Posted by donmclean on 2015/1/8 14:20:11 (63 reads)

Washington Post: Best Time and Temperature to Drink Coffee

Daily Relay has five more reasons to be pumped about track and field in 2015.

Vitamin C and E hampers adaptation to endurance training-Controlled, double blind study. Link.

UK Olympian Julia Bleasdale's video: My Winter Run

Harvard: Porridge could be key to a long and healthy life

100 year old exercise instructor attributes longevity to an attitude of gratitude.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/1/7 14:34:33 (208 reads)

Spikes: 2015 - Get This Party Started

Ritz is back! Wins cross country race in Italy. Story.

Good read. Team Eaton Having A Ball

San Francisco would very likely burst into a fireball of smugness if it was also given the 2024 Olympics. More.

Engaging Japanese video. Translation, please.

22 sources of inspiration.

Gotta see. 2014 Ultimate Highlight

Laugh here.

New York Times: How Exercise Keeps Us Young

Posted by donmclean on 2015/1/6 12:57:56 (236 reads)

Track & Field News on the very best things about track and cross country. Here.

Racing Age is an ongoing photographic series about masterís track & field athletes. More.

So far as I know, you could count the SCV masters tracksters on the spikes of one racing shoe. You can change that at the 2015 SCV All Comers.

What do you need to do to be a masters All American? Review. Curiously, it's a lot tougher to obtain that status on the track than on the roads. ...Competition is especially keen in Oregon. Link.

Lisa Uhl and the struggles of being a professional runner. Story.

Q&A with Shalane Flanagan. She owns the American Record in the 10,000 and has the second fastest American marathon time (behind Deena Kastor).

Is Mike Piazza, former Dodger catcher and 12-time All-Star, really a trail runner? Could be.

Must read. Avoiding Injuries. Mostly, we're injured because we're doing something stupid. And if we're often injured, we're often stupid.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/1/5 11:15:47 (195 reads)

Monday's motivation.

10 Resolutions for Outdoor Enthusiasts. Ditto for runners.

Should burro racing be a high school sport? Link. We like the story about Lyndzi Doke and the solution to her breathing problem.

Brando: Updated SCV Women's 3200 All-Time Lists

Los Angeles Times: What today's kids don't know, who's to blame, and how to fix it

Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run

Ashton Eaton's favorite things. ...Marcus Mariota is the Ashton Eaton of football.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/1/4 14:50:38 (171 reads)

Drink soda and die. Study.

Comfort foods don't comfort. Study.

Just in from 1898. You will stress more by making the pace than by waiting. Study.

Track & Field News: 2014 U.S. Men's No. 1 Rankers. Cross country is so over.

Best movie in 2015 so far. The Hangover Run.

Doesn't your little girl deserve a day at the spa? Story.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/1/3 13:54:44 (231 reads)

Signal: All-SCV Cross Country. Boys. And girls.

How Cal Tech pranked the 1961 Rose Bowl. Story.

Coach Stallone on track: It Aint About How Hard You Hit

Dyestat: Bill Aris reflects on achievement of 2014 NXN sweep

Posted by donmclean on 2015/1/2 14:17:04 (203 reads)

Steve Magness: New Years Reflections and Anti-Resolutions

Just in from 2011. Talk with Lukas Verzbicas about the two mile record. Gerry Lindgren chimes in from Hawaii. Two of a kind, both being headstrong and uncoachable.

Flotrack: Q&A with Lauren Fleshman

Alysia Montano does treadmill intervals faster than thee and me. Here.

Tech Etiquette

Favorite books in December:

400 Things Cops Know
This Town
A Match to the Heart
Eye-Deep in Hell
Trail of Feathers

Posted by donmclean on 2015/1/1 11:56:37 (248 reads)

PrepCalTrack: California Track & Field Master Schedule.

Out There: A Call for Kindness in 2015

Mike Kent writes: While it seems everyone is tracking their bike riding mileage, hours, climbing etc, I decided a couple of years ago to lose the computer and just ride. When I'm out, I don't care how fast I'm going. I just work hard to keep up with everyone else. I do keep track of my rough mileage and hours on a week to week basis, but beyond that, I really don't think about it. So for my year end stats, don't know, don't care, just ride and enjoy it while I can.

Vimeo: The Song of the Ungirt Runners

Hangover Run photos.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/12/31 11:47:59 (127 reads)

Daily Relay: Best (and Worst) of the Year

Two more 2014 awards:
Best track & field program: Canyon. The boys won their fifth consecutive league title.
Best track & field coaches: The bunch at Canyon, especially Paul Broneer.

The best U.S. hurdler is Devon Allen, and he's playing tomorrow in the Rose Bowl. Story.

Running is very yin-yang. Train hard but not too hard. Use technology but don't rely on it. Learn the complexities but keep it simple. ~Greg McMillan

Posted by donmclean on 2014/12/30 14:10:59 (238 reads)

New York Times: Quit Whining About Your Sick Colleague

New York Daily News: Running Docís advice for runners with heart problems

Consider The Hangover Run - January 1. For members of the Santa Clarita Runners, High Desert Runners, and friends. Not competitive. Lots of fun. Bring pot luck stuff for the post run fun.

Only took me 8 years, but finally cracked 35 mins up Beast. ~Seth Totten. Link. Breaks Jeff Jackson's record by one second.

Brando: 2014 SCV Year in Review.

DD awards:

Best Collegians. Canyons men 1st, Canyons women 2nd at California Community Colleges Championships. Hooah!
Best brain. Stephanie Bulder, 2014 PAC-12 Scholar-Athlete of the Year.
Upset of the year. West Ranch boys beat Saugus at Foothill #1.
Best female collegian. Karis Frankian, wins GSAC 5K, 10K, XC, and All-American honors.
Best marathoners: Katrina Marie Graham, 2:51.13 and Jameson Mora 2:15:44
Best coach (tie): Lindie Kane, Rene Paragas, Zach Schroeder, and Steve Welker
Those who got/will get flu shots. Link

Breaking news from 12/30/64. United Airlines Flight Lands in Saugus.

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