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PDQ. Ed Whitlock, 85, runs 3:56

The World's Happiest Man

Candy bars will soon be six bucks. And must be consumed outside. Consider.

Seven Books That Will...

If you like horse porn... American Pharoah. It starts off with the elaborate assignation resulting in a Triple Crown winner. Of course we don't give a damn about horse racing, but, trust me, you're missing out on two good reads, American Pharoah and, even better, Seabisquit. Human and equine racers, coaches and trainers are similar.

Beware Fancy Bears. Exposing masters tracksters?

"I think I raced better than at Griak because I have my signature pony and bow back," said Erin Finn after winning PreNationals.

Fun read. About Bill Belichick. So many of the best coaches are nuts.

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Track diet advisory. Allyson Felix's favorite ice cream. Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk.

Forever young: Ed Whitlock

Podcast: Q&A with Steve Magness

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Alex Hutchinson: What Is Fatigue? Invariably for Don, and, well, perhaps you too, we have more to give. Otherwise we would be be keeled over, flopping just past the finish, breathless like dying fish. ...Ya gotta love cross country because the spectating is so close, you can look into their eyes, gauge what's in their mind, what they might have left. ...Does Coach Paragas still yell to Jack or Jill, "You gotta go now"? Sometimes it works, the runner's eyes pop open, and the pace picks up, lasting even to a yard beyond the finish. ...How often are your thoughts about how you look? I'll never forget the finish at a Foothill xc race. One girl, in the final 100 yards, sees mom and starts to cry. Mom rushes over to comfort just beyond the finish. Still her baby. ...Hey, momma, let your babies grow up... Don's initial three thoughts at the finish in the last race. 1. Ooh, geez, I coulda, shoulda gone faster. 2. Where's my wife? 3. (Seeing Bailey Miller, on the job doing video) Should I go over and say hello?

Jack Arnold writes: They took out one of the back hills just before the end of the second mile. That hill became too dangerous after rain damage from the winter. Runners go straight instead of left. It's the same distance but a little faster.

Beating Burnout

Video: The Value of Running Marathons in Prison

David Millar, admitted drug cheat: How to Get Away With Doping

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Foothill #2 stories in the Daily News and Signal.

Wayne Lee has F2 photos.

Alysia Montano: Staying True

Study: Wearable health monitors not always reliable. Close enough, we think. And they do motivate us to get off the couch, out the door, to "get my steps in."

It's Time for Max Siegel to Go

It’s been called the fattest city in the country. Can Running Save Huntington?

Mike Whitman has F2 photos.

Can too many miles hurt the heart? Not as likely as too many burgers and beers, too much screen time and stress. ...Hillary and/or Trump?

Jeff Sherfey has F2 video.

OMG. Times Ain't A-Changin? Yep, wholly unacceptable recognition and distribution over all possible gender, racial, economic combinations. ...No banjo players says Libbie. No runners says Don (kneeling) . No felines or birds says the cat.

The Original Free Range Children. OK, we're impressed, but did the parents chauffeur them to school?

Paul Broneer has F2 photos.

Having completed the F2 cool down... Spice fact du jour: Herbes de Provence includes sage, rosemary and thyme. But no parsley, Simon, or Garfunkel.

F2 DyeStatCal video.

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Week That Was

New NAIA rankings. Women. And men.

Brad Stulberg: 9 Similarities Between Writing and Running

SS Prelims and Finals will not be at Mt. SAC. Should your preparation change? Consider.

Yikes! Generation Adderall

NYT: Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature


10/14 Canyons @ Mt. SAC
10/21 Canyons @ WSC Championships, Oxnard College
10/21 Master's @ Titan Invitational, CSU-Fullerton
10/22 Foothill @ Mt. SAC
11/3 Foothill Finals, Central Park

No Goe: Portland '28 Olympics a Fantasy

Live Foothill #2 results.

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Interview with Claremont coach, Bill Reeves. West Ranch boys and Saugus girls will be challenged by Claremont in the D2 post season.

CIF-SS Rankings

Do Ice Baths Really Fight Inflammation? ...Good advice. If you ever ball-peen hammered your legs with Saugus to the Sea (30 miles) or the Mt. Baden-Powell race (6000 up, 6000 down), you know the best immediate treatment is to wade in an icy ocean or mountain stream. ...Requisite if you have to drive home in a stick shift. ...Other than DD, where else can you get these essential life tips?

Ease off on your easy training runs!

Like: Gary Player's 10 fitness tips for tearing it up even after 80 years old

Yet another great tip. Chicks Dig Guys Who Tie Stuff to Their Packs

Flotrack video: Providence Women 5x1200

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“Never before in history have the decisions of a handful of designers (mostly men, white, living in SF, aged 25–35) working at 3 companies”—Google, Apple, and Facebook—“had so much impact on how millions (billions?) of people around the world spend their attention…" Click.

Don interviews Oregon athletic pioneer and legend Becky Sisley. ...About 45 years ago Becky was a field hockey teammate with my present mate, Elizabeth. Then as now, Becky was a force and leader in all her endeavors.

Mario Fraioli: the morning shakeout

R. B. Ginsburg: Kaepernick protest is 'dumb and disrespectful'

A guy we know writes: When I flew to Rio for the Olympics, Max Siegel was on my flight from Atlanta. I saw he and his wife settling into their business-class seats while I made my way back to coach.

A bumper sticker in Eugene: Not All Who Wander Are Lost

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Daily News has SCV Invite photos.

Video: Show of sportsmanship between two cross-country runners

Let’s Talk a Millennial Into Getting a Flu Shot

Video with Saugus alum, Canyons/SBVC Invite winner Jessica Ruiz. ...Stephanie Martinez, Canyon alum, also interviewed.

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SCV XC Invitational results and photos.

Cyclist: I don’t want to die, and you don’t want to kill me

Cool video: Crossroads Peaks and Streets.

Like: Colorado Woman Swims Nearly 82 Miles, Likely Setting Record

West Ranch @ Southern California Invitational results. The boys were first overall.

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Latest CIF-State rankings at PrepCalTrack

UK Anti-Doping are investigating Sir Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky. Story.

I couldn't afford a flight to Europe to race. Meanwhile Max (Siegel) is flying in a private jet to non-track related functions. ~Phoebe Wright

Meanwhile, Vin Lannana is a candidate to be Siegel's boss. Link.

Canyons results at SBVC Invite. Women. ...Men.

How to Bonk-Proof Your Running

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