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There's a guy in this coffee shop sitting at a table, not on his phone, not on a laptop, just drinking coffee, like a psychopath.

Sugary Drinks Tied to Accelerated Brain Aging

Tired? Try walking up stairs instead of soda

The Type of Exercise That Helps You Live Longer

Alysia Montano and Lauren Fleshman are pregnant with second child.

Especially if 45 or older, your PCP will ask for regular fasting blood tests. If out of normal level range --cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.- you will likely be advised to moderate or forego certain foods and drink. Or worse, learn you have some disease. That you're a runner provides no immunity to any bad findings, or reason to delay on the PCP's recommendation. ...Of interest: On Ultra-Runners and Alcohol Habits. ...A friend says he goes Mormon every few months and abstains from alcohol and caffeine all together.

What is Toughness Anyway?

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Alison Wood, 43 years old, 5'3" in high jump spikes, mom of two, network engineer, part time coach at Regis High School, silver medalist in the high jump at the 2011 World Masters Championships, set 5'7.5" PR at age 41. And lots more.

1. Being a distance running fool, excessively focused, I didn't have a clue about you until the ladies on the OTCM board wised me up. Impressive! When/how did your athletic career start? Early successes?

I started high jumping when I was nine. Track and Field was a unit in PE and I could beat all the boys. I have competed every season since, with the exception of my second pregnancy - I jumped with the first one!

2. How did you come to concentrate on the high jump? Did you/will you follow up on your interest in the multis?

High jumping has always been my favorite event. There is something very special about leaving the earth and flying through the air. In college I originally entered a hep because high jump was the second event and I figured I could just withdraw if I didn't like it. I was a horrible hurdler so it took a few years to make it past that first event and on to high jump, but now I love multis!

3. Current goals? Describe a week's training schedule towards those goals.

My current goal is to PR again! I missed most of last season with a knee injury and I am so grateful to be back in the sport. I am very lucky to have the best high jump coach in the nation (John Radetich), incredible support from a lot of track coaches, a brilliant strength coach (Joel Smith, Just Fly Athletics) and the ultimate sports medicine doctor with amazing techniques for success (Dr. Dan Schweigert).

A week's training!?!? I work out twice a day - track workouts during my lunch break and weight and plyometrics in the evening. Joel Smith with Just Fly Athletics built an app for my phone and uploads my workouts every day. It's super easy to follow his instructions and every workout has its own purpose to help me reach that PR.

4. Advice to your 50 year old self?

Consistency is key. Never be afraid to leave the ground and yes, you are 32 years older than those other girls. GO GET EM!

5. We love stories about weird, quirky, obsessive runners. Compare and contrast and dish on one or more jumpers..

I compete in many of the NCAA D1 meets in Oregon and Washington. It never fails that the official or another competitor will remind me that no mom's are allowed on the high jump apron. A few meets into the season the other jumpers know me and we all laugh about it together. I have also been the shortest jumper in every competition of my entire life - that would be 34 years of jumping. I started jumping higher than my height when I was a sophomore in high school. I've been extremely lucky to continue to jump higher than my height today.

6. If you were a billionaire and could give 2 or 3 books to every graduating high school senior, what would they be?

12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northrup and Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese.

7. Best decision you've made in your coaching career?

Each athlete has their own way. Coach that, nurture what they have inside of them and they will happily succeed.

8. Advice to your younger self at, 20 years?

Life is fragile. Enjoy each day, each meal, each workout and every moment with family and friends.

9. Name three of your personal heroes, and why you admire them so much?

I am extremely grateful to be in the presence of three heroes. My son Caden is passionate about the political climate of the world. He is a calming and intelligent voice in uncertain times. My daughter Kyra is a fearless hero, representing confident courage every day. And my partner Cedric, a hero on all accounts - healing people as a brilliant physician and a delightful top notch chef, his positivity and laughter is constant and contagious.

10.. Quotes you live by, or quote often?

Just jump!

11. What coaching advice/routine you believe in that most would think crazy?

I eat ground up ants before I compete.

12. What did you have for breakfast? Usual breakfast time?

I have six chickens and eat two eggs every day for breakfast. I eat at 7 am.

13. What "good advice" is actually bad advice?

It’s not a workout until someone pukes. Definitely bad advice – our mantra in college, but not the way anyone should end a practice!

14. Best coaching memory?

Watching any of my jumpers hit a PR. When they jump I am on the sidelines jumping with them. I couldn’t be more proud of each of them as they improve!

15., What would you do/have/be if you had 20 million dollars?

If I had $20 million I would open a track and field facility. I would invest in healthy organic food, sports medicine and sports psychologists, positive coaches and the best possible facilities. Athletes of any ability could stay at the facility and be students of the sport. My only request would be that they go back to their community and share what they learned at the track. Encourage others to participate, to care about their physical and mental health and hope that they find a lifelong love of our sport.

16. How do you coach mental toughness?

Ice baths.

17. Your obsessions on evenings and/or weekends.

High jumping.

18. Stuff you do, besides jumping that most people would consider insane?

I bungee jumped off of the Crooked River bridge for my birthday last year. IT WAS AWESOME!

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Liddy Q&A in Comments. Appeared in the December, 1981 issue. Imprisoned 4.5 years for his role in Watergate and refusal to testify in the Senate committee hearings. Tough guy. Now 86 years old.

the morning shakeout

Science of Sport: The way, then the lack of will: A story of anti-doping and those who might save it

Running up a Mountain Makes It Feel Smaller. ...Who does The Beast nowadays? No one, or not so much, so my spies tell me. Too bad. It could be a game changer for you. There's no hiding there. The ultimate stress test? Gut check?

Wanna Climb a Volcano?

Jane E. Brody/NYT: After Knee or Hip Replacement. Maybe the best hip/knee guy in Eugene (he does a dozen per week) says genetics and obesity are the overwhelming causes of joints going bad; recoveries/results tend to be excellent; doesn't recommend running on replaced joints, or at least very much, as it will cause them to wear out more quickly. And absolutely so if still overweight.

Why Bekele Failed to Break the Marathon World Record

Keep Your Day Job

Bend It Like Granny

Quite a few runners (including Steve Magness and Brad Stulberg and Mario Fraioli) loved Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Too quirky for me.

So You've Decided to Drink More Water

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At 17, ‘the Tiger Woods of Pole Vaulting’ Soars Ahead of His Time

Foothill Prelims on Thursday, 4/27. Program.

2017 Foothill Bests

New USA Track and Field president: No plans to audit CEO’s spending. It took me a day or two to process that news. Now OK with it. Here's the deal. With the possible exception of Phil Knight (Gene Blankenship, Paul Broneer, Rene Paragas, Zack, Elaine....), Vin is the smartest, most accomplished and consequential person in the world of track & field. And surely has a plan for Max.

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A Primer on the Sub-2-Hour Marathon ...More Sub 2 discussion here.

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, may be the closest thing we’ve got to the fountain of youth. Read.

NYT: Tom Fleming, 65, New York City Marathon Winner, Dies. ...Good guy. Stopped running in the 90s. Overweight. Avoided medical checkups. Sad, eh?

NYT: The 9-Minute Strength Workout. Deny as we will, but all would benefit with this or like discipline.

On February 3, 1963, following a public invitation, two dozen average citizens showed up for a walk/run with Bill Bowerman at Hayward Field. At its peak, thousands would show up. ...Revived by Vin Lananna and Ian Dobson, now in its second year, the tradition continues. Photos. ...Let's run this when you're in Eugene, as we did with Frank and Kelley Schranz, Bailey Miller and her mom. ...Or better, compete on the Hayward track at the Hayward Classic (for masters only) or the All-Comers in July.

Want to live twice as long? Meditation might help

London Marathon results. ...BBC story.

Science. Facebook is bad for you

Bekele blames his Nike’s Zoom Vaporfly Elites. adidas guy wins.

Is ‘sub-two-hour’ Nike marathon attempt just a clever marketing stunt?

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Brianna Rollins, Olympic 100h gold medalist, banned for 12 months. Read.

Foothill results.

Canyon boys, West Ranch girls win Foothill titles. Story.

Shane Oliver has Canyon @ Golden Valley photos.

The Week That Was

How to grow old like an athlete

Will the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% really make you faster?

Chasing Marginal Gains: Innovation or Cheating?

Remembering Tom Fleming

Technical, but worthwhile. Training the Gut. Find out what salt, glucose/sugar, hydration works for you while training, before racing.

Possibly you have internalized that you basically have no privacy online anyway. More.

Bill Bowerman was right-- runners really do live longer

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Weldon Johnson/LetsRun rifts on a visit to possible doping camp in Kenya. ..."I feel stupid and angry. Don’t invite me into your house, if the whole thing is a fraud," he rues.

Brad Stulberg: What Separates Champions From ‘Almost Champions’?

Jay Johnson: Anatomy of an Easy Day

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Flotrack videlo. Jordan Hasay Prep Workout

Brad Stulberg: 8 Stupid-Simple Tips to Live Longer and Healthier

You’re Too Busy. You Need a ‘Shultz Hour.’

Beware That Fitbit Friend.

Americans collectively check their phones 8 billion times per day. The average for individual Americans was 46 checks per day. More.

Is Post-Marathon Muscle Soreness in your Genes?

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