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Mario Fraioli: the morning shakeout

The Week That Was

What Running Means to the U.S. Olympic Marathoners

At 25, Olympics runner Caster Semenya has the physique of a top male athlete. More.

Olympic Stats

American potheads doubled since 2013. Know any runners who smoke?

Long Beach Wilson has sent at least one athlete to every Summer Olympics since 1952. Story.

Alex Hutchinson: Why Do You Race Faster Than You Train? ...Notice how you train harder/faster when you're with others?

The International Olympic Committee has issued a plea to athletes to respect their fellow competitors... More. OK, fine, and must we also respect the International Olympic Committee?

Laugh time. Dave Barry in Rio.

T&FN: Rio Formchart -Women

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Football sucks.

Don’t Let Them Tell You You’re Not at the Center of the Universe

Malcolm Gladwell's terrific little story about how we are willing to fault everyone except ourselves. Blame Game

Take a Hike: Seven Stories About Heading Outdoors

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An Incomplete List of Why Nobody Really Gives a Shit About the Olympics Anymore

WSJ: The Ultimate Guide to Watching the Olympics

All 306 Olympic Medal Events, Ranked. ...NBC will broadcast 6,755 hours of Olympic TV programming. The FKT on the PCT is 53 days, 6 hours, 37 minutes. Assume that's 53 straight days of 10 hours per day of running a brutal trail in all sorts of weather (536 running hours) . Or figure total time, including sleep and rest (1278 hours).

Our Sport Uncovered

David Epstein/Scientific American on technology and pharmaceuticals dominating our reality. What's natural in sports?

Major study over decades on physical activity benefits for women. Link. "...a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, not smoking, normal weight, and at least 2.5 hours per week of moderate- to vigorous-intensity exercise..."

Habits of highly mathematical people. Includes "Being wrong often and admitting it." Wow. There are such people?

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COC #5 Results

West Ranch Boys Preview

In Defense of the Olympics.

Steve Magness/Brad Stulberg: How To Watch the Olympics

What Happens To Your Body When You Hike The Appalachian Trail. ...Dave, a runner friend at age 60, hiked the PCT, Mexico to Canada, in four months. Lost thirty pounds. He struggled for about four months to gain it back. ...DD recommendation: Soul, Sweat and Survival on the Pacific Crest Trail . ...Holtel is a character, definitely one of a kind. Friends, mere acquaintances would drive hundreds, even thousands of miles to run with him for a few days. But Holtel had a strange rule. No talking during the run. Hated inane chatter. Disturbed his communion with nature.

WSJ: Off-Road Biking Too Tough for You? Think again.

How To Fuel a Workout.

Fat Brains

Alex Hutchinson: My sweaty search to discover how much exercise is too much

McLaren accuses IOC of twisting his report

Oregon Track Club August Newsletter. Don't miss the article on Wade Bell. He was one of the earliest sub four milers at the University of Oregon, and an Olympian. But with all that, he has had the same humble volunteer job for decades. Closeted with very nervous athletes under the stands, he misses most all of the action on the track. Such dedication is a key to what makes TrackTown, USA what it is. There were over 2000 volunteers at the Olympic Trials. ...More.

Would you like some butter with your coffee, and, uh, live to 180 and nail some serious AG records? Consider.

Steeple people. Brian Diemer

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Rio Not Ready

Who Will Win in Rio?

Joe Newton, 87, legendary coach, retiring. ...More.

Read Books, Live Longer

Your gender? You have 33 choices.

Alexi Pappas: Running for Your Past and Future Self

Former chief investigator of the World Anti-Doping Agency said his efforts to investigate state-sponsored doping in Russia were repeatedly thwarted by WADA’s own president. Consider

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Happy Birthday to Gertrude Marshall, my mother in law, now 104 years old.

LetsRun: The Week That Was

Homeless girl wins the 3000 at the Junior Olympics.

New Yorker: The Refugee Olympians in Rio

“There’s more to life than just running,” says Brenda Martinez. “I’m starting to realize that more as I get older. Kids are looking up to me.” More. ...We're all role models, for good or ill. What if you got a letter grade every day? Hey, even if you got a C for the day, it probably means you said and did a few not-nice things.

COC Wins Third Straight Supremacy Title

OMG. Wi-Fi on Everest

Calling Dr. Google. ...But if you do, and the advice causes injury, you can't sue the doctor. Sue/screw yourself.

As it turned out, that was the last PR I ever set. Don't Waste Good Time

Eminence-based medicine.

Photography at the Olympic Level

Must read: Why ‘Useless’ Surgery Is Still Popular

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Olympic schedule. Track & field starts on 8/12.

Mario Fraioli: the morning shakeout

Popular Mechanics: Can Justin Gatlin -and American Science-Defeat Usain Bolt. Does your coach provide any meaningful, concerted help on form?

Bolt has never run a mile. ...Years ago, Mark Crear, twice an Olympics medalist in the 110 hurdles, former Santa Clarita resident, at a book signing. Me: "Did you ever do any distance running?" Mark, with a pause and a laugh: "Uh, I think I ran a mile, maybe."

WSJ: A Coach’s Influence Off the Field

6 mental tricks to start running when you really don't want to, from cross-country team who runs thousands of miles a year

Pre's Rock

Update/correction on Lexi Fernandez in Comments.

American record holder Emma Coburn on steeple for the people. Video.

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5 Things to Know About Meb.

The first time she took part in a steeplechase, it was like a “train wreck.” More. ...After racing the mile, we were in the stands at a Hayward Field all-comers. An excited boy, maybe 14 or 15, who had also been in the mile and other races, comes up to his mother nearby and asks permission to try the 3000 steeple. She says OK. We watched the race. He did fine. Directly afterwards, he runs into the stands to report, "Boy, was that fun!"

Warm, inspiring story about Joe Kovacs, our best shot guy, and his mom. Here.

I’m O.K. — You’re a Narcissist

Happiness Fixes

NYT: Clean Athletes, and Olympic Glory Lost in the Doping Era. Alysia Montano, mentioned in the story, was fifth at the 2012 (not 2004) Olympics. Is still waiting for her bronze since the doping news about her competition was revealed in November, 2015.

Ed Whitlock, 85, breaks another world record. Story.

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