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Signal has SCM slideshow.

New Yorker: How the good... Get Better All The Time.

Nicholas Thompson/New Yorker: The Woman Who Came In One-Millionth Place

Watch preview for McFarland USA

Jay Johnson: High School Distance Runners: The Second Best Thing You Can Tell A College Coach Is No

About a bold, cold, and off day for Kara Goucher

From 2003 through 2011, 45 people died during triathlon races, 31 of them in the swim leg, most due to pulmonary edema. Here's why.

10 Questions: Blind Runner Dan Berlin on Completing the Rim to Rim to Rim

Favorite books in October:

Child of God
Memoirs of Montparnasse
The Afghan Campaign
The Legend of Bagger Vance
True Grit
The Man Who Smiled

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Signal SCM day stories here and here and here. Congrats to all.

New lie detector software used to analyse disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong could be introduced to keep doping cheats out of the sport. Link.

New York Times on Stephen Shay. A Brother Runs Past His Sorrow

Meb. Boston champ impresses -again- at age 39. Story.

See page one photo in the Oregon Track Club newsletter. Most racers do not start with hands on knees.

Master's presents: Placerita Canyon Holiday 5K. Truly a fun, stress-less, lovely way to end your racing season.

Breaking news. The Iron-Rich Diet Secret of Ethiopian Runners. Maybe you can be a world champion.

Oregon Track Club Masters workout in Read More.

Read More... | 2063 bytes more | Comments?

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As a matter of fact, there were 150 mandolins.

Science To Be Replaced By Anecdotes. You can get all the running and medical advice you need at Starbuck's. In fact, you can and will get all you need to know from that iPhone friend.

Austrian cyclist Matthias Brändle set a new world hour record Thursday, riding 32.2 miles on a 200-meter track. Story. We know some mature, seasoned (possibly artisanal and sustainable too) SCV adults -Chuck, Mark, Phil, Mike, Tim, Gavin, Vince, Lisa, Cindi, Nancy, Marilyn, Margo, Paola -who cycle. So how fast can they go in an hour?

When you hang with such a dynamic and lovely lady as Libbie, you get to meet some interesting, often inspirational folks, like the mature couple we dined with last night, both wheelchair bound with MS. She swims a half mile four times a week.

Letter From a Marathon Dropout

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Trackacademics? See here.

LetsRun: A Sample of World’s Best Female Marathoner – Rita Jeptoo – Tests Positive for Banned Substance

Sound pacing is essential, but, it being a race, occasionally you have to go for it. Breaking Away.

Meb, my OTC Masters coach, and PCP all agree on the need for Single-Leg Drills For Balanced Running. Life and running take a toll. If you're not balanced, you might be headed for injury, a fall, even an early demise.

The Wall Street Journal and all you need to know about a stitch.

The Master's presents the GSAC Conference Championship

Brando presents Foothill Finals. If not in Saugus colors...

We're in Portland. Zenith of hip. Great art museum. We're at the Red Lion-Jantzen Island. Will run along the Columbia R. in the morn. Tonight we attend a concert by 125 mandolin players. ...Don't ask.

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LetsRun says Jeff Nelson is still the best ever at Mt. SAC. Week That Was.

Guide to California Cross Country Championship Season.

New York Times: Is 10,000 Hours All I Need to Run a Faster Marathon?

Why polls and rankings are stupid. Link.

PAC 12 Cross Country Championships results. A.J. Yarnell, Washington's 7th, was the only racer from the Foothill League (Saugus).

From the Steve Nash blog, of all things. Recommended by a DD reader.
Good read. The Race to Nowhere In Youth Sports

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Runner's World: Deena Kastor Wants to Hurt, Have Fun in New York City Marathon

Wall Street Journal: How to Keep Running Strong at 70 and Beyond

New York Times: Finish Line? For Older Runners, It’s When They Say So. You gotta keep moving. Yes, and racing too.

On the mind games of running. Q&A with Michael Joyner.

Bill James on statistics and bullshit. Consider how much runners chatter is just b.s. 60% or 75%?

Stephanie Bulder is the 2014 Pac 12 cross country scholar athlete of the year. Story. Truly awesome.

Christine Kennedy, who ran a 2:59 marathon at age 59, aims to be the first sub three marathoner at age 60. Link. France's Christine Marchadier holds the current WR with a 3:02.50, set in 2007.

Wall Street Journal: Keflezighi's on the Run. Check out the video too.

Phunny phrom Phoebe Wright

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Flotrack video: Hill Repeats with Michigan. 5X1000!

Bob Kennedy, the first non-African under 13 minutes in the 5000, is racing the New York City Marathon. After ten years of sloth. Invariably, there's always hope for us. ...How many non-Africans have gone sub 13? Review.

Good Coffee Boils Down to Four Factors.

Q&A with Annie Bersagel. One of the fastest Americans in the NYC Marathon. Probably one of the smartest and time-efficient too. Runs to work. Trains on a treadmill.

New York Times: Sports Gels Can Improve Marathon Times, but Pace Them Right

WSJ video: Heads and Tails of All Those Health Wearables.

50 Thoughts Every Trail Runner Has While Out For A Run

Stay calm. Now slowly put down that glass of milk.

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Mystery solved. Hart friend and insider writes: The Hart runner in second looked like senior Tim Gutierrez, not the 9th grader. ...Also, did see Alexis Segura in frosh soph race at Foothill 1 running a 19:10.

Signal reports on Canyons cross country.

PrepCalTrack: CIF-SS Playoff Bulletin – Includes Updated Divisions! Valencia is the only D1 school in the Foothill League.

Runner's World: Runner's Religious Beliefs Keep Her from State Title Hunt

The case for Eugene and the 2019 World Outdoor Track & Field Championships here and here. ...Don adds. Eugene is not a sleepy college town. Combined with Springfield, across the Willamette River, Eugene's population is about the same as SCV. There are more outstanding restaurants than can be covered in nine days. You won't find any good hippie food in Doha. I-5 is five minutes from Hayward Field. You will see no empty seats at Hayward; rather, always filled with knowledgeable and wildly enthusiastic track nuts. Plenty to do in Eugene. Pre's Trail is 400m from Hayward Field. Go for a run with the World's elite. Craft breweries and wineries abound. You can visit Don at his retirement home, so to speak.

Ten Great Reasons to Run Cross Country and Track at Canyon

Jim McClain has Mt. SAC photos.

Five repetition training tips. ....6. Time/race the last one. 7. Do them with a friend, weekly, on the same day. 8. Walk stairs at/near work. Twice or thrice a day. Whenever you have to pee. Or whenever.

...the basic paradigm of college sports is under attack. The system is overdue for collapse because it is a system based fundamentally on two basic, if incredibly opulent, absurdities: the absurdity of the mad, profit-whoring way we run higher education and the absurdity of believing that it is one of the functions of our institutions of higher education to be part of the multimillion-dollar sports-entertainment industry. The first absurdity leads inevitably to the second one, and the second one leads inevitably to the NCAA, an organization born of absurdity that has managed to create new levels of absurdity every second it has been in existence. It is, honestly, laughable. More.

If you're interested in a track scholarship... Evaluating Track Performances and Cross Country Performances

The Atlantic video: The Joy of Running in a Beautiful Place

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Signal reports on Master's cross country.

Biking Bhutan with no shocks, no balls, and a very gracious prince. Daughter of the Dragon

On little victories, time and time again. Running Again

Should you go gluten-free? Against The Grain

We would love to see... Trail Running on the Big Screen

Coming soon:

11/6 Foothill Finals @ Central Park
11/9 Master's @ GSAC Championships, Central Park
Canyons @ So. CA Championships, Woodley Park
11/15 CIF Prelims @ Mt. SAC
11/22 CIF Finals @ Mt. SAC
Master's @ NAIA National Championships, Rim Rock Farm, Kansas
Canyons @ State Championships, Fresno
11/29 CIF State Finals @ Woodward Park, Fresno
12/13 Beast Charity Run

Photos from the 2013 Beast Charity Run

PrepCalTrack: CIF-SS Team Rankings. West Ranch boys are #8 in D2.

Top 2014 Mt. SAC times by grade. Here. The shocker is the 16:15 by Hart freshman Alexis Segura. That's 35 seconds faster than Timothy Sterkel, and 45 seconds faster than Jacob Velarde. (And 52 seconds faster than Valencia's outstanding Britain Reynolds.) Is this his first race for Hart? We can't find him in F1 or F2 results.

Video: Mt. SAC Race 103. Won by Hart. Nick Liebman second. Alexis Segura fifth. Brandon Estrada twelfth. Nice.

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Dan Agnew/Signal: Mt. SAC serves as Foothill finals warm-up

Paul Broneer has photos.

Joseph Tan has photos.

Alan Garcia has photos.

Bob Binnie has photos of West Ranch. And Valencia. And sweepstakes.

Mt. SAC results and video.

Newest thing. Trendy. Pricey. Treadmill studios. Happily Going Nowhere Fast

Pasadena Star News has Mt. SAC photos.

Perspectives on college sports here and here.

Coupons from our friend Jeff Wills, the Duke of Dirt, and Vincenzo's Pizza, Saugus

World Track & Field Championships Belong In Eugene ...More.

OVER the past 50 years, every forecast of how long people will live has fallen short. Despite fears that obesity and global warming would reverse the trend, life expectancy in rich countries has grown steadily, by about 2.5 years a decade, or 15 minutes every hour. ~The Economist

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