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Today we celebrate the 200th birthday of Henry David Thoreau.

From 1862, Ralph Waldo Emerson attempts to explain his neighbor and friend.

Must reads: Walden and Walking.

Coffee Drinkers Life Longer

NYT: High-Intensity Workouts May Be Good at Any Age

Historic Oregon house, ocean view, in heavily wooded 1.12 acres for $279,000. Next door to some friends.

The Dell has an infection and is being taken to the computer hospital. Don's Diary will return.

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Strength Training

Why we're five times less likely to get injured with a clinical psychologist.

Or try some Forest Bathing.

Like: Forest kindergarten

Artistic Japanese playgrounds

Racers who took ibuprofen had an 18 percent higher rate of kidney injury at the end of the race. More.

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Navy SEAL Explains the 40 Percent Rule

Living with a SEAL: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet. Lebron James and Don think it's hilarious.

Enough with the BS and lame excuses. Read The War of Art. ...On audio here.

Fun rant: Oregon (Yes, Oregon) Just Put a Tax on Bicycles. Hey, tax the other guy, gal, genders...

2017 All SCV Boys Track & Field

Michael Joyner: Sport Science: Servant or Master?

NYT: When Dropping Out Is the Right Move

Diamond League-London will be on NBCSN, Sunday, 10 AM, PDT. ...More details.

Q&A with Joel Salatin, Lunatic Farmer

David Brooks: The Golden Age of Bailing

Ken Goe says "goodbye (for now)." Oregon/track & field are lucky to have him keeping watch and providing excellent commentary. ...Thanks, Ken.

How to break away from living the old script. An armed robber? Offer him a glass of wine. ...Such is how Montaigne lived his life. See Chapter 9, How to Live: Or A Life of Montaigne... Astonishing stuff.

How to live longer. Life's Simple 7. In the US, 69% of adults are either overweight or obese.

Must read. Marine Cpl. Dakota Boyer challenges himself, inspires others

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Why You Can't Do a Pull-Up. It's complicated. And who has the discipline to do the work over time?

Kipchoge going for marathon record in September

Track Town Summer Series results. Robby Andrews gets the standard.

NYT: Olympic Medal, Earned; Glory, Denied; Future, Uncertain. ...It has been over 1 1/2 years since Alysia Montano advised she would be getting the her medals. ...IAAF about as responsible and transparent as civil service.

The best thing in life aren’t things. ~John Ruskin

2017 All-SCV Girls Track and Field

Brad Stulberg: The Secret to Resilience? A Good Story

John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: "I wish you bad luck."

Can Reading Make You Happier?

Terrific: How to Live: Or A Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer

Ditto the Cicero trilogy: Imperium, Conspirata, and Dictator ...More.

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Track on the tube:

Diamond League @ Lausanne, NBCSN, 11 AM
Track Town Summer Series, New York, ESPN, 6 PM

Another Fancy Bears dump. Data from 2015.

Gotta see. Pat Tiernan VO2 MAX | 10x600m. Blood tests between intervals. Now that's precise, serious training. ...Pat Tiernan, 6-2, 148 pounds, won the 2016 NCAA D1 XC Championships over Chez and Knight. ...Coach Marcus O'Sullivan was a helluva indoor miler. ...When were you last hammerin' on the track?

More on running and pain relievers.

20 Alex Honnold Facts

Laussane results. Selemon Barega was second in the 5000 with a 12:55.58. Selemon is 17 years old.

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Independence Day Classic results.

Butte to Butte results.

Top 10 Athletes Who Served

What Should You Yell to Encourage Runners?

Bike Racing Depends on Peter Sagan

But now kicked out of the Tour. many as 75 percent of long-distance runners take ibuprofen or other NSAIDs before, during or after training and races. Consider.

No, I didn't race yesterday. Last week I heaved the javelin and hammered the mile. Tough combo.

Wine Maniac covers Food and Drink in Quebec City. ...Layne Witherell was in my Navy boot camp company in 1966. We were both born in Los Angeles on March 20, 1945. Later he worked at the hospital where I was born. Best man at my first wedding. Funny, crazy guy. Read this.

Allie Ostrander wins at Mt. Marathon. ...Video.

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Why run 100 miles? ...I noticed that I was spending the same amount of time running as I had been spending watching television. It helped me realize that I had always had the time to run; I’d just been doing something else with it.

The Mere Presence of Your Smartphone Reduces Brain Power

Track & field in Los Angeles? “It couldn’t draw flies,” Dwight Stones said.

For more on track & field's path to popularity, see here and here.

NYT: Is Alcohol Good for You? An Industry-Backed Study Seeks Answers

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How Track and Field Can Save Itself

Pro Tips From Pro Cyclists

OMG. Lance is back.

Michael Joyner: 7 Sports Science Myths ...As to that floor stuff, Joyner was doing a longevity test. Give it a try.

Texting on the move

Excerpt. The War of Art

The Wellness Epidemic. ...How many supplements do you take?

Ken Goe on Ben Blankenship. He runs to win. The hair(ier) guy. Intense, hard-charging racer. Always gives it his best. All out. And a nice guy.

Video. Nick Symmonds workout at South Eugene High School/Amazon Trail. ...The coached Oregon Track Club Masters train there every Tuesday night. ...A good place to do The Michigan workout.

Oregon has 4 million residents. (California has 39 million.) An additional 1 million are expected to be in Oregon on August 21 for an event lasting two minutes.

NYT: The Pull-Up

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Yuke Kawauchi: A Long Road of Long Races

On the pain of losing. Why Do They Even Play the Game?

DNA Sequencing Interesting But You’re Still Going to Die

Does symmetry matter for speed? Not for Bolt. Proving, I guess, you can go fast and far with crappy form.

Not necessarily so when seriously aging with crappy form. I was dead last in the javelin with a toss of 48' 6". Though close to the second guy in the 70-74 AG. Also dead last in the mile with a 7:25.

Chris Froome: Pain & Suffering

July, 2017 Oregon Track Club Newsletter

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