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Hey, maybe Payton is clean, but the rest of the NFL is dirty. Story.

Having your ethics investigated by Roger Goodell is like being called ugly by a frog. ~Malcolm Gladwell

Hosting great track events ain't cheap. Story.

Alex Hutchinson/Sweat Science: Can Hot Baths Make You Faster? Some new fangled idea called adaptation.

Must Read. Q&A with Chris Fox. His Syracuse guys shocked all at NCAA D1 cross country. Shouldn't have. We saw them in force at D1 t&f champs. Nice guys.

New Year’s resolutions worth making

Pumping Iron Can Help You Live Longer. Could we just say healthy living/overall fitness is good, and leave it at that?

People who volunteer live longer. Story. Ditto for those who show gratitude.

Of the Santa Claritians, past and present, in the Oregon Track Club Masters, only Craig Godwin were Top Ten Individuals in 2015. Link. The Dons (Barrington and McLean) not there.

NYT: 15 Ways to Be a Better Person in 2016

WSJ: Measure Your Body Fat in the Office Parking Lot

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MileSplit: California 2016 Outdoor Meets

Scientific American: Why Creativity is a Numbers Game

James "Doc" Counsilman was a great coach. The "X" Factor

Kurt “Tarzan” Searvogel is on pace to break the record for most miles biked in a year. See here and here.

Steve Magness: The Value of Moderate Training Days

David McNeill: Runners and Non-Runners: Can We Level With Each Other?

WSJ: The Rise of the NFL Cycling Nerd

Don's place in Pine Mountain Club was sold. So ends 40 years of property ownership in CA.

Three-year-old Desi Sorrelgreen’s favorite thing about his preschool is “running up hills.” Preschool Without Walls

Outside: Deadly Substances Are Lurking in Your Supplements

Real Clear Science: A New Potential Replacement for Body Mass Index

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Talent matters, but today's best athletes work harder, longer, and smarter. Better All The Time

Brendon Ayanbadejo, a 10-year NFL veteran and Super Bowl champion, provides a first-hand account of the cutting-edge medicine NFL players use to enhance performance and recovery. Video

More on Payton Manning/NFL. Here.

Video: Paper Is Not Dead

Q&A with Megan McCandless. Second at California state. Trains twice daily.

Roger Robinson: The Arduous Joy of Racing. ...When's your next race?

Daily Relay: The Monday Morning: Yelp reviews for 2015

Joe: The top 5 track meets I attended in 2015

Disgraced track star Tim Montgomery understands denial by Manning, others

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Race The Mile. The Hayward Field all comers meets feature the Joggers' Mile. It's the most popular event. At least 50 folks of all ages and abilities compete. A yearly check-up, a marker to determine progress or deterioration. In a different century, the Santa Clarita Runners had mile races at their two annual all comers, and a downhill mile on Rockwell.

Living the Fitbit life.

Peyton Manning, Others Linked to PEDs

LAT: Even for the active, a long sit shortens life and erodes health

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BBC: OK to let loose once in a while? All of yesterday's bad stuff is gone, eaten or trashed.

Must read. On big time college sports. Cesspool of Slime

Fitbit Charge HR. She had one. Now Don has one. Impressive. Doesn't lie.

NYT: The Wisdom of the Aged

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Enjoy the family.

No computer, gizmos, games, television.

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Live from Eugene, Bailey Miller on local reaction to Hayward Field Renovation Plan

Spikes: Best of Words of Wisdom

Dan Agnew/Signal: Fleshman and Montano leading the charge in cleaning up track and field

Good advice. Regress to a Better Mean

If Rocky 4 Happened For Real (30 for 30 Parody)

Why Ankle Injuries Can Have Long-Lasting Effects. Take care of your ankles. Protect them from injury. If injured, do the work prescribed by your M.D. and RPT. Until you don't need your ankles.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/12/23 13:18:38 (84 reads)

NFL can't remember promising to fund concussion research. Story.

NYT: Swimmer Rethinks Her Course After a National Breakthrough

Alex Hutchinson: Why Coaches Matter. ...And The best fitness tracker? Your brain

The science myths that will not die

NYT: Fit Body, Fit Brain and Other Fitness Trends. ...With all the holiday rush and stress, perhaps you missed the key phrase. ..."Japanese scientists found that the brains of fit older men were almost as efficient as the brains of young people."

Just in time! Dave Barry’s 2015 Year in Review

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