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Favorite 2016 World Indoor Champs video.

Competitor: Indoor Track Shows Its Potential in Spectacular Form in Portland

Coe chides UK athletes for ducking World Champs.

ESPN: 'Historic' game in Cuba ignores the pain so many people endured

Steve Magness: Don't Be a Recovery Addict

Why anti-inflams, aspirin might be be contraindicated for post exercise soreness. Link

Low Back Pain? Work It Out

The New Yorker: The Accidental Weight-Lifting World-Record Holder

Is Mark Zuckerberg the happiest runner ever? Story

Mom Sits Down For Dinner 3 Months After Rest Of Family Finishes Meal

23 minutes of magnificent trail running video. Way better than March Madness. And unforgettable if we ever did such stuff.

SCV Hurdles: Foothill Preview - Men's 300m Hurdles

Ed Whitlock, 85, broke two world records over the weekend. Link. ...He ran a 2:54.48 marathon at age 73.

Video: The NJ*NY Track Club & Coach Gags

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Spikes: Portland Wrap IV

Ken Goe on Ryan Hill, a Yank with a big kick. Story. Maybe better than cross town rival, Galen Rupp?

Forbes: Why I Don't Buy Organic. A calm discussion. Our place is organic.

Canyon @ Crescenta Valley photos

SCV Hurdles: Foothill Preview - Men's 110m Hurdles

WSJ: The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Scott Douglas: How What You Think About Affects How Fast You Run

Back in Eugene.

Daily Relay/Monday Morning Run: World Indoor Championships Recap

SI: Five American indoor track stars to watch in 2016. Berian and Hill are young and for real. Ditto Cunningham.

Is it really factual to say exercise keeps the brain young? Consider

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Some memories of World Indoor Champs, Day 3.

Beautiful, jammed, enthusiastic, extremely well executed...

Super seats. Second row. Five feet from the track. Start/finish 15 yards away. Triple jump pit 20 yards away.

Boris Berian. OMG. What a shocker. And Sowinski getting the bronze. Mo Aman was pissed!!!

How 'bout Mr. and Mrs. E. Both gold medalists, within 24 hours. Of course we were cheering for Ashton, last distance race on the program, but our hearts were with Curtis Beach, easily the best distance runner in the 1000, but he needed a PR to medal. He got the PR. But another did too, and Beach lost out on a bronze by 8 points. Afterwards, he was the saddest, loneliest guy in the house.

Bin Dong, from China, was the least likely looking guy in the Triple Jump. But very enthusiastic, expressive, and he won.

Quite unlike Guowei Zhang, also from China, in the High Jump. Lanky, beanpole, athletic, cocky. Near the end of the competition he cleared a height, and while still in the pit goes through some Usain Bolt like pantomime. A bit much. He goes over to his coach and the coach yells at him, showing disgust. Zhang doesn't clear another height. ...Gianmarco Tamberi, Italian, won. And won the crowd too. He just missed on an indoor PR at 7-10. It was the last event of the night, and the announcer said they had the facility for the weekend, and we could stay into the wee hours and until the jumpers were done. ...Zhang dance video. He's 6-7. Was walking around in the lobby as we were leaving. Not shy. I could have executed a high five if I wasn't so short.

It was great seeing Barbara Pierre win the 60m, beating a very lovely World Champ, Schippers. Schipps was pissed!!!

What's new at the World Indoor Women's Restroom? (From a close and reliable source.) Link. Up for #1. Down for #2.

We contributed to the Sustainability Stations.

SCV Hurdles: Foothill Preview - Girls 300m Hurdles

Spikes: Last Night in Portland.

For Boris Berian, victory is a lot of burgers ...Race video.

NYT: How a Fitbit May Make You a Bit Fit

World Champs Day 4. With the possible exception of cross country, track & field is the best sport.

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Golden Valley @ California Relays results. More action today.

Canyons @ AVC Invitational results.

World Indoor Champs? The Oregonian has it here.

SCV Hurdles: Foothill Preview, Girls 100 mH

Daily Beast: How the Fitness Industry Gets Rich Doing Nothing

Alex Hutchinson: Is All Sitting Equally Bad?

ESPN: CTE more widespread than originally thought It's not just about football and boxing. (Distance running OK.)

Vintage Malcolm Gladwell: How David Beats Goliath

Mike Kent, notable SCV cyclist, provides Chuck Pontius Road Race photos. Seth Totten won.

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Spikes: Portland Wrap 1

More PV from Ken Goe. Men. And Women.

RW: Centrowitz Talks World Champs, Doping Scandals, and March Madness

WSJ: A New Front in the War on Doping

Reading Is Good For Your Health. And it's still legal.

USC basketball is winning with beet juice. Still legal.

Canyon @ Crescenta Valley results

Ben Rosario: Every Workout is a 5K Workout

Doubts that standing isn't healthier than sitting. Link. But moving occasionally is better than not.

People often tell me that they think Ashton is the greatest athlete in the world. And I say, no, he is the greatest human in the world. ~Paul Doyle, Ashton's agent. More.

Read Du Jour: Vin Lananna: Putting on a show and pulling track out of the gutter

World Indoor results.

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World Indoor Champs Stats Bonanza

Teens workout with Ashton Eaton and coach Harry Marra. You might be that rare exception, but the rest of us benefit under expert observation and being held accountable.

NYT: Meditation Plus Running as a Treatment for Depression

The Real Story of the First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon ...Video.

Can you imagine a post run beer with Presidential front-runners... More.

Semi-Rad: The Closest You Can Get To Flying

Portland elementary kids learn new way to fly. Link. Don't miss the video. ...The pole vault competition starts tonight, immediately after the opening ceremonies. Best men and women vaulters in the world. WRs in jeopardy. ... Renaud Lavillenie – the world record-holder at 20 feet, 2 ½ inches (6.16 meters) – taking on reigning World Champion Shawn Barber of Canada, U.S. best Sam Kendricks... ...U.S. vaulters Jenn Suhr, the world indoor record-holder, and Sandi Morris, who beat Suhr last week in the USATF Indoor... Maybe on cable and/or livestream. Link.

Brando: 2016 Santa Clarita Valley Track Bests

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NYT: Screenagers

Vashti Cunningham’s Olympic dreams on verge of reality

Steve Magness: What Actually Matters- Concepts or Details?

The jogger didn't know what hit him. Story. Booze or a gizmo involved?

Nine strikes and you're out. Story.

Alex Hutchinson: Pain and PRs. Does your coach/guru work with you on this? Rarely discussed, in my experience. Unfortunately.

Starts tomorrow. Four days of premiere performances and party, medal presentations, food and beer. Portland. We have tickets for Saturday evening. ...Slight chance of rain or showers on Saturday and Sunday. FYI, Oregon has experienced near to normal rainfall to date in 2016. Nice today.

Flotrack: Workout Wednesday with New Balance pros.

L.A. Has Worst Traffic In America. No. 2 in the world.

Ethical grounds may be only way to pursue action against Alberto Salazar

BTW, it has been four months since WADA reported Russian competitors were doping, cheating Alysia Montano out of medals at the 2012 London Olympics and the 2013 World Champs. Why the delay in correcting history, giving her the medals she earned?

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2016 World Indoor Championship entries.

LetsRun: Week That Was

Alexi Pappas: How I Spend My Sundays. Alexi, recently promoted to a Greek Olympian, helps Vin Lananna with the free community workouts at Hayward Field. She's a happy, upbeat presence. Don and his lady attend (unless it's too cold, rainy, etc.), and see what a difference it is making in so many hitherto sedentary lives. We still have love for Santa Clarita, and wish such a program was available down there. ...Something to work on?

WSJ: The Golden State Warriors Workout

Mario Fraioli: the morning shakeout

Tonight's OCTM workout in Read More.

Read More... | 1644 bytes more | Comments?

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Paul Broneer provides Foothill Bests

Matthew Nali/SCV Hurdles delivers top ten, all-time Foothill hurdlers by school. Boys. And girls.

Slowing down? Try a brain zap.

Deadspin trashes Coe, Cronyism, Corruption, IAAF...

WaPo: The federal government no longer cares about disclosing public information

Brenda Martinez tweets: It's odd that the fittest athletes in the world are also the sickest! "Meldonium"

Lananna and Co fan new life into indoor athletics

NY Post: Forget Zen. Stress is Best

Harvard Business Review: 5 Steps to Investing Your Energy More Wisely

Probably sooner or later, world's greatest sprinter: Wayde van Niekerk ...Video here and here.

Vashti Cunningham received an invitation from the IAAF to compete in the World Indoor Champis.

The incredible athleticism of Vashti Cunningham. She leaped about five inches higher than the NCAA Indoor Champ. ...If she likes rain and wants the best t&f college...

Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run

T&FN: The 10 Biggest Surprises Of The Weekend. I agree, though he fails to mention Shannon Murakami and the West Ranch 4 x 800 girls.

Q&A with Vin Lananna. About how to get butts in seats.

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St. Patrick's 5K results.

St. Patrick's 5K, March, 2011, at Central Park video.

Redondo Invitational results. ...Bob Binnie provides the photos.

Matthew Nali/SCV Hurdles: 2016 Foothill League Best

Oregon sweep men's and women's titles at NCAA Indoor Champs. Devon Allen knocked down every hurdle. Video.

On a roll. Shannon Murakami wins and PRs at the Ben Brown Invitational, a 4:41.98 mile.

Must see. Men's 1500, USATF Indoor Champs

More heroics. Vashti Cunningham, 1.99M, 6'6 1/4. Best jump in the world this year. ...Ken Goe writes: She didn't get a qualifying mark for the World Indoor prior to the close of the qualifying window. The IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations, the ruling body for international track & field) could still invite her to participate in the world meet. ...They would be crazy not to. ...BTW, Don writes, her jump last night was higher than the collegiate record, only an inch under the American record.

Post 5000 interview/video with Shannon Murakami

In case you were wondering... 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials - Qualifying Standards

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