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What's elite (top 100) in California? Link.

Must read. Big 3 Down To 1. Hey, they've been on our radar for 15 years, thrilled us along the way, and continue to give us their best. Show some understanding, respect, and appreciation. Just as we crave the same for our achievements and failures.

And show some love for the pole vault. Last year, waiting for Chris Low to race at the NCAA Championships, we were watching the men's pole vault competition for about two hours (it lasted three hours). Surrounded by vault fans, almost next to the Texas A&M coach (his guy won), we got educated and caught up in the action. ...Maybe the best vault guy in SCV is Canyon's Frank Rock. See here. ...Life Lessons From Pole Vaulting. ...Bro has a friend and pole vault rival from the college days, Steve Morris, now 65. He went 10-6 at the 2015 Canyon All- Comers. Fearless, for sure.

Jesse Squire/Daily Relay on the popularity of college track & field. ...Ken Goe's take. ...How many chips, cookies, coffee, and beers (and time) will you consume during your March Madness? But show no love, support, or participation in track & field?

Does mental fatigue alone slow us down in a race? Can we just be tough, stop the pity party, and go faster? Study.

Forget the politics. Barney Frank is one funny guy. Read.

Pitch the pavement. Video.

Maybe we should do the Flagstaff Vertical Kilometer. That reminds me. Just this week I learn about two old guys, once runners, with health issues. And scared. The Southern CA guy swears he will run the Beast weekly until... The Eugene guy will hike Mt. Pisgah, steeper but shorter, until...

Excellent!!! 6 Reasons Parents Should Not Watch Practice.

Developing story. Ron Morris, pole vault silver medalist at the 1960 Olympics, is the soon-to-be 80 year old brother of Steve Morris. Ron taught the pole vault to Steve and a kid down the block, Paul Broneer, in some backyard in Burbank. Ron and family operate On Track.

2015 Daily News track and field preview

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The New Yorker: The Philosophy of Ryan Hall.

More Redondo Nike photos. Notwithstanding the credit to Joseph Tan, we think they're from Bill Bolden. Whatever, all those West Ranch photographers are much appreciated.

About Meb and Meb For Mortals. He stretches and drills for hours each day, in addition to running and cross training. It appears the book dumbs it down for us, enticing us with five minute sessions.

NYT: Too Much Cardiac Testing.

Runner's World: Nappers Feel Less Pain. And generally healthier, less stressed, happier...

Runner's World: Ten Great Irish Runners.

Good news! Running Efficiency Doesn't Deteriorate With Age. ...If you're smart and incorporate key elements in training.

Runner's World: 5 Things Blake Russell Did to Crush It at the L.A. Marathon

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Redondo Nike photos by Joseph Tan.

Falco sighting on Chico State video. About one minute into it.

Racers "wham-sauced" finish line volunteers. Here.

Big Sur Marathon treats Salinas area runners to McFarland, USA.

New York Times: The Heart-Stopping Climbs of Alex Honnold

Mayo Clinic: Energy Drinks Raise Resting Blood Pressure, Dramatic In Those Not Used To Caffeine

Retiring President of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) says... Lack of suitable venues costing US chance of hosting major events


March 20 Canyons @ AVC
March 20 Golden Valley @ CA Relays @ Cerritos College
March 21 Master's @ Westmont Classic
March 21 West Ranch @ Maurice Green Invitational
March 21 Saugus @ APU Distance Meet
March 26 Golden Valley @ Valencia
March 26 Canyon @ Saugus
March 26 West Ranch @ Hart
March 27 Canyons @ WSC #2 @ Canyons
March 27 Master's @ SCSU Aztec Invitational
March 27 West Ranch @ Mustang Relays
March 27 Don @ Oregon State Penitentiary 5K

Daily Relay: Monday Morning Run

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Chris Low wins 800 in 1:49.43. Nolan Dell Valle is 6th in the 3000. Anteater results.

Saugus girls in a post race interview at Redondo Nike. Video

In the field events, Nathan Bultman (West Ranch) won twice, Nikela Harris (Golden Valley) won once at Redondo Nike. More

Ken Goe/Oregonian: Distance runners usher Oregon's dominant Ducks to the men's NCAA Indoor title. Lady Ducks are runners up. Ducking ridiculous.

Bob Binnie has day two Redondo Nike photos. And adds: "Hot day at Redondo Union HS ... Terrific facilities and meet."

Johnny Gray, the pride of Crenshaw High, says there is no secret about the 800. More. ...Video.

Updated, and then updated again Foothill Bests by Bro and Brando

Science of Us: We Live in an Age of Irrational Parenting

Leah O'Connor runs fastest mile in NCAA Track & Field Championship history. "A stud," says LetsRun

11th grader clears 6-11. Video.

40% of 20 year old Americans today will eventually develop type 2 diabetes. Link. And if you're a loner, that's not good either. Link.

For team scores at Redondo Nike, scroll to bottom of this link. West Ranch boys and girls varsity finished ahead of all other Foothill schools.

The 30 year LAM streak continues for Christa (77) and Russ (76) Sidles, both finishing in 8:21. And for Jim Dudley (74) in 6:48.

Brando updates Santa Clarita Valley Top 10 All-Time Lists. The following ladies belong in the marathon top ten: Mandy Larkin, Katrina Graham, Lisa Fink, and Kristin Schranz. For the dudes, Peter De La Cerda and Jason Schippers belong in the marathon top ten. Derek Somerville ran 1:54.61 for Saugus in 2006.

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Redondo Nike Invitational results. Strong showing by SCV, especially Saugus and Golden Valley.

Redondo Nike photos by Bob Binnie. ...Thousand Oaks Tri photos by Alan Garcia.

Occidental Distance results. Gilby's 1500 time translates to a 4:02 mile. How good was Austin Tamagno's time? Consider. ...See.

Saugus girls 4x800 is the fastest in CA this year. Link.

Here we go again. Enough or too much?

The loneliness of the long distance runner is bad.

"I see a lot of people with expensive bikes but they have cheap legs. It's like driving a Corvette with a two-cylinder engine." More.

San Francisco Chronicle: On Shannon Rowbury and hot pink lipstick.

SCV News: Mustangs Hit Personal Bests in Eagle Rock

NCAA Indoor Championships is being streamed online.

Still, They Endure: The Paradox Of Mexico’s Legendary Tarahumara Runners Some guy we know writes: I did several radio installation missions in the Sierra Madres a few years back. I remember being impressed watching the Tarahumara running 80 lb sacks of corn up steep mountain trails that I would have wanted to be roped up to use...

Tips from Coach Cheetah

Dianne Anderson, 68, improved by 15 seconds in the mile once she fixed her stride. Fix Your Form.

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Valencia and Pacifica @ Thousand Oaks results.

Bill Russell and Johnny Mathis were outstanding high jumpers. Story.

An elite athlete should never hit the wall. ~Coach Andrew Kastor (Deena's husband). Story.

ESPN: Ryan Hall ready for a comeback

Huffington Post: Parental Athletic Dreams Can Become Youth Sports Nightmares

Cold water immersion may decrease adaptation to training. Study.

Steve Magness: Soccer as the Battle between Endurance and Speed.

Oregon Track Club 5K results. Don's last race in 65-69 age group.

LAT Op-Ed: California has about one year of water left.

Long Beach State @ Anteater Invite tomorrow in Irvine.

Salomon Running TV: Of Fells and Hills

Q&A with Stephen Law on Pseudoscience.

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The Foothill schools will be at the Redondo Nike Invitational this weekend. Entry lists for Friday and Saturday.

On falling. Here. And here. And here. What are we doing to avoid falling and failing?

Lauren Fleshman: Why I Run

CIF 100th Anniversary Fall All-Century Team

Guardian: Homeopathy?

Outside: Endurance Sports Will Make You a Better, Calmer Person. We hope.

Stride length calculator. Drills can improve stride length.

5K tonight at Alton Baker Park. See Read More for Ian Dobson's post race recommendations.

Alexi Pappas on the necessity of racing outside the comfort zone.

Oxy Distance heat sheets. Lots of Santa Claritians racing, including John Gilbertson (top seed) in the 1500 and Abigail Frankian in the steeple and Brando in the freakin' 10,000 (25 laps). If you can, attend and cheer them on. It's a sweet venue. Best wishes to all.

A memory. We still never forget the thrill of the Kenyan men's 10,000 at Hayward Field. And for free! Imagine a dozen world class guys bunched tightly and going almost obscenely fast, tearing up the track like a runaway freight. More. The cruel background story is that for most of them that was the race of their lives, their one and maybe only chance to impress, get a contract, make some money.

As it turned out, Kiprop, winner of the trials, DNF'd at the Olympics. And we enjoyed:

Position Bib Athlete Country Mark .
1 1808 Mohamed Farah GBR 27:30.42 .
2 3250 Galen Rupp USA 27:30.90 .
3 1680 Tariku Bekele ETH 27:31.43 .
4 1679 Kenenisa Bekele ETH 27:32.44 .
5 2313 Bedan Karoki Muchiri KEN 27:32.94 .
6 1599 Zersenay Tadese ERI 27:33.51

Read More... | 4156 bytes more | 1 comment

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95 year old breaks world 200 meter age group record. Video. Don't you just love competing on the track?

LetsRun: Week That Was.

How to Get Recruited by College Coaches

Got Sidewalk Rage?

Flotrack: UW vaulting.

Greg McMillan/Competitor: Free Speed: The Benefits of Passive Energy Production For Runners

Run Haven: What Does The Apple Watch Mean For Runners? A Lot. Who will be the first in your group to have one? ...Imagine our excitement. Apple watch and smartphone together. More.

Los Angeles Times: L.A. Marathon's 'Legacy Runners' ready for another run to finish line. Chris and Russ Sidles are the only Santa Claritians in the lot, both now in their late 70s, and truly nice, good people. Imagine the odds -- courage and perseverance --of a couple accomplishing such a record. As it happens, there are two other married couples in the mix.

If you are going to win any battle, you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do... the body is never tired if the mind is not tired. ~Coach George S. Patton

WSJ: Is Oregon’s Edward Cheserek America’s Next Great Runner?

Blast from the past. 2005 Middle School results in Read More.

Bridge being installed on the Santa Clara River Trail. Link.

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2015 Daily News track and field preview

Jason Gay/WSJ: Cycling: Too Much Fail to Be Big? We worry about track & field. See here.

Andrew Wheating wins 800 in New Zealand. Video. Slower than Chris Low.

I possess a device in my pocket that is capable of assessing the entirety of information known to man.I use it to look at pictures of cats. ~Steve Magness


3/12 Valencia @ Quard Meet/Thousand Oaks
3/13 Canyon @ Redondo/Nike
Golden Valley @ Redondo
Valencia @ Redondo
West Ranch @ Redondo
Master's @ Oxy Distance Classic
Canyons @ Oxy Distance Classic

Kenyans fear Evan Jager in the steeple.

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National Geographic: Yosemite Climbers on Dealing with Their New-Found Fame. Video. Dream large.

Paul Broneer updates 2015 Foothill Bests

Independent: 'Plucky' doesn't begin to describe the radically driven Paula Radcliffe

Cool pics from the European Indoor Championships

International Cycling Union blasted for protecting Lance. NYT story. The like would never happen with the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA...

Jordan Hasay: Nothing Is Impossible

Julia Webb believes. Crushing It While Pregnant

Steve Magness: Resetting your set point- Changing perspectives to get to the next level

Oldie-but-goodie. In 3 parts. About Ian Dobson. ...Loved that bit about his time on the PCT. 14 days ago, Don was at that spot where Ian quit. Ian jumped into Don's first race at Hayward Field, an all comers combo 3000/5000. (He won.) Now divorced from Julia, he leads a free and weekly track workout in Eugene. 60-80 runners show up -kids, slugs, swifts, et al.

8 things successful people do NOT do every day

Typical Ian Dobson coached Thursday evening workout in Read More. ...Jeff Sather coaches the OTC Masters on Tuesdays. Tomorrow's workout is in Comment #4

Ken Goe/The Oregonian gives a tip of the hat to Julia Lucas.

Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run. Don't miss the Christopher Taylor video.

ESPN: UCI chief: Doping 'endemic' in cycling

Running Times: Disagree With Your Coach? Here’s What to Do

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