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the morning shakeout

Kilian Jornet Races Up Everest. ...More here. ...Reminds me. For a number of years, my SCV PCP would do an EKG on my annual physical, a standard test he would order for patients my age and above. Sometimes it would show an anomaly, more than just the low resting heart rate of a chronic runner. On the re-check, 6 to 12 months later, that anomaly was gone. Maybe another one would appear. After years of this, he suggested I do my own stress tests, like the Beast or another epic challenge.

Amish athletes.

Though injured, golfer Greg Norman (The Shark) continues in beast-mode.

Steve Magness: Thriving Amidst Uncertainty

Cancer is not just about genes and bad luck.

Now reading Craig Leener's This Was Never About Basketball

Three Things High School Coaches Must Understand

This may be the 278 page USADA report on Salazar and NOP. ...I haven't (probably won't) read it. Still reading/enjoying Leener's book.

More Jornet, busy, and tragic Everest news

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SCV athletes prepare for SS Finals

Oxy Distance Classic photos. They're flying. Mostly captured off the ground. Unlike the rest of us.

Uncovering the Aerodynamic Trickery behind Nike's Breaking 2 Project. Takeaway for the rest of us? Train and race with those your speed or slightly faster. Perhaps just as important is the psychological boost - as you're slowing, mind wandering - obtained by latching onto someone passing you.

Ben Sasse, a former college president, the junior U.S. senator from Nebraska, writes: How to Raise an American Adult

Race Spectators Behaving Badly

Signal story on SS Finals ...Results.

Deshae Wise, fastest high school girl in Oregon, grew up a captive of human traffickers. Story.

The 40-Year-Old Scientist Who Dropped Everything to Hike the Appalachian Trail

The Santa Clarita Runners were out in force at the Heritage Valley 5K/10K. Results.

The national leader over the logs and puddles of the steeple comes from the school without a track of its own. And he's crazy. Story.

King Ches has run his last collegiate race in an Oregon singlet.

Centro vs. Farah video

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Mo Farah opens final track season...

Brad Stulberg: How to Mentally Recover from an Injury. ...Also from Brad: Is the Pursuit of Excellence Healthy?

Your/my injuries are probably not bad luck or a manufacturing defect. Read The 10 Laws of Injury Prevention and Facing Down an Injury.

Dear Younger Me: Lauren Fleshman

Seb Coe’s double dose of mud. Impressive, but that much racing would cripple most mortals.

The Many Layers Of Ultrarunning Star Anton Krupicka

No, I'm not now (or ever) reading A Gronking to Remember

Week That Was

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Check out the friendly Sub-2 debate between Robert Johnson and Michael Joyner at LetsRun.

Steve Magness: The Roger Bannister Effect: The Myth of the Psychological Breakthrough ...Mmmh, maybe not you, but the rest of us are head cases, and we go out too hard or give up too soon. Find someone going just a tad faster. And hang on.

Joan Benoit Samuelson, now 60, wants to go Sub-3.

Watch Jim Ryun's go sub 4 in the mile, the first ever by a prep in a high school mile. Here ...Later that year, Ryun beats three time Olympic gold medalist Peter Snell. Here. ...52 years since those races. Any other preps, before or since, beating Olympic gold medalists?

Citius: The case for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials host cities. ...In some wouldn't-it-be-nice/fair/change sense, yes, it should go to Sacto or Walnut. But, if it goes, it will not be half as enjoyable for the athletes and spectators. Eugene has a host of experienced meet helpers and officials, and the meets unfold with extreme efficiency. And the fans are likewise experienced, knowledgeable, and engaged.

How Your Emotional State Can Be More Powerful Than Your Rep Scheme

Now! Check out the Running Warehouse Bargain Bin Sale

BBC: 'Fat but fit is a big fat myth'

Three years out of the NFL, he’s about to graduate from law school. ...Too smart and engaged with life to be forever on a smartphone.

Billion Dollar Race To Sub-2

Chris Low and some other world best racers will compete tomorrow at the USATF Distance Classic. It will cost $69.99 to watch it on the tube. Way better, watch it in person at Occidental College (near Glendale). Nice facility. Imagine, just distance nerds competing and, presumably, attending.

Alex Hutchinson recommends 20 X 400. How (and Why) to Add Extra Interval Reps. ...There is a 300 meter hill in Hendricks Park, and the standard big-boys workout is 20 repeats at 75 to 80% effort. Jogging back after each rep, and immediately back at again. No walking or standing around..

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Signal reports on CIF-SS Prelims.

the morning shakeout

Alex Hutchinson on the science of pre-race caffeine boosting

Mindset shifts for your body and for your life.

Forgiving Other People Is Good for Your Health. Hope and pray others will forgive you.

Fitbit Data Reveals List of Fittest Countries and US Cities

Ken Goe asks, Does Eugene have a clear shot at the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials? The competition is Sacramento and Walnut. ...Ken Goe, along with a host of Oregon personalities, had a small role in Alexi Pappas' Tracktown. Nick Symonnds was somebody's boyfriend. ...Review/trailer of Tracktown

Paging Dr. Siri. ...OK, but also a minefield for med mal litigation.

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Monica Prelle: Pro Ultrarunner Tim Tollefson’s Key Workout. When in doubt, run uphill. ...Monica was raised in Santa Clarita. Walter Prelle, her dad, was a beloved Physics and Chemistry teacher at Saugus from 1975 to 2002. And ran marathons.

What happens in Tracktown, stays in Tracktown.
Will see today.

Touring the Country by Marathon

Silicon Valley: A Reality Check

Shanghai Diamond League results. ...About teen dream sensation Noah Lyles. Lyles already owns the 300m indoor world record. ...More.

Q&A with Alysia Montano

PAC-12 Championships results

CIF-SS Prelims results in D2

Master's @ All on the Line Qualifier results.

Signal story on West Ranch coach Sara Soltani

The Best Thing to Do for Your Fitness Is Nothing at All

New Rule: Social Media is the New Nicotine

Dick Beardsley, 61 and Minus Two Knees, Runs Faster Than You. Perhaps the premier ortho in Eugene cautions against running on knee replacements, saying the artificial knees will wear out sooner. Who wants another round of surgery and recovery at 80? Probably two rounds as both knees will need it, and you're going to be both done in one day.

Karl Meltzer broke the Appalachian Trail speed record last September. Movie here.

We saw Alexi Pappas' Tracktown. If a runner, you will enjoy it. While I liked the Pappas character, she seemed too vulnerable to be a distance runner contending for an Olympic berth.

What I Learned from Weighing My Food for 4 Months

Fabian G. has more Foothill Finals fotos

Now enjoying David McCullough's The American Spirit. It's excellent, as most everything he has done. One of the speeches in the book is especially good, and it's also here on You Tube.
Make the love of learning central to your life.

PAC-12, Day 2 results.

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Foothill qualifiers @ CIF-SS Prelims
Master's @ ALL on the LINE Qualifier

Alexi Pappas' movie, Tracktown, opens this weekend. We're going. ...She's quite story. Raised/ran prep in San Francisco. Competed at Dartmouth, the University of Oregon, and for Greece at the Rio Olympics (17th in the 10,000, set Greece NR). We see her around town, always with a sweet smile.

Last night we raced a 5K on Pre's Trail, soaked wood chips. It poured for about 10 minutes before the race. Stopped a minute before the gun, and a glorious rainbow appeared. ...Results.

Must see. Excellent Hoka One video on Eugene. Watch full screen.

Apple Watch can detect an early sign of heart disease

FAQ on Los Angeles bid for 2024 Olympics

Austin O'Neil will be competing this weekend at the PAC-12 Championships ...We're also cheering for another athlete, javelin champ Cody Danielson, grandson of some friends of ours. We shared some pizza and UO track gossip.

Does Imagining a Workout Make You Stronger?

Field Guide to Digital Nomadic Tribes of the West

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