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Track & Field News
High School All-America Teams, 1974–2014.
Canyon's David Hartman is the only SCV distance runner to make it, he being #1 in the two mile in 1991. On the other foot, so many of those prep phenoms were flops in college and after. Best SCV distance runner? Easy. Alysia Johnson Montano. Who else was No. 1 American in their specialty and competed in the World Cup and the Olympics? Best SCV guy? Peter de la Cerda. 2nd in the 2000 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. No other SCV guy has made it to the Olympic Trials. Maybe Jameson Mora or Chris Low will qualify next year.

No SCV preps on the latest 2014-15 California All-Comers and Indoor State Leaders

Bostonians may kill 2024 Olympic bid. Story.

Signal story on Jared Snyder. Does the Hart District have rules or any oversight on booster club funds?

University of Michigan study indicates increase in elderly falls. Link. Maintaining good balance is a big deal with the best distance runners and coaches, with daily drills and form work. Don's PCP tests balance at the annual physical. Poor balance and inflexibility indicates possibly serious problems.

Jim McClain provides SCV All-Comers photos.

After The Science of Running, Steve Magness says coaches, runners, and other humanoids should read Antifragile.

We like A Runner's Manifesto

Pete Magill: A Runner's Guide to Connective Tissue

Flotrack video: Winter Training with Matt McElroy. Working out four and five hours a day, sitting too much is not a problem. ...More on Matt McElroy. ...Prep peeps, so what would happen if you swam and biked together, after doing all your coach tells you to do, on semester breaks and during the summer?

Boston city employees instructed to be good little Germans. Story. And so if they see something shoddy, unsafe, criminal, wasteful, corrupt... Mum's the word.

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Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run

Jane Brody/New York Times: Advice From ‘America’s Worst Mom’

Before and After Shots of Joggers

5 Ways Runners Annoy The Rest Of The World!

Steve Magness: The Calm Conversation-How to deal with pain

Cambridge: Lack of exercise responsible for twice as many deaths as obesity. Just 20 minutes, eh? Better, let's have reports on how more and varied exercise each day improves our health, enhancing the quality of our lives.

Bob Binnie provides 1/19/15 West Ranch distance runners practice photos.

Cross Country Express: 2015 SS Distance State Meet Contenders

Valencia High baseball coach busted. Story. More here and here.

Rodrigo Starfish Ornelas writes: Hello, the 2014 COC cross country guys need some help to pay for our State rings. We'll be having a yard sale at my house this Saturday from 7-10:30 a.m. Please come help us out. My address: 26803 Lugar De Oro Dr. Thank you

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We need to be fast(er). Watch the finish of the Indiana-Purdue women's 4x800. Sometimes just .001 of a second faster makes a big difference.

New York Times: What 2,000 Calories Looks Like

Next Saturday some Santa Clarita tracksters will be at the City of Burbank All-Comers.

Some guy: No I will not free climb the Dawn Wall of El Capitan

Alex Hutchinson asks, Does too much high-tech workout monitoring have a downside? Read.

Los Angeles Times: Even for the active, a long sit shortens life and erodes health.

IAAF/World Running: 10 secrets to great running technique

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Results in Read More.

Does anyone over 20 run track? Only three old guys competed, ages 32, 51, and 61 year old.

Paul Broneer has All Comers photos.

Outside: Off The Wall Photos at Yosemite

Perhaps you noticed Joe Ruggless, 61, ran 61 seconds in the 400 at the SCV All-Comers. That's a national class time. See Comments for his training routine.

Diego Estrada and Kim Conley Win Big at USATF Half Marathon Championships

Huge shout-out to my bro Lon Richardson, 51, who ran a 31:40 in the 200 at the SCV All-Comers. Hangs with the hamsters, but notwithstanding some serious health issues, he's the fastest of the bunch.

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Ben Franklin's birthday, born 1/17/1705. Northridge earthquake on 1/17/94.

Huell Howser is back! Video.

Why do men and women race different distances in cross country? An Unequal Running Field.

New park in Santa Clarita. Located here. Click on Visit Us.

What Obama said to Alexi Pappas. Link.

Doug Zabilski/Saugus XC Fundraiser has photos from the 2014 CIF State Meet and 2014 NXN

Washington Post: The paleo diet: Should you eat like a caveman?

Brando writes: Brian Zabilski (25:50) and Samantha Ortega (29:47) set five-mile records at Ben's Ten this morning. Zabilski took four seconds off his own mark from last year, while Ortega broke Katie Dunn's 2008 record by seven seconds. College of the Canyons Ethan Walker and Rodrigo Ornelas finished second (26:05) and third (26:16) in the men's field, while Saugus' Ashley Hey earned runner-up honors in the women's race, clocking 31:14. In the two-mile race, eighth-grader Kobe Serrano repeated in 11:58, which is 10 seconds faster than his winning performance last year.

Don here. Anyone else racing at Ben's Ten?

Canyon alum Alyssa Selve ran a 5:01.93 mile at the UW Indoor Preview.

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Why American Garrett Heath dominates the Africans. The Colder The Better.

Q&A with Chris Derrick. He won the 8K.

More on the ol' red, white and blue at Edinburgh

Q&A with California's only double 1600/3200 champion, Roman Gomez. Belmont, a small, mostly Latino school in downtown Los Angeles, has long been a powerhouse, the urban McFarland. I used to wait for a homeward bound SCV bus at 7th and Figueroa. Sometimes I would see Belmont doing runs down the north sidewalk of Figueroa and, yes, have to stop for the red lights.

Steeplers need strength, timing, balance, and nerve. It's Emma Coburn's habit to take the lead from the gun, Prefontaine-style. More.

Good bodies.

Uphill racing tips.

Vasquez Rocks trail photos. This is the trail for the Hangover Run. The tunnel goes under the 14, and you can climb a good, tough trail to the top of the mountains south of the 14, aka Santa Clara Divide. Photos from

New York Times: Can Compression Clothing Enhance Your Workout?

Yosemite climbers tell of fear, hope during historic climb. More good photos too.

If for a moment you are inclined to regard these taluses as mere draggled, chaotic dumps, climb to the top of one of them, and run down without any haggling, puttering hesitation, boldly jumping from boulder to boulder with even speed. You will then find your feet playing a tune, and quickly discover the music and poetry of these magnificent rock piles -- a fine lesson; and all Nature's wildness tells the same story -- the shocks and outbursts of earthquakes, volcanoes, geysers, roaring, thundering waves and floods, the silent uprush of sap in plants, storms of every sort -- each and all are the orderly beauty-making love-beats of Nature's heart. ~John Muir

Check back here tomorrow for photos and results from the SCV All-Comers Meet. We hope to see your name and mug.

Boogie time. Santa Clarita/Foothill belongs on this list.

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IAAF/World Running: 5 Ways To Injury Proof Your Body

Flotrack video: Mile Repeats With David Torrence. At Sepulveda Basin?

Gene Blankenship is the Washington boys cross country coach of the year. More. Bill Aris and Bill Miles get the national honors. More.

New York Times: El Capitan’s Dawn Wall Climbers Reach Top at Yosemite. Click on the graphics.

I would love for this to open people's minds. ~Tommy Caldwell. Q&A.

npr/Frank Deford: Not So Wicked Smaht: Boston's Olympic Hopes

5 hidden secrets from The Science of Running

When real girls work out. This Girl Can.

Jeremy Wariner will race the 800

My greatest hardship would be the ordeal in Kyrgyzstan where four of us were kidnapped by Islamic militants for six days. ~Tommy Caldwell.

Los Angeles Times on the Climb Into History

Q&A with Lauren Fleshman

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1. Major track/distance programs like Great Oak, Arcadia, Simi Valley, and Long Beach Poly have All-Comer meets.
And now Canyon. Why?

Honestly, the main reason we are doing this is as a fundraiser for our program and the Hawks youth program.
Early season competition allows athletes and coaches to see where they are and it allows the coach to find
talent before league starts. We use the first meet as a qualifying meet for kids trying out for our team and
encourage athletes to try different events.

2. Canyon will also compete at the Burbank All-Comers, and have an in-house decathlon, with distance runners
possibly heaving the shot, doing long jumps and sprints. WTH? Won't your athletes shrivel and die from so much
activity and competition?

Competition never causes athletes to shrivel and die. As you know, that is caused by
lack of activity more than anything else.

3. Will older runners be racing college and Foothill distance studs and studettes?

I hope so, but those in college
have pretty strict training programs. I’ve talked to several alumni who are out of college and no longer competing
for a team or club, and a few of them said they were planning on showing up.

4. Why should older athletes compete on the track, in faster competition, possibly looking foolish and feeble?

The only good reason for any age athlete to compete is to have fun and feel the thrill of “victory”. However,
to “successfully” compete against younger athletes is usually not very realistic. “Victory” or success is all about
PRs, Personal Records, not "life time bests", but improvements over last week or last year. Us old guys who used to
be fast, spry, and able to jump tall building with a single bound, have a hard time facing reality, and don’t want
to look bad in front of a youthful audience. My days of demonstrating the hurdles, triple jump, high jump, etc.
are long over. BUT, getting out there and competing never gets old. I totally respect older “athletes” who have
the guts to compete. I see many at the COC summer XC races. I’m hoping some of the parents of the youth
runners will join in and not simply sit in the stands and cheer for their kids. But, for those who would rather sit,
we have a confession stand with lots of things to eat and drink! $$$

5. Will Paul Broneer compete in the pole vault?

I was talking to Steve Morris last night. He is the current
‘World Champion” in the Pole Vault for 65 year olds. We were high school team mates, and used to pole vault
with aluminum poles and land in sawdust. He would come to our meet, however, he’s competing at the
Pole Vault Summit in Reno. As for me, my hip surgeon (I had my right hip replaced in 2009) would definitely
not be pleased to know that I was pole vaulting. I had to beg him to be allowed to to our summer triathlon.
I’m scheduled to have my right hip replaced in March. So I will simply be coaching, taking pictures, making
sure the meet runs smoothly, and, of course, cheering loudly, especially for those “OLD GUYS!"

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Paul Broneer writes: This Saturday at 8:00 am Canyon HS Track is hosting it's first ever "All Comer Meet." All are welcome, young and OLD! Details.

No, you're not too old. Racers 70 and Older.

PrepCalTrack: Who Were The Weekend’s Top 10 Performers?

PrepCalTrack: 2015 Track and Field Schedule

Good read. Perception is Everything. Avoid the post-race woulda-coulda-shoulda.

No negativity here. Yosemite climbing duo nears top of El Capitan wall

The Atlantic: In College, It's Raining A's.

Video: John Muir Knew How to Live

Runner's World: The Master: Bernard Lagat

Jeff Vannini likes The Brooks Booster Club. See Read More.

If one could run without getting tired I don't think one would often want to do anything else. ~C.S. Lewis

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Lauren Fleshman is... Driven to run and be real

Is sugar poison? Link.

Did you know that Penn State is known as 800 U? Here's why. Penn State Relays, Mens 4x800

When the late race walls of fatigue close in... Tips.

Most visited content in the New York Times in 2014. Forty Portraits in Forty Years

Outside: 6 Invisible Benefits of Exercise

The CIF Southern Section has announced that the 2015 CIF-SS Boys/Girls Cross Country Prelims will be on a former golf course in Riverside. Media Release. 84 ugly miles from Santa Clarita.

Kaylin Whitney, 16,who broke the girls world under-18 records in both the 100- and 200-meter dash, will not compete in high school track. Story. Dennis Mitchell, her coach, was banned for two years following a drug test. He denied doping, and stuck with some b.s. story about five bottles of beer and being an awesomely sexy guy.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. ~ Confucius

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