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No, you're not too old. Consider. Take a hike. Ride a bike. Run a lap. Run a lot.

Q&A with New Balance Boston coach and Olympian Mark Coogan

How to Not Drive Like an Idiot This Winter

Excellent. How to Run: Running with proper biomechanics. We all need help, someone to tell us, show us how we're running, training, looking like an idiot. ...Read the Comments and follow up articles.

The Anatomy of Medical Ignorance

Your new fitness tracker will not work miracles. But if it can get you off your...

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Ross Tucker: World Records: Fossils, stagnation & a tale of two drugs

Intriguing. Can Dry January Make You a Better Athlete?

Reminds me. Now reading Presto! It's an unconventional weight loss tale, along with other controversial and invariably amusing matters. ...The five naked potato diet might be a terrible idea. That worked. ...Q&A with Penn Jillette

It's raining like crazy at Pescadero beach (near the SiliconValley) providing a lovely waterfall. Video.

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Tim Layden: Why U.S. Track Will Miss Eaton and Symmonds

Craig Masback: My First Sub 4. He reveres Roger Bannister, says " ...Bannister’s, The First Four Minutes, the best sports autobiography ever written." ...Even better, Don says: Twin Tracks. ...We named our cat Roger.

Scientific American: The Science of Barefoot Running: A Personal Journey

A student made this ad for Adidas. Break Free

Now down to 25 and snowing hard.

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Good advice: Mastering Running As You Age

Two friends walked from Mexico to Canada and picked up every piece of rubbish they saw along the way. Story. The Santa Clarita Runners used to do an annual and thorough trash pick up at the three SCV high schools, and do the same on the city trails.

Eatons take to the snow after life on the track

Brad/Steve: 4 Science-Backed Strategies to Help You Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions

High-Fat Diet for Endurance Athletes?

There's a guy in this coffee shop sitting at a table, not on his phone, not on a laptop, just drinking coffee, like a psychopath. ~Jason Gay

Semi-Rad: The Coffee Drinker's Guide to Being Present

Bumper sticker at the gym parking lot: Occupy Yourself

Oregon M.D. sticks it to acupuncture.

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17 degrees on waking. High will 29.

Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen-Eaton Retire From Track and Field. ...More. ...Our Valedictory

Bill Gates loves Phil Knight's Shoe Dog. Spot on. It's a tale of incredible persistence.

Brad Stulberg: To Reach Your Goals, Imagine You Already Tried and Failed

Six hikers share hard-won trail wisdom.

Ken Goe has more on the Eatons.

105-year-old rides 14 miles in a hour to set world record

Tracktown Tuesday returns on 1/10/17.

Tracktown Fitness returns on 1/15/17

Good news. Don Barrington, the Lion of Lebec, and long time member of the Santa Clarita Runners and the Oregon Track Club, recently had prostate surgery (removal). Complete success. Cancer gone. Because I had mine removed in 2002, I get calls and reports from runner buddies. It has been nothing but good news for all. Pro tip, guys. See your PCP on a regular basis. The earlier it's discovered, the better your chances.

Don reminded me he actually ran in the Pine Mountain Club 5K with his arm strapped to his side, at the time not knowing he had a torn ligament in his shoulder area. You will notice his son Chris is holding a can of beer in the photo. Every adult racer got two cans of beer (at about 10 AM). Don B. was already working on his first can of pain reliever, and Chris had the second transfusion ready. As it happens, Don M. gave one can to his No. 1 son and, eventually, the second to Don B. For the pain.

On 9/30/12, the Dons and Chris (Kris?) raced again in The Ten Miler. Don B. prevailed with a 1:10:22. Don M. produced a 1:11:28. Kris trailed with a 1:21:29. ...Kris graduated from the University of Oregon. Got a contract job at Nike Headquarters, Beaverton, OR. That lasted for a time. Was recently called back. Another contract (more lucrative) job. And he gets all the Nike gear for 50% off.

The high for the day was 26 degrees, mostly sunny. Expected to be down to 10 degrees in the early AM.

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Snow Day in Eugene. Lovely. Three inches and still falling. 27 low. 35 high.

NYT: Nick Symmonds Retiring (Sorta) Later in 2017

You may have more control over aging than you think. The Telomere Effect

Slideshow. 2016: A look back at one of the biggest and best years ever in Oregon track & field. Biggest and best ever in U.S. track & field?

Ya gotta love relays. 4 X 4 Foto Finish

Until about 10 years ago, the Santa Clarita Runners put on two free all-comers meets in the summer. Mature adults would do the sprints, and distance runners would do the 4 X 4..

Amby Burfoot on calorie math.

Harvard Law School Is Full Of Druggies

Anti-inflams after the workout? Consider.

Vid du jour: Herb Elliott Talks About Percy Cerutty.

All you need to know about the 2017 SCV All Comer Meet.

35 Training Tips from the World’s Greatest Runners

100 years old, still breaking records. That was 16 months ago. Still going strong.

Now 28. Maybe 15 tonight. Might get up to 30 tomorrow. No more snow predicted in the next few days.

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Dave Barry: What a year – a horrible, bizarre, confusing, messed-up year

Breaking news. 5 Things Female Runners Should Know About Their Private Parts

Army warns of new threat: Energy drinks

City bans runners from trail. Story.

Stuart McMillan, sprint coach: Best Books of 2016

Should You Run With a Hangover?

Track Shorts: Best of 2016

Help wanted. A meal for Santa Clarita Track Club Coach Rocky Turner.

Daily Relay: Best of 2016. ...U.S. Track & Field was truly outstanding.

2016 was a record year at DD headquarters. 58 squirrels trapped and deported (two miles away). ...For birders, today is the 75th annual Christmas Bird Count. 1/1/16 was a headquarters record. 30 species identified. We had a snow the night before. That helped a lot, covering up usual food sources. Today it's very cold, but raining only.

NYT editorial. Russia’s Contorted Denials on Doping

Reduce the chance of dying in 2017. What’s The Optimal Speed For Exercise?

Believe it or not: Exercise does more good if you believe it will

Steve Magness: What Actually Matters- Concepts or Details?

Harvard Gazette: Where runners go wrong. ...Don't be stupid and injured. Run "smooth... like an insect over water. "

Must read. Postscript to a rescue. And watch the video.

Where you live can have a lot to say about your health. “In many ways, your Zip code is more important than your genetic code when it comes to health.”

The Extraordinary Mr. Whitlock

Enough drama and anticipation. We reported 20 species sighted, down by 10 over last year, the all time DD record. More birds than ever, but lacking in diversity, even as we welcome diversity, inclusion, all genders, ages, abilities or disabilities, races, race times, persuasions, point of view, and wealth or lack thereof.

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2016 Human of the Year: Gabriele Grunewald.

Science tips for better running. Here. Some of them quite painless., tart cherry juice, and beet juice. Not mentioned, but water works too.

The Lovely Loneliness of the Solitary Run

Beneficial: Awe.

We don't need no stinkin' gym. Watch.

Just One Hour a Day on Social Media Makes Teens Miserable

Can Reading Make You Happier?

Read du jour: The remarkable story of TCU's Rhodes scholar, Caylin Moore

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NYT: 85-Year-Old Marathoner Is So Fast That Even Scientists Marvel

Ethiopia to impose lifetime bans on drug cheats

Who cares?

The Insane Mr. Olympia Regimen of Phil Heath

Marc Bloom profiles masters ace Pete Hammer. Key workout is 20 X 400, 30 rest interval. Yikes!

Alex Hutchinson: The Call to Adventure: 20 x 400 in 2017. ...You're awesome. And you might want to start with 5 to 10 x 400. 60 to 90 second rest interval. ...Whatever you can do without strain.

Video: Meet Johanna, a 90-Year-Old Gymnast

Yes, of course we're open minded, but also hard wired.

You Are The Reason Your Life Sucks So Much

Signal: 2016 All-SCV Girls Cross Country Team

Signal: 2016 All-SCV Boys Cross Country Team

Five lessons from 2016 NXN

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