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Flotrack: Mt. SAC: Hallowed Ground

Chinese build track with 90 degree corners. Story.

Signal story on young female athletes lifting weights. Link. Check in with your coach about this.

LetsRun: Week That Was

The Oregon Track Club Masters do hill repeats at Henricks Park in Eugene. See Comments for details and photos.

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Nubia Soares of Australia competes in the women's triple jump during day five of the IAAF World Junior Championships at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon. ...Photo from Getty Images

Keep it real, cautions a pediatric orthopedic surgeon and dad. All Played Out.

Four Ethiopian Junior athletes are missing. Story.

Breaking news from 2007. Q&A with Mark Wetmore. Maybe the best in the biz.

Ken Goe/The Oregonian: Eugene put on a good show; we'll see what comes next

Jason Gay/WSJ delivers a fun recap on the Tour de France. About Phil and Bob. I watched a lot, and maybe I missed it, but the word Lance was never heard. On the other hand, a year or two before Lance 'fessed up, sorta, though anyone with a lick of sense knew otherwise, both Phil and Bob assured us that Lance was not dirty.

Pete Magill has a blog. Check it out.

More about Bernard Lagat. He charmed the (running) socks off a gang of Santa Clarita folks in Eugene during the 2012 Olympic Trials, at Pre's Trail and then again, with his family, at the popular Steelhead Brewery later that night. ...Frank Schranz writes: ...and we got to meet him again at the Carlsbad 5000 this year. And again after the race at Pizza Port, one of our favorite restaurant/breweries. We love the guy. He said then that he'd return to Carlsbad for 2015. Hope so. Unfortunately, we just missed him when he won the USATF 5000 in Sac'to.

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World Junior Champs story and slideshow. More here.

Deadspin: This Is What Your Legs Look Like After A Stage Of The Tour de France

David Epstein and The Science Behind the World's Greatest Athletes

Gio Guzman ran a 3:03 today at the Eugene Marathon, a 42 minute PR. He hopes to improve in the future, but his real interest is in trail racing and ultras. He did the 30K at Leona Divide earlier this year. I was surprised to learn he has moved to Napa. He's working at Athletic Feat. Gio says it's likely we will see the 9th Annual Beast in December, our annual charity event for the SCV Food Pantry.

I'd look at one of my stonecutters hammering away at the rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet, at the hundred and first blow it would split in two, and I knew it was not that blow that did it, but all that had gone before. ~Jacob Riis

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The 35 year old national high school record in the 3000 steeple was broken yesterday. Story. It would be great for American running if preps raced the steeple. I've never done it, but admire those that do. I'm thinking I'm too creeky and old, but a local rival, 65 years old, did one recently an all-comers, and said it was fun. He had to stop and step over most of the hurdles, crawled over, waded the water jump. Last year some boy, about 15, was doing many events at an all-comers. He runs into the stands, excited, asking his mom if he can try the steeple. She says yes. I'm thinking, if this kid... He did just fine. Think of the discipline and strength and confidence of a prep who also can race the steeple. Good addition for your athletic scholarship application. Merissa Kado and Shannon Murakami ran some steeples at UCLA, scoring points in vital meets. Many teams can't come up with three steeplers and miss scoring opportunities. Nutty, eh? ...BTW, my masters track club usually works out at South Eugene High, and it has a water jump. Other than COC, are there any tracks with water jumps in SCV?

More steeple stuff. Even if we don't have steepler's athleticism or guts, wouldn't we benefit doing some of their training?

Will Bernard Lagat Live Forever? Not mentioned, but having the same and sane coach for twenty years helps (James Li, who also coaches Stephanie Bulder at the University of Arizona). Some Santa Clarita Runners met him on Pre's Trail in 2012 during the Olympic Trials. Later that night, they met him again, dining with his family. By all reports, he's a great guy. ...Only for the next month or so, The New Yorker has unlocked their archives. Type in runners, running, a particular runner, or other sports stuff.

Must see. Ken Goe/Oregonian on Juniors. Story and photos.

Americans win both 4X100 relays at Juniors.

Some Santa Clarita dude hopes to go sub three tomorrow at the Eugene Marathon. We will get his photo around mile 22.

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Samantha Ortega is a 2014 xc pre season All American. Did you notice Samanta Ortega's 42:09 on the Beast? That beat Shannon Murakami's 43:26 set four years ago. A truly awesome time and achievement. Many years ago two of the most talented area preps were on the Beast only because their coach told them to run it. One of them jogged up and the other quit just past the half-way mark because "my laces kept coming untied." If you've done the Beast, truly worked it with your best, and often, that speaks volumes about what kind of runner you are and, as important, what you're will do to be the best you can be.

New York Times: Track Team Is Peerless and, Seemingly, Ageless

Signal: Central Park expansion is nearly complete. How many times will the cross country course be changed, and for the better?

Mo Farah withdraws from the Commonwealth Games. Story. Al-Sal advised against doing the London Marathon. Sometimes you should listen to your coach.

Spikes: The Tracktown Wrap

How To Win a Tour de France Sprint. Some clues there for cross country teams?

Observations and stunning photos from the Sierra High Route

Will running be regulated, or even banned in the Grand Canyon?

Cheers for the volunteers. As runners, it's a debt we owe to the sport we love.

Ken Goe/Oregonian and photos from World Juniors

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World Juniors results.

Mary Cain will be racing the 3000 on Thursday. ...BTW, did you know she likes to blow things up? More.

Possibly after a late evening, and with a sore head in the morning, sportswriter Alan Abrahamson says Eugene is not Track Town USA, blah, blah, blah. More. It's true, Eugene is football-crazed for 3 or 4 months, with lots of yelling, drinking, and gobbling inside bars and homes, though no rioting or burning of police cars to celebrate as done in the major cities. Yes, Uncle Phil has partial ownership of UO, but there are many benefits that go to the running community, and so you take the good with the bad.

Girly stuff from Lauren Fleshman: Why I Run. Hey, back off. No one has ever asked Don what's in his bag.

John Young, a dwarf triathlete, "runs with a waddle, sort of like the Penguin in the old Batman TV series." More.

First review on the 10,000 rhapsody.

SCV needs Traffic Management

Some World Juniors photos.

Rich Gonzalez/PrepCalTrack says West Ranch's Taylor Hernandez was the fastest prep at COC #2

LetsRun: The Week That Was

No wussies at Mt. Marathon. Video.

Just in from BYU. “Moral victories” might spare you from losing again

If you desire long term success, fall in love with the grind and the process of your passion - not the end result. ~ Josh Cox

New York Times: How Our Arms Help Us Run. See article comments, including the responses of study chief Dr. Kram.

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LetsRun: 2014 World Juniors Preview: Mary Cain Is the Favorite for Gold in the 3,000; Alexa Efraimson Could Medal in the 1,500; Does Anyone Else Have a Chance?

There will be a baton in the Juniors 10,000. Read.

Haruki Murakami is The Running Novelist.

Q&A with Leo Manzano. He's got an Olympic silver medal, the speed, and is a second off the 1500 AR.

My 5K times are slowing about 30 seconds per year. That means I will be sub 38 at age 100, sub 43 at 110. Hope you're all around to celebrate with me. More.

After two sessions of hill repeats at Hendricks Park, the Oregon Track Club Masters return to the track at South Eugene High School. See the workout in Read More.

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What Santa Claritians are in the MileSplit top ten returning CA preps? Answer.

Outside: The Radical New Guard of Fitness. Some good, some goofy, some possibly dangerous ideas from guys mostly with something to sell.

Sara Hall wins Napa to Sonoma Half in 1:13.16. Lauren Fleshman is second in 1:15.25. More. ...Shalane blazes a 1:09.45 in Chicago.

Fun rant. The Ultra Copout.

Jason Fitzgerald: 9 Reasons You’re Running Slow (and how to fix them to get faster)

About the photos in comments? Sorry, I thought I'd provided a caption last night. Now fixed.

Good stuff! Watch and learn from Release the Beast video. Hurdles ahead for Don? You?

Just in time. Monday Morning Run. Watch Ajee Wilson's convincing win over Eunice Sum.

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Brando updates Beast Bests. Boys. And girls.

Earlier lists by age groups, recording efforts since 1999. Male. And female.

Andrew Talansky displays a champion's endurance. Story.

In 1969, about half of American kids rode their bikes or walked to school. Today, that number has fallen to just 13 percent. Signal story.

Ajee Wilson is the real deal. Link.

Joe Vigil (coached Pat Porter, Deena, Meb, Ryan Hall, Peter de la Cerda, et al) says we should be into Heavy Metal.

Yesterday the Master's had their Summer Series Race #3, a five miler. Results in Read More. Series flyer. $5 discount for those who use the secret code SCVRACER. Usual winner Tyler "I can't be everywhere" Tockstein was on some 12 hour relay team race in Philly. ...Last week Gilby ran the fastest 3000 by a SCV native (8:08.54, besting Seth Totten's 8:14.43). Yesterday he ran a disappointing 14:53 5000 in Europe.

Haitian runners work with Coach Sean Penn to put nation on marathon map

The ghost of Steve Prefontaine is still helping athletes seeking to be paid. Story.

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