key to a happy life. ~Jordan Metzl, M.D. ...And more advice from the gurus of running. Winning One Liners.

Wise words. Q&A with Emma Coburn.

Joseph Tan has West Ranch @ Arcadia 4 x 800 boys and girls photos.

Brando: 2015 Foothill Bests

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Brian Zabilski's 8:56.41 now top SCV prep ever in the 3200. Video. Dave Hartman's record lasted 24 years.

Samantha Ortega's 10:20.25 breaks Kaylin Mahoney's school record of 10:25.40 set back in 2008. No. 2 in SCV history, behind Lauren Fleshman's 10:18.21. Video.

Saugus girls' 11:58.16 DMR is second best in SCV history. Video. Sabrina Janes runs entire 800 leg in one shoe.

Paul Broneer's updated 2015 Foothill Bests

Kyla Danforth's 10:44 PR in the 3200 is the 4th best in Canyon history.

Alan Garcia provides Arcadia photos.

Ken Goe/Oregonian with story and pix from the Pepsi Team Invitational. Tip. Don't start celebrating until you finish. Probably an unnecessary caution for thee and me. ...In a special masters mile, rival David Elliott, 70, ran a 6:00, having slowed by two seconds since 2014. Damn!

Northwestern Mutual Lifespan Calculator.

Competitor: Bill Rodgers: 40 Years After First Boston Marathon Win. ...Past Boston champs and immortals return to race. Link.

Julia Bleasdale video: My Sunday Run. Bleasdale, 33 year old Brit, raced the nickel and dime in the London Olympics, placing eighth in both finals.

Paul Broneer's updated 2015 Foothill Bests. Super soph Sam Pica has the best times in the 400 and 800. Has there ever been a Foothill Finals double winner, same meet, in the 4 and the 8? Alysia? It's unusual at any level.

Bill Bolden provides Saturday Arcadia photos.

Daily Emerald delivers peerless Pepsi Invitational photos.

Must read. David Brooks/New York Times: The Moral Bucket List.

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Daily News story on the Arcadia Invitational. ...Results here.

Chris Low runs a 3:54.11 in the 1500 at the Big West Challenge. He finished off the day with a 47.7 split in the 4 X 400.

Bill Bolden provides Arcadia photos.

Today in Arcadia...

Marisa Magarilla is 18th in the mile, 5:10.12
West Ranch boys are 17th in the 4 X800, 8:21.94
Sam Pica is 27th in the 800 (and best soph), 1:56.56
Caleb McClain is 23rd in the 3200, 9:31.26

Canyons in gear at Mt. SAC Relays. Results.

Master's rollin' at the Mangrum Invitational. Results.

Austin O'Neil ran the fastest 1500 ever by a Santa Claritian, 3:44.51. Results. Converts to a 4:01.1 mile.

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Arcadia Invitational heat sheets.

Mile Split: Arcadia Invitational Girls Preview.

Daily News likes Saugus girls in the 4 X 800

Erik Boal/DyeStatCal likes Saugus girls in the 4 X 1600

Santa Clarita Runners Prediction Run Results.

Competitor: Q&A with 'Born To Run' Author Chris McDougall. A tad goofy?

Wall Street Journal on runners bling.

Sporting News has Road to Beijing distance power rankings for women and men.

Chris Low/Long Beach State competes today at the Big West Challenge.

Arcadia LIVE. Good coverage.

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Canyons' Jade Selexman, 6th, and Zakora Merriweather, 10th, did well at the So. Cal Hep and Dec Championships. Selexman will likely compete at the Heptathlon State Championship on May 15 in San Mateo.

There's much to admire about those who do the hep or dec. See story on, and especially photos of Haley Crouser.

LetsRun: The Week That Was

New York Times: Mothers’ Exercise May Lower Heart Risks in Newborns

Hey, moms. Strong is the New Pretty.

Agoura's Tara Davis is talented, strong, and pretty. Link.

The problem with too much light (computer and gizmos) before sleep. Here.

Consistent with what is required by Obama's executive order that took effect for federal contractors... Link. Heads up, Hart District.

No phone policy? Link. Great idea.

The Occidental High Performance meet has been rebranded as the HOKA ONE ONE Middle Distance Classic. Link. With the possible exception of the Foothill Finals, that's probably the best track meet in Southern California. Occidental has a good track on a lovely campus. So go see it, and Don just might STFU. ...Fifties flashback. With mother's permission, Don would take a 10K away bus ride over to watch the USC v. Occidental track meet, and also summer camp practices of the Washington Redskins, at the time the only NFL team with no black players. In 1962, on being advised the Redskins would be the Noskins in DC Stadium, they signed two black players. ...Now the Redskins are encouraged to find another name. ...In my DC days in the late sixties, the local and rabid fans just called them "skins." Good enough for today, you'd think.

Ken Striplin/SCV News: Enjoy Our Open Spaces

The Oregon Track Club had a combo 5/10K race at Alton Baker Park (location of Pre's Trail). 5K one loop, and 10K is two loops. Laurel Mathieson, Jeff Riggin's daughter, was 16th in the 5K with a 23:04. Don did the 10K. As he was nearing the 5K finish, Trish Kluge, an outstanding OTCM training mate, called from behind. "Hey, Don, 5 or 10?." Don said "10" and then looked around to see Trish, Olympian Ian Dobson and his dog. "Good," she yelled back, "we won't have to dig deep to beat you." And they didn't. Beat 'em. Negative splits! ...Complete 5 and 10K results, sliced and diced and online within an hour, here. ...Bridget Franek was there, though she didn't race. She was asked about what she does before a race. The day before she does ALL (her emphasis) her stretches and drills and 4-5 miles. On the morning of the race, she runs 2 miles. She's a sweet lady. She was running easy (for her) around the course, giving us all a "waytago." What a fun evening.

Don't give up. Thomas Edison was called "addled" by his only teacher, and he didn't get more than three months of formal education.

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Paul Broneer, recovering from hip surgery, updated 2015 Foothill Bests.

Best of the best going into the Arcadia 3200.

LetsRun: Q&A with 800 World Champ Chanelle Price. Is there a more loaded, competitive race than the U.S. women's 800?

Sh*t Academics Say

Real Clear Science: 8 Misleading, Unscientific, or BS Food Labels

New York Times: Study Warns of Diet Supplement Dangers Kept Quiet by F.D.A. Wait a sec. A sane person would pay $49.99 for JetFuel Superburn?

LAT: Gallons of water per ounce of food. Lettuce, beer, and wine OK. Beef and checkpeas no.

Driving Oregon track fans crazy. See here. Portland fans have to drive 200 mile RT to get the best seats. Vin Lananna announced last night that tickets for the general public (unless you're named Phil Knight) not available until May 28th.

Remy's World: It's Official: Runners Are Babies.

OK, it has been a few days. Have you actually passed the F.B.I. Fitness Test? Probably not. The running stuff, no problem. That's easy. Push ups and sit ups? We think we can do that. Good enough? An old guy, actually older than Don, finally tried it (the 50-59 standards). A major struggle. He challenged Don. Now done, but not easily. Remember, these are minimum objectives. Boo hoo. We are babies. Is there a fitness tracker to ensure we're doing a core daily dozen?

Flotrack's Wednesday Workout: Gear Change Intervals at Westmont College

Breaking News: Distance Dudes Make Best Mates

To see how The Master's stack up against their GSAC competition, check out the Golden State AC Outdoor Performance List.


April 10-11 Foothill preps @ Arcadia Invitational
April 11 Master's @ Mangrum Invitational (CS San Marcos)
April 11 Canyons @ Mt. SAC
April 16 Canyon @ Hart
April 16 Golden Valley @ Saugus
April 16 Valencia @ West Ranch
April 17 Canyons @ WSC Prelims (Ventura)

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Who is going to the Arcadia Invitational? Find out here.

Toxic. Really? The Food Babe is Full of...

Waco Trib profiles Jeremy Wariner.

Must read: What I learned photographing Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen. They attempt to do it the exact right way every single time. Their form and intensity is the correct amount of both on every attempt. There are no half-hearted attempts ever. They seek immediate feedback from each other, their coach, and iPad video after every attempt. They make immediate adjustments to their technique if needed.

Matthew Maton, probably Oregon's best prep distance runner, quits on his team.

Don't give up. William Faulkner repeated the 11th grade. Didn't graduate. In a special program at the University of Mississippi, he got a D in English. Didn't graduate.

SCR President-For-Life Rob Sklenar writes: I know you still have interest in the Ultra running community so thought I'd send you a heads up that Jonathan Morse followed up his 22:51 at the Rio Del Lago 100 miler in November with a 13th overall (3rd in age group) 7:30 finish at American River 50 Miler on Saturday.

SCV News: ‘Wild’ Movie Inspires Women to Find Themselves on the Trail. Good movie. Better book.

SCV News has stories on Master's at Pomona Pitzer. Mustang fillies. And stallions (aka studs).

Outside: Kevin Jorgeson on Life After Dawn Wall

Arcadia LIVE here.

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Dan Agnew/Signal: West Ranch's Max Cawley doesn't back down from a challenge

Imagine a cross country coach dressing, looking, and acting like John Calipari. Annual base salary of $7.5 million might have something to do it. Started with Pat Riley/Showtime? Full disclosure. Pat and Don share the same DOB. Nothing else.

New York Times: Track’s Heartbeat Is Fast as Ever in Jamaica. Like March Madness for track. It's like that at Hayward Field.

Can you pass the F.B.I. Fitness Test?

Guardian: Why scientific truth may hurt.

Chris McDougall, author of Born to Run, has a new book. How to train yourself to be a hero.

Running Times: A Guide to Age Grading.

Don't give up racing on the track. Martin Luther King, Jr., while in the seminary, got a C in Public Speaking.

Just in. Want to Live Longer? Optimal Amount of Exercise Revealed

Your next long run or bike: The Ridge Route.

It's not about how hard you train. It's about how fast you race. A Running Life: Jack Daniels. ...Assuming you can get race results.

WSJ: It’s Healthy to Put a Good Spin on Your Life

Daily Relay: College Track Issues & Answers: Why do we do things this way?

Posted by donmclean on 2015/4/5 12:10:12 (235 reads)

West Ranch, Valencia, and Hart @ Spartan Relays results. Bob Binnie writes: West Ranch ran at Rio Mesa HS in the Spartan Relays on Saturday. It is always a fun meet, as there are unique combinations of races and fresh strawberries from the surrounding fields. The best race of the day was the Boys Varsity DMR, with Hunter Covarrubias running down the leaders during the last leg. The finishing sequence was as good as it gets, and the whole sequence is included in the photos at the bottom. Here.

Sabrina Janes, competing along with her Saugus mates, found her mojo at Trabuco Hills. With a negative split and a 2:12.78, she is currently 4th best in the state.

Sadly, the best public high schools are not to be found in Santa Clarita or Oregon. Link.

Photo of Runner Taking Selfie Wins Prestigious Award. OK, kinda funny, and he's just a kid, but he also gets the prize for disrespectful showboating b.s.

West Ranch @ Saugus photos by Bill Bolden and Joseph Tan.

Girls Track and Field: No cheering from the press box, unless we're talking about this sport

Watch Chris Low race. Winner Bryan Martinez might be Mexico's best.

Brigham City, USA — Coach's life mirrors Kevin Costner character in movie

Faith, perseverance helped make McFarland runners into winners

Posted by donmclean on 2015/4/4 11:02:55 (211 reads)

Seth Totten ran the fastest 5000 ever by a Santa Claritian. Link. Dave Hartman (13:56.40) had the distinction since 1996. ...Also running the nickel were Grace Graham Zamudio (16:34.97) and Weslie Totten (18:20.35). ...Finally, we think Tripp Hurt should change his name or his event. Link.

Dan Agnew/Signal: On the beat track and field: Contenders for state.

Jim McClain provides Golden Valley @ Canyon photos.

Someone leave early on Spring Break? Hart @ Valencia results still missing.

Jay Johnson on strides.

Scientific American: Willpower as the Key to Life’s Successes [Video]

Qatar Forced A Bunch Of Migrant Workers To Run A Marathon. Same sports who won the bid over Eugene and Barcelona for the 2019 World Outdoor Track & Field Championships.

Master's today at Pomona Pitzer. Details.

Seth Totten did it on tri training. Q&A.

Bird tips for going the distance. Link.

Too old to run and race? Tell it to Anne Garrett.

Fun: People Who Deserve a Swift Kick

Chris Low goes 1:47:56 at Stanford. Results. His PR (and best SCV all time) is 1:47.52. He's going 16 mph, about 7.4 meters per second. A one second improvement could get him into the USA Outdoor Championships Finals, and another second could get him on the team to Worlds.

Sam Peckham wins 5000 with a 14:34.64 at Army v. Navy. Go Navy.

Master's @ Pomona results. Karis' 4:32.27 moves her into 9th on the all-time SCV list.

Hart and Canyon had athletes competing today at UCLA Legends.

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