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NFL On Drugs

Best anti-ageing exercise

Oranges taste best in the shower

Wanna get 4% faster? Here, slip into these.

Don 4% slower last night. OTC 5K resullts. Hey, back off, it was just a rustbuster.

Kyle Merber/Citius: What makes a meet great

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6 Iconic Hikes You Should Do Before You Die. ...A guy in the family just bought a place in Mt. Shasta City. We hope to summit that sucker --you know, before we die.

Don's list of iconic So. Cal. hikes/runs...

1. Beast
2. Slide Mountain
3. Mt. Baden-Powell
4. Mt. Baldy
5/ Mt. Whitney
6. Kelso Dunes
7. Mt. Pinos (you can bike this, on trail or on good road)

Semi-Rad: Happiness is Your Backyard Trail

Consider Viagra. Women too?

NYT: Warm-Ups, Cool-Downs, What Works, What Doesn’t. ...For decades I rarely warmed up. For decades I had hamstring issues. In the past decade I've warmed up, and experienced no hamstring problems of consequence.

TrackTown Fitness/Ian Dobson video: Core Exercises. Good for everyone. We do all those exercises in Pilates for Mature Adult (one hour, twice weekly). Presently, Don is the only male in the harem.

The Economist: America’s opioid epidemic is worsening

Spokane has eliminated all unchallenging classes, such as Outdoor Living, a science course that Wyborney described as “Camping 101.” College prep courses are now the default curriculum for all high school students... Story

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the morning shakeout ...Amanda Loudin's article on stretching begs your attention. We're all different, of course, but it seems likely we would all benefit with more loosening up, increasing range of motion and core strengthening.

Steve Magness: Running Form: Active vs. Passive

Research pours cold water on ice bath recovery theory.
OK, good, with such low body fat, I've always been the shrimp shivering like a fool. But after a Saugus to the Sea, or up/down Mt. Baden-Powell, standing or sitting in the Pacific or mountain stream quickly made me functional again.

Alex Hutchinson tweets on Sub 2.

Alex Hutchinson: Nike’s Magic Shoes: What If They Really Work?

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Ryan Hall opines on the sub 2 marathon

Team Sky was a grand illusion indulged by cheerleaders for too long. ...More.

It's the year of the improbably-old-but-still-indomitable athlete, which basically means the rest of us have a new way to feel bad about ourselves. Read.

Daily minimum requirement. Play outside. ...Does anyone go outside in your neighborhood?

Consider going outside your filter bubble.

Always take a a victory lap.

Oregon Track Club March newsletter.

Science harrumphs: Break the two-hour marathon record? It could be done today

Semi-Rad: Living Life Takes More Than a Credit Card

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Alan Garcia provides Trevor Habberstad Invitational photos.

SCV Hurdles: 2017 Foothill League Bests

Saugus @ Don Green Invitational results.

Snapchat, Social Media, Track & Field...

Retired lady Marine does seven marathons in seven days on seven continents

The Timeless Link Between Writing and Running

Trevor Habberstad Invitational results.

Brando reports on Don Green.

USATF Indoor results

Too much? Shooting Percentages? Device Tracks Players’ Heart Rates.

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Now reading Tibet: Culture on the Edge. Terrific text and photography. Great gift for those who love mountains. Published in 2011 for $45, discounted to $19.98 at a Eugene bookstore.

The Best Instagram Accounts For Runners

David Epstein/NYT: Why Our Champions Are Getting Older.

At the USATF Indoor Champs, Chris Low got 3rd in his heat, but didn't qualify for the finals. Results.

Trevor Habbestad Invitational photos.

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Is Your Sleep Tracking App Keeping You Up All Night?

But then there is The case for going to bed at 2:30 am

Who wants to run 26.2 miles through the Maine North Woods in the middle of December? Marathon Man

Outside: Best Advice Ever

153 Master's track & field photos.

Leading cause of premature death? Consider

Origins of 10 Great Insults

In Greek mythology, the Amazons were a race of women warriors. ...Now reading Last of the Amazons. It's a fun read. Especially for women. Women, the superior sex, are kicking ass. Slicing and dicing dude ass. ...As it turns out, the mythological Amazons were real. ...More from National Geographic.

Best States? Not #19 Oregon. Not #23 California.

He didn't talk to anyone for 27 years. The Secret Life of America's Last True Hermit

153 Master's University track & field photos. ...And more.

What will it take to break the 2-hour marathon? Why is Nike going through with it if it won't qualify as a world record?

Alex Hutchinson: The Biomechanics of a Two-Hour Marathon

Ian Dobson/TrackTown video: Strength Exercises

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NYT: Congress Gives Antidoping Officials An Earfull

Fun rant. Tone deaf IOC won't hear what cities do: hosting the Olympics sounds like sour notes

Reprise. Q&A with Bob Larson, Meb's coach. Part I. And Part II.

On birding as an extreme sport. Bird Man. Lives in Eugene. If married to a birder, you necessarily become one too. We count birds daily. Plus or minus 20. Mostly from the comfort of our family room. She has a rule that we only count what we can see from the property. ...Reminds me. That article/debate on the utility of Fitbits. Birders and Fitbit folks are similarly competitive. We compare sightings and steps. ...Like doping, there is Fitbit cheating.

Flotrack video: Robby Andrews & Pete Callahan Tempo + Speed Work

What A Vegan Ultra-Athlete Eats In A Day

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