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Pan Am results. Alysia Montano and Phoebe Wright qualify for the final.

What If World Records Had Started Anew In 2000?

Ross Tucker/Science of Sport on Froome, Tour de France. Link.

Jamaicans dominate running because they do it for a better life and they are not messing around

Is Overdistance Training Beneficial For Runners? But what if you're an experienced, even chronic marathoner or ultramarathoner? A 30 miler, with plenty of stops for fueling... It's good AND really fun. Bring back Saugus to the Sea! (Actually, downtown Newhall to Ocean Blvd, Santa Monica, 30 miles, 4+ hours. Blame Gene Blankenship and Jeff Boyd --Hart people.) Mostly, the overdistance sorts get injured because of imbalances and insufficient recovery. ...Ross Tucker should tell us what percent of runner injuries are due to stupidity. We think it's 80-90%

Chris O'Hare, 1500m specialist, does 400-200 track workout. Video. Sure you don't need track work? "Stop all this weeping, swallow your pride/
You will not die, it's not poison," said Bob Dylan

Alysia Montano get 2nd at the Pan Am. Results. Has any SCV runner ever medaled in international competition?

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Two we missed from Women's Running. What Nike Zoom Camp Taught Me About Running. And What Running Looks Like For A U.S. Soccer Player

Armchair sports scientists have had a field day with the power numbers of Tour de France leader Chris Froome, proving the release of such information is a no-win situation. More.

Updated from T&FN. 2015 World Championships Medal Predictions

Get out the hankie and read We’re Letting Mountain Lions Down. We had an up-close-and-personal with a lion near Mentryville. No. 1 son had the same many times in the Pine Mountain Club area. Once to save his mutt, "...and so I got between the lion and Duncan." ...We read somewhere you're roughly 2000 times more likely to be killed running or cycling on the streets of Santa Clarita than by a mountain lion. ...Probably a million times more likely as there has never been a human killed by a lion within fifty miles of Santa Clarita.

Track & field gets underway today at Pan American Games in Toronto. Alysia Montano is women's team captain. ...TV details. ...Athletes and schedule.

Embracing The Battle Scars. It's life, and life only, said Bob Dylan (not a runner).

Tonight's OTC Masters workout in Read More.

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PrepCalTrack: California High School All-Time Outdoor Track & Field Records

Daily Relay: Sub-3:50 Statistical Abstract

11 second PR for Jenkins in Belgium 5000 (2nd best 5/10 guy at NCAAs). Video.

"... in sports as corrupted as athletics (track & field) and cycling, Snow White, Pollyanna and Mother Teresa would all have to be suspects." Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Trail porn, racing in the German Alps. Video. Forsake the concrete and asphalt.

Daily Relay: Monday Morning Run

Steve Welker writes: Gene Blankenship stopped by the West Ranch XC morning run to meet our sophomore Bryce Fenenbock, son of Kevin Fenenbock. Gene coached Kevin when he ran for Hart in the early '90s. Coach Blankenship hung out with me and we compared notes on training. He watched our kids do their work and shared a bit of his philosophy with them.

Good advice. Rethinking Exercise as a Source of Immediate Rewards

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What's The Optimal Speed For Exercise? Faster and further to last longer?

The Wildcats are on the Beast today, and maybe others as well. What's accomplished on the Beast plainly speaks to your commitment, fitness, and willingness to suffer (guts). ...See Brando's list in Read More. ...Beast Bests used to be listed by age group. See lists in Comments as of 2011. Are SCV masters doing the Beast nowadays?

CBS: Obese people almost never attain normal weight

SI: Jenny Simpson hits her stride as U.S. distance running’s new leader

Spikes: ...two days deep in to the IAAF World Youth Championships Cali 2015 and we're having an absolute ball. This is what has had us smacking our lips, doffing our caps and waving our hands in the air like we just don't give a damn after the first four sessions. Link.

With a four second PR and a WR... Dibaba in the spotlight after milestone. ...Shannon Murakami got really good once she started training with the Saugus boys.

Watch Kiprop, et al in the Monoco 1500. ...And the strangely moving commercial.

Brando: Ortega pulls off the unthinkable, breaks 40 minutes up the Beast. ...West Ranch results pending.

Another sub 40 immortal. Caleb McClain ran a 39:33 earlier this year.

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COC #2 results.

West Ranch boys were out in force. Bob Binnie has photos.
...Nice, eh? Wish I was there competing with you. Thirty years ago I ran my first COC. ...The Oregon Track Club has weekly All-Comers meets in July at Hayward Field. Last night there were 61 in the mile, including Don in 7:01. (Disappointing as the pace was 7:15 in the most recent 5K.) ...Laurel Mathiesen signed in the competitors. Daughter of Jeff and Anne Riggin. Don was wearing his vintage Santa Clarita Marathon. "OMG, OMG," she said, "I can't believe you're from Santa Clarita." ...Next time we'll try the 800 and javelin. ...We biked to and from Hayward Field. Nice warmup and cooldown. Still evening light at 9:30. ...Though there is a certain whiff in the air along the river trail. It is now legal in Oregon to grow and smoke your "recreational" pot.

Santa Clarita Runners has photos.

Are GMOs Safe? We grow sweet corn. Organic. Sun kissed, picked and into boiling water within one minute. Now that's fresh and sweet. ...Neighbor lady was admiring our garden and decided to grow her own, and took us up on our offer of the thinned stalks. Later, she thanked us, so joyful to have non GMO corn. And then, well, expressed disappointment when we told her it was GMO corn. (She hasn't yanked it out.)

Ian Sherman writes: I read your comments regarding West Ranch's Performance at COC #2 this morning and do believe it was a very strong showing by the Wildcats. However, the results don't tell the whole story. They fail to reflect the 15:52 performance of Ryan Painter and the 16:3X performance of Timothy Sterkel. I'm not sure what happened with their chips or what-not, but these two athletes definitely add to West Ranch's already strong showing. I think there will also be a great battle in the Foothill League between Saugus's Ryan Tate and West Ranch's Ryan Painter and Tucker Welker for individual league champion.

Q&A with Lauren Fleshman

Patrick Wales-Dinan of Duke University video on General Strength.

Teen killed at Bouquet/Seco intersection by SUV driver, who witnesses say ran a red light. Story. ...Commentary here.

Dibaba breaks WR, Rowbury smashes AR in the 1500. Simpson 4th. Story. ...Complete Monaco results. ...Dibaba race video.

Santa Clarita Runners has more COC #2 photos.

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COC #2 tonight. West Ranch will be there, and Beast on Saturday.

Experts say prolonged standing, like sitting, is bad. Link. What's a body to do?

Obvious. Improve Running Performance with Cycling

Greg McMillan: Progression Run.

What Happened To Obea Moore? Trailer. ...More.

A coach’s tough, cerebral style guided a Bronx high school team through pain and triumph as it pursued a city basketball title. A Long Hardwood Journey

How To Be Nice To People.

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Will Leer, Ben Blankenship, Lauren Wallace, Charles Jock, and Andy Bayer go through their pre-race routines. Video.

Jay Johnson's Core X is a simple routine - 10 exercises, 30 seconds each exercises; 5 minutes total. Video.

Cabin Porn. ...Buy mine in Pine Mountain Club, 45 miles from SCV, one mile high. See Comments.

Vin Lananna and Connie Price-Smith will serve as the men's and women's head coaches for the U.S. track and field team at the 2016 Olympics. Story. ...This guy is great, a success in whatever he does. Don's choice President of the United States.

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Hi Don,

We saw that more comments were made on Lexi's win at the COC series on Thursday night. We wanted to update you on Lexi.

Lexi had a great XC season winning 3rd place at USATF Junior Olympics in Myrtle Beach this past December. She almost got second but got knocked down by another competitor right before the finish and managed to pick herself up and fight for the third place finish. This was her second year making top 3. She was also able to juggle both XC and soccer at the same time helping her team go undefeated winning their league cup. She continued with soccer through State Cup in March leading right into her track season.

She had one of her best track seasons this year not losing a single race from the 200 through the 3000 leading up to Southern California JO's. She was able to win the 5 star award in our Southern California Track and Field conference in the 200, 400, 800, 1500, and 3000 and continued to PR throughout her season in all of her events.

She was able to break 8 conference and co-conference records during the season at our invitational and conference and co-conference championships. At our conference finals she ran 3000 (10:18), 1500 (4:49), 800 (2:21), and anchored the 4x400 (1:03 best time) all in the same day breaking 3000, 1500, and 800 records. She was able to do it again one week later at our co-conference championships running 3000 (10:19), 1500 (4:48), 800 (2:21), and 4x400 breaking all 3 records.

As busy as our family was with two graduations and numerous school and family obligations, she decided to run at our USATF Southern California Championships and she won the 3000 (10:18), won the 1500 (another PR of 4:46), and barely missed getting first in the 800 by a fraction of a second but running a huge PR of 2:18. That one shocked all of us.

As much as we would have liked for her to go to Nationals in Florida this year, we have always encouraged Lexi to go, but have ultimately given her the choice. Lexi decided not to run even though she had the best times in the nation. She likes to have her summers off to take some time off from training, have fun, play soccer with her friends, and run some of the COC XC races, which she has done since she was 8. She has always enjoyed running with the people in our community even though she never runs it, she races it!

Lexi's sister, Haley will be starting her freshman year at West Ranch this year. Unlike her sister, Haley has mostly loved being in a youth program to run with her friends. She has never been a very serious or competitive runner. But this summer we have really seen a change in her. She has really been enjoying training with her team and working hard everyday. We are really excited to see her start to love running as much as her sister does. We are hoping this will be a great year for her and her team and we look forward to seeing her grow in the sport. Lexi still likes to think of running as "her love" and "her sport"! Haley has enjoyed teasing her this summer when she comes home from practice showing her Garmin to her after each of her runs proving how fast she is getting. Lexi says she's not worried! She knows she is still faster (for now!)

Happy running!

Dana and Eric Fernandez (Lexi's parents)

Posted by donmclean on 2015/7/14 13:13:19 (244 reads)

Nicole Tully, 28, top 5000 runner in the U.S., has a full time job. Story.

All you need to know about muscle knots.

There's a special idiocy about taxpayers financing sports stadiums. Video.

Scott Jurek Breaks Appalachian Trail Record. Barely. ...Jennifer Pharr Davis, previous record holder, responds.

Henry David Thoreau said: I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practise resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life, to cut a broad swath and shave close, to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms.

Lexi Fernandez update soon. Probably later today.

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