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NCAA Championships, Day 2 results. ...Fun read and video on the wild, crazy 10,000.

The High Desert Runners club is again sponsoring its annual summer series of all-comers cross-country meets for Antelope Valley area runners.

Take a hike . Or a run. Good trails listed in Modern Hiker

Jay Johnson: Stop using the term “Speed Work” ...More Jay Johnson at RunnersConnect

Roger Robinson/Running Times: Praising High School Coaches. SCV is truly blessed with excellent prep coaches. And, hey, Lindie, Zach, Alan, Elaine, et al are equally outstanding.

Ken Goe reports on more athletes with allegations against Salazar. Here. Drip. Drip. Drip.

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Justin Gallegos is a Hart Runner with tremendous courage and no excuses. Video here. ...Signal story. ...Justin competes this weekend at the Angel City Games, UCLA's Drake Stadium, the premier and only competition in Southern California for disabled athletes.

NCAA Championships results. Chris Low finished his college career with a 1:47.56, best ever by a SCV runner. ...Champs photos.

Keep calm and carry on -- for the sake of your long-term health

Competitor: What’s Harder on the Body: Trail Ultras or Road Marathons?

Yes, drinking too much water can kill you. Details.

Forbes: The World's 100 Highest-Paid Athletes. Two women. No runners.

The Portland Track Festival is on Sunday and features some of the top U.S. distance runners, including NOP athletes. Galen Rupp entered two events, the 1500 and 10,000, but has since dropped out. Entry List. Will Salazar show up?

Re the Justin Gallegos video, Steve Welker writes: This guy competes for our rival. He is literally running himself "able." He gets faster and faster every year despite cerebral palsy which some would allow to be debilitating. Watch (the video) and stop whining about your shin splints…

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ESPNW: Alysia Montano's Speed-Day Breakfast

Marc Bloom/Runner's World: New Jersey Soph, 1600 Champ, Aims for Sub 4. Was only JV in 2014 XC. On the other hand, Christian Brothers Academy is a perennial national powerhouse. ...Private schools have advantages. They get athletes from outside usual borders. Sometimes very well-funded. Easier for coaches to enforce discipline without parental interference. ...Facto Du Jour. A dear lady we know, of like vintage, attended Quaker schools in Philadelphia from K-12. After school sports were mandatory, girls and boys, no exceptions, and that was in addition to recess and PE. They competed with other Quaker and parochial schools. But what about the fat kids who loathed sports, we asked. In those days, she reminded me, before gizmos, when kids lived outside, fat kids were rare.

NCAA Championships start today, and ESPN will have it on the tube. Schedule. We're grateful for any televised t&f, but nothing beats being there, especially at Hayward Field and amidst the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic fans on earth. You might be sitting with an Olympic medalist of yore. ...Last night we had a great time chatting with the Syracuse runners, instantly bridging an age gap of 50 years.

Must see. Rednecks Masterfully Heckle Half Marathon Runners. Laugh a little.

Some elderly (older than Don) track guys were at the restaurant table next to ours. One guy, evidently a Hayward Field volunteer for many years, detailed differences between male and female hurdlers. The males are taller and muscular. They power over the hurdles, and often knock them over, bending them. It's not uncommon for hurdles to be knocked into an adjoining lane and/or another hurdler. It's a war zone. Not so much with females. Also tall, but thin, they "rarely" hit a hurdle.. They glide over. Besides, the hurdles are low and easily stepped over (unless you're an elderly guy).

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Flotrack: Grant Fisher's Sub 4 Mile

Runner's World: Tackling The 10K. Off-hand, I don't know any of my running buddies, past and present, who have done a track 10,000. They're not easy to find, and, yes, it sounds tedious. I've only done one, and it was. In a 5000/10,000 combo, there was one other guy doing the 10, and he was way-better, leaving me lost in space, "disoriented as to space and time," as the expression goes. Together with others able to run your 5/10K pace, consider doing a monthly tempo/time trial 10,000 on the track. Run it as a team effort, in a line, trading off the lead every 400, absolutely maintaining the desired pace. And you'll do it because you've committed to doing so, and would look and feel like a loser if you bailed. You get a helluva good workout, physically and, even more, mentally. ...Unfortunately, this will not happen because you need a coach or alpha wolf committed to the idea.

Cycling participation lags while running booms. Story.

Runner's World: Former Nike Oregon Project Coach "Not Surprised" by Doping Allegations

Adventure Journal: Anatomy Of A Sandbag

10 tips for the long run

More on Salazar and NOP from Kevin Sully and Ken Goe. Who knows the truth about all this? Probably two people, Alberto Salazar and Phil Knight. For their sake, the NOP athletes, and our sport, I hope they get it out sans further delay.

Tonight's OTC Masters workout in Read More. It's warm today and there's a 5K on Thursday.

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Alex Hutchinson/NYT: Finding The Right Balance. My Oregon Track Club Masters group does balance drills before every workout. Salazar's NOP group does the same, even more so, and they're some of the best in the world. Think of it as core work, one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Eugene, along with his RPT, told me. Some very simple exercises, not the slightest bit painful, develop and maintain muscle, brain, and nerves. ...OCTM does some of these. ...The ortho suggested juggling while balancing.

CIF State Boys 3200 video. Tough end for the best ever 32 dude in SCV. Imagine, after a series of PRs, the last one being by 7 seconds, to come back a week later and do it again. Cheers and thanks and best wishes to BZ, and to all the Foothill athletes at State.

The best way to enjoy track... Read. We plan to watch Chris Low at NCAA Champs, and then a long weekend at the USA Champs.

Former NOP coach strongly defends Salazar and Rupp.

So simple. Scot school has kids run or walk a daily mile. Story.

Unless you're named Ryan Painter or Carl Stromberg and live in SCV, appears you missed the State Street Mile in Santa Barbara. Results. Evidently, Falco WAS going to be there, but... SCRs used to attend in abundance. I can even remember seeing Dave Delong, telling me he was going sub 4. Or that he wasn't going sub four. Sorry, my memory is fading. ...Nice feature on the results showing age-grading. In fairness, it's all downhill, especially the first 1/4. ...But, hey, who brags on a marathon PR achieved on a net uphill course with a temp over 70 degrees?

In some unspecified way, Alberto Salazar to respond to the charges on Wednesday. Story. ...BTW, Chris Low races Wednesday in the Semi Final 800 at the NCAA Championships. Link.

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CIF State results. ...Bultman 7th in the discus. ...Tinoco 8th in the 800. ...Bultman 2nd in the shot. ...Ortega 11th in the 3200. ...Zabilski 15th in the 3200. ...Our cheers and thanks to all.

Dan Agnew/Signal has the story

Kirby Lee has CIF State photos. ...Daily News photos.

What Grant Fisher’s Sub-4 Means

IDC 5/10K on 7/4. COC #1 on 7/9. Foothill #1 on 9/24.

Upset by the Salazar/NOP controversy, Mo Farah has withdrawn from the Birmingham Diamond League. More on that in The Science of Sport. ...Can you imagine Galen Rupp keeping it together and racing well at the upcoming USA Track and Field Championships, starting on June 26? ...As Nixon, Clinton, Armstrong and other such scoundrels learned, it doesn't get better as details drip, or are dragged out.

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Dan Agnew/Signal: Tinoco and Bultman to Finals

The first person to live to 150 is alive today. More. Time to update AG categories.

Good weekend reading Outside.

NYT: Tapping Your Inner Wolf. Don't quit before the finish. Find out who is the true super wolf.

As to Salazar, Amby Burfoot is in No Rush To Judgment

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Dan Agnew/Signal: Foothill Leaguers prep for CIF State Track and Field Championships

My Salad Is Holier Than Thine.

Sporting News: Grant Fisher becomes seventh high schooler to break four minutes for mile. Holy cow!

Dean Karnazes: 10 Ways You Know You’re a Runner

Selection from BBC Documentary on Salazar.

How to use and love the age-grading calculator. Link.

Eugene, OR. Better than Zurich, Brussels, Monaco? Link. Who knew?

Enjoy Jenny Simpson winning with a 3:59.31. We would especially enjoy Jenny removing the names of Regina Jacobs and Mary Slaney from the book of American Records.

CIF-State Championships. Bultman 12th and last qualifier in the discus. Link.

Tinoco, 11th, qualified in the 800. Link. ...Max Cawley did not qualify in the triple jump. ...Nikaela Harris did not qualify in the discus. Was still heaving the shot when we turned out the lights.

Bultman, 2nd, qualified in the shot. Link. ...No prelims for the 3200. Ortega and Zabiliski are in the finals.

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Dan Agnew/Signal: Samantha Ortega & Brian Zabilski in a class of their own

NYT: Forgetting the Pain of Exercise

So much good track stuff coming up, including the USA National Championships in three weeks. The Salazar/NOP story will be with us for many months. It will be noisy, contentious, compelling. Exciting and a bit sad. Probably best to not judge until the jury comes in. And USADA weighs in.

Meanwhile... More from LetsRun. And Runner's World. And Ken Goe/Oregonian. ...Q&A with David Epstein. ...2010 New Yorker profile on Alberto Salazar. ...Read 14 Minutes.

Running Times: Running on Concrete. By one engineer's measurement, it's 10 times harder than asphalt. ...How much more than the track or Mother Earth (dirt and grass)?

More on Salazar and NOP from Toni Reavis, with comments from Ken Martin and Craig Virgin, all long time friends of Salazar. Link.

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PrepCalTrack: CIF-State Championships Preview

MileSplit: Q&A with Brian Zabilski

Happy Birthday to Dana Carvey, 60. Q&A

Outside: Dope Once, Test Positive for Life

LetsRun: The Week That Was

British Journal of Sports Medicine says we should stand up at least two hours at work. Link.

Steve Magness: Why Crossfit works...but really doesn't.

Last night's OTC Masters workout in Read More.

Workout Wednesday: Baylor Women Prep For Post Season

Alexi Pappas: Sometimes, Race Decisions Can Be Invisible

BBC on Salazar and Nike Oregon Project here. ...Ken Goe/Oregonian has some quick takes.

Robert Johnson (aka Rojo/LetsRun founder) has Five Quick Thoughts On David Epstein’s Nike Oregon Project Investigation

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