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Today we're in Pine Mountain Club, running at altitude 5-7500 feet, chilling at the cabin. Later, we'll be visiting family and returning to Eugene early next week. Updates when we can.

Friday update. Too busy to blog. Leaving PMC tomorrow. Love this place. Maybe I won't sell after all. See Comments. That's an official street sign, no kidding.

CIF State Rankings. Team. ...And Individuals. Cheers for Castillo, Tate, Welker, Painter and Arnold.

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LetsRun: Week That Was

NYT: The Fats You Don’t Need to Fear, and the Carbs That You Do

Q&A with Dathan Ritzenhein

Daily News: SoCal Prep Legends Girls Athlete of the Week: Kaylee Thompson, Saugus

Free Spirit Invitational Meet, Mt. SAC results. Big win for Alexi Fernandez.

Continuous Compassionate Criticism: The Essence of the Art of Coaching. Perhaps you've noticed, coaches/instructors often appear reluctant to offer criticism. Ask for it. Frequently. And give them something in return. Gift card. Check. Thanks.

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XC Nation has Saugus girls 22nd in the nation. Link.

Fun read. Ten Ways to Improve Schools Using Coaching Principles

More fun. Rising to Your Level of Misery at Work

About Marianne Dickerson, once the best American marathoner. Story. ...Earlier story.

The Importance of Having Friends (for Older Guys)

Daily Relay: Monday Morning Run.

Laura Pedrick has Foothill #2 photos.

Foothill photo rankings Top of the heap, three way tie with West Ranch, Saugus,and Canyon. Valencia's Alan Garcia is excellent, but the one and only. Hart's Lori Shimuzo Peterson is steady, but we can't provide you with a link. Nothing from Golden Valley.

Brando provides a Foothill boys Mt. SAC All-Time Top 100 List. ...Consider this. ...In another era, '61 and '62, the course was a mile shorter, and the mighty Anaheim Colonists ran it barefoot, through snow, snakes, and even less compacted sand.

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Checking In With Frank Shorter

Christopher Go has Foothill #2 photos

Barry Cautivar has more Foothill #2 video:

Girls JV
Girls FS
Boys FS
Boys JV
Boys Varsity

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Jim McClain has Foothill #2 photos.

College xc team suspended over plan for a naked run. Story. Why do football teams continue to play, coaches not disciplined/fired after doing so much worse?

The Atlantic: The Benefits of Getting Comfortable With Uncertainty

Deena Kastor Shares 10 Mindfulness Tips for World Record Success, Health and Happiness

Will anyone ever run a marathon in less than two hours?

Great read: Q&A with Molly Seidel

Saugus girls will be dominant in 2016, obviously. What about the boys? Our Saugus friends say they're loaded for 2016, and yet we see a lot of young talent at Hart (won F-2 JV), Canyon, West Ranch... Your 2016 rankings, please.

Canyons @ Mt. SAC video

Foothill #2 girls varsity race video. Cheers for the Hart girls, runners up. Lookin' very good. ...Boys doing well too. ...Wha haps in Newhall?

Sorry. Master's cancelled on the Bronco Invite. Racing next on 10/24 at the Warrior Invitational.

Coffee up. Black.

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Daily News has Foothill #2 story.

Photos from Bob Binnie, and Alan Garcia, and Samantha Goodspeed, and Saugus XC Fundraiser

Jeremy Stepan is a coach with the Santa Clarita Storm. Go here to access video on Central Park and Mt. SAC. ...Go to Read More for advice on racing Mt. SAC.

Give us a break, and yourself a clue. Nobody Cares How Hard You Work

More from Alex Hutchinson on aerodynamics. Perhaps you've discovered the benefits of training and racing in a pack. Try it on your track intervals. Imagine there are four of you of roughly similar fitness. Do your 400s or 800s together, in a line, a new leader on each interval. There's less stress if you're in the line. And as leader, you'll work harder, go faster to maintain your status in the group. Win-win for all.

More Steve Jones.

Hard rain gonna fall. ~Bob Dylan ...More.

Trailer of the week: Jesse Owens bioptic


10/16 Canyons @ Mt. SAC
10/17 Master's @ Santa Clara

Foothill #2 video from DyeStatCal

Canyons women kick ass at Mt. SAC. Results. 5 in the top 15.

Canyons men second. Results.

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Kelley Schranz, 65, never ran a step until age 43. Now best senior in SCV.
Podcast. Why is she so good at 65, while most seniors are injured, running slower than expectations? She tells all.

Emil Zatopek's 3 Secrets to Success

Runner's World: Great Marathoners Over Six Feet Tall Are Rare

NYT: A Placebo Can Make You Run Faster

Unprescribed dietary supplement = E.R. visits. More.

How Deadly Is Obesity, Really?

Alex Hutchinson: Less mental stress could equal a better race time

Washington Post: D.C. church says a bike lane would infringe upon its constitutional ‘rights of religious freedom’ ...Morning commuters on Bouquet Canyon would say continuing the bike lane south of Alamagordo would infringe upon their constitutional right to get the hell down the road, on time for work, the hell with cyclists' safety.

Don is a huge Malcolm Gladwell fanboy. Good example of his excellence: How David Beats Goliath.

Foothill #2 results. Impressive wins by West Ranch boys, 5 in top 8 (without Timothy Sterkel), and Saugus girls, 5 in top 6. ...We like the live, super timely results. ...Spoiled, now can we get cumulative, merged results?

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Where's the damn finish line? Video.

Steve Magness: Sciencyness- The problem with using science to justify what you're doing...

The Atlantic: The Power of Embracing Uncertainty. How does that apply to your coach, or to the training plan you've embraced for years?

Reminds me. Over the past month or so I've heard from/of post college athletes, most of them not running now, hurt or burned out. What worked for them in high school was trashed and they were suddenly locked into the college coach's system. Example. Prep 800m specialist, trained on 20 miles a week, suddenly expected to train with distance/strength trained athletes in college. First year is a disaster, injured and/or doesn't improve over high school. How many Foothill stars fail to improve in college? The stars don't shine brighter because they picked the wrong coach. Good school, bad coach. Or not bad, just not for them. Last night I was talking to a past CA state cross country champion. He ended up at one of the top track/XC colleges.. The coach had all the men running 20 x 400 at 70 seconds pace. Twice a week. Never faster. He did OK with that, but didn't get faster. Now 40 pounds over track weight, wistful, not running. ...Back when, at my high school, we labored at 70 seconds, 6-8 x 440. Most days. September to June. Mostly stunk.

Alex Hutchinson on high-tech tweeks to improve speed in cycling. Here. Application to runners? I think so. How is your/my form? OK, or deteriorates as the race goes on? Chances are we need tweaking, but the coach doesn't bother with that. He/she knows our form could be better (stinks), but we're doing OK with it, coach wants to focus on the best runners. ...And what about core strengthening, stretching, injury prevention? Does your coach, personal system work on that? To improve speed/PRs/ racing longevity, that's more than a tweak.

Ole Miss men do 8 x mile on the grass. Video. Together.

Ken Goe/Oregonian: Vin Lananna, Allyson Felix and the track world take another step toward the IAAF World Indoor Championships. A jammed Hayward Field is about as wild and good as it gets. But imagine the indoor World Series/Super Bowl/World Cup/Beatles-Stones-Dylan in track &field, in Portland. True, you have the Foothill Finals at Central Park, but sometimes ya gotta get out of town. Will let you know when single day tickets are available.

More than two-thirds of adults in this country are overweight or obese, as are about a third of children and adolescents. ...all of the federal government’s nutrition initiatives and food-assistance programs, including school lunches and breakfasts... are estimated to affect one in every four meals consumed in this country. More.

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Legendary York cross country coach Joe Newton still going strong at 86 ...See the Joe Newton movie trailer

Week That Was

PrepCalTrack: CIF-SS Rankings

NYT: Compulsive Texting Takes Toll on Teenagers

Maybe icing isn't such a great idea, especially for the younger athlete. Study. ...We're urged to listen to our bodies. Popping painkillers is telling the body to shut up, keep running. Is daily icing any different?

Unbidden, in the past two weeks, two people disclosed how they brush their teeth and work out simultaneously. A Santa Clarita friend does one leg balancing during his two minute, twice daily Sonicare routine. The sub pilates instructor, with a ballet background, does her teeth with her foot propped on the sink. ...Confession. Don's doing the Sonicare/leg balancing. Better than mourning the decline in the mirror.

Today's Oregon Track Club Masters routine in Read More.

NYT: Preventing Cramps During Exercise. Downing a salt cocktail at mile 20 worked for me.

Monday Morning Run: 26 Thoughts on the Chicago Marathon

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Why kids look funny when they run

Coach Nietzsche on Why a Fulfilling Life Requires Embracing Rather than Running from Difficulty

Diane Nyad, 66, probably best ultraswimmer ever, on books and life. Now preparing for a walk from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C.

Comeback and best American marathoner runner of the year: Luke Puskedra. ...At 6-4. Wheating is 6-6.

Ronnie Goodman is a recovering addict, convicted felon and runner who lives on the streets of San Francisco. Every Runner Has A Reason

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