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Pure fun. Since 1987. Free. Mountain Trail Series. Most of them are out-and-backs, and of course you can turn around at any time.

Competitor: A Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse Inside Nike’s World Headquarters

So, when you get to the crosswalk... Dance!

Los Angeles Times: Long Beach loses its 106-year-old symbol of cycling

Get this: Tom Brokaw wants Brian Williams fired

Estimated doping use in sport 14-39% of elite athletes is in contrast to stats from doping tests (1-2%). Study.

Walk to school??? Video.

Mark Coogan says, to do your best, first you need to get off your ass(phalt). More. Be a savvy and prudent runner.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/2/5 4:42:05 (215 reads)

Lauren Fleshman has issues with USATF Ad

Kyla Danforth to attend Seattle University. Story.

What Alexi Pappas learned at Mammoth. On Budgeting Willpower

Film Review: ‘McFarland, USA’

Flotrack: Workout Wednesday. Time to hit the speed switch.

Runners over the age of 70 slideshow.

Brian Williams misremembered his high school P.E. mile time. It wasn't 4:20. ...Hillary misspoke. ...Vets remember.

Damn, we missed it again. Last night. Empire State Building Run Up. Nah, you're not too old. An 84 year old Californian did it. Ditto Brian Williams, Lance, and Hillary, under aliases, not wanting to seem heroic.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/2/4 13:57:00 (210 reads)

LetsRun: The Week That Was

Jim McClain has SCV All-Comers photos.

Coming attractions:

2/7 Burbank All-Comers
2/14 SCV All-Comers

theguardian: Russian Child Athletes Are Doping. Again.

Awesometown arrests 1/30 - 2/1

For one guy in New Mexico, the case against running is simple. Link.

Just like a girl. Prep soph shows there is no excuse for slacking. Link

7 Things You Should Know About The 2015 U.S. Cross Country Championships. Consider getting a team together for the 2016 edition in Bend, OR. For sure, Oregon Track Club Masters will have a team or two there. Don almost certainly on the JV team, or solo. Bend is 2.5 hours from Eugene, over the Cascades.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/2/3 13:26:30 (199 reads)

Saugus XC Fundraiser has SCV All Comers photos.

Daily Relay: Monday Morning Run. Cam Levins is on fire. Al Sal makes good distance runners faster. Doubling/racing more often. Developing/finding another gear. ...More.

Evan Jager on speed.

Brenda Martinez Is Looking 26.2 Miles Down the Road. Unusual for an 800 meter specialist.

Menlo College drops football. Story. 100 players on scholarship? No track or cross country.

Fun: This Old Man.

Kenny Moore (!!!!!): XC: The Greatest Show On Turf

Yosemite fee increasing. Story. Old folks (62+) can get a lifetime pass for $10.

For trail/ultramarathon racers, but useful for all racers. Race Day Tactics.

We're hearing more about the dangers on the SCV trails. High school runners (especially girls) are being harassed on the trails after school. Apparently, the druggies are waiting to make buys during those hours. ...Signal story here. ...Be safe. ...Report everything. ...SCV Sheriffs Station writes: ...if something seems weird, out of place, or suspicious, it probably is. Call the Sheriff’s Department and request a Deputy to check it out. You may submit an anonymous tip anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone 800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477). All phone lines are encrypted and no phone calls are ever recorded. Tips are then sent onto LA Crime Stoppers for further evaluation.

Running like a girl.


Running Times: How To Build A Prep Powerhouse.

Bend, Oregon picked to host 2016-17 USATF Cross Country Championships. OMG. And so Eugene, that "godforsaken, rainsoaked shithole" (per Lauren Fleshman), panned for not being big enough, with no 5 Star accommodations, and a small airport, becomes the big city for Bend (ok to fly there, assuming you have your own plane). ...Even so, Don hopes to be there and ready to rumble.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/2/2 14:25:02 (287 reads)

Jesse Squire/Daily Relay recaps the weekend action. Here.

LetsRun likes Jordan Hasay's development. So what are you/Don doing to improve that last 400?

National Geographic: How Backpacking/Trail Runs Can Put You in Touch With Your Inner Saint

New York Times: How To Be a Stoic. Bill Aris (FM) and Percy Cerutty argue we, as runners, should be Stotans, that is, a combination of Stoics and Spartans.

A more serious offering from Toilet Time. A Moment That Lasts Forever

NewScientist: Virtual hearts get to the crux of sudden cardiac death

Competitor: Running Makes Small Cameos in Super Bowl Commercials

PrepCalTrack: Saugus’ Zabilski, Heys show well @ Santa Clarita Valley All-Comers

Posted by donmclean on 2015/2/1 14:10:09 (266 reads)

SCV All-Comers results soon. Paul Broneer's photos here.

Steve Morris (1967 Burroughs grad and classmate of Coach Broneer) wins the 65+ age group Pole Vault clearing 10' 6" ...Video.

Elizabeth Nelson, now at CSUN, wins her collegiate section 3000 at Armory with a 9:55.94. Video. Big kick with 400 to go.

AJ Yarnall goes 8:25.43, Brendan Tinoco goes 8:58.25 in the 3000 at the UW Invitational.

Lauren Fleshman's favorite pre and post race meals. Here.

Signal: Hart district institutes booster club changes

Inspiration: Roger Bannister and the First Sub-4:00 Mile

Cait Chock reports on Alana Hadley, 17, who won the Indianapolis marathon in 2:38.34. Link.

Watch Jordan Hasay win the Armory two mile.

SCV All Comers results. Good attendance, spirited competition. Now if we can get Hart, Valencia, Golden Valley and West Ranch... And fearless adults like Steve Morris and Joe Ruggless...

Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it's all about. ~Patti Sue Plumer, two time Olympian. Her 4:16.68, set at the 1990 Fifth Avenue Mile, remains unbeaten.

Brando: 2015 SCV Track Bests

Surf City results. Special cheers for half marathoners...

5. Karis Frankian 1:20.43
11. Katrina Graham 1:25.35
12. Charity Schroeder 1:25.35
13. Monica Prelle 1:25.43
104. Kristin Schranz 1:39.51

2. John Gilbertson 1:07.28
4. Josh Sherfey 1:10.23
8. Tyler Tockstein 1:11.40
1011 Joe Ogata 1:46.11, 3rd in AG

2016 U.S. Olympic Trials - Marathon Qualifying Standards

Posted by donmclean on 2015/1/31 12:20:50 (297 reads)

Sammy Watson, 10th grade, breaks Mary Cain's soph 1K record, 6th best all time national prep. Story.

Sonia O'Sullivan, the goddess of Irish distance runnning, stands up for cross country. Story.

The Master's gets ‘Champion of Character’ award by NAIA. Link.

The Master's and Santa Clarita Runners will be doing the Surf City Half Marathon today.

Why you/Don are so annoying. To get the word out, employ a wingman to brag for you

Fun: Bill Belichick Wore Flip-Flops

Bruce Jenner, gold medal decathlete, is transitioning...? Link. BTW, does he always have a Starbucks coffee in hand? Is that cool? Gay? A slick attorney my employer used once drove me in his Jag from Sherman Oaks to Santa Ana, on I-5, with a tall Starbucks cup in his hand. Didn't set it down once.

Galen Rupp talks training with Mo Farah, marathons, weird drug test story. Link.

Tony Sandoval, UC-Berkeley coach since 1982, Alysia Montano's coach since 2004, in Q&A. New Mexico state 880 champ in 1963.

Good day to race and tube. SCV All-Comers. Surf City. Armory. UW Invitational (AJ Yarnall racing Teg and Bumbalough in the 3000). Enjoy.

LetsRun is on Facebook.

Kenny Stone, 2011 Canyon grad, opened the indoor season with a 3rd place 49.83 400 meters at the Armory.

Shock losses by Rupp and Cain at Armory, while major wins by Levins (mile and 2 mile), Hasay, and AJee Wilson (only 20 years old). Results. Alyssa Selve ran 5:05.86 in the collegiate women's mile. ...USA DMR studs blow up World Record. Results.

LetsRun Armory report.

Oops, my mistake. Surf City Half and Marathon are tomorrow. UW Invite is tonight. SCV All Comers results are pending.

Armory men's two mile video. Advance to 7:50 to see the high drama. ...DMR WR video.

Jordan McCall, Saugus alum, runs 11:34.50 in the 3000 at Westmont.

Master's athletes Charity Schroeder, Karis Frankian, and Josh Sherfey will be racing the Surf City Half Marathon tomorrow along with Master's alumni Tyler Tockstein and John Gilbertson.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/1/30 13:16:02 (155 reads)

Team USA: Catching Up With Teen Track Sensation Mary Cain. ...More the merrier. Link.

LetsRun: Armory Track Invite Preview. Better than the Super Bowl. ...But check the stats.

Boston Herald: Marathon finish line shoveler did it for love of the race

Malcolm Gladwell/The New Yorker: The Trouble With Fries. ...Last McDonald's in Iceland. Don't miss the time lapse death of a Big Mac.

New York Times: Are Vitamin Drinks a Bad Idea? ...Should you take that multi?

Best college tracksters so far? Check Official Qualifier Lists. Any Foothill alums?

Darcy Arreola-Lange will be racing with the Janes on February 7th at the USA Cross Country Championships. 40+ Masters team competition.

Watch Molly Huddle surprise Anna Rohrer with national prep cross country award. Here.

semi-rad: How To Be A Terrible Adventure Partner

Five Points for Uphill Running (How to Drag Your Ass Up the Mountain)

Posted by donmclean on 2015/1/29 12:50:14 (187 reads)

LetsRun: Week That Was

Check out the best prep indoor times in 2015. Here. Impressive. Mostly from eastern schools. Prep indoor track is not a school sport in the west. Foothill schools will not be in serious competition for another month. Four months of no racing for our preps (Foothill XC finals on 11/6. First Foothill track meet on 3/26).

Rupp, Centro, Cain, and Hasay are racing this week at the Armory in New York. Story. On the tube Saturday afternoon. ...Preview.

Study: Helicopter parenting better for pets than for kids

Lauren's Workout of the Week

Steve Magness: My best books of 2014- Books that established connections and patterns.

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. ~Mark Twain

Why we run.

Re your race goals, training pace. Jack Daniels' VDOT Running Calculator

Good read on pacing and pack running.

Ditto on free range parenting.

Jeff Sather (OTC Masters/Don's coach): Two Great Hill Workouts & One to Reconsider. We do the aerobic hill workout on a popular, forested 300m (maybe 15% grade) hill at Hendricks Park. We're given the option of alternating the interval pace between moderate and harder. Sometimes we do an 80 meter strider between each interval. Big emphasis on employing the best form.

Fittish Q&A with Black Cactus. Can The Chillest Runner In The U.S. Be The First To Make Five Olympics?

Posted by donmclean on 2015/1/28 13:02:44 (197 reads)

Rene Paragas on the SCV All Comers: About 40 kids will run the 3200m and 400m double. With another 60 running the 1600m.

With those numbers, surely you can hide yourself in the crowd. Maybe make a memory with your kid, same heat. Or set a Santa Clarita Runners club record.
...An elderly SCV friend said, "...track stuff is no longer in my wheelhouse," because no one else is doing it and fears embarrassment. ...Fear not. A few years ago, I was in a masters 3000 before maybe 7000 fans at Hayward Field, and came in dead last, 20 seconds behind. And got a nice cheer. A sweet memory. No one will cheer or admire your courage or make a memory if you're not in the race. ...SCV All Comers flyer.

Tuesday With The (Arizona) Track Cats. SCV alums now at Arizona include Sam Willis, Brendan Tinoco, Daniel Whitman, and Stephanie Bulder. What other D1 school has so many SCV tracksters? Probably like the University of Oregon, Arizona covets Californians. These schools are easier to get into than most UC schools, comparable or even cheaper, and a good distance away from tiresome parents.

Flotrack Wednesday Workout: Track Intervals with O'Lionaird and Blankenship. No, a different Blankenship.

Q&A with Nick Willis. Admires Ashton Eaton and... Detroit Pistons?

USAToday: Parents who do not vaccinate their children should go to jail.

Is Breathing Oxygen a Terrible Idea?

Oregon guv finally (almost) pays up. Story. Big emotional deflation here for at least 24 hours after the game. Don laughed (privately, of course). His kin peeps are Buckeyes.

YouTube: Bridging the Gap between Science and Coaching: an interview with Steve Magness. Amby Burfoot joins the conversation.

The New Yorker: Kílian Jornet, Sky Runner

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