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Breaking news. Why beach volleyball players wear bikinis at the Olympics

Track schedule.

The Mountain Lions of Los Angeles

Unlike many young athletes, (Ashton) Eaton was competition-averse. When her son was in middle school, Roz Eaton said, she was summoned to the school and told that her son was throwing races and had a poor attitude. If it continued, he would not be permitted to compete at a district track meet. “He didn’t want to keep winning because nobody else had an opportunity to win when he competed,” she said. “It took us a while to figure it out.” More.

Is there a better American distance runner than Evan Jager?

Best 85 year old racer ever. Ed Whitlock.

Ella, my 10 year old granddaughter, is a good hill climber.

Ken Goe on Evan Jager.

Abbey D'Agostino has suffered a torn ACL, meniscus tear and MCL strain. Will not run Friday's Olympic 5k final


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Viewers Guide to Olympic Track & Field

NYT: Taking Sports to the Extreme

Watch Emma Coburn get bronzed. Just missed the silver.

Hi, my name is April, and I'm a Fitbit-aholic. ...Don and Libbie too.

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WSJ: Why Olympians Shatter Records in Swimming but Not Track

Things I Said I Did, But Did Not Actually Do

Canyon at The Beast

For Women Runners, There’s Always One Huge Concern

The Secret of Jamaica’s Runners

Brad Stulberg: How Exercise Shapes You, Far Beyond the Gym

Yesterday we hiked on the McKenzie River Trail. It's very popular with the MTB crowd. And there's an annual marathon on the trail. Lovely. Also spent about two hours in some hot springs nearby. Thoroughly smoothed out at day's end.

IOC to keep pushing for doping lifetime ban. Really?

Immigration Makes America Great at Rio

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Preview today in Rio

Hart grad Ervin wins gold in 50 free (again)
...More about coach Steve Neale. A good guy and talented runner. For a while he ran 3.5 hours, and 24 miles with the Sunday morning gang, starting at 5 AM.

Malcolm Gladwell/Nicholas Thompson: Caster Semenya and the Logic of Olympic Competition

LetsRun on Anaya, Huddle...

Just finished For the Glory: Eric Liddell's Journey from Olympic Champion to Modern Martyr. Perhaps you found Liddell a bit of a prig in Chariots of Fire. Not so here in this terrific, deeply researched, unbiased account of a truly good man.

The fight to cheat death is hotting up

California-based medalists face bonus tax when they return home

More on Anthony Ervin

Too Many Public Colleges are Dropout Factories

Long-Distance Running’s Loss of Innocence. Tonight is the men's 10,000. Will we again see some crazy fast times?

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Hey, dude. At comparable ages, your dad kicks your ass. Consider.

Total dude. Michael Phelps and his Swim Cap

Ya gotta love Kristin Armstrong

Good reads on Brenda Martinez and Evan Jager

Play minigames to test your ability at core Olympic skills. Armchair Olympian

WSJ: What Teens Need Most From Their Parents

Olds R Us

Oregon's 30 Best Swimming Holes. ...We especially like Oregon Hot Springs.

Scientific American: No One Wins Gold for Practicing the Most ...We practice the 10,000 daily steps rule.

Stulberg/Gladwell: Demystifying Intuition

Pics: Behind the Scenes at the US Olympic Track & Field Trials.

Michael J. Joyner: Age and Elite Athletic Performance

The First Americans hiked on the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT).

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