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Be happy. Eat your veggies. Story.

On easy high school transfers. Story.

To be a runner is to learn continual life lessons. To be a coach is not just to teach these lessons but also to feel them in the core of your marrow. The very act of surpassing personal limits in training and racing will bend the mind and body toward a higher purpose for the rest of my runners' lives. Settling for mediocrity-settling instead of pushing-those who learn to be the best version of themselves know the secret to a full life. ~― Martin Dugar

Big Drop in U.S. Heart-Related Hospitalizations and Deaths, Study Finds

40 year-old Joe Pavey of Great Britain races for gold while competing against the top athletes in the world. She has never won a gold medal before and no woman has EVER won gold at 40 years old in this event. Video.

Why Jo Pavey is a model to us all

Saugus teen killed while jogging on Golden Valley Road. Story. ...Update.

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Alysia Montaño had her reasons to run. Story.

On John Gilbertson and the need to endure pain. Story.

New CIF rule limits practice to 18 hours a week. Link.

Alex Hutchison: How much is too much exercise?

New York Times: My Life in Bicycles

Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug. ~Frank Shorter ...Running on Empty

Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run

Anyone we know in the returning top ten from the 2013 xc state championships? Review.

Kenenisa Bekele, maybe one of the best track runners ever, is going for it at the Chicago Marathon. The world record has been broken four times on the Chicago course.

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When enough is enough. Why Merissa Kado stopped competing at UCLA. Story.

The primary function of a university is to educate. At UC-Berkeley, less than half of the footballers graduate. Story.

Consider Notre Dame.

Maybe we care too much about running. Story.

Is there a better test of what you got (strength and guts) than The Beast? Mostly, the list of prep bests shows only Cowboys and Centurians, co-incidentally the two most successful programs in the past decade. West Ranch is doing The Beast on Saturday...

Saturday Morning in Santa Clarita. Thanks to Saugus XC Fundraiser and Dale Heys.

Team Montaño has added a new member to the line-up on August 15, 2014 at 2:29am. Coming in at 7lbs 15ounces and 19.5 inches long, please welcome Linnea Dori Montaño!!!

Students going back to school in Dubuque, Iowa, will have to wear heart rate monitors in gym class to make sure they are actually being physically active. Link.

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NCAA D1 coach Patrick Wales-Dinan on burnout in high school runners. Video.

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Bob Binnie has COC #6 photos. Results not yet available.

Dan Agnew/Signal: Cross country running: Is there a shelf life for success?

Flotrack: The pros do 12-15 x 1K, minute rest, at 7300 feet. Yikes! Video. And they look comfortable doing it. Likely because they're fit-as-hell, and their individual times are ordered by the coach. Even the old doggies (OTC Masters) are tempted by the ego in such workouts.

If Ida Keeling, age 99, can race the 100... Story.

A Candid Interview with Gabriele Grunewald. We admire her spirit and energy.

More than 30 years ago, Renee Williams-Smith was Mira Costa High School’s first female runner, now she coaches the girls of her alma mater. Story.

25 Signs You Ran Track And Field In High School

Steeplechaser Loses Gold Medal For Taking Off His Shirt During Race

Don's Foothill Preview (834 miles and almost three months from Foothill Finals):

Boys: Saugus, West Ranch, Valencia, Hart, Canyon, Golden Valley
Girls: Saugus, West Ranch, Valencia, Canyon, Golden Valley, Hart

This might be Saugus' best year ever. Same for West Ranch, with Welker, Painter, Rubira, Sherfey, Sterkel, Tan, Arnold for the boys, and with Magsarili, Hernandez, Estrada, Pielli, El-Farra, Binnie, Dobbs for the girls. Again, Valencia looks very solid for both boys and girls. Hart boys always seem to have major talent. Maybe this is the year they can bust through at the end of the season, a proverbial problem in recent years. Though I have huge admiration for the Canyon program, I always under estimate Canyon, and look like a fool as they race through the post season. Watch again for another Canyon (and Don) repeat. Golden Valley takes pride in being low profile, under-the-radar... Good luck everyone. Prove Don wrong.

Christopher Go's COC #6 photos

Steve (at and friends did a walk/run through Venice. Photos.

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Excuse me while I fartlek. Last night the OTC Masters did a structured fartlek hill session. (See yesterday's Read More for specifics.) Last month we did the 300m hill, just up and down and down, emphasizing good form, alternating easy and moderate-hard ascents. Our coach explained the objectives of the two workouts. The first develops form, strength, and speed. The second does the same and works all the gears, developing the ability to sprint and recover during a race. Think about it.

Why Running Reduces Your Risk of Death. Or just move around more than we do. ...And be more uncivilized.

Robin Williams video on running and lesser sports.

Some day you might want to run the McGill Trail on Mt. Pinos. About 50 minutes from SCV. The trail is 8 miles one-way, 2500 feet elevation gain. Jeff Vaninni and Gavin (and maybe Nanci too) Klinger mountain bike the thing. Video here. Photos here. Own some Mt. Pinos here.

Proposal For College Sports That Keeps The Baby, Dumps The Bathwater.

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West Ranch moves to D2. Valencia is the only Foothill school in D1.

Robin Williams ran cross country.

LetsRun: Week That Was

Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run

Chris Low race video.

Steve Magness: What happens when we take a break from running?...Depression?

Next time you encounter a big cat on the trails... sing opera.

The OTC Masters workout is in Read More.

Details on the Mo Farah collapse.

Read More... | 1737 bytes more | Comments?

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Nike Elite Camp/Alberto Salazar video.

Beast update.

Bike your way to better running. Link.

Sleep more. Race faster. Live longer. Link.

Trinity Classical Academy has a cross country program mentored by The Storm.

10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out

The crazy, inspiring running life of the Badwater champ.

I can't handle the truth, Doc.

Mo Farah collapsed. Scary stuff. OK now. More. ...And then Mo and Paula get into it. More.

Alysia Montano's maternity musings.

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Q&A with the fastest returning female runner from last year's California state cross country meet, rising junior, Fiona O'Keeffe of Davis HS. Here.

Castaic Tri results.

Love this. Saugus xc guys pass out care packages on Skid Row. Story. Whatever you/Don are doing, it's not enough.

On the road to happiness, a pleasant surprise beats a sure thing. Link.

Run like a girl. Link. So true.

Chris Low, competing for the USA , gets a bronze medal at the NACAC U23 Championships in Canada with a 1:48.46. Results.

Destiny Collins' training blog.

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