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Boris Berian: How Did Nobody Catch Me?

Canyon @ Valencia photos by Jim McClain and Paul Broneer

Oregon Relays photos

Alex Hutchinson: Eat Real. Race Fast

Using DNA-matched training could enhance athletes' performance. Story.

Austin O'Neil runs 14:03.63. Fifth best ever by a Santa Claritian.

Shannon Murakami runs 16:03.38. PR is 15:54.08, set earlier this year.

Saugus girls 5th and 11th in the 4 X 1600.

NYT: Reducing Belly Fat

Billy Mills is at Harvard today. Only American to win Olympic gold in the 10,000, probably the biggest American upset in Olympic track. Certainly the most thrilling for Don. Love the video. ...It was Dick Bank, a Los Angeles area writer/announcer who went nuts with the "Look at Mills! Look at Mills! whoop. ...But there's more. ...And still more. About 25 years ago I attended a rummage sale at L.A.R.C. Ranch, 29898 Bouquet Canyon Road, Saugus. Off in a corner were two boxes filled with track & field memorabilia dating back to the 1930s. I was stunned. Couldn't believe it. Should I be greedy and take it all? I left one box, a decision I rue to this day. On reviewing the stuff it became apparent the collection was once owned by Dick Bank, and included lists, a diary in his hand. ...How did it get to L.A.R.C.? ...I still have some of it, but most was horse traded on to some elderly, though still highly successful track coach in Spokane.

Yuuge 800 PR for Justin Sherfey. Video.

Ryan Tate
Bianca Tinoco and Ashley Heys

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Lorrie Reyes/Signal: Saugus Sweeps Hart

The Reading Habits of Ultra-Successful People.
The most successful coaches are usually constant readers. Gene Blankenship has over 1400 books on running.

You/Don could use a good bushwhacking

Steve Magness filmed his runners. See here and here. Do you/your coach work on form?

On virility

Marc Bloom: Boston Marathon Streaker Preps by Hiking with Weights

Other Marathon Training Tips

Karis Frankian's 10,000 at Mt. SAC didn't start until almost 11:30 last night. Got 2nd with a 34:36.19. ...Only SCV females with better PRs are Grace Graham-Zamudio (34:32.06) and Stephanie Bulder (34:35.63). ..Michael Sciarra ran the 3000 steeple in 9:25.30. ...His PR was 9:25.32.

Gordon Booth, 83, says keep on running.

SCV Hurdles update 2016 Foothill League Bests ...And delivers a video with Hart ace DJ Aponik

Finding Adventure in L.A.’s Backyard

IOC Lets Athletes And Sponsors Market During The Olympics, As Long As They Say Nothing About The Olympics


Bro: 2016 Foothill Bests

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Erik Boal/Signal: Grizzlies sweep West Ranch at home; Canyon, Valencia split. Boal was a prolific, terrific track writer for the Daily News, and continues to work for DyestatCal. SCV is fortunate to have him as the Signal Sports Editor.

Canyon @ Valencia results.

Signal: SCV athletes sign national letters of intent

Rene Klein has Golden Valley @ West Ranch photos.

Alan Garcia has Canyon @ Valencia photos.

Eric Liddell (Chariots of Fire) was the ugliest runner who ever won an Olympic championship.

The 6 elements of an effective apology, according to science. Tougher than a 50 miler.

Wait a sec. Saturated fat OK?

I'm for Kasich. Any of the rest know about the Fosbury Flop? ...OK, maybe Bernie knows.

Competitor: Rethinking Recovery For Runners

Alex Hutchinson: Training in Heat to Prepare for Altitude

Words of Wisdom

Excuses Only Satisfy Those Who Make Them

Watch Kobe score 60 points in final game

Sat fat update. ...More.

Sudden Cardiac Death in Runners

NYT: For Women Who Run, the Bathroom Problem

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Vin's Blog: Portland 2016 and the Importance of Innovation

Mario Fraioli: the morning shakeout

Flotrack: Cutdowns with Kerri Gallagher. Matt Centro Sr. is her coach. Best done with others of like ability.

Your poor diet might hurt your grandchildren’s guts

Nicholas Thompson: Wisdom from My Grandfather: You're Only in Trouble When Life Stops Being Interesting. ...Don was a sailor at the Pentagon ('66 to '69) while Nitze was an innovating Secretary of the Navy, then Deputy Secretary of Defense. ...For decades during the Cold War, Nitze was the hawk. Equally powerful and long lasting, George Kennan was the dove. Great rivals and great, life-long friends. They dined regularly. ...Amazing.

Hey, no one cares if you're tired.

SCV Hurdles: Week 3 Preview

NAIA national rankings. Master's women are 4th.

Single day tickets for the Olympic Trials in Eugene go on sale April 15th. Good luck finding a hotel room in Eugene.

LetsRun: The Week That Was

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Signal has stories on Foothill preps and TMC track.

Time: How Many Miles to Run to Burn Off a Pizza?

Kilian Journet, world's fastest ultrarunner and mountain climber, to run Everest. Good photographer too.

Steve Magness on consistency, what brings us safely to racing success.

MileSplit: 4:36 to 4:04 in 3 Years

Forever Banned in Boston.

Mt. SAC Relays schedule and entrants.

Always good, even when late. The Monday Morning Run

Phoebe Wright: Workout: Unknown. The workout as zen Moment

OTC Masters workout in Read More.

Read More... | 1930 bytes more | 4 comments

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Deadspin: WADA Discovers World Record Factory Ethiopia Does Almost No Drug Testing, Is Shocked

Still losing fight against doping in sport

Maybe he, she, me has a psychosomatic running injury... Consider.

Beware FOMO!

World champion U.S. women's soccer team to boycott the Olympics? Story.

Watch West Ranch girls in the premier 4 x 800 ...Nice! The best ever by a Foothill team is probably 9:16.60 by the 2003 Canyon girls, the anchor being Alysia Johnson.

Everything You Know About Running Shoes Is Wrong.

Yesterday in Eugene. Mulchapalooza.

Correction update. Bob Binnie writes: The West Ranch girls ran a 9:09.25 4x800 in 2010. Welker, Miller, Long and Owen.

LetsRun: Ben True & Adam Nelson’s Ideas for a Cleaner Sport

YouTube: Two Roads with Pole Vaulter Allison Stokke. Includes comments on creepy photogs, internet fame.

Fast workouts benefit every runner, so there’s no excuse to skip them More.

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Canyons @ Vaquero Classic results.

NYT: Swim, Bike, Cheat

Flotrack: From Surgery to Giving Birth to Near Death, Kim Smith is Back

Lance Armstrong, federal government bicker over high-priced experts. I was in the claim biz for 40 years, but this is one for the books. It has has gone on so long (I was once involved in a bad faith claim lasting seven years, ultimately abandoned by the plaintiff), and costing Lance a fortune. He's got some of the best, most expensive counsel available, and he's seems determined to go for broke. There is zero chance the judge will disqualify plaintiff's expert.

Frank Schranz writes: Kelley (Schranz) really wanted to break 23 minutes last week at Carlsbad – – and missed, coming in at 23:00. So we raced again today at the Lions 5K Peel Out in Camarillo. It's a small race (150 to 200 runners) and conditions were perfect. Kelley was the first female overall, and ran a 22:27 for a new PR. She turns 66 next Sunday. This should be a pretty good age group number. ...I ran a 24:46, six seconds faster than last week. So I'm happy about that – – but nowhere near as much as I'm happy for Kelley.

Don here. Kelley's time works out to an age graded 87.9% ...An 89.09% if it happened next Sunday. Amazing! ...In my unbiased and expert opinion. Free of charge.

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Who gets an Arcadia Invitational backpack?

Running offers diversion, hope for young offenders. Story.

USC @ Oregon/Pepsi Invitational. Details.

West Ranch girls 4 x 800 relay prove a point at Arcadia. More.

1500 PR for Shannon Murakami. Video.

Shannon also won the 3000. Complete meet results. ...The 1500 video is available on Saugus XC Fundraiser Facebook. ...Shannon races in the 5000 next Friday at the Mt. SAC Relays. ...Olympic Trials standards.

Master's @ Pomona-Pitzer results.

Arcadia Invitational results.

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Must read: Three track workouts with Renato Canova and top Kenyan runners. What track workouts are you doing?

Watch: The 2016 Carlsbad 5000 Elite Races. Smokin' hot.

David McNeill: What elites do to get better.

Erik Boal/Dyestat: Arcadia Invite Preview

Steve Magness: When doing nothing is better than doing something.

My new #1 rule is, whenever I see people jumping on a fad or claiming a hack, I'm turning around and going the other way. ~Mario Fraioli

Shannon Murakami scheduled to run the 1500 and 3000 tomorrow at Rafer Johnson/Jackie Joyner-Kersee Invitational

Is it time to let the Alberto Salazar pursuit go? Yes.

LAT: Want a bike lane in your neighborhood? It's not so simple in California. Times blames the environmentalists.

Update on Rod Dixon. Awesome range. 1500 bronze medalist at the '72 Olympics. Wins '83 NYC Marathon. ...Now dedicated to combating childhood obesity. No doubt would favor more kids on bikes.

Schools in Most States Skimp on Physical Education

CDC: How much physical activity do children need?

Craig Godwin, former SCR, now OTC Masters ace, writes: I'll be racing the mile tomorrow at the Pepsi Invitational. Not my best race distance, and not the best preparation. But I'm going to race it as an all-or-nothing attempt at breaking 5:00, something I haven't managed in 4 years.

Video: Bannister: Everest on the Track - Trailer

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Twitter war. Who won?

Alex Hutchinson: Does Speedwork Hurt Your Endurance?

A Tribute to All Those Brave Enough to Start the Race

NYT: Walk, Jog or Dance: It’s All Good for the Aging Brain

WSJ: Only Vegan Food at Preschool. All survived with educated palates.

The New Yorker: Alone in the Alps

Twitter War update, lasting five days. Over yet? Meb's brother issues A Call for “Respectful and Productive Discourse”

WADA gives Kenya yet another month to comply.

All the Foothill schools will be competing at the Arcadia Invitational this weekend.

On Saturday Canyons vs. Glendale Community College Vaquero Classic @ Glendale College

Also on Saturday, Master's @ Pomona- Pitzer Track and Field Invitational.

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