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Steve Magness: Football is Holding Back the Strength and Conditioning Profession- A reaction to the Oregon fiasco

Links to recent stuff from Alex Hutchinson.

Lanni Marchant, Canadian national recorder holder in the marathon, wants more attention paid to her results than her appearance. Read. ...A criminal defense attorney. Lemme tellya, that's one tough minded runner.

I Ran Up the World’s Steepest 400-Meter Race—Using My Arms. ...Anyone remember Billy Goat Hill? Plenty of hands-on-knees on that , aka Uphill Mile. See Comments from 2006.

Reprise. From Bob Dickson, 2008. Conquering The Beast

Recommended: Mountain Trail Fun Runs – 2017

Video: Momentum-Alysia Montano

NYT: Florida’s High Schools Will Jump and Throw, as Well as Run, in Meters

Nah, you're not too old. Winning the Race Against Time. ...Yes, old people are allowed to race on the track. There's no hiding on the track. Same for all, young or old, no matter where you are. Be brave. Do it!

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the morning shakeout

Boris Berian: Letter to My Future Self

Interview with Davis HS junior and CA State Division I champion, Olivia O'Keeffe

UO football players hospitalized after grueling workouts

Scientific American: The Road to Pseudoscientific Thinking

If you're going to go on a "cleanse" don't make it a juice or diet cleanse, make it a technology one... ~Steve Magness

NYT: The Whiplash From Ever-Changing Medical Advice

Honor Benjamin Franklin, born 311 years ago today. ...Terrific bio for only a penny. Here. ...Anyone remember Ben's Ten? ...2008 slideshow. ...Ben"s Ten 11 years ago.

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Too busy for books? Not Obama. Not Bush.

Too busy to run? Not Herbert L. Fred, MD.

Strava Is Killing the Blissful, Beautiful Loneliness of Running

Age Grading Made Simple

Q&A with Clayton Murphy

Der Spiegal: Inside the Desperate Battle against Sports Doping

Cross-Country: The Greatest Sport Not in the Olympic Games. Part 1

You’ve got to earn the right to coach kids hard.

SCV All-Comers Meet, 2/11/17. All athletes, including adults, welcome. ...When did you last race on the track?

CSUN All Comers Meet, 1/28/17. Go ahead. No one will notice or care what you do. But you will know your fitness level. In an earlier century, many Santa Clarita Runners would compete at this event. Four all-comer meets in January and February.

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Brad Stulberg: You Can Be Happy and Lonely at the Same Time

Only 20% of Americans get the recommended 150 minutes of strength and cardiovascular physical activity per week, more than half of all baby boomers report doing no exercise whatsoever, and 80.2 million Americans over age 6 are entirely inactive. The New Science of Exercise? ... Only 21 minutes a day.

This prep really hates the treadmill.

Jameson Mora runs a 1:08.45 half marathon. ...FKT half by a Santa Clarita guy? Probably 1:06.00 by Dave Babaraki, August, 1984. Now 3rd best, Brian Spangenberg's 1:08.58. ...Jordan Hasay ran a 1:08.40 today at the Houston Half. Contrary to the news story, I believe she's the fourth best American half marathoner, behind Benoit, Kastor, and Flanagan.

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We attended the Oregon Track Club Masters dinner. Mary Decker Slaney felled again, this time by the flu. On 48 hours notice, Andrew Wheating agreed to be the featured speaker and did a good job. Funny, as always. Included a slide show. As you probably know, he got a shock second at the 2008 Olympic Trials (at age 21). qualified again in 2012, but suffered a major disappointment in 2016 and didn't make the team for Rio. Was depressed, even on medication, stopped running, and took off with his dog on an auto trip, eventually ending up camping in Death Valley (great place to be depressed?). Anyway, out of shape, bored, he decided to jog and discovered, with no pressure, running is really a sweet thing to do. Now almost 30, he has re-dedicated himself, etc. We wish him the best. A truly good guy.

It never ceases to amaze how dedicated the Oregonians are about track. There is a standing and entirely unpaid army of volunteers to keep the vibrant, worthy of the title Track Town USA. Thirty to forty years of volunteering is not uncommon. ...Paying it back, is the expression often heard. ...And the talent is likewise outstanding. Review the 2016 athletic achievements in Comments. So many are top ranked in the U.S. and the World. ...We heard there will be changes this year on All American status, reportedly easier in some events, more difficult in others. Will try to get more details.
...Perennially top female distance runner and triathlete Sharon Gerl, 69, agreed to submit to a Q&A next week. Will share her secrets, and that will be posted on DD.

How We Treat Highly Disciplined People

Jockolgy. Looking in a mirror while working out may not improve results

NYT. Running With The Pack. ...Creepy people are the most scary animals on the trails. ...The Santa Clarita Runners used to have a poisonous snake count contest. My best and winning year count was 16. At least half were on the COC xc course.

Dean Karnazes produces 5 ways to change your mindset.

You really must read The Secret Game. Check the customer reviews and see why.

Also very good. The latest Michael Connelly thriller: The Wrong Side of Goodbye. Saugus, CA plays a key part

Winter 5K results.

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Cyclists don't count as road users...

Why Does Japanese Marathoning Suck Now? ...Ditto American marathoning now (Shalane, Galen notwithstanding)? Economics might be a factor. At the elite level, you can only crank out two, maybe three marathons a year. You can probably earn more if you race more.

Video: One Man's Road to Recovery Cycling in the Dolomites

Oregon Track Club Masters 2016 Top Ten. Tough crowd.

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New FKT @ R2R2R is 5:55. Video. ...Ever walked down, back up at the Grand Canyon? Yep, me neither. Maybe this year.

Steve Jones was An Animal. Who was young, the best, and still ran easy three days a week.

‘Weekend Warriors’ Show Survival Benefits. Do what you can.

Good debate on sugar. Curiously, Americans are consuming less sugar, but obesity continues to escalate.

One High School Football Player’s Secret Struggle with CTE.

Pain is difficult to describe and impossible to see. How much does it hurt?

The 'Infamous' Mr. Whitlock

Training Like a Nike Super Athlete. OK, but does Nike have any 85 year old dudes who can beat Whitlock?

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6 Tests to Gauge Your Overall Fitness. Simple. Sensible. And how many of us work on overall fitness?

Friday is the Oregon Track Club Masters annual dinner. The featured speaker will be Mary Decker Slaney.

Steve Magness: My Rules of Coaching and Learning for 2017

The Importance of Books

Why the Fastest Runners Are Astonishingly Chill

Training Ratio Calculator To Stay Injury Free.

Obviously Oregon. Goat yoga. Some day we will see goat service animals. You might be sitting next to a goat on your next flight.

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