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Q&A with the fastest returning female runner from last year's California state cross country meet, rising junior, Fiona O'Keeffe of Davis HS. Here.

Castaic Tri results.

Love this. Saugus xc guys pass out care packages on Skid Row. Story. Whatever you/Don are doing, it's not enough.

On the road to happiness, a pleasant surprise beats a sure thing. Link.

Run like a girl. Link. So true.

Chris Low, competing for the USA , gets a bronze medal at the NACAC U23 Championships in Canada with a 1:48.46. Results.

Destiny Collins' training blog.

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Participation in CA prep sports at an all-time high

Evan Jager Interview. Like Evan, we need training partners to stay motivated, to keep with the scheduled workout and not slog it only.

Court rules college athletes have legal rights to share in the revenue they help create. Link.

You're how old, a gourmand, and never tasted aebleskiver? Very tasty and wildly popular at the Scandinavian Festival. Libbie and Don sampled a dozen. Earlier Don ran the 40th annual Skandia 10K. Results in Read More.

I want it and I want!

More Slug Queen news and pix.

Just in. Running five minutes a day may not extend your life by three years. Sorry.

Nike is pissed! Link. My smallest violin, please.

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Check out the changes for cross country at Mt. SAC.

Now with Al Sal and other brains, Shannon Rowbury is training harder, with more recovery in a Summer of PRs.

Greg McMillan: When Speed Work Sabotages Your Gains. It's a fine line.

LetsRun: Week That Was.

Tips from a runner with hamstring issues. Rehab for Hamstring Issues. Don's tip: Stop doing the dumb stuff causing your injuries.

COC results

Master's update. Zach Schroeder is one excellent coach.

More fun. Step Aside, Rocky — There's a New Kind of Urban Workout... the City StairMaster.

Track Town USA: Can It Really Handle the 2019 World T&F Championships?

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Mo improved his form and efficiency. We can too. Link.

Alysia Montano’s Journey as a running Mom-to-be

A brief Signal look at Foothill cross country.

Who is going to be the first to provide drone views of The Beast, CP, and COC? Look.

Runners, especially those who race, are more narcissistic than average, I'm guessing. You? Just answer one simple question.

Is Santa Clarita safe for walkers, runners, and cyclists? Story and Comments.

27 Things Every Female High School Athlete Will Understand

Spend the day with runners on Santa Cruz Island. See Read More for details. Many years ago Don and family spent the day on Anacapa, a sister island. A great memory. Leave all gizmos and worries behind.

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Ask your doctor if sitting on your ass is right for you.

Life is sweet. After the workout and a sip of the grape, we fired up the enchilada. With water boiling, we picked, stripped naked, and tossed in the corn. Four minutes later, the water boiling again, the corn was rescued, dressed lightly with butter, salt, pepper, and dispatched.

New York Times: Women Pace Marathons Better Than Men Do.

Rene Paragas says Mariah Castillo is the most talented 9th grader he has seen at Saugus. Read. ...More on Mariah here. Joe Douglas Middle School is in Quartz Hill. ...Mariah's marks.
Buzzfeed: 29 Signs You Ran Cross-Country In High School

2014 Tour de France, clean or dirty? Read.

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Science 2.0: Like With Golf, Older People In Marathons Outperform Younger Ones

PrepCalTrack: Interview with Great Oak HS head coach Doug Soles

Why one slice of cheesecake does not equal 4½ hours of aerobics. Link.

Wanna run long? Forget about running

Parents would rather their son get all-state than his team win the state championship. ~Don Meyer

Tonight's OTC Masters workout in Read More.

Kate Grace: Mind Games

Masters Runners Should Hit the Trails. Amen.

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LeRun: Longest Run in high school? My coach said ok to go five miles, no more. So with a friend, we once ran ten miles. Awesome! One day, bored, to test the very outer limits, I decided to do an 18 mile round to Irvine Regional Park. In those days no one ran on the roads. I was out there on lonely rural roads, in tennis shoes, cut-offs, no water. Some punks drive by heaving oranges. I finished. ...Because we're endurance athletes, young or mature, hoping for a long and rich life, doing stuff for 3-4 hours makes sense.

Now back from Mammoth, Canyon will challenge history and The Beast. ...Bro's Mammoth photos.

Why this guy runs two hours every day

Training Buddies Manifesto

It started to get more serious in the late 60s. The more talented and serious Paavo writes: I ran 20 miles of the first Palos Verdes marathon in the summer of 1967 and then the full Western Hemisphere marathon in Culver City that December - so those would be my longest runs during high school. Near the start of my first season we ran from Costa Mesa to Irvine Park early one Saturday morning. That seemed like forever. My longest standard run was a 13 mile loop around the Back Bay in Newport. After my first year I ran road races constantly over the summer and during the winter, so I was regularly running 10 mile races, among many other distances. Organized team distance workouts tended to range from 6-10 miles during the two seasons that I had a real coach.

Coach William Blake suggested that the road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom.

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9 Questions with Joan Benoit Samuelson

2014 XC State Meet Entries

Nearly naked runners in Central Park. Photos.

Want to run in college? Q&A with Nicole Blood. While at Saratoga in New York, she was already considered one of the best preps in the nation. Her dad got a transfer to Southern CA. I had some fun suggesting she was going to join Shannon at Saugus, and in fact I heard dad did spend a day checking out SCV. The new job, however, was in Simi Valley and that's where Nicole finished her prep career.

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Accurate or not, here are the available results.

Florida Mother Charged With Felony For Letting Son Walk To Park (VIDEO)

Check out Ramirez Canyon Park, once owned by Jon Peters and Barbara Streisand, now run by the Santa Monica Conservancy. Slideshow. Thanks to Steve Masuda at

Exercise until you puke? Link.

A letter from Vin Lananna

Masters runners need to hit the trail even more than younger runners; at least 75 percent or more of your miles off-road. More.

Lazlo Tabori gathered with other legendary coaches and CA prep stars of yore. Link.

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