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Early results from Brando:

- Junior Brian Zabilski 4:32 1,600m/2:00 800m/9:32 3,200m triple
- Junior Sabrina Janes 5:05 1,600m/2:18 800m/58.8 400m split
- Junior Samantha Ortega 5:10 1,600m/11:04 3,200m double
- Sophomore Ashley Heys 5:18 1,600m/11:07 3,200m double
- Freshman Kaylee Thompson 5:19 1,600m/11:33 3,200m double

Q&A with Magdalena Lewy Boulet. Miler. Marathoner. Ultramarathoner. Coached by Jack Daniels, a proponent of treadmill hills.

Good read. About a real life Coach Carter. Link. And real life.

Eric Sowinski workout video.

Poppin' ibuprofen? Vitamin I

The World Health Organization is again urging people to lower the amount of sugar they eat. Story.

Excerpt. Sh*t My Dad Says. Delivered to the Kindle yesterday. Read by Don and his lady. Laughter throughout the day.

Runner's World: Eight Reasons to Sip on Coffee

Moorpark Tri Meet results.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/3/6 4:23:45 (160 reads)

1. You've described your USA XC Champs results as "pretty poor." How far were you from your expectations? And why?

I was pretty disappointed with my performance at US XC. My legs felt very tired from the gun and I just had no energy. It was one of those races where I thought I was ready to run fast, but my legs weren't under me. I wanted to finished in the top 10 and race well, but instead I was only with the lead pack for about a mile. After speaking with my coach, I think that my body is still adjusting to living and training at altitude.

2. By now you've had time to discuss with your coach, Andrew Kastor, and put the race in perspective. What did you learn, the negative and the positive?

I learned that there are some things that you just can't rush. I wish I was fully adapted to living at 8,000 feet by now, but that isn't the case. I just need to be patient and take training one day at a time. I'm also learning what it feels like to race with the elites every race. During college, I would hit a couple big races during a season and some races that weren't as competitive. Now, every race is a big race and very competitive so I am adjusting to that mindset too. I know that God is with me and will lead me through every obstacle that I encounter, so I'm over the past and excited for what God has in store for me in the future.

3. What is the day in the life of John Gilbertson?

I wake up at 7:00 to eat some peanut butter toast, read my Bible, and get ready for my run. I live in a condo with the rest of the guys on the Asics Mammoth Track Club and we walk to Mammoth Creek Park to meet for practice at 8:00. After the morning run, I'll eat my breakfast, shower up, and take a nap. When I wake up, I still lay around and rest up before my 2nd run. Usually, I'll text and e-mail people to keep in touch with my friends and family back home and read my Bible some more. Also, I get a massage 5 times a month to help recover from the training. After my 2nd run, we have gym work twice a week which consists of a little bit of weight training, stretching, and drills. On the days where there is no gym, I just fix up dinner and maybe watch a movie at night with my teammates before bed. My life is basically eating, sleeping, and running and it's awesome!

4. What are the races on your schedule in 2014? Focused on the 10,000 or what?

I'm running in the US 15k Champs on March 15th in Jacksonville, FL. After that, I'll be starting up a track season that will probably include races like Mt. SAC, Peyton Jordan, and Oxy High Performance. I still need to discuss the season with my coach so nothing is final yet. After that, I might take a trip to Europe for some fast track races there in the summer time. In the fall, I'll be training and racing in half marathons. So my race distances are going to vary, but I'm getting faster every day and I'll be ready for each race that I enter.

5. This time next year you hope to be...?

This time next year, I hope to be a bigger name in US distance running and be known as one of the top in the US. I will be fighting for that every day so that I can continue to use the talents that the Lord has given me to praise Him and give Him glory. To me, who I am as a person is more important than the goals that I have achieved. So by this time next year, my main goal is to be more loving, patient, and humble than I am now.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/3/5 11:03:30 (50 reads)

Ken Goe/Oregonian: USA Track & Field and the TFAA are talking about the Albuquerque DQs, and that is good for everybody

10 big questions for the World Indoor Champs.

Nancy Clark: Old Sports Nutrition Myths Debunked. Until next week.

Saugus competes today at the Moorpark Tri Meet. Cowboys at Burroughs tomorrow.

Funny. Kara Goucher Sponsorship Decision Flowchart

Lovely and thought-provoking. Open Door to Solitude. But what is Mike Kent's dog doing in the movie? ...With the recent drenching, SCV will soon have some green, green hills for your long and lonely runs. ...Consider the San Francisquito Mtwy/Tapia Canyon area. You can see it on Google Maps. Good for mountain biking and hikes too.

More on the incredible Kayla Montgomery

Posted by donmclean on 2014/3/4 13:40:30 (118 reads)

Another look at the amazing Kayla Montgomery. For Runner With M.S., No Pain While Racing, No Feeling at the Finish

Steve Magness/Science of Running: Why Breakthroughs can be dangerous? The Set Point Theory of Fatigue

They'd run with us if not for the bad knees. Dunk Now, Pay Later: Elite College Players May Suffer In Middle Age

Long Beach Poly ninth-grade sprint sensation Lauren Williams, who had established a then-nation-leading indoor time of 24.38 seconds for 200 meters in Idaho last month, is no longer part of Poly's famed track and field program. Story.

We should seek to disprove, rather than prove our beliefs. Link. Check your history and ego at the door. For more, read this.

Have downhills been your downfall? Link.

What an ultramarathoner and scientist learned in the woods about running. Bernd Heinrich: The Natural. While he has written some of the best running books, there is little there on how to improve your 5K PR. They go deeper than that.

Fun story. Grandpa, the College Wrestler

The village of Bekoji, in the highlands of Ethiopia, has produced long-distance runners who’ve won 16 Olympic medals in 20 years. What explains this remarkable success? Little Town of Champions

Ken Goe gives a thumbs down for linking athletes to failed drug tests without any evidence. See here. Movie link here.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/3/4 1:32:02 (86 reads)

Lisa and Paul have a rich history in Santa Clarita running, but also in cycling and the triathlon. They do nothing by half-measure, and it's a joy to be around them.

1. OK, an obvious one from runners. Why tri (try)? Isn't enough to be decent in just one discipline?
L- I was a triathlete before a runner. Actually, a swimmer first. Then, after my first Ironman, I figured out I needed to learn how to run. That's when I joined SC Runners, met Paul, and here we are!
P- Plus, there's the coolness factor of being a triathlete...

2. Do you need the best bike, Oakley's, Spandex, bleach blonde hair, tatts, piercing...?
L- If you don't look good...
P- Like any other sport, you need the right equipment. It doesn't have to be the best or most expensive but it does need to be good enough to do the job. Tats/piercings are a plus...

3. Seriously, how much training time? Training schedule/locations for the average SCV tri guy/girl?
L- I am currently training for Olympic distance triathlons. So it's about 10 hrs/wk. I still swim a little more than necessary, but I love swimming.
P- I also train about 10 hrs/wk. I currently don't have any tri's planned so instead of swimming (I don't really like to swim) I spend about 3 hours lifting at the gym each week.

4. Back when, Chuck Teixiera, while doing a hard 24 miler on Sunday, would happen to mention a bike round tripper to Ventura, or the Bouquet/San Fran loop, on Saturday. How crazy does it get, or was that just Chuck?
L- You want crazy? How bout those hamsters? Running the same 20+ miles every Sunday morning? Chuck would tell us about you guys when we met (at a decent hour) to do our ride!
OK. Chuck isn't human, we all know that. But look at him! He may not be running these days, but he's proof that once you set your mind to something and go for it, you can do anything!
P- A lot of his rides with us were after the Sunday long run, but that's just Chuck.

5. Is there a a SCV tri club? Who that we know is doing the tri these days? Current best SCV tri guy and girl?
L- I am a founding member of the SC Triathlon Club. We have over a hundred members, from beginners to experienced Ironmen. There are way too many choices - sprint, Olympic, half and full ironman distances. That's like asking who the best runner is. There are a lot of very talented athletes in this valley. Think about it. What sport can draw athletes from so many backgrounds?

6. Your thoughts on cross training (bike and swim) for
L- When I started running I had patella femoral pain. Cycling got rid of it. That was the first experience I had with the benefits of cross training. I know quite a few runners started cycling and swimming when they had a running injury. It's a great way to work on cardio and strengthen imbalances while giving your joints some time to recover, and it's a really fun way to meet new people and do some different workouts.
P- The benefits to health and injury prevention from cross training are well documented. For me, it's the active recovery that I like. For example, after a hard run day, an easy bike or spin the next day allows me to still work out while relieving the stress on joints from running.

7. More likely, less likely to be injured with tri training?
P- As with all sports, repetitive movements and over training is the bane of amateur endurance athletes. At some point we all get injured from training, right (bike crashes don't count as training injuries)?

8. Hoka One One?
L-Paul was diagnosed with Achilles tendinitis about ten years ago and tried all kinds of therapy. He tried the Hokas a year or so ago and found he could run with basically little or no pain.
P- I am currently training for a half marathon on March 22 (13 mile training run last week). If it wasn't for Hoka's, I wouldn't be running at all...

9. More fun, runners or tri people?
P- It's a tie.

10. If Santa Clarita was ruled by tri people...
L-It truly would be AWESOMETOWN!

Posted by donmclean on 2014/3/3 14:09:19 (132 reads)

It takes more than happy talk with your training buddies to get through the training grind and meet your goals. How Olympians Stay Motivated

Fun reads on Whole Foods. here. and here.

What Parenting and Running Have in Common: or why joy is more essential than happiness

Q&A with Brooks Beast coach Danny Mackey

See John Gilbertson and the ASICS Mammoth Track Club.

Prep crashes just short of finish, crawls over the line. With 4th best prep mile time. Ever. Link.

On the DL. Cain. And Ritz.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/3/1 13:41:20 (166 reads)

The unbeatable world records.

Glendale College competed yesterday at the WSC South. Results. COC results at WSC No. 1 not available.

It's not about the shoes. Link. Most injuries due to "training errors."

You can't outrun your fork. More.

Hike, bike, run Santa Clarita.

Just in. Phoenix results:

Greg Garman 2:59.42
Chris Louie 3:11, PR
Tim Lee (1/2) 1:37

Nice result for The Rev, Greg Garman. He's 50-something. It has been many years since a 50+ guy has gone sub three. The Santa Clarita Runners 50-59 record is Denis Trafecanty's 2:53.11. More.

Let's run with Barry and Joe!

Take the test. Only in SCV. What Kind of a Driver are You?

New York Times: Excerpts from "Cycle of Lies." End of the Ride for Lance Armstrong

The Mangrum Invitational was cancelled; not to be resecheduled. Ditto WSC No. 1? I don't know.

Posted by donmclean on 2014/2/28 10:29:32 (125 reads)

SCV Invitational rescheduled to 3/8/14. Link.

Weekend Schedule:

2/28 - COC @ WSC No. 1, Bakersfield College

3/1 - Master's @ Mangrum Invitational

More on the upcoming movie, Unbroken, the incredible story of Louis Zamperini. Link.

Frankian Inks With Lady Mustang Distance Programs

Why Chis Solinsky is moving to the marathon. Link.

Amby Burfoot: What's The Best Training Program For Veteran Runners?

8 Things You Didn't Know About Fat

Rachel Rush and Amanda Nesheim to race with the Mustangs.

Brando: 2014 Foothill League Track Preview - Distance

13 Best Ultra Running Excuses

Was it the US Indoor Championships or just some circus act, wonders Phoebe Wright. That and other ruminations in Fast Food and Cheap Thrills.

You’ll have no trouble keeping up (online) with these highfliers. Ten Runners You're Not Following -Yet

Brando: SCV Track Bests

Favorite books in February:

Thinking, Fast and Slow
The Solace Of Open Spaces
The Boys In The Boat
The Great Leader
Going Home To Glory
The Hunger Games
The Highest Tide

Posted by donmclean on 2014/2/27 14:58:26 (136 reads)

Toni Reavis considers the economics and politics in our sport. Link.

Must read. When a Cramp Is Actually a Clot

Competitor: Should Distance Runners Lift Heavy? OK. Now, should distance runners hike, bike, row, swim, drill, dust, mow, rake, sweep...? Yes to all exercise.

What's elite in CA prep track? Link.

Is it raining on your parade? The Not-So-Bad Bad Day.

DyeStatCAL: 2014 CA Track and Field Preview - Boys Distance

NYT Magazine: The Secret to a Bulletproof Antidoping Test?

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