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PrepCalTrack: CIF-SS Team Rankings

What Meb Does Before Every Race. More stretching and core work in one day than most of us do...

NCAA D1 Regionals Performance List-Men. Chris Low in the 800. Austin O'Neil in the 1500.

NCAA D1 Regionals Performance List-Women. Includes Amber Wright, Molly Grabill, Chelsey Totten. ...Chelsey's 16:19 is the third best 5000 ever by a SCV woman, only behind Lauren Fleshman and Shannon Murakami. Video. ...Chelsey has not done the 10,000 in college. So far as we can tell, Lauren has never run a 10,000, and Shannon only once. Probably on orders from their coaches. ...Mmmh, maybe it's just me, but shouldn't every real deal middle distance competitor do at least one 10,000 on the track? In an all-comers or throwaway meet -call it a tempo run. It's 25 laps. Try that for mental toughening. ...Seth Totten did a 31:04.27 in the 10,000 in 2014, 8th in SCV Bests.

Alex Hutchinson: Does Skipping Breakfast Affect Performance? Yes, and makes you, well, less lean.

Thinking less about yourself is one of the best ways to improve yourself. Patterns of Performance: What We All Can Learn From the Practices of Elite Athletes

Recommended: O.U.R. Rescue Run. Story here. Over 300 have already signed up.

Karis Frankian just had the highest finish by any female from TMC in any event at Nationals... Placed 2nd in the 10k this morning, running 36:14. Next up: Abigail's steeplechase prelims tonight and Karis' 5k final tomorrow.

Cal-State San Marcos women were ninth in the 4 x 800. Natalie Rodriguez ran the second leg.

Abigail Frankian, freshman, 11:24.23 in the 3000 steeple, just misses qualifying for the final. Suddenly #7 on the All-Time SCV Best list, ahead of Chelsey Totten and the immortal Shannon Murakami. ...What's your, Don's steeple PR?

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What Makes Pre So Special

The athletes that win won’t always be the hardest working or the best coached. At the most elite level, the victory is contested by those with the best genes... More. ...OK, but are those elites, or just the best runners in high school, running and racing ten or thirty years later?

Successful runners keep competing by adapting and reinventing themselves at each age milestone. Mastering Running As You Age

Bi-partisan running in Washington, D.C. Story. And results.

2.5 years later... Man convicted in injury of UO distance runner Molly Grabill. ...Molly missed a year of competition following the assault.

Master's @ NAIA National Championships results. Abigail Frankian in the 3000 steeple. Big sis Karis in the 10,000. ...Natalie Rodriguez qualified for the 1500 final.

RunBlogRun: Harry Marra: 10 Event Maestro

Several reports into DD indicating rain and lightening delayed, and may cause a rescheduling for the remainder Day 1 of the NAIA Championships. ...Update. 5k goes straight to finals on Saturday, 10k at 8 am Friday, and women's steeplechase at 6:55 pm tomorrow

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How fit are you? How do you really measure up as a runner? For the mature (old) runner, the answer is to be found in Age Grading. Easy to use calculator here. ...So far as we know (mostly based on the Heritage Valley 5/10K), the SCV Kickass Class of 2015 is ruled by Kelley Schranz (87.79%), Carl Stromberg (84.20%), and Tyrus Deminter (82.82%). ...Former Santa Claritian Craig Godwin (88.45%) is at the top of the heap for the Oregon Track Club Masters

But talk about kickass. Check out Michelle Obama.

Pac-12 track coaches explain where the drive for 'the kick' comes from

New York Times: Lack of Exercise Can Disrupt the Body’s Rhythms

OMG. Some People Do More Than Text While Driving. If that's you, please don't tell Don.

Austin O'Neil ran the fifth fastest 1500 last week in college track. Link.

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LetsRun: The Week That Was

Joseph Tan has D1 Prelims photos. Without Socks.

Melody Fairchild was the Mary Cain of her time. And then had some bumps on the trail. Has some good advice for the young and the rest of us hanging on, or entering new running ventures. Here.

Steve Magness: "People remember the last interval"-Why you should go out on a high note ...Will try to keep that in mind tonight. See Read More.

Heritage Valley 5/10K results. Special shout-outs for Santa Claritians Tyruus Deminter, Carl Stromberg, Mandy Larkins, and Kelley Schranz. And Vince McGrath.

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Bill Bolden delivers D1, mostly West Ranch, photos.

Oregon #1, USC #2 in the PAC-12 Championships. It was close on the women's side. Results.

Chris Low dominates at the Big West. Video.

Interview with Charlotte Brown, blind pole vaulter. Video.

NFL, Goodell thrashed and trashed.

Take a hike. What ‘Wild’ Has Wrought

The Superhero Runner

Dan Agnew/Sigal: Justin Gallegos: Can't doesn't exist. More on Justin Gallegos.

Oregon prep Alexa Efraimson ran 2:01.13... and if it was recorded at a sanctioned high school meet, it would be the fastest high school time in the nation by about three seconds. ...More.

Rob Evans to coach the Grizz XC. Story. 2015 Foothill XC suddenly looks doubly competitive, especially intense, girls and boys. Awright!!!

Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run.

Paul Broneer updated 2015 Foothill Bests

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Ken Goe/Oregonian on the PAC 12 Championships. ...No story in the Los Angeles Times, at least so far. ...Only 1194 fans? ...Big day today. Austin O'Neil in 1500 finals. ...A little PAC 12 video.

Alan Garcia provides D1 photos. Though a Valencia partisan, Alan also delivers plenty of West Ranch and other track action. ...Runnerspace has D1 video.

bbc: Blind pole vaulter Charlotte Brown wins state championships bronze

Daily News, with a nothing much bit on track, delivers on Abbey Weitzel and other Foothill swimmers. Here. The first ever California state championships is next week, in Clovis of all places. Why no mention of that? ...More on Abbey.

WSJ: Use Stress To Your Advantage

‘McFarland, USA': Interview With The Real Jim White

About screaming, nutball coaches. Link. Ever known an angry and effective track coach?

Guy races the London tube (subway), from one station to the next. Video.

Jim McClain has D2 video, girls 4 x 400 and girls/boys 3200. Link. Caleb gets tripped from behind and falls around 6:00, an unfortunate end to a fine prep career. Post race photos show him spiked and bruised.

In a slow, tactical 1500 final, Austin O'Neil is ninth. Link. After a big PR yesterday, an all-time SCV best, today's result was not unexpected. Onward to NCAA Prelims!

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Flashback Friday. Ultimate Running Coach, Pat Connelly. Pat is one of the very best (smart, caring, decent, selfless, hard working) I've met in the running biz.

Ken Goe/Oregonian: Quick facts about the Pac-12 Track & Field Championships. Pac-12 Networks, delayed until 9 a.m., Sunday May 24. WTH?????

Canyons @ State Championships Day 1 results.

Signal reports Aly Drake hired to coach Saugus girls soccer. ...Will she allow, encourage her players to run track?

Gadgets make you look like a dork. Ten things I wish I knew when I started running

npr: 2015 Rankings List Most 'Bicycle Friendly' U.S. States

Funny stuff from Daily News' Tom Hoffarth

Forget the Fitbit. Focus on lunch. Obesity has little to do with our sedentary lifestyle. Story. We don't blame corporate greed or government inaction. I knew smoking wasn't healthy. Overweight people know the same about unhealthy foods/portions.

PAC 12 Championships schedule and results.

Big West Conference Championships results. Foothill alums include Chris Low.

Five of the nine D1 girls 3200 qualifiers were from Great Oak, all under 11:00, all returning next year. D1 results.

Two Saugus girls qualify in the D2 3200, Samantha Ortega (10:39) and Mariah Castillo (10:49, best 9th grader). D2 results.

Brando notes on weekend results in Read More. Austin O'Neil appears destined to be the first SCV sub four miler.

Meb discusses rules and tricks for the older runner. Video. 10 milers on the grass. ...What percent of your workout is on asphalt? ...My athletes run 90 percent of their workouts on soft surfaces. ~Alberto Salazar. ...More Salazar.

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LetsRun: Three Thoughts On 2015 Hoka One One: It’s Official – Mary Cain Is Struggling, USATF Had Better Finish This Meet, And Where Were The Fast Times?

Oxy race video.

Another one of those Saugus girls break American record. Story.

Is your town foot-friendly? Link. We think downtown Los Angeles is a great place to walk, and recommend taking the train tomorrow, spending the day. As to Santa Clarita, well, not so much. Who walks anywhere? Guys walk because their sweetie tells them to. And girls might if part of a girls thing, a chance to vent about their guys and kids.

When a lad and living sorta-near downtown Los Angeles, (irresponsible, arguably criminally negligent) mom allowed me to bus down and walk around. Unsupervised. 50 years later, I worked downtown and walked around. Highly recommended:

Union Station
Ride subway
Grand Central Market
Music Center
Olvera Street/Chinatown
Southwest Indian Museum
Central Library
Angel's Flight (not operating)
Walt Disney Concert Hall
Lunch @ Biltmore
Drinks @ revolving 34th floor lounge, Westin Bonaventure

We don't know (or care to know) Anthony Bourdain. Probably not a runner. But we enjoyed his Life Lessons.

Register for the 2015 Independence Day Classic.

Andrew Wheating = super happy.

Wall Street Journal: The Four-Minute High-School Mile, 50 Years Later. Look at the track. Most high school tracks in the Ryun era were scraped dirt. Today's Foothill-quality tracks are at least a second faster per lap. ...BTW, back-when, we were so tough, our laps were 2.336 meters longer.

Post Season
May 15-16 Canyons at State Championships, College of San Mateo
May 16 West Ranch, Valencia @ D1 SS Prelims, Trabuco Hills
May 16 Canyon, G.V., Hart, Saugus @ D2 SS Prelims, Moorpark
May 21-23 Master's @ NAIA National Championships, Gulf Shores, AL
May 23 SS Finals, Cerritos
May 29 Masters Meet, Cerritos
June 5-6 CA State Championships, Buchanan High School, Clovis

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New York Times: I.O.C. Strips U.S. of Olympic Relay Medals in Tyson Gay Doping Case

The women who dare to run long command respect and hope to inspire others. Tough Terrain for the Women of Ultrarunning

NYT: Questions About Coffee and Health

Competitor asked specialty running store owners and managers around the country: Which new shoe releases are you most excited for this spring? Link. Do new running shoes make you buzz, get you excited?

Flotrack: ENTRIES: Pac-12 Outdoor Championships

Oops, Oxy is tonight. LetsRun has details. ...We're doing a 5K XC race on Pre's Trail.

Kevin Sully/Daily Relay speed ranks the world, the 800 through the 10,000. Here.

Larry Eder/RunBlogRun provides seven reasons why the 2015 Diamond League rocks. ...Check out the 2015 Pre Classic start list.

Oxy results.

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LetsRun: The Week That Was.

Look who is racing tonight at Oxy. Here. Superior competition. Attend. It's a thrill to be around such athletes and best coaches.

43 year old mom, who started running 7 years ago, in only her 2nd marathon, wins the Eugene Marathon. Story.

The New Yorker: Scientists at University of Minnesota identify a new strain of fact-resistant humans

The Atlantic: How to Stop Procrastinating

“(People) didn’t care about anyone else, so stepping over people and stuff.” Tweet from that terrible train wreck in Philly. More.

SCV News: Canyons Track & Field Preps for CCCAA State Championships

Outside: News Flash: Cyclists Are Still Doping

Track & Field News: Americans With USATF & World Qualifiers

Falco DiGiallonardo, Chico State soph, Valencia alum, Saugus and DD friend, is the fastest D-II 1500 guy to NOT make the NCAA Championship race. Link.

Funny. About SCV roads and stuff from a guy who actually grew up in Mentryville. Link.

LetsRun previews Oxy,

The Santa Clarita Runners are racing the 5/10K event in Fillmore on May 16th. It a really fun event. You have a good chance to come home with a bag of oranges. Link. Buy tickets for the drawings. One year we bought a lot of tickets, ten or twenty bucks worth, and came away with a, well, s**t load of good stuff, including meals at the best Mexican place in town. The race on roads, through town and around orange groves. Very scenic. No stress. Lotsa fun.

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