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Paula Radcliffe says Mo Farah's marathon training will help him in future track racing. Story. Al Sal didn't want Mo to race the marathon. His fears have become a reality. Consider the careers of Lagat and Meb. They've stuck with what they're best at, and remained successful because they haven't stressed their bodies in fundamentally different directions.

At Tour de France, Cameras on Bikes Are No Longer Taboo

Outside: Can a Green Smoothie Change Your Life? No, and it's unlikely to result in lower PRs. But it's a tasty way to get the healthy stuff into your body. Experiment and find out what works best for you. You might want to start with bananas, yogurt, berries, and fruits. Slowly introduce the spinach, kale, etc. Now that it's hot, add 3-5 cubes of ice. Chill, baby, chill. That's lunch for us here on the farm.

Guy runs 5:48 mile in swim fins. Link. WR in swim fins or beer mile? Gosh, hard to decide which is the better goal in life.

Think again about antioxidants.

SB Nation: More to Tour de France Than Cyclists

SCV News: New Sports Field at Central Park Nearly Ready. Where is the new cross country running path?

Did you see Nibali on the final ascent at today's Tour de France? Ross Tucker, the guru at Science of Sport, did and his eyebrows ascended to his hairline. Read.

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The Signal names Rene Paragas SCV Coach of the Year

After the AR. Emma Coburn hugged her boyfriend Jason Bosshard and her parents in the crowd, and gave thanks to her dog, Arthur, named after the great distance coach Arthur Lydiard. Knowing his passion for Lydiard, why hasn't Paragas done the same with his dog? Or called it Gene? Our cat is named (Sir) Roger (Bannister).

Fun read about Ian McCaffery, who burned his Olympics blazer from Munich 1972 and 20 scrapbooks went the same way. Link. ...The 1970 race vid is here.

Paul Pilkington, the rabbit and shock winner of the Los Angeles Marathon, did some unusual strength work before his senior (and first) year in high school cross country. Story. My barber did the same in his prep years, a football guy. Now the pipes are aluminum, wuss stuff he says, but back when they were steel, and lifting such made you strong all over. Reminds me of that classic story about the runners at McFarland High (soon to be a movie involving Kevin Costner). Those boys would work all day in the fields, and then do their workouts. Makes you strong and mentally tough. ...The classic Los Angeles Times story is here.

Ken Goe: Emma Coburn ran to win the race, and not just to set a record

We often go Keystone Cafe, best hippie breakfasts in town. But today we tried the Cornbread Cafe, 100% vegan, 90% organic. We ordered Rancheros: Scrambled Eggfu topped with unCheese sauce and salsa. Served with a seitan sausage patty, tempeh bacon or SortaSausage breakfast patty, home fries & warm corn tortillas. Chuckle as you/we might, it's pretty darn tasty. ...More on the Cornbread Cafe.

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Q&A with Shalane Flanagan. Wants to be a world-class marathoner.

What's in Kate Grace's Go bag?. On the road with an American racer in Europe.

Tyler Tockstein wins again at the Master's College Summer Series. Results in Read More. If any runners want to attend the final two races they can get $5 off using the discount code: SCVRACER The code is only good for the first 50 registrations. Details.

Emma Coburn takes Jenny Simpson's 3000 steeple American Record. Video. Both Coburn and Simpson are coached by Mark Wetmore.

CrossFit Sues "Competitor" For Revealing Its Injury Rates. I spent 40 years in the claims/legal biz. The suit is classic b.s. harrassment. The plaintiff attorneys are aggressive and insanely expensive. It won't end well for either side. ...Ever met a Cross Fit enthusiast? It's like being locked in a hot room with Tom Cruise who wants to explain why I need Scientology. Or with a runner insisting I buy special (innovative, goofy-looking, expensive) shoes, gadgets, potions and supplements, change my form, do a special workout... But wait a sec. I've done the same thing a time or two... Injury rates are a good measure of this-or-that. For example, bad form, imbalance, improper or worn shoes, poor nutrition, too hard/fast-too often, insufficient sleep and recovery can result in injury or sickness. Connect the dots.

Read More... | 3505 bytes more | 3 comments

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Marc Bloom/Running Times on how prep cross country elites cross train. Link. Hey, it's good for all ages.

Summer Series results. Shout out to friends and age group winners (and past rivals) Don Barrington and Carl Pantojo.

Good reason why you might not opt to be a hurdler. Here.

The insane thing insane people do to complete a 100 mile ultramarathon. Ultra Pain

Saugus was good, but... Eugene is No. 1. Wins by a mile.

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Tonight: COC Summer Series

Signal: Many more bike trails in the works for Santa Clarita

You should know about Paavo Nurmi and The Mystery of the Flying Finn

New York Times: The Physical Exam as Refuge

Good read. Advice to a new coach from Adam Kedge

There's a certain wow, not[your-everyday slave shop at the University of Oregon track and field offices. Link. Grand as it is, you could probably fit the whole thing in the practice locker room at the UO fantasy football facility built and paid for by Uncle Phil. Link.

Movie trailer: Unbroken. Read the book before seeing the movie. Unbelievably good.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/7/9 13:41:41 (116 reads)

Albert Caruana/MileSplit: California pre-season top 20 Cross Country Teams (Boys and Girls)

LetsRun: Week That Was

Second chance to read Track is Dead. It's terrific. One thing SCV has got right is the Summer Series, which starts tonight at COC. Track Town USA has nothing like it.

BTW, kudos to the Santa Clarita Runners for the slick timing system utilized at the Independence Day Classic. I hear complete results were available on the internet within a few hours. As you probably know, the Summer Series promises like service. Now if only we could get all the SCV high schools to provide results.

LetsRun is on a roll. 5 Takes on USATF’s DQ Report

New York Times: This Is Our Youth. Do you know anyone that spends a lot of time outside? Is gardening, walking, biking, swimming, etc. a part of your day, and more so on weekends?

Why we should support SOAR. Look beyond you and yours.

Best athlete in Oregon (or anywhere, anytime)? Ken Goe has the rationale for Ashton Eaton. I agree.

UCLA video: I am... Drake Stadium

Posted by donmclean on 2014/7/8 1:12:30 (169 reads)

Parents, before it's too late, watch: The Truth About Running

Ajee' Wilson’s first running memories were of jogging through the local graveyard...Why Wilson's A Winner

Daily Relay: Monday Morning Run

Arrests made on SCV bike path robberies. Signal.

Good read. Outcome goals v. process goals

Lauren Fleshman tells us about the Peachtree kick in the pants.

Marc Bloom reports on another high school doing pool running. Read.

Even for one who has an adversarial relationship to running, the Butte to Butte was an unforgettable experience. Story. Don's first mile was 9:10.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/7/7 13:24:45 (58 reads)

Efraimson (prep senior in the fall) beats Cranny to win 1500 at USA Junior Championship. Story and photos

Junior Champs results.

NCAA doesn’t care if you’re well-behaved or have academic scruples

The Unionville High School girls train six days a week, inside and out. Cross-Training To The Top

Video: Silverton Beer Mile - Fourth of July 2014 Yuck. Who mops up the track?

Video: Efraimson v. Cranny

Man Runs From Anaheim to Santa Clarita to Raise Money in Honor of Boy Who Died of Cancer

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Simpson, Rowbury, Coburn impress in Paris. LetsRun recap.

Cain wins 3000, Cranny qualifies for 1500 final at USA Junior Championship. Results. ...Mary Cain gets a giant cookie and more.

Paul Broneer has IDC 5K photos.

On hamstring injuries.

What dumb things are you/Don doing and saying? Maybe every 30 days we should read: How to spot bad science and fads- Determining whether an idea is worthwhile

Are you following the Tour de France? If so, you might want to also follow The Science of Sport.

Hey, kids. Why not really run cross country this summer? Story.

Anyone named Picasso is excused. The rest of you need to stay inside the lines. ~Overheard in a 2nd grade art class

The Oregonian: 2014 USA track and field junior championships photos

Alysia Montano blogs on exercise and pregnancy. Who better to speak on the matter than one who raced a 2:32.18 800 while eight months pregnant?

The Habits of Highly Annoying People

Posted by donmclean on 2014/7/5 13:21:27 (173 reads)

Independance Day Classic results. Nothing in the Sig.

Must see. Mt. Marathon race photos.

Super story on tennis by David Foster Wallace. Yes, about tennis, and a lot more. Federer as Religious Experience

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