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Spikes: Born To Steeple. We saw that amazing duel at the Pre, along with Emma Coburn's new AR. You can be a steepler with short legs.

WSJ: The Greek Hero at the Gym. We go to a community gym. And, yes, it's mostly guys doing the weights, while the ladies do the cycle, stairs, elliptical. We're also doing pilates classes twice a week, and will likely add yoga once a week. I'm usually the only guy. It's all good.

Mario Fraioli:the morning shakeout

On smartphones.

Only at the Portland Track Festival.

Will Lear on turning pro. ...Reminds me. The main reason the University of Oregon didn't sweep the NCAA Champs is that some key athletes left the program over scholarship issues. It happens both ways. UO gets plenty of athletes leaving other programs. Bottom line. Coaches, recruiters lie. There is an inherent reduction clause in most, if not all situations.

Cramping? Alex Hutchinson on pickle juice and Hotshots. Note reference to mustard. Some guy, who sometimes comes to pilates, along with Don, gets attention from the instructor because we're the only two with tight hamstrings. After class, I asked what routines he does to get loose. Nothing, he said, but when his hamstrings cramp he reaches for a jar of this. One good swallow and the cramp disappears.

Some guy, 91, stays young with weightlifting. Walks, healthy diet, and positive attitude.

Chris Low, Austin O'Neil, and you have one last opportunity to qualify for the Olympic Trials. Consider.

OTC Masters workout in Read More. Definitely going with option B. At least 16. Rain or shine. It's raining now.

Meb will try to become oldest marathon medalist

Oiselle: For the ladies. 5 Tips for Runner Safety. 1. Be observant. Ditch the headphones.

Read More... | 3502 bytes more | 3 comments

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Chris Low ran 1:47.26 (Olympic standard is 1:46). Austin O'Neil ran 8:49.12 (standard is 8:32). Link.

Michael Joyner: The science behind your body's need for water

16 Quirky Runner Types

Kevin Sully: The Monday Morning Run. How much would you pay to see, in person, Brazier, Barian, Symmonds, Sowinski, Andrews, and Wheating in the Trials final?

Just checked. As of today, you would pay $43 to $88 per ticket.

Posted by donmclean on 2016/6/12 13:00:48 (178 reads)

The coolest race you never heard of. New York City's Underground Half Marathon

Greatness comes from grunt work. How Can I Bulletproof My Mind to Get More Out of My Body?

5 Ways to Fail at a Group Run

New Parenting Trend Involves Just Handing Children Bulleted List Of Things To Accomplish By 30

And never, ever let that damn smartphone out of your grasp. Story.

Michael Phelps has his sights set on an unprecedented fifth Olympic Games. Testing The Limits

Mark Covert, Nike, and the World's Greatest Sneaker. ...Q&A with Mark Covert

Posted by donmclean on 2016/6/11 14:14:55 (217 reads)

Must read. True freshman Donovan Brazier smashes Jim Ryun's 50 year old 800m NCAA record. Clayton Murphy runs 3rd fastest 1500 in NCAA history.

Donovan Brazier race video. ...Brazier's 200m splits: 24.13, 26.36, 25.98, 27.10 = 1:43.55. ...Reminds me of bspang's Beast advice: Red line it all the way..

Advice for Brazier: No reductions. ...Does Sharapova's Nike contract have a reduction clause.?

Tim Layden tweets: To be fair, 50 years is a pretty good run for Jim Ryun's record. ...Others note it was done a dirt track. No one to run behind.

Run to the Roar

Day Three stories in Eugene's Register Guard.

Saturday schedule. On ESPN at 3:30 PM.

Ten Simple Rules for Effective Statistical Practice. Read it as it might apply to your training, coaching/internet/your buddy's advice. What works for Brazier, Berian, and buddy probably won't work for you.

David Epstein: Do As I Sell, Not As I Do

Nietzsche, triple jump, and Montano make an unusual trio. Here.

Cheserek 5000 win video. ...Note Justyn Knight, the Syracuse runner was right there, in fourth, perfectly positioned, looking good with 400 to go. He finished 10th! .....Sic transit gloria, eh? ...Later he tweets: ...Sorry you had to see that. ...We met Knight and other Syracuse runners a year ago at the South Eugene High School track. A great bunch of guys, glad to engage with some, well, older and less speedy locals. Knight was especially friendly. We wish him well.

Posted by donmclean on 2016/6/10 5:58:16 (169 reads)

We kinda forgot Boris and shopped at the Nike Employee Store. Impressive. Got two pairs of Lunar Tempo 2, one pair of Zoom Structure 19. Out the door for $165.

The selection and service was first class, and the parking lot was filled with mostly expensive vehicles. Not on the Nike campus. We did go by the campus and saw other Nike facilities in the area. Wow. And to think that the former burger flipper is causing "irreparable harm" to that empire...

On Tuesday we saw Bob Dylan. Always unpredictable. Maybe the best I've ever seen/heard him. At 75, he continues to average about 100 concerts a year on his Never Ending Tour. His current album is Fallen Angels. Sample. Different, eh? ...Bob about 50 years ago here.

NYT on runners, racers, and their damn smartphones.

If you're in town for the Olympic Trials, race the Springfield 800. Like most of you, I have no speed (never did), but I've come to love this race. Last year, age 70, I ran 3:18.09. This year it comes on the after after the huge Butte to Butte 10K, and I'm doing that. Maybe I'll trot through the Springfield 800.

WSJ: Nike Will Continue Its Sponsorship of Maria Sharapova. ...In poor health, with many concerning conditions, the premier athlete has been on the medication since 2006. See here.

WSJ on Fitbit cheating. We have a Fitbit friend (like a Facebook friend) who cheats by strapping the Fitbit to the stationary bike pedal. We just laugh about it. Because my wife has a shorter stride, she takes more steps when we're walking together. That's not cheating, of course, but it sometimes forces me to walk after the walk to...

Mario Fraioli on NYT story favoring ultrafat (HOKA) shoes: For the 97,956th time: Running shoes don’t prevent injuries. A strong body and sensible training prevents injuries.

Canada goose and American bald eagle battle it out for the pride of their nations. Story. That scenario likely happens frequently in Eugene. We have bald eagles and hundreds (thousands?) feisty Canadian geese in the area.

Annie Proulx, the 80-year-old Pulitzer Prize-winning author/novelist, writes: It is not possible to put on paper the thing you have in your mind. More. Kinda profound, eh? We all do a lousy job translating for ourselves.

Science du jour: Bibliotherapy. Proven historically over thousands of years.

A better, faster, safer way to deal with pain. Consider.

Now in Tacoma. In Eugene later today.

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Jake Carver has a neat Eagle Scout project at West Ranch. Read.

Hey, I know this guy, Cody Danielson. Grandson of some Oregon friends. Nice guy. Gave us the inside scoop on the fun and travails of being a scholarship athlete.

NYT: Meet the Ultra-Fat, Super-Cushioned Running Shoe. The clown shoes. A few friends have been injured in falls because of the instability. We don't see those shoes much around here.

Bye now. After all my Nike vs. Boris Borian posting and blather, we're off to the Nike Employee Store and points north. Will stay in touch.

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The Woman Who Took On Nike with Running Shorts

To boost your aerobic energy, is it better to run farther or faster? How to Maximize Your Mitochondria. Probably more of both, and more rest and recovery.

Flotrack weekly workout video: Fartlek. It sure helps to have training partners/friends to encourage/push/shame us along.

Alysia Montaño Calls Russian Runners “Robots”

Nike Is Granted Temporary Restraining Order

Seth Totten writes from Paris: My parents say I exercise too much while we travel. I say it's traveling faster. Started with a coffee on the Rue Clue, then under the Eiffel Tower over the Central Park where I loops past Rolland Garros (where they play the French open) then down the Champs Élysées a fast loop around the Louve (gotta get those KOMs) and finished at a bakery with a croissant in hand all before they were awake.

More on Nike vs. Berian at the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Since Berian had already indicated he would not be competing before the Trials, the decision is really no big deal. It is typical for a judge to force discovery, getting the facts on the record, and hoping the parties will resolve it so he doesn't have to make a decision, especially if the facts indicated the 30 billion dollar (in 2015) gorilla in his town (Portland) is wrong. ...Interesting. The judge was nominated to the federal bench by George W. Bush AND Barack Obama. Link.

And more on Nike vs. Boris Berian. Story apparently written with the hearing transcript at hand.

Amd more.

Posted by donmclean on 2016/6/7 11:21:00 (222 reads)

LetsRun has the latest on Nike vs. Boris Berian here and here. Understandably distracted (distracked?), Berian has pulled out of some tune up races. Round 1 of the 800 Olympic Trials is July 1. ...In a locked WSJ story, we learn Berian, the World Indoor champ, might be forced to miss the Trials.

Some guy tweets: Three cheers to the company that touts Prefontaine as their inspiration while screwing a runner out of making a living. Pretty neat stuff.

Mario Fraioli: the morning shakeout

Preview Alexi Pappas movie: Tracktown

Tonight: Bob Dylan and Mavis Staples. Will be missing the Tuesday Night workout, only sorta. We're in a brief heat spell, temp today to 89 degrees.

Harvard: FDA targeting excess sodium foods

Science. Commando in bed?

Looking ahead at the Olympic Trials, Who's Hot, Who's Not? No mention of Alysia Montano.

Better than banana in a smoothie?

Nike plays hardball to keep its athletes. The original article in today's Wall Street Journal.

Posted by donmclean on 2016/6/6 11:24:28 (173 reads)

What Makes a Good Teacher? And coach.

Yes, Professional Runners Are Weak. No, I don't think so. Runners come in many sizes, including the barrel-chested sorts, and here I'm thinking of Chris Solinsky, Peter Snell, Dave Hartman, Brian Spangenberg... Alberto Salazar has his gang in the gym for many hours each week. ...Ryan Hall was a talented, graceful runner, and good guy too (adopting four Ethiopian young girls), but Meb has proven to be the better model, and he spends hours daily working on his core, strengthening, stretching, and cross training.

Join the Monday runners. Or something like it. And other, varied associations, disciplines. Avoid cliques, bitch only sessions.

Phoebe Wright: Courage Over Confidence

The True Cost of Being a World Class Athlete

Posted by donmclean on 2016/6/5 2:42:42 (333 reads)

Nike vs. Boris Berian is intimidation and sheer b.s. See here and here. There is no way the court will grant Nike's application for an injunction. In the kindest interpretation, Nike has overplayed its hand.

Nick Symmonds tweets: Here's a thought: agents and athletes, STOP signing any contract that contains reduction clauses. Let's make them obsolete.

Signal reports on state finalists Jeremiah Chow and Justin Gallegos

CA State Champs results.

Deadspin: Should There Be Testosterone Limits For Women In Athletics?

Sometimes it is not enough to do our best; we must do what is required. ~Winston Churchill

With a hat tip to Mike Kent, we learn and cheer Seth Totten's 4th place at the World Duathlon Championships

Ken Goe, ace track & field reporter in Portland, one of the few writers who can get Alberto Salazar on the line, nails it on the PR disaster that is Nike vs. Boris Berian

Love this. Deadspin on Nike vs. Boris Berian.

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