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We too were once beginners. Just Do It.

Can Narcissism Fuel Grit?

Don't Beat Yourself Up

Breaking news from 1975. This Coach Is First Class

NYT: The Liver: A ‘Blob’
That Runs the Body.

the morning shakeout

Oregon Track Club Race #4, a 5K on 6/8/17, photos. Don is #279. ...In the selection are pix from the May 5K on Pre's Trail. Don is #195.

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Day 4 Photos at NCAA Outdoor Championships

More on Alex Honnold’s free climb of El Capitan. The greatest sports achievement in my lifetime?

Chris Low PRs with a 1:46.40, winning the 800 at the Portland Classic. Next up is the USA Championships two weeks hence in Sacramento.

Having Friends Is Good for You

2.2 billion people are overweight or obese—this represents around 30 percent of all people on earth. More.

Lotsa juicy info and links today from Ken Goe. ...Including a story on Boulder and All-Comers meets. Eugene has many as well at Hayward Field. ...Wherever you are, consider starting the same in your community. It's the right thing to do. It changes lives.

Pro health tips from Coach Albert Einstein.

Women runners with lower BMIs are at a higher risk of injury, take longer to heal

Bananna peels!

We Are Wired To Be Outside

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Q&A with Steve Magness

How Training Helps You Handle Pain.

Lexi Fernandez goes 9:58 in the 3000, wins at the Southern CA Jr. Olympics.

El Capitan, My El Capitan ...More.

Oregon women win triple crown. Great meet!

Allie Ostrander, only 5-1, 20 years old, wins the steeple, gets fourth in the 5000. ...The women's steeple has 28 hurdle jumps (30" high) and 7 water jumps. ...Watch Ostrander win the brutal 2015 Mt. Marathon race.

Final day women's NCAA Championships 4 minute video.

NYT: Really, Really Short Workouts. It all counts.

On Exercise Bulimia

Steve Magness has a Problem With the Hack Culture

See Ken Goe. He covered two meets (100 miles apart) in one day.

Lexi Fernandez won the 800 (ages 13-14) in 2:13.73 at the Southern CA Jr. Olympics. ...Bailey Pate won the Foothill Finals in 2:17.92.

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Michael Joyner: What's on My Bedside Table

Peak Performance excerpt: How extended breaks in training help elite athletes—and why you should take them too. ...We just ordered the book. Mrs. Diary insisted

OTC race of the month results. Oldest racer gets his best time in over a year.

Frank Shorter Returns to His High School

Jon Sutherland has the world's longest running streak.

Breaking2-Inspired Nike Shoes Available Today

SCV in the midst of an opioid epidemic.

Excellent. By Amby Burfoot: Your Body: “Use It Or Lose It”

Gary Johnson is biking the 2800 mile Tour Divide

Some guy is photographing the prep Tracks of Forgotten Legends

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Signal story on Craig Leener and his novel. Here. We loved the book and suspect you will too.

Recommended: 6th Annual Master's University XC Invitational

Must read: Rod and Pre

Brad and Steve: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Marathoners

Oregon Track Club June, 2017 Newsletter

The Judge and the Midnight Mission Running Club

The ball cap read, “There are three stages to a man’s life: Stud, Dud, Thud.” Why Men Don’t Live as Long as Women

Still time to register for the Lardbutt 1K

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the morning shakeout

Steve and Brad: Four Things Top Performers Do Every Day

Ammar Moussa: The five stages of racing Edward Cheserek

Jay Johnson: Wild Things, Honesty and Race Specificity. ...Exactly right. We know it. But how often do we do those timed, painful intervals, short rest workouts on the track? ...BTW, 500s are way-more painful than 400s.

Some guy writes: Free solo climb of El Capitan was dangerous, perhaps insane, and the athletic feat of the century

Fasting? Read Running on Empty. ...Check with your PCP.

Week That Was

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SCV Athletes Compete at State Track Finals

The Case for the Disconnected Commute

Bored? Here's Why

Tiger Woods Got Old

State Street Mile results. It's downhill, fast and fun. Santa Clarita Runners and other SCV racers included Carl Stromberg, Carol Stromberg, Oscar Orozco, Terry Whelan, David Summer, Rae Ludwig, and Dan Bakholdin. ...I ran it a long time ago. How long ago? Not sure, but I well remember our friend Dave Delong was a serious competitor at the time.

Back in the glory, can-do days, the Santa Clarita Runners had a downhill mile, a Gene Blankenship inspiration. From the top of Rockwell down to, into the last parking lot next to Valencia Blvd.

C-SPAN featured Eugene, Oregon over the weekend. Of special interest is an 11 minute video on Bill Bowereman. Check it out and learn how Bowerman initiated running for the masses. In 1962 (when anyone running on the streets or sidewalks was considered a lunatic). ...For the true fan: Bowerman and the Men of Oregon

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Insanely affordable summer vacations.

Funny. What unproven, self-absorption bs are we buying? Laugh.

At 111, he says the secret is God, cigars, and whiskey. Story.

It’s gonna be a gun fight, you know? Make sure you don’t bring a knife. ~Robby Andrews. About Boston last night and upcoming USAs

If everyone did just 10,000 steps a day in America we would probably decrease healthcare budget by $500 billion a year and that shows how few people actually do it. More. ...Consider daily walks with those nearest and dearest.

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