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Fueling a Sub-2 Marathon

How to Eat Like a Nutritionist. Without kale or quinoa.

Are cyclists an invasive species?

But what about psycho runners?

Learning to Squat. ...Better, do burpees. Around long before that app designed by the Belgian fitness expert Mehdi Hadim, with no thought or reference to sixth century B.C., to Olympic wrestler Milo of Croton.

Joyciline Jepkosgei’s training ahead of half marathon world record finish. ...She's not in WADA/IAAF out of competition whereabouts pool.

1 Hour of Running Adds 7 Hours of Life ...More.

10 companies control everything you buy. ...If you buy junk food.

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Anxiety Over Illness Ups Risk of Injury in Competition

Are antioxidant supplements associated with higher or lower all-cause mortality? Read.

What Chill Mice Can Teach Us About Keeping Calm

Fatal injury aside, U.S. life expectancy is at the top.

Flotrack video: Sydney McLaughlin Speed Work Session. Inside. ...BTW, why do you never see distance runners training with a sled?

Must Read: Week That Was. Ross Tucker provides a scientific reason why women collapse so often at the end of races.

Like: High School Journalists Land a Scoop, and the Principal Resigns

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We're late. Computer issues. Now good.

Allie Ostrander's Steeplechase Debut Is A Game-Changer ...Only 20 years old. Only 5 feet high. Fast. Tough? In 2014, she won the brutal Mt. Marathon Junior (under 18) race outright (girls and boys). ...Would we be better distance runners if required to steeple?

2017 Foothill Bests

More on Allie's Steeple Debut

Kara Goucher on life as an anti-doping whistle-blower

What mostly comes out of your mouth? Negative or Positive?

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Check out the outstanding Carlsbad 5000 results for Frank and Kelley Schranz. And for Carl Stromberg. Carl and Kelley are easily the best in the SCV 60+ group for the 5000. ...Rich Burns is in that age group, but now lives in Ireland.

Jamaica doping

Q&A with Matt Centrowitz Sr. ...Centro Sr. and Jr., both New Yorkers, both held the 1500 record at UO. ...And tomorrow... We might attend.

Perchance you overlooked in your Harvard Business Review... Pressure Doesn’t Have to Turn into Stress. ...Or in Hamlet. ...Notice the Modern Text. Who knew Shakespeare needed translation. ...Coming soon. Handel's Messiah for dummies and kids.

3 hours, 8 minutes yesterday mostly running, some walking on the McKenzie Trail. Only saw three hikers, one dog, one friendly cyclist. ...Later we did an hour hike on the nearby Willamette River loop.

Judge John Hodgman on Peanut Butter Straight From the Jar

Worst states for retirement? California is #3. More.

Alberto Salazar talks about Jordan Hasay and Galen Rupp

Pro tip of the day: Bird clubs are a great place to pick up chicks! ...We just got back from a lecture by world champion birder and author, Noah Strycker. ...More. ...And bought his book. Inscribed with his tip of the day: Keep Looking Up!

Oregon Track Club April Newsletter

Watch Mr. Pancake @ 330 pounds anchor a relay. Here. Faster than thee and me.

Forget the Nike Sub 2 shoes, I'd like a Super Seals Brain Zapping. For science, you understand. And a 70+ PR.

California All-Time Prep Track & Field Records!

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Q&A with Pat Tyson. Historic fellow. Has some stories.

Shall we make life easier yet?

Eight Habits of Highly Successful People

Gone today to run on the McKenzie River Trail. See, in a sorta virtual reality, easier for both of us way, you'll be with me. ...Don't worry, we will gladly and kindly yield to mountain bikers.

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2017 Foothill Bests. ...Along with other results, photos, links. We bow and scrape before Paul Broneer.

Funny. Must We Have the Olympics?

2 minute video. Should You Walk or Run When It's Cold?

Remembering Ed Whitlock. And why we like him so much. ...No preening. No advice.

Video: Official chaos at Stanford Invitational.

Dandy day for Hasay @ Prague Half Marathon. Rupp continues to have foot problems. Prediction: No Boston.

Chris Low, Canyon alum, wins the 800 with a 1:47.11 PR at the Stanford Invitational. Anyone else we should know about?

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NYT: Walk, Stretch or Dance? What's Best for the Brain?

Fun read. The Gray Zone: Will the Men’s 800-meter AR Go Down? Don't forget Boris Berian, 2016 World Indoor Champion, an aggressive front runner like Johnny Gray.

Neely Gracey: My “Bread & Butter” Workout

NYT: A Positive Outlook May Be Good for Your Health. And for your social life too. Negative, carping folks are a drag.

Walk, run, cycle, dance... Read.

Michael Joyner, MD: A Roadmap To Better Health. At a minimum, read the Executive Summary.

Canyons @ Bakersfield Relays

Saugus @ Valencia results.

Darwin Was a Slacker and You Should Be Too. Darwin probably got in his MDR 10,000 steps.

If I had jogged the 2012 Olympic 1500m final…I would have avoided a fall and probably still medaled once the dopers were caught. ~Morgan Uceny.

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Is Fat Killing You, or is Sugar?

Not everything that’s hard is good of course, but almost everything good is very hard. Sometimes The Only Way Out Is Through. ....Also from Ryan Holiday. Ego is the Enemy. I liked it so much I immediately read it again.

Outside video: How is My Fitness Data Being Used? ...On the other foot. Walking 10,000 to 20,000 steps with my honey is usually the highlight of the day.

Salt Lake City is a very weird place. How Utah Keeps the American Dream Alive

Must Read. Ross Tucker/Science of Sport: Sports science, marginal gains and common sense

Cyclist Claims To Be Victim Of ‘Runner Rage’ ...No surprise. Some runners, friends of mine, are wound a little too tight. ...One SCR friend always ran with a gun. ...It's a jungle out there, on the roads or trails, and you never know who's packing and/or a nut case. ...Chill

Olympics need Los Angeles in 2024

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News you can use. It's raining in Eugene. Only five rain-free days this month.

The Master's track & field update.

the morning shakeout. ...Mario is right, cross country is one of the most popular sports at the high school level precisely because it is a team sport. SCV is fortunate to have the COC Summer Series. Would it be too complicated to add a team competition? Oddly, there is no such thing in Eugene, save once, now about four years ago at Lane Community College. Imagine, there were about about 13 teams --high school, college, masters (male, female, and mixed), and other loosey-goosey assortments. It was tough and a lot of fun.

Exceedingly geeky read, but a revised age group grading gives Ed Whitlock credit for a 1:59:57 marathon. Here.

14 ways being a runner is like working in tech

They’re 74, but age doesn’t stop couple from doing 100-milers. ...Consider daily walks with your non-runner spouse/mate/kid/parents/ sibling, you know, people you really care about.

Don Barrington writes: I did my 1st race this past Saturday, a 5k in Laughlin. 21:45, 12 weeks and 4 days post surgery. ...Don M. here. That is truly terrific.

Another post prostate op friend we (and probably you) know writes: The cancer is in remission. I get checked again next week. Trying to run, but I get tired after about a quarter mile. Hopefully I can come visit you this summer in Eugene and run with you. I'm hoping to be able to do a couple miles by then. Back at... and hope to finish the year. I had to take about a year off for all the treatments and procedures.... The doctors are doing amazing stuff

You might be the most fit, careful dude in town, but if 40 or older you need to get a PSA/blood test and see your PCP every year. ...I know 8 SCV runners who had prostate cancer, including three who required post op chemo and radiation. All are still above ground. ...The ladies are better about their cancer potential issues.

The Hidden Risk of Running a Marathon

Tonight's OTCM workout is on the South Eugene HS track @ 5:30 as usual. Following warmup and drills, here's the session:

4 x 1000m @ 10k goal pace w/ 90 sec rests
2 minute rest
2 x 800m @ 5k goal pace w/ 2 min rest
2 minute rest
400m, 300m, 200m, 100m cutdown

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