Posted by donmclean on 2014/10/28 12:05:10 (193 reads)

Mystery solved. Hart friend and insider writes: The Hart runner in second looked like senior Tim Gutierrez, not the 9th grader. ...Also, did see Alexis Segura in frosh soph race at Foothill 1 running a 19:10.

Signal reports on Canyons cross country.

PrepCalTrack: CIF-SS Playoff Bulletin Includes Updated Divisions! Valencia is the only D1 school in the Foothill League.

Runner's World: Runner's Religious Beliefs Keep Her from State Title Hunt

The case for Eugene and the 2019 World Outdoor Track & Field Championships here and here. ...Don adds. Eugene is not a sleepy college town. Combined with Springfield, across the Willamette River, Eugene's population is about the same as SCV. There are more outstanding restaurants than can be covered in nine days. You won't find any good hippie food in Doha. I-5 is five minutes from Hayward Field. You will see no empty seats at Hayward; rather, always filled with knowledgeable and wildly enthusiastic track nuts. Plenty to do in Eugene. Pre's Trail is 400m from Hayward Field. Go for a run with the World's elite. Craft breweries and wineries abound. You can visit Don at his retirement home, so to speak.

Ten Great Reasons to Run Cross Country and Track at Canyon

Jim McClain has Mt. SAC photos.

Five repetition training tips. ....6. Time/race the last one. 7. Do them with a friend, weekly, on the same day. 8. Walk stairs at/near work. Twice or thrice a day. Whenever you have to pee. Or whenever.

...the basic paradigm of college sports is under attack. The system is overdue for collapse because it is a system based fundamentally on two basic, if incredibly opulent, absurdities: the absurdity of the mad, profit-whoring way we run higher education and the absurdity of believing that it is one of the functions of our institutions of higher education to be part of the multimillion-dollar sports-entertainment industry. The first absurdity leads inevitably to the second one, and the second one leads inevitably to the NCAA, an organization born of absurdity that has managed to create new levels of absurdity every second it has been in existence. It is, honestly, laughable. More.

If you're interested in a track scholarship... Evaluating Track Performances and Cross Country Performances

The Atlantic video: The Joy of Running in a Beautiful Place

Posted by donmclean on 2014/10/27 12:48:29 (272 reads)

Signal reports on Master's cross country.

Biking Bhutan with no shocks, no balls, and a very gracious prince. Daughter of the Dragon

On little victories, time and time again. Running Again

Should you go gluten-free? Against The Grain

We would love to see... Trail Running on the Big Screen

Coming soon:

11/6 Foothill Finals @ Central Park
11/9 Master's @ GSAC Championships, Central Park
Canyons @ So. CA Championships, Woodley Park
11/15 CIF Prelims @ Mt. SAC
11/22 CIF Finals @ Mt. SAC
Master's @ NAIA National Championships, Rim Rock Farm, Kansas
Canyons @ State Championships, Fresno
11/29 CIF State Finals @ Woodward Park, Fresno
12/13 Beast Charity Run

Photos from the 2013 Beast Charity Run

PrepCalTrack: CIF-SS Team Rankings. West Ranch boys are #8 in D2.

Top 2014 Mt. SAC times by grade. Here. The shocker is the 16:15 by Hart freshman Alexis Segura. That's 35 seconds faster than Timothy Sterkel, and 45 seconds faster than Jacob Velarde. (And 52 seconds faster than Valencia's outstanding Britain Reynolds.) Is this his first race for Hart? We can't find him in F1 or F2 results.

Video: Mt. SAC Race 103. Won by Hart. Nick Liebman second. Alexis Segura fifth. Brandon Estrada twelfth. Nice.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/10/26 11:45:42 (174 reads)

Dan Agnew/Signal: Mt. SAC serves as Foothill finals warm-up

Paul Broneer has photos.

Joseph Tan has photos.

Alan Garcia has photos.

Bob Binnie has photos of West Ranch. And Valencia. And sweepstakes.

Mt. SAC results and video.

Newest thing. Trendy. Pricey. Treadmill studios. Happily Going Nowhere Fast

Pasadena Star News has Mt. SAC photos.

Perspectives on college sports here and here.

Coupons from our friend Jeff Wills, the Duke of Dirt, and Vincenzo's Pizza, Saugus

World Track & Field Championships Belong In Eugene ...More.

OVER the past 50 years, every forecast of how long people will live has fallen short. Despite fears that obesity and global warming would reverse the trend, life expectancy in rich countries has grown steadily, by about 2.5 years a decade, or 15 minutes every hour. ~The Economist

Posted by donmclean on 2014/10/25 11:33:05 (245 reads)

Canyons men win, women second at the WSC Championships.

Reflections from the Marathon's Queen, Joan Benoit Samuelson

DyeStatCAL: Mt. SAC all-time performance lists

New York Times: Photos: A Race Against Time

New York Times: Is It Cheating to Compete Against Younger Runners?

Oxford University's Aubrey de Grey, a leading theoretician of aging, believes there is a 50 percent chance that someone alive today will live for 1,000 years. Story. Retire with full benefits at 900.

Can Academics, Athletics Coexist?

You're pathetic. If you were to cross paths with one of your farming ancestors (circa 7,500 to 2,000 B.C.), he'd shove you to the ground, kick sand in your face, and jog off into the sunset with your mate slung over his shoulder... More. Runners are tough, but do you know any strong enough to endure a day with pick, shovel, and wheelbarrow?

NAIA West Coast Jamboree results. Master's men 3rd, women 5th.

Power outage at Mt. SAC. Video and results delayed. ...Live video back on. Jacob Velarde won the a D2 frosh race. Hart was second on the team result. ...Austin Tamagno breaks course record by one second, set in 2005 by Diego Mercado. ...Destiny Collins falters. ...Hart boys wins D2 race. And another! Golden Valley third. ...Canyon's Yee-Lynn Wong wins, Rosa Hernandez fifth in a D2 soph race. ...Tucker Welker wins, West Ranch wins D1 varsity race. ...Timothy Sterkel bests Jacob Velarde by ten seconds on best Foothill frosh of the day. We love that friendly rivalry. ...Tucker Welker's 15:22 is a six second PR, now in a tie with Alex Pearson for 25th on the All-Time SCV list. ...Canyon's Samantha Lopez wins, but Golden Valley wins D2 varsity race.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/10/24 10:48:22 (276 reads)

Coming attractions:

10/24/14 -Canyons @ WSC Finals, Ventura College
10/25/14 -Foothill high schools @ Mt. SAC
-Master's @ Biola NAIA Jamboree, Irvine Regional Park

Flotrack: Mt. SAC XC Invite: 67 Years Strong. Most runners, including Don, ran it barefoot until 1965.

Q&A with Ingrid Kristiansen. One of the greatest runners of all time. Was also a world-class cross country skier.

Running Times: Q&A with Mark Wetmore. Probably the best college coach with the possible exception of Zach Schroeder or Lindie Cain.

Dyestat ranks Samantha Ortega 17th in the nation. Link.

Dennis Dodd/CBS Sports: UNC should get death penalty in academic fraud case, but it won't

The Atlantic: The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Phunny Write: Runner Types!

semi-rad: How To Exit A Bathroom (Mostly) Germ-Free

Especially because Saugus' ambitions extend to the state championships and even NXN, it makes sense to rest/train through the Mt. SAC weekend.

Paul Broneer writes: I remember running the race barefoot my sophomore year in high school.
Almost everyone did. I remember leading my race to the top of poop out. Then, I pooped out! My junior year they
made a rule that you had to wear shoes. I believe this will be my 45th trip to this race tomorrow! Lots of great memories.

Canyon: 2014 XC Team Picture Day

Posted by donmclean on 2014/10/23 3:15:58 (452 reads)

New York Times: What If Age Is Nothing But A Mind Set? Surely one of the best placebos is to continue to be a competitive racer, seriously racing into old age.

Steve Magness: Why every person matters- Motivation Contagion

Pasadena Star-News: Arcadia cross country runner Phillip Rocha takes over leadereship role

Flotrack video: Repeat 400's at Altitude with ASU

DyeStatCAL: Mt. SAC all-time performance lists

The Science of Sport: What (not) to say when doping accusations come knocking

NYT Magazine: Old Masters At The Top Of Their Game

LetsRun: The Week That Was. Fanboy Don had an email exchange with LetsRun about Eugene. Maybe the Nike association is their problem. Two major facts: 1) Notwithstanding Ducks football, Eugene loves running, track, fitness. It's in the DNA. On any Sunday morning, the ladies, many of them chunky, dominate the running trail along the Willamette River. Ditto on Pre's and Amazon trails. 2) Hayward Field is the Sistene Chapel, though nosier. Down deep exciting, thrilling. With an army of experienced volunteers, it all happens with the precision of a Swiss watch.

Cary Osborne/Signal: 4 teams have a legit shot at CIF titles

More on the UNC academic fraud. With the billions and careers and scholarships at stake, such fraud and scandal will be us until big-time football/basketball and colleges are divorced. Or married in name only.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/10/22 13:40:36 (206 reads)

Mt. SAC Race Entry Schedule. As you can see, each race has a huge field, and they go off every eight minutes. Understandably, there are new rules and time cut-offs. Too-slow runners will be removed from the course. No selfieheads. No finisher ribbons. Cross country/life is tough.

Cross country offers more NCAA scholarship options than any other sport. If you desire to compete at the collegiate level, cross country is the place to be. ~Martin Dugard. More on Dugard.

We like the Monday Morning Run.

New York Times: How Music Can Boost a High-Intensity Workout.

Donna Tartt: Team spirit: Memories of Being a Freshman Cheerleader for the Basketball Team

Sometimes it's about playing a poor hand well. ~Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch

Don't mess with ultrarunners.

WSJ: Why we should do half-marathons.

Hilarious. Above the Fray: How Restaurants Become Impervious to Criticism

Marc Bloom: Fearless Racer Destiny Collins Sets a Fast Pace in California

Everyone at the university was shocked to learn the football scholar athletes did nothing, got top grades. Story. Though this particular scam had been going on for almost two decades, such fraud had never happened before, there or at any other university.

The Toughest 400m Race ...Anyone remember The Uphill Mile, which for at least 20 years was a part of the SCV area Mountain Trail Series? There was a lot of hands-on-knees action during much of the race. Trailhead/start just off Bouquet Canyon Road, across from the dam. The course record was 12:XX. Brutal. The series continues but the Uphill Mile and Mt. Baden-Powell ordeal are no more. Alas. While searching for same on the net, we learn 49er legends Jerry Rice, Roger Craig got tough on Beast-like climbs. Link. Three times a week! Back in the day, a few of us did The Beast once a week for six weeks. What if a high school cross country...

Posted by donmclean on 2014/10/21 10:41:25 (268 reads)

Mt. SAC Invitational schedule and stuff. For runners, and those who love them, it's a great event. Unforgettable, really.

Video: Mt. SAC Cross Country: Behind the Scenes

Fun rant. Road Rage Over Obnoxious Cyclists

Signal: Santa Clarita to host Amgen Tour

Signal: Cougars XC Makes History

PrepCalTrack: CIF-SS Rankings

Creepy: Searching for Adult Supervision in Sayreville. Is anyone ever responsible, to be blamed, fired? ...Reminds me. In my last job, involved with medical malpractice at the County of Los Angeles, there was a lousy doctor who was transferred to another facility 10 miles further away from her residence. She stopped coming to work. For 24 years. Continued to be paid. Maybe is still, I dunno.

Let's run Mt. Saint Helens.

Study suggests that drinking even a single sugary soda a day can cause cells in your body to age prematurely. Link.

Or maybe not. The Healthiest Diet 'Proven' by Science

Today's Oregon Track Club Masters workout in Read More. ...We've had a lot of rain, and it looks threatening now. Doesn't matter. We still show up, though Don maybe a bit less than native Oregonians.

Read More... | 2464 bytes more | 3 comments

Posted by donmclean on 2014/10/20 12:54:47 (237 reads)

When it comes to running, which state is tops? Story.

Bummed? Trail Therapy: Why Movement Outdoors is a Game-Changer

PrepCalTrack: CIF State Rankings

Human Limits/Michael Joyner: Everything You Need to Know About Endurance Training in One Race!

DyeStatCAL/Erik Boal has new CA rankings - team, individuals, sex, division, grade, deportment, and shoe size. Here.

Brando has Foothill Rankings. Spot-on the teams, but some gaspers on individuals. Consider Kaylee Thompson. Was third in both F1 and F2, and has the overall third best girls time. So how does she end up 4th? Kyla Danforth is on a roll. 3rd at F1, 2nd at F2, and has the second best time overall. She's third. ...Hey, don't get mad at DD. Just channeling the thoughts of the Valencia and Canyon partisans..

Posted by donmclean on 2014/10/19 12:22:37 (220 reads)

We love stories about zany characters who make stuff happen, like George Spitz.

The Santa Clarita Marathon started in 1995. The genesis was a a then seemingly off-the-wall commentary by a KHTS sports guy (not a runner). Jerry Cherrington, the Santa Clarita Runners president and a member of the City Parks & Recreation Commission, a polished and can-do guy, pushed it at City Hall. And it happened. Then and now, thanks to the Santa Clarita Runners. Special cheers for Scott Butler, Phil and Paola Howard.

Register Guard on the Nick Symmonds 800.

Q&A with Molly Huddle.

Steve Scott has prostate cancer. Story. SCV locals who know him report he's a really fun guy. Even zany. Good read: The Miler.

Joe Vigil talks to perennial prep powerhouse York High School. Video. We met him on a plane. Great guy.

Laugh and leaf here.

Yikes! Beijing Marathon.

Wired: Number Needed to Treat?

The Master's competed yesterday at the Bronco Invitational against some excellent college programs, such as, Stanford, Oklahoma State, and Cal Poly. Results. Karis Frankian ran especially well.

Did you watch the Vigil video? It's terrific. He's 85.5 years old. Joe Newton, the York coach, is 85. Both still vital, outstanding guys. Check out Newton's rules.

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