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Nicole Tully, 28, top 5000 runner in the U.S., has a full time job. Story.

All you need to know about muscle knots.

There's a special idiocy about taxpayers financing sports stadiums. Video.

Scott Jurek Breaks Appalachian Trail Record. Barely. ...Jennifer Pharr Davis, previous record holder, responds.

Henry David Thoreau said: I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practise resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life, to cut a broad swath and shave close, to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms.

Lexi Fernandez update soon. Probably later today.

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Americans think fruits and veggies suck. Link.

American prospects improve at the Tour de France. Story. Especially if Tejay eats his fruits and veggies.

Flotrack follows Chico State at 7000 feet. Video. Falco, Valencia alum, is there.

Steve Magness: Run Through Overtraining Syndrome

Track & Field News names Oregon star Jenna Prandini women's college track athlete of the year. Story. Watch her form and strength in the second half of the 200. More than awesome.

USA Today: That 'fitness friendly' bar might backfire. Better, we think, is to make your own trail mix--nuts, raisins, dried cranberries, whatever you like-- from the bins at natural food markets.

NYT: How to Cut Children’s Screen Time? Say No to Yourself First. Sorry if Don seems to be a scold. The lady he lives with observed he spends excessive time on the PC, though she's grateful he doesn't carry (or own) a mobile gizmo.

Kevin Sully/Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run

Tomorrow's OTC Masters workout in Read More.

Read More... | 2505 bytes more | 1 comment

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COC results.

Watch New York’s first ticker-tape parade for a women’s sports team. Here.

Canyon All Comer Meet Results.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/7/11 11:27:02 (179 reads)

Kevin Sully/Daily Relay provides reality check. SPEED Rankings #3: Mid-Distance and Distance

Cary Osborne is leaving the Signal. Story. ...A good and tenacious fellow in a tough business. Not a real track/XC guy, Cary provided coverage for a sport not particularly large in Santa Clarita. He ordered up coverage for our Beast fundraisers, and even once hiked it with the most outstanding local writers on running, Craig Leener and Bob Dickson. Finally, he unleashed Joey Gulino to do a story on our long, long campaign to get a decent and permanent cross country course at Central Park. Within days after the story hit, the glacier broke, the City listened, and we got what we got. Good. Not permanent. Should be better. But way-better than most.

After stage 8, Van Garderen, the American, is 3rd overall, 13 seconds behind Froome, the Brit, former winner. Story.

NYT: Screen Addiction Is Taking a Toll on Children. Adults too.

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West Ranch boys ranked 20th in CA, all divisions. Link.

West Ranch boys ranked 11th here.

Saugus girls ranked 3rd here.

Lausanne results. ...Video.

Jenny Simpson: Words of Wisdom

Some guy: Steve Prefontaine Was Great But Rod Dixon Was Better. Heresy, you must agree.

NBC: FDA Strengthens Heart Safety Warnings on Painkillers. "Now we are saying they do cause increased risk of heart attack and stroke," says FDA.

Greg McMillan: The Champion's Workout.

Brando reports on COC:

1. C.J. Albertson, Arizona State, 14:49
2. Josh Sherfey, Master's College, 15:40
3. Rodrigo Ornelas, COC, 15:45

1. Lexi Fernandez, Unattached, 18:02
2. Nina Moore, Unattached, 18:07
3. Sophia Pearson, Hart, 18:41

There are shorts, shorty shorts, and panties. Lady wants an inseam.

Where is that instant timing from Podium One?

We're off to the Oregon Country Fair. Reviving and nurturing the inner hippie.

24 hours later, Podium One gets a DNF.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/7/9 12:29:29 (178 reads)

Wow! Or Whoa! Dibaba runs 3:54.11. Ethiopian or Chinese?

COC Summer Series tonight. All-Comers tomorrow. Flyer.

How easy is it to be a drugs cheat in sport? Four experts explain.

In Praise of Soccer Moms

Signs of ageing appear in mid-20s

Watch the Tour de Hurl. Reminds me of a friend who hiked the entire PCT. He experienced two major problems. He couldn't eat enough food during the hike. When done, at home, it took six weeks until his body adjusted to a normal diet.

NYT: Why Is the Federal Government Afraid of Fat?

Fish oil pills? Story. ...Some guy we know at last annual exam. PCP: What pills do you take? Guy: None. PCP: Good.

Orienteering is a cross-country race that requires a map, a compass and a pair of running shoes. Key to Winning: Not Getting Lost

Cool: An Epic Run Home; Yosemite to Mammoth

Posted by donmclean on 2015/7/8 13:10:09 (190 reads)

Vin Lannana and others will provide free coaching to all at Hayward Field. Press Release. He was Lauren Fleshman's coach at Stanford, and she loves him to death. ...Yes, believing there is always hope, Don will be there.

MileSplit has top 25 CA team rankings. Girls. ...Boys.

How Phil Knight/Nike changed everything. Link. ...For full immersion, read Swoosh and Out Of Nowhere. Link.

Jager showed us... Link.

You're a serious athlete. Don't be stupid.

The New Yorker on sleep.

Congrats to Orlando Benietz, Hart alum, now head coach of Lindsay High School cross country (in D-4). Lindsay (pop. about 11,000) is near Tulare and on the road to Sequoia.

Training tips/principles from Steve Magness.

Especially for my Oregon friends. The Oregon State Penitentiary 5/10K events are "more popular, even beyond what we can handle," says Ray Austin, athletic director at the prison. July is closed, and August nearly so. Ditto the half marathon in September, which NBC says it wants to cover.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/7/7 13:07:28 (261 reads)

Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Advanced technologies insure that we use our brains as little as possible. More.

West Ranch XC: We Train to Race and Race to Win! ...Faces of Pain

Beware. Kids of Helicopter Parents Are Sputtering Out

What's The Point? Learning to prioritize people & experiences over stuff.

Edward Cheserek is applying for U.S. citizenship. Link.

10 Urban Dictionary Phrases Translated for Runners

Why only a few women bike to work. Link. Not so in Eugene. The ladies have figured it out. And still look stylish. ...Like in Copenhagen. Enjoy.

ESPN uncovers six pro athletes, not in uniform or anything else. Here. NSFW.

New research from the European College of Sports Sciences stresses the importance of life-long fitness. More.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/7/6 13:40:14 (196 reads)

Canyon has IDC photos. By Paul Broneer. ...By Jim McClain.

Jager hopes to turn Paris tumble into Beijing gold. Story. ...More on Jager and the steeple here.

Runner's World: U.S. Women's Steeplechase Has Unprecedented Depth

Master's has steeple talent. At the NAIA National Championships, Michael Sciarra got 9th, true freshman Abigail Frankian just missed the finals.

John Hurd, Master's grad, and his dad are cycling across America. Story. ...What are you/Don doing?

Scientific American: Stress Makes Your Brain Stronger: Try Fasting ...Fast and live longer. Story. ...Should runners fast? Probably not.

Step 1: Be capable of running goal pace. Step 2: Run goal pace efficiently. Step 3: Run goal pace in race-like conditions. Step 4: Go race. ~Greg McMillan

The Beast is for wimps. Watch the 2015 Mount Marathon Women's Race

The Art And Joy Of Busting Someone’s Balls

Proof Vin Scully would have been a super high school history teacher. Here.

Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run

Posted by donmclean on 2015/7/5 12:10:15 (179 reads)

SCV News on the Independance Day Classic.

Cam Levins, Nike Oregon Project runner, smashed the Canadian 10,000 record. Two reasons. 1. Big miles at altitude, with plenty of recovery, rest. 2. Already lean, he got leaner. Story.

Don't jog it in. Video.

Cory Primm is now in Eugene. Link. Team Run Eugene is free, open to all, coached by Ian Dobson. Cory is a friendly, enthusiastic, and chatty fellow.

Worth another look. The Secrets to Meb's Success

NYT has a sweet story on Carli Lloyd's high school coach. Here. Don't miss the women's World Cup championship contest today with Japan. 4 PM on Fox. Go USA!!!

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