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Week That Was

An Olympic Marathoner’s Take on the Perfect Running Stride. If we're talking about economy, why no mention of arm carriage, lean, changing stride length/cadence based on circumstances of the distance and terrain?

Best Speed Workouts for Cyclists. ...And runners?

Finland Has a Sports Screw Loose. The tiny country (5.5 million population) once dominated the world in distance running.

The Tarahumara are now The Drug Runners.

Semi-Rad: Motivational Posters for Ultrarunners

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Tactics, Salazar & Gold – The Training of Matthew Centrowitz

How Many Dead Football Players Will It Take? ...Or fuhgettaboutit.

Blood work and analytics. Why not for runners?

Who Do the World's Top Runners Follow for Fitness Advice? ...Ditto for cyclists.

NYT: How to Boost Resilience in Midlife

61 second video: Quick, tasty protein for vegan runners

What happens when you leave a tetherball hanging in the forest?

The great fan debate.

Fueling Team Sky

Brad Stulberg on masculinity

One guy campaign to save lives in rural Appalachia.

Is There a Connection Between The Jedi and The Stoics?

Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, who cautioned against gluttony and early retirement and vigorously championed annual medical checkups, climbing stairs regularly and just having fun — advice that helped make Japan the world leader in longevity...lived to 105.

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the morning shakeout

Cross country. It's beautiful and the best when experienced as a team. Sez Chris Solinsky. And so many other successful coaches we/you might know. It's why the summer camps are so important. It's why having the right captains is critical. Imagine the life skills learned by leaders and everyone else involved.

Steve and Brad agree. Be Better at Life by Thinking of Yourself Less

On Being Smaller

Affluence Without Abundance

When the Selfie Turns Sacreligious

Steve Cram's top 10 tips for running a mile faster than ever before. ...Great advice, yes? I'm guessing 90% of the people reading this blog haven't raced a mile, or even done an all-out mile in private, in many years. Hey, that was me for many years. Who wants to be embarrassed? But here's the thing. NO ONE CARES. Really. Truly. With love in our heart. We just don't. In fact, we will respect you more if you do some fast stuff in public. And if you do some miler training, as recommended by Cram, it's quite possible your longer distance times will improve as well.

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His first run outside: 27 miles from prison to home. ...I met Chris at the OSP on 3/27/15, a friendly and engaging fellow, and he told me about his dream run home on his release date, the day before Thanksgiving. Hope he's doing well today.

This Is Your Brain on Racing

Those without the ability to think deeply, or feel acutely, will always tread the treadmill of life. ~Percy Cerutty

Take the Harvard survey. Learn your risk of having a heart attack or stroke in the next 20 years.

Turn Off. Now.

Why "Go Outside" Are the Two Most Important Words a Dad Can Say

The Strange Brain of the World’s Greatest Solo Climber

OJ to hike AT. After he qualifies for Boston.

Don't be stupid. Free smarts/stuff here.

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Q&A podcast with Alysia Montano

COC Summer Series results.

Steve Magness: Caring is Cool

Encouraging Teens to Read

Brad Stulberg: Three Healthy Behaviors Linked With a Longer Life

Ajee Wilson breaks American 800 record. Jager wins steeple. Monaco results. ...800 race video

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Terrific. Must read. Q&A with Evan Jager selections. Imagine being in his position, your reputation sullied, and the IAAF not promptly announcing you were cleared, no violation. Reminds me of Alysia Montano, now over 20 months (I think) since getting the word she's due some World Champ medals, and still not received. I've chatted with Alysia several times. Such a dear, classy lady. It drives me crazy to think about how awful the bureaucracy and governance of our sport.

Sane advice. Stop comparing yourself to...

Too Many Americans Live in a Mental Fog. ...Got that link from a constant source, Marginal Revolution. I check in there every day and find stuff from all points on the spectrum. Stuff that challenges your/my stupid, unthinking biases.

You can't learn if you think you already know. ~Epictetus

How to live to 100 video.

To be or to do? Which way will you go? ~John Boyd

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