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Larry Eder has seven thoughts on Nike's Sub-2 program.

What happens to Kipchoge's shoes?

Flotrack video: Oklahoma State Does Mile Repeats. One minute rest. They start with a fast 800 to wake up the body. Strongly encouraged/challenged to run run with those with one's level of fitness. But not to strain. ...In these videos, we see (or don't see) the runners do some modest stretching, warm-up on their own. Not structured. Can runners in your care be trusted to do what needs to be done?

Pro tip du jour. Read up on Nike Senior Director of Performance, Ryan Flaherity. Fitness guru to Meb, Marcus Marioto, NFL studs... "Speed is a skill," he says here.

Interesting. Running Warehouse's Best Selling Running Shoes – Spring 2017.
Should we care? Fit, comfort, and especially utility are our primary considerations.

If you live in Southern California and have never seen elite, even world class racers, you really should attend the USATF Distance Classic

I Am a Human Selfie Stick

NYT: Quiz: Are You in Love With Your Phone?

Is shaking the salt shaker too strenuous? ...Solution

Hey, a ten year-old girl is tougher than you

Q&A with Garry Kasparov

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the morning shakeout

Running Form Analysis: Kipchoge, Tadese, Desisa. ...What did Nike do to identify and insist on the work to correct the weaknesses and bad technique?

Steve Magness: The 2-Hour Marathon- What did we learn from a Scientific standpoint?

Deadspin on the event that turned out to be an ode to Eliud Kipchoge, not Nike. ...Nothing fancy about where he lived and trained. Photos.

Women are more resistant to muscle ­fatigue than men during long efforts. Read.

Adidas congratulates Nike and Eliud Kipchoge on Breaking2 attempt. And more on the shoe company rivalry. Big, big bucks at stake. ...Curiously, this all comes at a time of a decline in marathon popularity.

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Science. How to race longer before hitting the wall, and without training? Take a pill.

Erasing world records is just a PR stunt

Muscle gains can be seen after a few weeks of hard workouts. Gee. For good or ill, most everything different has a consequence.

Ross Tucker on sub-two. Where to next?

Exercise physiologist Andrew Jones on "">What we learned. ...Job one. Don't get injured. Invariably, your injury is cause by your stupidity. Don't be stupid. (Don was stupid.)

Stop Lifehacking and Invest in the Journey

Maybe you have contracted Runners Nocturnal Syncope (RNS)

Invented just in time. Broccoli pill could save your life.

Video: Chris Low PR

A promoted WR race goes awry. Video: Tom Byers -The Rabbit That Got Away(Oslo,1981)

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LetsRun on Kipchoge's run.

Ross Tucker/Science of Sport analysis.

Tucker not impressed by the shoes. Runner's World reviews poor country cousin model here.

Conditions less than ideal.

Off subject. What's the best, most influential book in your life? I'd really like to know, as some of the best books I've read are on recommendations from friends, even those I often disagree with. ...Anyway, I can't name less than a dozen that, at one time or another, was #1 on my list. Here's one. While in the claim business for 40 years, making thousands of deals with my employer's money, Cohen's advice was invaluable. And more, it was/still is helpful in my personal negotiations. Besides the advice, Cohen is very funny. ...Watch.

How I Beat the Heat When Others Didn’t

85-year-old dies on Everest during world record bid.

Another PR/SCV record for Chris Low

Jim McClain's Finals fotos

Ken Goe/Oregonian on Nike Sub-2, Oregon Twilight, and other tasty links. I agree, the Sub-2 show was a huge win for Nike. The brand gets a huge boost and they're going to sell a lot of pricey shoes. Runners tend to be suckers for the quick fix. A fix that rarely works. Better that you lose ten pounds, diligently work on your core, intervals on the track, et al.

Ed Whitlock the tortoise, Earl Fee the hare and the run of their lives

In 1980, Jeff Glasbrenner lost his leg. In 2016, he climbed Mount Everest. And completed 25 Ironman races.

Matt Centrowitz update. Wants an outdoor world record.

Every town needs a Schrader Mile. Yes, it's way-scary, but we should all do at least one public, timed track mile each year.

Michael Joyner: Believe It: A Sub-2 Marathon Is Coming

More on Sub-2 and the shoe tuned for each runner. Here.

Hart's Fabian G. has Prelims photos.

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Signal story on Foothill Finals

Jacob Velarde forwards Finals fotos.

Alan Garcia favors Finals fotos. It was a good Vikes day.

GQ science: Running is good

Reading is good for your health. Why be sick and stupid?

Medical alert: Mad Dude Disease on the Rise

Steve Magness: Brand vs. Barrier: Is the Quest for a Sub 2 Hour Marathon Good?

Must read. David Epstein on Sub-2

Must watch: Why It’s Almost Impossible to Run a Two-Hour Marathon. ...It's about running economy. You, me, coach. Why not more focus on that?

Consider burpees. And swearing

Said the French ambassador of Theodore Roosevelt: “What the President called a walk was a run: no stop, no breathing time, no slacking of speed, but a continuous race, careless of mud, thorns and the rest.” ...More.

May, 2017 Oregon Track Club newsletter. Note we will be given access in June to the Nike employee store (50% discount on everything). ...So if Kipchoge does go sub-2, watch for Don in a pair of...

Brad Stulberg: Mental Tricks to Push Through Midrace Pain. Triple ditto on the give thanks/gratitude, especially for those who love and depend on us. Runners tend to be, well, uh, ...maybe a tad obsessive and selfish?

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People think juice is good for them. They’re wrong.

NYT: Child’s Play Is Good for All of Us

Foothill Finals start at 5 PM at COC. Results will be here.

Of lesser concern, the Sub-2 event will be on Friday, 8:45 PM, PST. Details.

Cheers for rookie runners!

Such as a 61 year old shepherd rookie.

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This just in. Couch potato mice run 100 minutes longer without any training. ...Read more.

Other Ways to Extend Your Long Run

With the possible exception of the Foothill Finals, it just doesn't get any better than the Pre Classic, two plus hours of the very best athletes in the world. In 2016 we lucked into some truly terrific front row seats. The meet was a memorable experience. Even better than the 2016 World Indoor Championships in Portland, and we had equally outstanding seats for that as well. The Pre has a free night before the main meet, and it's always outstanding. A few years ago it included the Kenyan Olympic Trials for the men's 10,000. Imagine, about a dozen of their best bunched together for 24 of the 26 laps, speeding around and down the track like a runaway freight train. A perfect example of the benefits of pacing and drafting. ...Anyway, this year the free Pre edition will be Joan Benoit Samuelson Night . Women's only. But guys can attend.

Citius on the Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite and its less celebrated distant cousin. ...Read more. We heard the price will be around $250 for the poor country cousin version. ...One old guy's take: They look stupid and unstable, an annoying focus on some latest thing/quick fix. ...Enough! Shoe talk is boring.

More science. Eating cereal from a square bowl (and standing) will make you feel fuller.

Steve Magness: The Reality and Psychology of the Racing Slump

Gluten love.

Updated Foothill Finals Meet Program. ...Some Foothill coach writes: Let's all hope the winds are really not a factor on Thursday. We want to qualify as many athletes for CIF as possible, no matter what color jersey they wear. Let's get the most Foothill League representatives to June as possible. ...GO FOOTHILL LEAGUE!!!

Dear clueless. How to Love Your Partner, Not Your Phone

Golden Rules of Family Running. Do you ever see a family running together? Or walking together?

Week That Was

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the morning shakeout.

More on Sub-2

Ross Tucker on Sub-2 pacing strategy. ...Perhaps our collective minds will be re-awakened to the value of team pacing in racing AND training. ...Edit John and Paul: We get by with a little help from our friends.

Yesterday we posted (now removed) a working copy of the Foothill Finals Meet Program. In consultation with coaches, changes are in process. Stand by.

Malcolm Gladwell on Why We Shouldn’t Value Speed Over Power

The Five Things That Happen to Your Body When You Quit Working Out. ...Old boys and girls agree the decline, ability to recover fitness gets worse as we age. Good reason to get in your daily minimum 10,000 steps .

One-armed middle school catcher is incredible to watch

More on How Ueli Steck Met Mountaineering’s Oldest Companion: Tragedy

About race immortal (85 so far) Bobby Crim, Flint, MI, and a give-a-damn, can/should/must do attitude. When the Prize Money Goes to the Least Likely.

Amby: Why the Sub-2 Guys Will Bonk

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