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Yesterday we attended the Bill Dellinger Invitational at the Springfield Country Club, hosted by the University of Oregon. Most of the schools were from Oregon.

Official results not yet posted. Unofficially, the UO women won and Portland State edged the UO men. UO rested some of their best, including Edward Cheserek and Michael Maton. They ran in the Kiddie K

Sidney Birmele, freshman from Saugus High School, now on the Lewis-Clark State (Idaho) team, was there, but I didn't realize it until after the race and saw her name in the program.

Quick impressions.

Those college runners are fast! Spectators are close, and you can almost feel the rush in the air.

If you ever get a chance, go for that race on a golf course. Perfect footing, with lots of ups and downs.

Classy people attend. No goofballs, drunks, etc. Everyone showed respect at the playing of the National Anthem.

Good sportsmanship, vibes all over.


Canyons @ SoCal Preview results.

Bill Dellinger Invite results. UO men won. Portland State ran tough. ...Story.

TUE system can be abused by athletes - Dr Richard McLaren

Don't miss. Read, power through tol the end. Your internal monologue during a workout determines success. ...It's always fascinating to watch near the finish, into the eyes (soul?) of the runners, those who have given up and those still eager to beat someone, get a better time. ...In my last race (which no one cares about 'cept me), though not in the slightest distress, I jogged it in. And just missed going sub 50 in my last 10K. Who knows, maybe that will be MY LAST 10K. ...It must drive a coach nuts to see that.

Mario Fraioli tweet: After stressing out about a load of stupid shit today, all it took was seeing a hearse pulling up to a church to put it all in perspective.

About resilience.

Can Fake Junk Food Truly Satisfy?

The corn maze will no longer be haunted. Now up for sale. Good venue for a xc race? Spectating would be a challenge. We live/our corn maze about three miles south, just off River Road.

4 rules for coaching your spouse

Fun fact. Bill Dellinger never lost a race in high school, college or as a post-collegian.

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High school coaches say dealing with parents has never been worse

You're pathetic. How far fitness has fallen.

Russian Hackers Draw Attention to Drug-Use Exemptions for Athletes. ...More.

My Life as a Whole Foods Cashier

Moments at Elevation. A short film on the Leadville 100 miler. Low point, 9,200 feet; high point is Hope Pass, 12,600 feet. Long time ago, my friend Dave Park from Canyon Country was leading at 50 miles. Fell and broke his wrist. Finished third. Maybe the best ultra performance ever by a SCV athlete.

Nick Symmonds Wants to Be a Mountaineer

Runners Stop During Race Due To Lack Of Support

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Week That Was

We're considering the Bill Dellinger Invitational. Ever watched/raced xc on a golf course? No, we haven't either.

Research lab helping runners 1 step at a time. Great, eh? But here's the thing. When injured, did you follow the directions of the M.D. or RPT, doing all the exercises? ...We're no different. That's why we're now in the fourth semester of pilates, one hour twice a week. And attend coached track workouts. We all need someone to keep us on task, and occasionally tell us we're stupid. ...There's a good running coach (not mine) in town who charges $65 a month. She laughs about how it's not about the workouts as much as making sure her customers are not running and racing too much, and that they're getting plenty of rest. Beware those who brag about their mileage. ...Curious fact. After the initial few pilates sessions, I'm the only male. With the track workout sessions. the females don't return, though the guys enjoy their company.

More about Sully. A retired American Airlines pilot friend loves the movie. Two things to know. The NTSB is not that nasty. And no other pilot could have done so well. At some point, probably while in the Air Force, Sully got trained in gliding. That's not taught to, required of airline pilots. Our friend admitted he and every pilot he knows would have killed some or all if required to land in the water. ...The movie is about courage and competance. ...Sully for President.

Great read. Alexander Hamilton. All 731 pages. Again, it's about courage and competence, hard work and willing to work with anyone .

Touching. McDonald’s worker retires after 32 years at the french fry station

Inspiring. Role model. Centurian ice skater and runner, Victoria Hodge.

Pro tip of the day from Sam Kendricks. ...And from Usain Bolt.

Are You That Guy Who Always Hikes (Bikes, Runs) Ahead of Your Friends?

How To Tell If You're A Jerk

Could the Summer Olympics Happen in Oregon?

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9/16 Canyons @ SoCal Preview, Irvine Park
9/17 Canyon, Valencia @ Ojai Invite, Lake Casitas
9/17 Hart, West Ranch @ Woodbridge, Silverlake Sports Park
9/17 Master's @ UC Riverside
9/22 Foothill League #1, Central Park
9/23 Canyons @ Golden West Invite, Central Park (Huntington Beach)

Do You Feel Dumber When You Stop Running?

If you can't run, chances are you can, and probably should, walk. A lot. Even if you're not hurt. Especially with that person you love, the one you live with. Is an hour a day, together and away from gizmos and screens and kids, too much? That's what we do here. And a secret source in SCV told me that's what he does, and others we both know. And their lives are richer, happier than before.

Everyone From Beethoven, Goethe, Dickens, Darwin, to Steve Jobs... More.

8 Ways to Tone Down Your Inner Running Nerd ...And stop boring, annoying the rest of us.

The main cause of any running injury is a sudden change in training. Study.

Teach excellence, not winning

Just in. New study. To get faster you have to go faster. ...Weekly intervals down at the high school?

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Mario Fraioli: the morning shakeout

Addicted to texts and tech?

Foothillers in DyeStatCal video.

Saw Sully. In IMAX. Terrific. ...Sully for President. Why settle for Mr. Worst or Mrs. Horrible?

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Watch: McFarland's Family of Champions

Castaic Tri II results and photos

Jenny Simpson believes in street racing. ...Nick Symmonds/Springfield has an annual street 800. Gene Blankenship/Santa Clarita Runners had the Downhill Mile (top of Rockwell to last parking lot at COC), but that was over 25 years ago. ...July in Eugene includes four weeks/eight All-Comers meets. The most popular event at each meet is the Joggers Mile. Imagine 60-80 runners, ages 6 to 80, together racing the mile at Hayward Field. Entry fee is a few bucks. It's really fun. And it's a fearless, no B.S. way to show the world whatcha got.

I somehow ended up in the fast group.


Why/how you should run an ultra. 10 Pro Tips. ...The Eric Schranz mentioned therein is a a Hart Alum.

Breaking news. Horrible Facebook Algorithm Accident

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U.S. Navy Honors 92-Year Old Hero

Budweiser 9/11 tribute video.

Cross country is...

Hart Cross Country chow

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Valencia and Hart @ Seaside results.

The Importance of the 20-Minute Rule

Alex Hutchinson: Does Starting Fast Make Exercise More Enjoyable?

Late Starters Run Faster In Older Years

Is Nature the Key to Rehabilitating Prisoners?

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely, or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy amidst the simple beauty of nature. ...I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles. ~Anne Frank

Believe it or not: Exercise does more good if you believe it will

The World's Healthiest Diets

20 Brutal Truths.

Have a good day.

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Erik Boal/Signal: Canyon girls and boys cross country win races at Crescenta Valley Invite

Per Paul Broneer:

Boys Varsity - Canyon 1st, Golden Valley 2nd, Crescenta Valley 3rd, Santee 4th, St. Francis 5th
Girls Varsity - Canyon 1st, Crescenta Valley 2nd, Golden Valley 3rd, Santee 4th, Edgewood 5th
Boys JV - Golden Valley 1st, Canyon 2nd, Crescenta Valley 3rd, St Francis 4th, Edgewood 5th
Girls JV - Canyon 1st, Golden Valley 2nd, Crescenta Valley 3rd, Marymount 4th, Edgewood 5th

Paul Broneer has photos.

The Mind-Clearing Magic of Running

About those PV girls. Both PV and Saugus were not at full strength.

The Master's video. The Clubhouse

Remembering 9/11. A Moment of Silence

Stulberg/Magness: It's Not About "Balance"; It's About Owning Your Story.

David Joyce tweet: It's "dirty science", but I've found that athletes that can hula hoop for 2mins in both directions seem to avoid back / pelvic / groin dysfn

Your interest is running, but... Read: 1976 Olympic gold medalist Mac Wilkins on Ryan Crouser, 2016 Olympic gold medalist. ...Wilkins and Pre were buds.

CV Invite results. Cowboys romp.

Brussels DL results. Rowbury breaks American Record in the 5000.

Today we hiked six miles in Silver Falls State Park, viewing 7 of the 10 waterfalls. Stunning, even though September is when the falls have the least water. We're already committed to a repeat in May when it should be at its best.

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PV girls, Saugus boys win at Palos Verdes Mini-Meet ...Signal story.

Nine burning questions for the 2016 cross country season

Week That Was

Heckuva (and long) story. Framed

Legends reflect on Joe Newton

Brad Stulberg: Recovery Is All in Your Head

More B.S. How Swimming, Biking, and Running Cultivates Self-Reliance

If I could go back and change one thing about my training in HS, I would swap some of the interval w/o's for tempos. ~Nick Willis

Natalie Rodriguez, Canyon alum, named the California Collegiate Athletic Association Runner of the Week.

Indian uprising at Cool Breeze.

Wejo/LetsRun: “People are People” – The Olympics Remind Us Of All That is Great (and Bad) in the World

Caution. Might bring a hitch in your breath, a tear to your eye. Amby Burfoot's In Praise of Great Coaches.

Children should spend at least three hours a day performing physical activities, according to the Finnish government. Story. In California, for grades one through six, the law requires only 20 minutes a day. ...The lady I live with attended Quaker schools in Philadelphia in the 50s and early 60s. In grades 3-6, there was 90 minutes of exercise during recess and post lunch. And 45 minutes of organized and compulsory sports. In grades 7-9, recess, post lunch, compulsory sports after school, 2 hours. In grades 10-12, 2 to 2.5 hours of compulsory sports. The sports were field hockey, soccer, cross country, basketball, swimming, lacrosse, tennis, baseball, and archery. ...Yes, compulsory. No exceptions. Boys and girls. Kids that hated sports, or impaired, usually chose archery. Can you imagine 2 hours of archery? ...There was plenty of intramural competitions, invariably with other Quaker or private schools, also with compulsory sports programs. The parochial schools had like programs. ...In my prep days (Anaheim High School, 1960-1963) , the idea of girls in intramural sports was unthinkable. Literally. ...BTW, it's a tad easier in Finland. Population as of today, 5,527,780. Rocketing to 5,751,779 in 2050. Very low government debt. A homogeneous people. Once considered the best distance runners in the world. ...Read. ...Remember Lasse Viren, Pre's friendly rival? Trained on reindeer milk.

Outside: Behind the Renaissance of American Distance Running

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