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California High School All-Time Outdoor
Track & Field Records

Good reads from Outside. Playing Outside and Why Would Anyone Hike the Pacific Crest Trail?

Can Reading Make You Happier? We know a 103 year old lady, deaf, and only able to read with one eye. She reads the New York Times every day, The New Yorker, etc. Good reason to wake up, she says.

Death by GPS

6 Healthy Eating Tips That Aren’t True. Mmm, fresh might not always be healthier, but it sure tastes better.

Finals fotos by Saugus XC Fundraiser

Canyons @ So. California Championship results.

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Erik Boal on Foothill finals


Finals fotos from Bob Binnie and Alan Garcia.

Take a hike, ride your bike on the old Ridge Route. ...justrun262 has photos ...Been there. Best accessed from the north end.

Another look at high intensity training. Much ado about nothing new.

WSJ: How Millennials Ended the Running Boom

Runner's World: Because It's Steep

Peak Performance: Stuck or in a Rut? Get Out in Nature

Fun read: Cure for hypocondria. "How ya doin" isn't an invitation to recount your many ills and injuries.


May 7 Master's @ Oxy Invitational
May 7 COC @ CCCAA SoCal Prelims, Antelope Valley College
May 7 World Naked Gardening Day
May 14 CIF-SS D2 Prelims @ Moorpark College
May 14 COC @ CCCAA SoCal Finals, Antelope Valley College

Finals fotos from Rene Klein.

Homeopathy effective for 0 out of 68 illnesses, study finds. Like neuropathy and chiropractic, it is not science-based medicine.

Wayne Lee, a volunteer assistant at West Ranch, provides a Finals race video. Wayne Lee writes: An iconic SCV moment as the youngest member of an accomplished line of Welker running kids reaches the finish line of his final high school race. What impressed the coaching staff the most was that in a league filled with extraordinary running talent, Tucker was highly successful, yet impressively modest about his accomplishments. He is a great sportsman and was an outstanding role model for his younger teammates.

Bob Binnie admitted he has photographed his last track meet, his daughter Callie moving on to college in the Northwest. He will be missed. It occurred to me that Alan Garcia, equally as talented and around at least as long, might have his special Viking moving on as well. ...After noting his daughter is now graduating from college, Alan writes: After a MAJOR health scare in 2009, I thank god to be alive daily. I always felt that as long as folks enjoy and appreciate my photos, It's my way of giving back after being given the chance to see the sun rise again. So although I keep saying this is my last year....don't count me out!

It's been another good year. Thanks to all the hard working athletes, coaches, photogs, writers, and supportive parents.

Bro: Foothill Bests

Fun rant by Toni Reavis. Pop Goes The Boom. We're all to blame.

Flotrack: Runner with Cerebral Palsy Dreams of Becoming an Oregon Duck

Bob Binnie writes: A typical photo set from a meet gets viewed over 400 times in the first week after a meet and surprisingly family members from 6-7 countries are among the faithful viewers. All of which means that there is an audience for what we do. Perhaps, like Alan, I will be back

Complete Doha Diamond League Results

Justin Gallegos post 3200 video.

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Foothill Finals Meet Program. ...Live results here.

Navy SEAL Killed in Iraq Was Accomplished Runner

Jason Gay/WSJ likes Ed Whitlock.

There are about 1500 current members of the Oregon Track Club., significantly up just now in an Olympic year. And because we will again have limited access to the Nike employee store on the Nike campus in Beaverton, Oregon. The new proviso is you have to be a current OTC member AND a board member or active volunteer. The discount is 50% on most everything. As with employees, your purchase must be for personal or family use.; not for resale. ...We know a Santa Clarita Runner with a daughter recently employed at Nike. So you will likely see him in the latest Nike gear. ....We might check it out, if for no other reason than interest in being on the Nike campus. A round trip would involve about five hours of driving, considering Portland traffic and time for wrong turns and being hopelessly lost. ...A guy at the board meeting was describing his last outing, buying $800 worth of stuff last year, much of it he has yet to, probably will never use or wear. "Like Halloween candy. Eventually you just toss it." ...Apple has like rules for its employees ability to purchase Apple stuff, and not at a 50% discount. Some get the newest computers/gizmos (free and to keep) if used for work.

Pro Publica: Investigative Reporter’s Tips for Everyday Life. Getting all huffy, angry, threatening,sarcastic, and formal often doesn't work so well in life. And makes you miserable, and those around you.

Elle: Allyson Felix on Rio, Beyoncé, and Ben & Jerry's

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Lorrie Reyes/Signal on Foothill Prelims.

Prelims pix from Bob Binnie and Alan Garcia.

LetsRun: The Week That Was

Q&A with Ex Head of WADA Dick Pound

Prep Michael Slagowski breaks 4 min mile. Video. ...Secret training plan here.

Phoebe Wright: (Not So) Simple Economics

Thrilling Hayward Classic 5000 video.

Prelims pix from Rene Klein

Kids are running in Montana

Watch some fast fellows working out with Coach Pat Henry at Texas A&M. The inside lane of the track is grass. In my prep days, we ran inside the track intervals on the grass. Barefoot. Usually 8 x 440. 70 seconds. That's it. No warmups or cooldowns. ...I vaguely recall we did jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups, and touched toes before starting.

Funny tweets about working out.

Perhaps your mate is not adventurous, and you want to be encouraging. Don't try this.

SCV Hurdles: Foothill Finals Preview

Canyon checks in. Prelims pix by Jim McClain and Paul Broneer

New NAIA rankings.

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Hero worship. About Emil Zatopek and Ed Whitlock.

If you have enough years of being picked last in P.E., then you don’t see your potential. That was me. ~Doug Padilla, Olympian

Video du jour: Sky Magic at Mt. Fuji

Foothill League Championships heat sheets. ...Brando previews the 3200.

NYT: Breast and Body Changes Are Driving Teen Girls Out of Sports

Alex Hutchinson: Older athletes offer a master class on aging

Be wary of confirmation bias. 'The one person we all agree with is ourselves. More.

Always different and interesting. Mario Fraioli: the morning shakeout

Read Concussion. You'll learn more.

Also terrific and highly recommended:

The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt's New World
Buffalo For The Broken Heart
The Road To Little Dribbling

Watch a Skateboarder Bomb Down One of the Steepest Streets in the US. ...Eric Schranz says, Skaters see a wicked steep residential street and want to bomb down it. We see it and think “hill repeats!” ...Steepest residential hill in SCV? ...Probably not the worst, but... We lived on Pamplico. Often I would finish the Sunday 25 miler with a charge up Scallion. And surrendering to a slow walk, more often than not.

If I may speak for us all... Thanks, thanks, and, yes, thanks again to Alan Bingham and Tom O'Sullivan and the entire Storm Timing Service Team. Foothill Prelims and Finals live results. Free.

Phil Knight returns for a victory lap. More open and expansive than usual. ...I'm 18th in line for this one at the Eugene Public Library. Not a problem as I'm reading or listening to three at a time, with many others around I'm anxious to read.

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Bro: Foothill Bests. ...More interesting Foothill stuff here. ...Canyon continues to have the Foothill best site. West Ranch is second. ...Our cheers and thanks to Matt Nali. ...Thanks to photogs Bob Binnie, Rene Klein, Alan Garcia, Bro, Jim McClain, and Lori Peterson.

NYT: Really, Really Short Workouts. ...Don't forget to warm up!

Today was the Eugene Marathon. We watched. New twist. The bibs showed the runner's name. We were at the 23rd mile, and of course so many of them were feeling poorly. So we and others started yelling out encouragement to Joe, Matt, Ellen, Devon, Jennifer, etc. One guy looked very Eugene with a massive beard. His bib indicated Forest Gump. He got laughs and cheers.

Steve Scott: The Man, The Myth, The Legend.
A couple of SCV guys know Steve. Both say he's a great guy. And a lot of fun to be around.

Master's @ GSAC Championships results. Huzzahs and hollers for Karis Frankian and Josh Sherfey.

From Michael Joyner, M.D. How to get your body used to working out in hot weather

Must reads re Alysia Montano. Here. ...And here. ...Best SCV distance runner.

Tomorrow we are planting Sweet, Sweet Corn. Lotsa. ...My Ohio kin were farmers. Best corn ever, I think. But it's mighty good up here, fresh from our garden. Every day for 2 or 3 months. ...Heavenly.

Amby Burfoot/Runner's World: Can Sprint Training Take the Place of Longer, More Moderate Exercise?

Competitor: 11 Plank Exercises That Build Core Strength for Runners

WSJ: Making Art on the Run? There’s an App for That

LetsRun: Michael Slagowski Becomes the 9th US High Schooler and 4th In Last Year to Go Sub-4 in the Mile. ...Trained more for speed than distance. Story. ...More here.

SOAR 2016 video.

Our friend Justin Gallegos writes: I was accepted to UO, but the cost was too high. However, a handful of highly respected individuals in the running community, such as Alberto Salazar, have heard my story and they want to help pay for me go to UO. All of these people want to see me at UO this fall. We have set up a Go Fund Me. ...More.

Sports Illustrated, 12/5/1966. About a new sport. Chasing Girls Through A Park

Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run. Does kinesio tape work on old bodies too?

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Eric Boal/Signal delivers the goods on the Foothill boys.

Laurie Reyes does the same on the Foothill girls.

Canyon @ Saugus results.

Rene Klein provides more West Ranch @ Hart photos.

Alan Garcia does his usual camera magic. Golden Valley @ Valencia.

Consider Castaic Triathlon Series I & II. I regret leaving SCV without doing one of these convenient challenges. No, you don't need a lot of spandex and a $1000 bike. Just guts and a spirit of adventure.

Must Read: Better Aging Through Practice, Practice, Practice. Note the need for a real coach. Someone who watches you like a hawk, challenges you, and, most importantly, insists on drills and rest. So you're not injured all the time.

Read Coach Walt Whitman.

Memorable track tumbles. Video.

Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired morning, noon, and night. But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired. When you were younger the mind could make you dance all night, and the body was never tired…You’ve always got to make the mind take over and keep going. ~General George S. Patton, Jr. ...Pentathalete at the 1912 Olympics. ...Patton, born in San Gabriel, CA, had difficulty learning to read and write, and was home schooled until the age of eleven. He read voraciously in his adult life, though way-way- more busy and stressed than us. ...On the other hand, he didn't have to constantly monitor gizmos.

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LetsRun: The Week That Was

Runner's World reports on the inimitable Ed Whitlock.

NYT: Aging Runners: How Slow Will I Get? Wouldn't you like to see a follow up survey and story on what percentage of runners, especially those over 50, are racing to those expectations. Less than 10%, I'm guessing.

Rio in flop sweat.

Signal: Volunteers spruce up West Ranch High School. Back when, the Santa Clarita Runners had organized clean ups in the community, including de-littering the high schools, the City trails, and planting trees along the bike trail (north of Pavillions). If you organize or join a work party, you will be surprised to see who shows, who blows.

Matt Nali: SCV Hurdles Previews Week 5

? du jour: How well will you pee today?

Scary Mommy: The 10 Moms You Will Meet At The Pool This Summer

NAIA rankings.

Coming soon:

4/28 Golden Valley @ Valencia
4/28 Saugus @ Canyon
4/28 West Ranch @ Hart
4/28-29 Master's @ GSAC Champs, Westmont College
4/29 Canyons @ WSC Finals, Bakersfield College
5/3 Foothill Prelims, College of the Canyons
5/5 Foothill Finals, College of the Canyons

I despise my competition. ~Phil Knight. Video.

From flipping burgers to world indoor champion. The journey continues for Boris Berian. ...Well worth another watch.

Science we can use and trust. Narcissists post more selfies  ...Any studies/conclusions on those people who blog every damn day?

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Ditch D-1 Sports and Save Money. "Should the university be saddling students with unnecessary debt for athletics programs that added little to no value to their education?"

Nearly half of Americans would have trouble finding $400 to pay for an emergency. Story.

On coaches and why we need them. Here.

Enjoy Meter.

Mario Fraioli: The Morning Shakeout

Alex Hutchinson: Go Out Hard, Then Fade

Hart vs Golden Valley photos.

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