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Breaking news. It just keeps getting better. IAAF awards 2021 track worlds to Eugene, Oregon


Samantha Ortega to Arizona State University
Sabrina Janes to UCSB
Marisa Magsarili to Dartmouth
Rylee Bishop to Master's

New York Times: A Marathon in North Korea. ...Excellent: Without You, There Is No Us: My Time with the Sons of North Korea's Elite

SBNation: The Ghosts I Run With

Runner's World: Hopkinton Residents to Runners: Enjoy, Don't Pee On Our Lawns. Runners are shameless.

USATF: 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials - Marathon Qualifying Standards. The marathon trials will be in Los Angeles on 2/13/16. The track & field trials will be in Eugene on 7/1-10/16.

Altitudes as low as 300m can impair middle-long distance performance . Link.

Alarmingly high prevalence of self medication in World Cup. Link. Stupid is as stupid does.

Ken Goe/Oregonian has the inside word on the World Champs going to Eugene, USA ...More from the Register Guard. ...And more from Alan Abrahamson.

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I'm Lisa Valenti, 54, retired from the Office of The Federal Public Defender, and now coaching swimming at Paseo Aquatics. Favorite PR? Probably my swim split in my first Ironman in 1989. I came out with the top ten pro women - it was amazing!

1. Awesomeville. The good…
It’s home
Great active community
It’s easy to hop on my bike and be on a fun ride just minutes from home

2. The bad…
Growing too fast

3. The ugly…
Muggings on the bike trail

4. Best local trails to run.
Charlie Canyon
Haskell Canyon
San Francisquito Creek Trail

5. Places I'd like to visit.
Any tropical island
Italy - anywhere there!

6. Stuff I think about while racing.
where’s the buoy?
where’s my bike?
where’s my legs?
where’s the finish line?

7. Racers, elite or slugs, I admire.
Paul Vernier - he’s not elite, but he’s no slug!
Jens Voigt
Chuck Teixeira

8. Best local places to chow.
Newhall Refinery
Fishtail Grill
Wolf Creek

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MileSplit: Mt. SAC Relays Heat Sheets

LetsRun: The Week That Was. The 19 preps who went sub 9 at Arcadia are listed, including Brian Zabilski. First mention of a Foothill prep while still a prep?

Meb turns 40 next month. 7 Tips for a Lengthy Career

New York Times: The Right Dose of Exercise.

There's only one thing runners love more than running... Pictures of themselves running. ~Phoebe Wright

News we can use. The science of stinky sweat and earwax

Two up-and-coming teen ultrarunners are breaking barriers for youth in the sport. Story. Senior prom or 100K?

Flotrack: Progressive Long Run with Amy Cragg

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Signal: COC Insider: Track and field leads busy week

Daily Relay: Monday Morning Run

Running Times: Everything We Know About Running Was Discovered in 1937

Larry Bird, The Hick from French Lick, was a miler. More.

I used to love the feeling of running, of running too far. It made my skin tingle. ~Larry Bird

Running saved my life, says Boston Marathoner and Holocaust survivor. Story. She knew Anne Frank.

CIF Championships 'At Large' Standards

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I'm Eric, 40, and eldest of the three Schranz kids. I host and manage a website dedicated to endurance running and outdoor sports. My proudest PR is a 6:37 at a 50 miler about 5 years ago. Yes, it was flat.

1. Awesomeville. The good...
When I left the SCV 20 years ago, it was Valencia, and that's how it'll remain to me.
1.1 The hills! You've got great hills to train on! Why whenever I'm in town do I see people running on the roads or along the dang wash???
1.2. Vincenzos.
1.3. The smell of the COC track.

2. The bad...
2.1 It's a long drive for me.

3. The ugly...
3.1 One of the many things my folks taught me is to never talk poorly about anyone's hometown, including your own.

4. Best local trails to run.
4.1 I live in Sacramento, and I can run a combination of equestrian single track with a little bit of bike path from here to Lake Tahoe. One way, uninterrupted by roads is 140 miles.
4.2 Outside of Sacramento, the Flume Trail above Incline Village on the NE side of Lake Tahoe is the most beautiful trail I've ever run.
4.3 Anything around Cool and Auburn. We've got hundreds of miles of trails that all share or intersect with the Western States trails.
4.4 My treadmill. I can't always get out to run, and if the kids are napping, I'll jump on the treadmill and take care of business.
4.5 We've got a great bike path along the American River that goes from my neighborhood to Folsom Lake.

5. Places I'd like to visit.
5.1 Europe with my wife.
5.2 The Canary Islands
5.3 Swiss Alps with just running friends
5.4 Belgian farmhouse beer tour
5.5 Alaska

6. Stuff I think about while racing.
Depends on the distance of course.
6.1 If it's a short race I'm thinking about "you only need to push for x more minutes."
6.2 If it's a long race I'm thinking "you need to run for x more"

7. Racers, elite or slugs, I admire.
7.1 I like Zach Miller's racing style. All out, balls to the wall.
7.2 Karl Meltzer's ability to show up at at nearly any ultra, fit or not, and do pretty damn well.
7.3 Frank Bozanich. 71 years old and tough as nails, take no prisoners running at any distance.
7.4 Stephanie Howe. She's on a great streak right now and does it with a smile, modesty, and professionalism.

8. Best local places to chow.
8.1 Bandera Steakhouse for special occasions.
8.2 Pancake Circus for a shocking mix of clowns, poor service, and gigantic pancakes.

9. Favorite wine/beer/beverages.
9.1 I'm on a sour beer kick. Gouzes, Ouzes, most Lambics...
9.2 Coffee while camping
9.3 Those Pelligrino cans with the foil on top. Oh dear god those are good.
9.4 Pretty much ang Gewurtzraminer.
9.5 Sudwerk California Dry Hopped Lager

10. People I'd like to meet, dead or alive.
10.1 Christopher Hitchens
10.2 Thomas Jefferson
10.3 Lee Harvey Oswald

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Signal: Mustangs men’s track and field tramples record

Sam Ortega loves Arcadia. Video.

Bill Bolden: More Arcadia Invitational Photos. ...Bill sees and captures the action not involving his favorite team and Foothill competitors. Good stuff. Must see.

A strong butt is the key to a happy life. ~Jordan Metzl, M.D. ...And more advice from the gurus of running. Winning One Liners.

Wise words. Q&A with Emma Coburn.

Joseph Tan has West Ranch @ Arcadia 4 x 800 boys and girls photos.

Brando: 2015 Foothill Bests

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Brian Zabilski's 8:56.41 now top SCV prep ever in the 3200. Video. Dave Hartman's record lasted 24 years.

Samantha Ortega's 10:20.25 breaks Kaylin Mahoney's school record of 10:25.40 set back in 2008. No. 2 in SCV history, behind Lauren Fleshman's 10:18.21. Video.

Saugus girls' 11:58.16 DMR is second best in SCV history. Video. Sabrina Janes runs entire 800 leg in one shoe.

Paul Broneer's updated 2015 Foothill Bests

Kyla Danforth's 10:44 PR in the 3200 is the 4th best in Canyon history.

Alan Garcia provides Arcadia photos.

Ken Goe/Oregonian with story and pix from the Pepsi Team Invitational. Tip. Don't start celebrating until you finish. Probably an unnecessary caution for thee and me. ...In a special masters mile, rival David Elliott, 70, ran a 6:00, having slowed by two seconds since 2014. Damn!

Northwestern Mutual Lifespan Calculator.

Competitor: Bill Rodgers: 40 Years After First Boston Marathon Win. ...Past Boston champs and immortals return to race. Link.

Julia Bleasdale video: My Sunday Run. Bleasdale, 33 year old Brit, raced the nickel and dime in the London Olympics, placing eighth in both finals.

Paul Broneer's updated 2015 Foothill Bests. Super soph Sam Pica has the best times in the 400 and 800. Has there ever been a Foothill Finals double winner, same meet, in the 4 and the 8? Alysia? It's unusual at any level.

Bill Bolden provides Saturday Arcadia photos.

Daily Emerald delivers peerless Pepsi Invitational photos.

Must read. David Brooks/New York Times: The Moral Bucket List.

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Daily News story on the Arcadia Invitational. ...Results here.

Chris Low runs a 3:54.11 in the 1500 at the Big West Challenge. He finished off the day with a 47.7 split in the 4 X 400.

Bill Bolden provides Arcadia photos.

Today in Arcadia...

Marisa Magarilla is 18th in the mile, 5:10.12
West Ranch boys are 17th in the 4 X800, 8:21.94
Sam Pica is 27th in the 800 (and best soph), 1:56.56
Caleb McClain is 23rd in the 3200, 9:31.26

Canyons in gear at Mt. SAC Relays. Results.

Master's rollin' at the Mangrum Invitational. Results.

Austin O'Neil ran the fastest 1500 ever by a Santa Claritian, 3:44.51. Results. Converts to a 4:01.1 mile.

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Arcadia Invitational heat sheets.

Mile Split: Arcadia Invitational Girls Preview.

Daily News likes Saugus girls in the 4 X 800

Erik Boal/DyeStatCal likes Saugus girls in the 4 X 1600

Santa Clarita Runners Prediction Run Results.

Competitor: Q&A with 'Born To Run' Author Chris McDougall. A tad goofy?

Wall Street Journal on runners bling.

Sporting News has Road to Beijing distance power rankings for women and men.

Chris Low/Long Beach State competes today at the Big West Challenge.

Arcadia LIVE. Good coverage.

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Canyons' Jade Selexman, 6th, and Zakora Merriweather, 10th, did well at the So. Cal Hep and Dec Championships. Selexman will likely compete at the Heptathlon State Championship on May 15 in San Mateo.

There's much to admire about those who do the hep or dec. See story on, and especially photos of Haley Crouser.

LetsRun: The Week That Was

New York Times: Mothers’ Exercise May Lower Heart Risks in Newborns

Hey, moms. Strong is the New Pretty.

Agoura's Tara Davis is talented, strong, and pretty. Link.

The problem with too much light (computer and gizmos) before sleep. Here.

Consistent with what is required by Obama's executive order that took effect for federal contractors... Link. Heads up, Hart District.

No phone policy? Link. Great idea.

The Occidental High Performance meet has been rebranded as the HOKA ONE ONE Middle Distance Classic. Link. With the possible exception of the Foothill Finals, that's probably the best track meet in Southern California. Occidental has a good track on a lovely campus. So go see it, and Don just might STFU. ...Fifties flashback. With mother's permission, Don would take a 10K away bus ride over to watch the USC v. Occidental track meet, and also summer camp practices of the Washington Redskins, at the time the only NFL team with no black players. In 1962, on being advised the Redskins would be the Noskins in DC Stadium, they signed two black players. ...Now the Redskins are encouraged to find another name. ...In my DC days in the late sixties, the local and rabid fans just called them "skins." Good enough for today, you'd think.

Ken Striplin/SCV News: Enjoy Our Open Spaces

The Oregon Track Club had a combo 5/10K race at Alton Baker Park (location of Pre's Trail). 5K one loop, and 10K is two loops. Laurel Mathieson, Jeff Riggin's daughter, was 16th in the 5K with a 23:04. Don did the 10K. As he was nearing the 5K finish, Trish Kluge, an outstanding OTCM training mate, called from behind. "Hey, Don, 5 or 10?." Don said "10" and then looked around to see Trish, Olympian Ian Dobson and his dog. "Good," she yelled back, "we won't have to dig deep to beat you." And they didn't. Beat 'em. Negative splits! ...Complete 5 and 10K results, sliced and diced and online within an hour, here. ...Bridget Franek was there, though she didn't race. She was asked about what she does before a race. The day before she does ALL (her emphasis) her stretches and drills and 4-5 miles. On the morning of the race, she runs 2 miles. She's a sweet lady. She was running easy (for her) around the course, giving us all a "waytago." What a fun evening.

Don't give up. Thomas Edison was called "addled" by his only teacher, and he didn't get more than three months of formal education.

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