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Must read. Referenced yesterday in Read More, that Signal story on new bike paths and trails is here. We're impressed. But as our anon tipster and friend (who really knows about such stuff) says, the running and biking clubs and coaches and just plain folk need to get involved, actually talking to City planners and politicians, venting to the Signal, SCV News, KHTS. Otherwise, you just end up with whatever, and not what you really want and need. Why are runners so passive and uninvolved? ...No runners quoted in article. No runners in the comments following.

Impressive steeple work by Coburn and Jager at the Continental Cup. ...More video.

Older and happier. Tougher Than They Look.

Oh-oh. Why women can't parallel park. Here.

Yeah, it's about football. But its also by John McPhee, best living non fiction writer. Phi Beta Football.

Cool vid. Why Running Is The Key To Improving Your Climbing. Note the fingernail polish.

PrepCalTrack: SS rankings West Ranch girls now in the the top ten. Rich must be tracking DD's rankings. Watch out for Valencia.

We got the flu shot. Same vaccine as last year. Fully effective in 14 days. Especially needed by cross country racers, night owls, people who train as hard as you, marathoners (especially if you've already paid for the race, plane and lodging), and the elderly (Don).

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Watch Jenny. Powerful performance. Awesome arm action. ...Len Johnson/Runner's Tribe likes Jenny.

Brando, at the UC Riverside Invitational, writes: Cal State Northridge's Lizzy Nelson finishes fourth in the 6K invitational, clocking 21:03 (5:38 average). Only Lauren Fleshman, Shannon Murakami and Stephanie Bulder have run faster at that distance in SCV history!
- UC Riverside's Seth Totten takes fourth in the 8K invite, running 24:09 (4:51 average). John Gilbertson has the SCV 8K all-time record in 23:40.
- Former Masters College runner Katrina Graham and Natalie Rodriguez, now at Cal State San Marcos, also finished top 10 in the open 5K, taking seventh (18:19) and eighth (18:27) in much hotter conditions than the invite!
- The highlight of the meet for Santa Clarita might have been COC men finishing 13th in the 8K invitational, defeating junior college powerhouse team San Bernardino - top four in the last seven state finals, including four consecutive titles from 2007-10 - by a 358-554 margin. The squad's top seven went 25:06-25:44-25:49-26:03-26:35-26:48-27:05 over 8,000 meters!
- The COC women were also the top junior college team, finishing 15th in the 6K invitational. Dominique Dowell led the Cougars in 51st place! ...Results.

Learning Accountability From Mountains

25 Things Non-Runners Donít Get About Runners

Some guy writes, ...there were a few others in the Irvine open meet. Valencia grads Nick Lentz and Alex Allevato also raced.

Another guy, who gets the paper Signal, writes about bike paths. See Read More.

Woodbridge Invitational Seedings

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Does it take big bucks to validate track & field as a major sport? Read. I dunno, ask Ray Rice, Roger Goodell, Dwight Gooden, Ricky Williams, Kobe Bryant, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds, Ryan Leaf, O.J. Simpson...

Coming up:

9/13 Canyon at The Beast. Canyons at Riverside Invite
9/20 Master's Challenge at Central Park
Hart, Saugus, and Golden Valley at Woodbridge
9/23 Foothill #1 at Central Park

Today is the Fifth Avenue Mile. Probably not televised. We should all race a mile each year. No, Don hasn't done one this year. No excuse.

NFL admits nearly a third of retired players will suffer brain trauma. Story.

5 bogus excuses people use to avoid the flu vaccine. Don't be stupid.

Deadspin: The Worst Road Users, Ranked

Should we all be more like Bill Murray?

Outside: Why American Endurance Athletes Have No Fun

Malcolm Gladwell, 51, wants to go sub five at the Fifth Avenue Mile.

Fifth Avenue elite results.

Gladwell, 4:54, fifth at the Fifth. ...Nolan Shaheed, 65, from Pasadena won my age group, 65-69, in 5-freakin-07!!!

Update. West Ranch is also at Woodbridge next weekend, with the boys in the Sweepstakes race with Saugus.

Runner Space has four quick thoughts about the Fifth Avenue Mile

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CIF selects nominees for Fall All-Century. Story.

On the awesomeness scale, a 2.43m high jump or the dunk athleticism of Michael Jordan, Kobe, et al? Consider.

7 Habits Of People With Remarkable Mental Toughness

Should our running trails/parks be open 24/7?

LetsRun: Week That Was

New York Times: Runners Take the Place of Models During Fashion Week

Q&A with Jenny Simpson

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt. ~ John Muir ...More.

Medical research findings from the Western States 100

New York Times: Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent

Cross Country: As Real As It Gets.

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PrepCalTrack has finished it's top 100 boys team rankings with West Ranch 26th, Saugus 4th. Link. There are over 1500 high schools in California.

Flotrack features Jeff Messer and the Desert Vista girls cross country team. Video. Do you have cut-downs in your workout schedule? See here.

About your marathon fixation. Link.

Irish Times: Russian athletes admit Xenon doping at Winter Olympics. Another take.

Elite prep thrives on less. Link.

Deb Bliss, now 67, didnít get into running until the age of 62, although she said that at first she hated it. More. Deb adds, "I plan to be fit and active right up till itís time to go.Ē

Why do high school runners suck at pacing? Thread.

How can cross country produce big profits? Consider. ...Canyon will host the 30th Annual SCV Invitational on October 11th at Castaic Park. The County of Los Angeles gets the $5 per car parking fee. Castaic and the County will also benefit from the crowds feeding nearby after the meet.

Good advice from Deena Kastor.

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Rich Gonzales/PrepCalTrack has Great Cow photos.

Why you suck in college athletics. Link.

DyestatCal has Seaside merged results. Girls. And boys. For both, Valencia>Hart>Canyon. ...Golden Valley ran in Pomona. Results.

You probably don't want to read... Drink Soda? Take 12,000 Steps. Applies to our friends who run and then guzzle one of those $5 Starbucks concoctions. Or to those of us who drink alcohol.

In science, it's OK to be stupid. Link. Perhaps we should be a bit more humble when insisting on this-or-that in the running biz.

Running Times has Saugus girls and Saugus boys ranked #3 in California. Link.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/9/9 12:55:32 (199 reads)

PrepCalTrack has the new rankings. Saugus and West Ranch boys looking good.

More Fastback Shootout photos from Joseph Tan and Christopher Go. West Ranch looks like the runaway winner on photography coverage. Canyon and Valencia are competitive. ...If your school doesn't have a site, put your photos/video on the web and send Don a link. ...Now in my dotage, a look back, way-back, and it's plain to see that high school cross country was a peak, life changing experience. Unfortunately, there are no photos to view, of course to dwell on No. 1, but also on all one's mates. ...Provide some recognition, glory, memories for your runners.

Coaching philosophy: David Rudisha and Colm OíConnell

The Eaton's Detox Week.

Matt Fitzgerald: For Runners, Not All Weight Loss is Good Weight Loss

Matt Fitzgerald: Racing Weight: How Much Should You Weigh? ...Body fat calculator here.

Brief exposure to anabolic steroids may have long lasting, possibly permanent, performance-enhancing effects. Link. Shouldn't dopers be banned for life?

SCV News has a story on The Master's at the UC Irvine Invitational.

Wall Street Journal: Run A Mile Race Instead of a Marathon

Tonight's Oregon Track Club Masters workout is in Read More.

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MileSplit has Great Cow story and results. ...More from the Daily News.

Dan Agnew/Signal has the story on mighty Canyons XC

Bob Binnie provides Mt. SAC Shootout results. And photos. ...Bob writes: West Ranch was the only SCV team to compete at Mt Sac this weekend for the Fastback Shootout. Highlights include: Sophomore boys won the Sophomore boys team competition, paced by Justin Sherfey's fourth and Hunter Covarrubias seventh place finish. ...Other top 10 results for West Ranch include Timmy Sterkel was third in the freshman boys race, Mauri Dobbs was sixth in the freshman girls race, Taylor Hernandez, placed ninth in the Junior girls race, Tucker Welker placed second and Ryan Painter placed fifth in the Junior boys race and Marisa Magsarili placed third in the Senior girls race.

More Great Cow photos here.

DyestatCal has Samantha Ortega interview video.

The Master's was at the UC-Irivine Invitational. Results.

Deadspin serves up fun stuff on dumb milers and Justin Gatlin. Here.

New Yorker: Why Walking Helps Us Think.

Jay Johnson/Running Times: Key Workout: Finding Pace with Albuquerque Academy

Trail eye candy

Laugh here.

New (old) trail opens in Santa Clarita. Story.
Map here.

Or even better, give your usual tedious, asphalt, car-dodging long run a pass and do Indian Canyon Trail.

Daily Relay: Monday Morning Run. Watch Evan Jager best the American Record. More on Jager here. Why we can all benefit from hurdle drills here.

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PrepCalTrack: CIF-SS Rankings

Alan Garcia provides Seaside photos

PrepCalTrack has Seaside story and results and pix.

We're in Dekalb County, Indiana, reknown for the Amish and 101 lakes. We return to Oregon on Sunday.

Erik Boal is the new editor at DyeStatCAL

Saugus boys and girls win at the Great Cow.

Jim McLain has Seaside pix

Posted by donmclean on 2014/9/2 14:33:15 (146 reads)

Cait Chock: The Dominating Force That Is Evan Jager

Grant Fisher is the nation's best cross country runner. He's also a soccer star and the president of the National Honor Society. Story.

Scientific American: Obesity Is Now So Normal That Parents Can't See It in Their Kids

Tips from a 103 year old sprinter. Here.

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