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LetsRun Guest Editorial: What A Surreal Scene - The 2015 Portland Track Festival - Where (Most Of) The US Distance Stars Came Out To Play

Flotrack: Workout Wednesday: Repeat K's and 400m Breakdown. My group, Oregon Track Club Masters, does this workout. On the track. Often. But not so fast.

Runner's World: Dead Freakin' Last…And Proud of It! Don't be afraid. You can do it.

Fitbit or steering wheel? Story. Creepy.

Funny. Bob Mankoff/New Yorker video: The Way We Work Now. Don't neglect the drills before texting.

Running in the redwoods. Video.

European Games photos.

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Why do females race shorter distances in cross country? Link.

The Salazar/Rupp/NOP story continues to fester. LetsRun has links to comments from Lauren Fleshman, Ken Goe, and Vin Lannana. ...The USA Outdoor Championships start in seven days. It boggles the mind to think Salazar, Rupp, Nike will not face the microphones and substantively, completely respond to the allegations.

Cornell University: Keeping track of weight daily may tip scale in your favor

Matt Centrowitz update.

SCV News: June 23: Grand Opening of Latest River Trail Section

Master's College will again host the Master's Challenge. Primarily for college teams, it will be on September 19, 1915 at Central Park.

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Signal: More than an Athlete: Zack Bietsch & Kendall Bietsch

Track legend Ron Clarke dies. Story. ...Competitors' reaction

Alone. Some guy, seven days in the wild, cut off from humanity, cell, tube, Don's Diary, even his Instagram feed for company. Must be fiction.

WSJ: Let Dad Be Dad

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Q. We like your moxie and enthusiasm. Will the challenges of a disability, how do you do it?

A. I do not let my disability become a challenge for me. I have worked hard to become the runner and person I am today, and will continue to improve. Day to day I see myself as a regular athlete who works hard and is passionate about my sport.

Q. What sports or other vigorous activities did you enjoy as a child?

A. During my childhood, I participated in karate classes for almost ten years, but favorite sport growing up was football. I love the game to this day and I love playing catch with my dad. My favorite team is the San Francisco 49ers. Win, Lose, or tie, I am a Niners fan till I die.

Q. When, how, and why did running become your passion?

A. I started running my freshman year at Hart High School. But it wasn’t until the beginning of my sophomore year where running truly became my passion. Everyone told me about the legendary Steve Prefontaine and how he changed the sport of running forever. All my coaches and most of my teammates had a serious passion for running and I was inspired by them. Their passion became my passion as well, which was running.

Q. What are the more difficult aspects of running you have faced and overcome?

A. During the years of my running carrier, I have been treated like everyone else…No ifs, ands, or buts. But during the first couple of years was falling on my runs more often than I do today because my body was not used to running and because I had a different stride. I was falling so much my freshmen season that my dad went out and bought knee pads for me to wear on my distance runs. I fell a lot when I was younger because of the fact that I walked differently than everybody else. Also when I was younger, I dragged my feet on the ground quite a lot because of the fact that I have CP. At that time I did not know how to pick up my feet which caused me to fall. In pre-school and kindergarten, I was in leg braces and using a walker because I barely knew how to walk period. But now today I am no longer using braces or a walker. I can walk without dragging with feet and I hardly ever fall when I am out in public or at school. When I was in grade school, I almost fell once or twice a week. Now I only fall once or twice a season. I am very proud of how far I have come and I love inspiring the community and love showing them there is no such thing as a disability.

Q. Current PRs? Expected PRs on 7/4/16?

A. When I was in jr high school, I ran somewhere close to a 12:30 mile. Today with lots of training and conditioning, I run a 7:14 mile and I am on the brink of breaking 7 minutes. Last year, my 3200 time was close to 18:20. Also with lots of training and conditioning, I have dropped my time almost three minutes down to 15:41. Last year in the 800, I ran really close to 4 minutes. Today I run 3:25. In a year from now I see myself being a sub-6:30 miler, a sub 14:30 2 miler, and a sub 3 minute 800 runner. I have high goals for my future and I plan to achieve all of them. I always follow my dreams no matter what people say.

Q. What the duck? I mean, what's with the Oregon singlet and sweatshirt?

A. I became an Oregon fan in 8th grade. But when I entered high school I became the ultimate U of O fan learning about their legendary track program and the track legend Steve Prefontaine. I was very fascinated when I learned that Nike was founded by the legendary track coach Bill Bowerman. And my friend Gio Guzman has also influenced my love for the U of O. He was a former coach at Hart High and when we would go to pasta feeds or when we would just be sharing a good laugh, he would tell me about his days at the O and how he practically lived off of candy. I have had the privilege already of visiting Tracktown USA and seeing all the amazing sights and meeting some cool people. I was introduced to one of Gio’s former teammates who showed me around and showed me the beautiful U of O. I was given an authentic U of O racing singlet worn by one of my best friends. It hangs on my wall in my room as a reminder that one I will be racing in my one U of O singlet. I was given another O singlet when I met Gio’s teammate. That hangs in my room as well. I enjoy watching all the track meets at Hayward field on T.V. It is such an experience.

Q. What are your academic and career interests? Hobbies? Other passions (after running, of course)?

A. If I go to the O, I hope to study sports fitness, English, or communications. I want to be involved in the sport of running as a career, whether it’s a head or assistant coach. But one day I want to be a Paralympian and I want to write books about my experiences as a runner and as a person. But along with becoming an Olympian and an author, I want to be a motivational and inspirational speaker traveling the country sharing my story teaching people to never give up and always follow their dreams. That impossible and disabled are just words…They don’t really mean anything.

Q. Book and movie recommendations to help us understand and appreciate the disabled?

A. Wampler’s Ascent is about Steven Wampler, who has CP and he decides to climb El Capitan in Yosemite. Even though he is wheelchair bound he does not let that stop him. Like me, he wants to show the world that no matter what your disability is you can live your life with no limits.

Q. Give up the names of relatives, teachers, coaches, friends, and the prep, college, and elite runners/associates you appreciate and admire.

A. I have been inspired by many people that are in my life. My dad is one of the reasons I became an athlete. He inspires me a lot and I am proud of that. My coaches Darren James, Larry David, Gio Guzman have all been by my side throughout my years as a Runner at Hart. They have pushed me to be a better runner and helped me find my passion for running. I am as well inspired by many famous track athletes that compete in Oregon.

Q. Future running goals?

A. I plan to compete while I am in college where ever that may be. Hopefully I can one day be a sponsored athlete and compete all over the world as a pro Paralympian. I would like to reach the Paralympics and go to Tokyo in 2020 and Boston in 2024. Cross Country is one of my favorite events and they are talking about adding it to the Winter Olympics. If they do I would like to compete in that on a Paralympic level too.

Q. A typical 2015 summer day in the life of Justin Gallegos?

A. Now that school is out, I focus a lot more on training. When I am not training, I enjoy reading books about track and field athletes and listening to music in my free time and just resting up in order to prepare for another day of running. When I can I enjoy hanging out with my friends. I always try and keep myself busy during summer whether it’s going on vacation with my family or going for an hour long distance run with the my teammates.

Q. Tell us something about you we don't know.

A. When I was little, I used to horseback ride through an organization, Carousel Ranch, that focused on disabled kids. It was an experience that I was never forget. I met so many great people in the years I was there. Each year it changes a lot of kid’s lives, just by teaching them how to ride a horse. I have so many great memories of horseback riding that I remember to this day. I am glad to say that I was a part of that.

Q. Best in the SCV: Trail? Race? Restaurant? Park? High School?

A. The best trail in SCV is definitely South Fork Trail because it is great for training and it keeps going on and on forever. It never ends! The best race in SCV is by far league finals for cross country because there is so much energy and there is always amazing competition between the schools. Unlike Eugene, SCV does not have a lot of one of a kind restaurants, but if I had to pick a favorite it is definitely Lucille’s Barbeque that serves up some good BBQ and some good southern food as well. The best park is for sure Hart Park because it gives a scenic view of downtown Newhall if you walk up the driveway to William S Hart’s old mansion. It is also a good place to down a hill workout provided with the steepness of the long drive way leading to the mansion. And the by far best high school in SCV without a doubt is Hart High School.

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Chris Low wins at Portland Track Festival. Video. Starting in lane 2, white singlet.

ESPN: LeBron James' unfathomable workload

Outside: Running on Empty

Daily Relay: True shows champion’s kick; set to battle Rupp at USAs

For base, strength conditioning, it's hart to beat hill work. Maximizing Vert

Pre's Rock.

Probably later today, Q&A with Justin Gallegos.

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Lots on LetsRun on Portland Track Classic.

The best Portland Track Classic news for Santa Claritians is that Chris Low ran 1:47.21, a PR and SCV Best. He has the "A"standard and races at the USA Championships in a few weeks.

Jesse Squire/Daily Relay: Random Thoughts on the NCAAs

I don't care if I have to wait 3 days for you to finish a race. I'll still be proud. There's no need to cheat. ~Phe's mom

NYT: Race After Race, Teenager Crosses Finish Line, Then Collapses

NYT: To Lose Weight, Eating Less Is Far More Important Than Exercising More

Must see video: The Thousand Year Journey: Oregon To Patagonia

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Ken Goe/Oregonian on the Oregon women's victory at NCAA Championships. Story and results.

NCAA Champs Day 4 photos.

Oregonian on the drama and results at the Portland Track Festival. Salazar is a no show. The meet continues today.

David Epstein/ProPublica: More Athletes Say Track Coach Alberto Salazar Broke Drug Rules

Look out, world, for Raevyn Rogers, said Robert Johnson. More.

Former Olympian, 1983 NYC Marathon winner Rod Dixon talks about how to attack a hill during a distance race. One minute video.

John Rohatinsky, former NOP runner, believes BBC charges against Salazar and Rupp. Story. ...Rohatinsky"s FB more. OK, he has suspicions, but what's the evidence of illegality?

Portland Track Festival results.

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NCAA Champs results.

Cross Country Express: Q&A with Destiny Collins. 60 miles per week, with daily core and balance routines.

Must Do: Valencia Trail Race, March 20, 2016.

Q&A With A Shepherd. We moved to Saugus in 1978, and there were shepherds in and around the hills in Bouquet and Haskell Canyons. At least once a year herds of sheep would cross Bouquet Canyon Road.

Some nobody from Big Bear is suddenly the best American 800 meter guy. Story. And then there's Ben True, first American, male or female, to ever win the 5000 in the Diamond League competition. Story.

So there we were, after the NCAA Champs, enjoying a (Pre) dinner glass of merlot at the Lucky Noodle (acroos the street from the Steelhead where the 2012 Santa Clarita Runners gang were dining with Bernard Lagat) when the naked bicyclists rolled by our primo view table, as you imagine from this 2014 video.

Usain Bolt won the 200m Diamond League race today in New York with a 20:29. Five U.S. collegians raced a sub 20:29 today at the NCAA Champs in Eugene. The sixth finisher ran 20:29.

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NCAA Championships, Day 2 results. ...Fun read and video on the wild, crazy 10,000.

The High Desert Runners club is again sponsoring its annual summer series of all-comers cross-country meets for Antelope Valley area runners.

Take a hike . Or a run. Good trails listed in Modern Hiker

Jay Johnson: Stop using the term “Speed Work” ...More Jay Johnson at RunnersConnect

Roger Robinson/Running Times: Praising High School Coaches. SCV is truly blessed with excellent prep coaches. And, hey, Lindie, Zach, Alan, Elaine, et al are equally outstanding.

Ken Goe reports on more athletes with allegations against Salazar. Here. Drip. Drip. Drip.

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Justin Gallegos is a Hart Runner with tremendous courage and no excuses. Video here. ...Signal story. ...Justin competes this weekend at the Angel City Games, UCLA's Drake Stadium, the premier and only competition in Southern California for disabled athletes.

NCAA Championships results. Chris Low finished his college career with a 1:47.56, best ever by a SCV runner. ...Champs photos.

Keep calm and carry on -- for the sake of your long-term health

Competitor: What’s Harder on the Body: Trail Ultras or Road Marathons?

Yes, drinking too much water can kill you. Details.

Forbes: The World's 100 Highest-Paid Athletes. Two women. No runners.

The Portland Track Festival is on Sunday and features some of the top U.S. distance runners, including NOP athletes. Galen Rupp entered two events, the 1500 and 10,000, but has since dropped out. Entry List. Will Salazar show up?

Re the Justin Gallegos video, Steve Welker writes: This guy competes for our rival. He is literally running himself "able." He gets faster and faster every year despite cerebral palsy which some would allow to be debilitating. Watch (the video) and stop whining about your shin splints…

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