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What the WC 10Ks Can Teach us About Racing and Pacing

The Sprinters Compendium.. ...Mo wins because he is the fastest sprinter. And trains to be so.

Are Endurance Athletes More Susceptible to Getting Diabetes?

Your internal chatter has a huge impact on the way you feel about yourself. Listen in.

Just thinking about doing 400m repeats produces longevity. Read

Too much beer can kill you.

Amby Burfoot: American marathon times are getting slower

Like or yikes? Video gamers in the 2024 Olympics

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the morning shakeout

Why You're Never Too Old To Run

The Disease-Proofing Myth

Mario Fraioli"s Recommended Summer Reads

DD's recommends: The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit. ...Way-better, more thought provoking than anything you're watching on the tube, World Championships excepted.

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Where Does The Time Go?

Are you one of the 'weirdos' who picks up litter? We are.

Alan Garcia provides some Justin Gallegos photos.

Monday results at the World Champs.

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Must see. The Justin Gallegos movie. Stronger Every Mile. What a guy!

Passion thrives on impediment. ~W. Somerset Maugham

Alex Hutchinson has a good one on Mo and pacing patterns.

Different race, conditions, etc., but Bob Schul, like Mo, won with a 56 second last lap. Video.

Mount Marathon Is the Toughest 5K on the Planet. ...Now almost six years since I last did the Beast. You? ...Come on, we need to keep doing this kind of crazy tough stuff.

Science sez. Take a break.

After you get in a hike or run. Diabetes’ Impact Is Rising Fastest Among Millennials. Between 2001 and 2015, teenage rates of obesity rose over 30%, according to the CDC.

Stanford smarties: Walking (running) fosters creativity.

The Wrong Reasons to Run a Marathon

Molly Huddle on the Ethiopians: "I feel like they get away with a lot." Video. ......Ross Tucker on Ayana: 2:49 and then 2:52 for the last couple kms. The 5000m WR is 2:49/km, so she's almost WR pace in middle of a 10k.

About Mo. Here. And here.

10 Ways That Running Changes Your Mind and Brain

The Medicalization of Everything

If you’re like most Americans, you probably start your day with a hot shower, a cup of coffee—and a handful of pills. ...More.

Q&A with George Raveling. Now 80. Still reading. Still learning.

Be tolerant with others and strict with yourself. ~Marcus Aurelius

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The Oregon Track Club August newsletter is here. Includes our Q&A with OTCM President Trisha Kluge.

Why running is so beneficial for older women

Done with dieting. About health, not size

Losing the Fight Against ‘Dad Bod’

Curiously, curiosity is underemphasized in the classroom.

Perfectionist? Maybe not such a good thing.

What to watch for at the World Champs tomorrow at 4 PM.

Women, alcohol and breast cancer

Read du jour. By Tim Layden. Why Usain Bolt's retirement will stick. ...Of the 30 fastest men's 100m sprint times ever, only nine have been run by an athlete NOT banned for drugs - all 9 by Usain Bolt.

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Matthew Barnett writes regarding Lexi’s fall in the 1500 Junior Olympic Championship race, His daughter competed at Junior Olympics and medaled in the 3000 with Lexi

“Lexi is my new hero. I watched that race and it brought me to tears. I can’t believe she pulled off a 4:42 after that fall. Forget medals, no one who saw that race will ever forget what she did. It sent chills down my spine. She will be one of the great runners of our generation. I wept when I saw her get back up and compete. It literally made me want to be more courageous after seeing her compete so hard. She will win hundreds of medals in her lifetime but today she won everyone’s hearts. I’ve never seen anything quite like today. There’s times when 6th feels like first and today was the day. One day I will look back and tell the story of a girl named Lexi who doesn’t know the word quit. She’s my new hero even though she’s 13.”

And then he wrote directly to Lexi the following:

“Forget about medals, placing, or times. The courage you showed during the 1500M today was incredible. When you got tripped I saw the way you got back up and fought. You inspired more people in the way you got back up then winning the gold. I don’t know how you finished with a 4:42 after falling so hard. I’ve always respected you but today you just sent chills down everyone’s spine with that performance. You will truly be one of the greats. It’s about heart and you have it. You should be more proud of that 1500M run as any of your life. You taught so many people about perseverance with that race. Many people won’t remember who won a race years down the road but no one will forget the courage you displayed. You brought me to tears when I saw you climb back into that race. I will never forget epic moment of tenacity on display. You’re a winner! Thank you for teaching us about getting back up no matter what.

Kathryn Switzer: How to Find Joy in Every Workout

Mrs. Newby, 72, is tougher than thee and me.

the morning shakeout

What Do Elite Runners Do When They Retire?

Are Elite Athletes Healthy?

More Than a Third of U.S. Adults Prescribed Opioids

We have an opioid overdose crisis, but cigarettes still kill 15 times more people

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Q&A with Doug Soles of Great Oak

Podcast with Malcolm Gladwell. I don't listen to podcasts, save those with Malcolm Gladwell. ...He's a 54 year old track nut, and just attended his first elite track meet this year. Is that you? Next year he plans to attend the Pre Classic (best in the world compete in two hours). My idea of thrill packed. Check it out in 2018. The next morning we will run Pre's Trail and see many of those same elites doing a recovery run.

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Lexi Fernandez got third in the Junior Olympics 3000. Click. ...a 4th in the 800. Her time would have won the varsity 2017 Foothill Finals. ...Lexi will be in the eighth grade this year.

National Geographic: We Evolved to Run—But We're Doing It All Wrong

Nearly half of all deaths from heart disease, strokes, and type 2 diabetes in the U.S. are associated with 10 dietary factors.

TrackFanMan writes: Lexi was in third place moving up to 2nd place in the 1500 in lap 2 and a girl shoved her in the the second lap. She fell into the rail with a bloody knee and injured ankle that she twisted, but still managed to get up being in dead last and moved back up to third place, but fought to the finish and had nothing left and 3 girls passed her at the finish. She still medaled in 6th place with a 4:42. She was feeling strong into lap 2 and ready to take the lead heading into the 3rd lap. She now has an injured ankle and will take some time off to recover.

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