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Castaic Triathlon Series #1 results and photos

Vid du jour: Men's 100, 85-99.

Boris Berian and Clarke Miyasaki started at McDonald's. How I Made It. Like the Armed Forces, McDonald's doesn't care about your family's money, schooling, etc. It's about getting the job done, working with people.

On the bookshelves of successful people. Click.

Alex Hutchinson: My sweaty search to discover how much exercise is too much

Lexi Fernandez runs 4:39 in the 1500 at the AAU West Coast Junior Olympics.

New Yorker, 11/30/09: Either/Or. Sports, sex, and the case of Caster Semenya.

Lori Peterson/Hart provides 166 pix from COC #2.

Ross Tucker: The Caster Semenya debate

Hey, flowerbuds... Road to Burrito Day 3

Never, ever will I vote for him or her. But I am voting for Justin Gallegos.

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The amazing Sydney McLaughlin.

Ronald Kwemoi (who?) beats Kiprop, Mo fifth, in crazy-fast 1500. Video. And still three seconds off the world record.

Monaco DL Pre-Meet Routine with Bayer, Mackey, Grunewald, Semenya... Video. If we're serious, why not do the same?

Ross Tucker makes the case for Castor Semenya.

The Benefits of Bad Workouts

A good reporter always chases down a hot story. Watch.

When Runners Don’t Have Real Jobs: A Film Featuring Alexi Pappas, with Andrew Wheating. Filmed at South Eugene High School. ...More on Alexi Pappas.

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Columbia River Inn, Cascade Locks, OR. Next to The Bridge of the Gods. Considered part of the Pacific Crest Trail. It's where Cheryl Stayed ended her PCT trek, from Mohave to the Oregon-Washington border. Read Wild. ...And get your heine in the Columbia Gorge. Lovely and fascinating.

NYT: Can Running Make You Smarter?

Steve Magness: Thoughts and Lessons from the Olympic Trials

Headphones Everywhere

2015-16 SCV College Year in Review

Memorable Moments from the Olympic Trials

Vote for Don's candidate

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Mario Fraioli: the morning shakeout

Bright, poppy, surreal. Twenty ways to think about bananas. ...Great for smoothies. But now loaded with zucchini and squash, we're using that as the base ingredient.

Training to failure

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Lagat Wins Crazy Men’s 5000.

English doping documentary video.

OT final day schedule.

Amby Burfoot on the amazing Bernard Lagat. ...And more, including must-see last lap video. ...Suspicious? Not me. Four years ago at the Trials, some Santa Clarita Runners met him (twice in one day, for some) and report he's one of the nicest, must genuine guys you'll ever meet. (And ditto for Meb.) Another clue. Lagat has been coached by the same coach, James Li, for the past 20 years. Li would not tolerate a doper.

Good read on Devon Allen

Obama, cyclist and runner.

California gets third... Worst States for Retirement

Vin Lananna declares his candidacy for the presidency of USA Track & Field. ...We're 100% behind him. More, we wish he would run for the presidency of the United States of America. I don't know his politics, but I'd trust him with my wallet, and the fate of the U.S., but never-ever those other two, uh, candidates. ...I know, I know, we don't do politics, religion, or hip hop on DD.

Complete Olympic Trials results.

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Springfield Straight 800 butters bread just how we like it. Read.

Kevin Sully on Friday night at the Olympic Trials. ...CA prep beats Gatlin video.

Vid du jour: OT men's steeple final.

USATF and USOC and A question of sharing the wealth

One of the best runners I ever saw. Peter Snell. ...More. With three Olympic gold medals, he retires at age 27.

Fun vid. The Elite Runner. Starring Alexi Pappas and Andrew Wheating. Filmed in Eugene on Pre's Trail, Amazon Trail, South Eugene High School, Hayward Field...

Rain likely today and tomorrow in Eugene.

Cooking on the Run with Mark Bittman and Deena Kastor

The Most Important Tip: Relax, it's just running. Of course it can be the most intoxicating, captivating, meaningful part of your life. But it's still just running. Nobody is making you do it, and you're not going to save the world doing it. So find out what you enjoy about running, and then follow your bliss. ~Scott Douglas, Little Red Book of running

Q&A with Alexi Pappas

Men crash harder in distance races. Story.

Kenyan doctor says 50 athletes doped. Story.

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