running : Thursday, 5/17/12
Posted by donmclean on 2012/5/17 13:33:49 (655 reads)

The latest buzz on coffee. Story. Extending and enhancing life.

Abdi Abdirahman is Going for Gold -or Whatever.

What the fell? An Introduction to Hill Running. When in doubt, run uphill.

Allyson Felix says the United States lacks an adequate sized facility to host the World Championships. Story.

Training helps us endure the pain, in running and life. More. Not mentioned, and it's kinky, but some welcome the pain.

Does foot strike matter? Link. The science is iffy. Keep running.

The wisdom of Ashton Eaton.

A high-fructose diet makes you stupid, UCLA study shows. More.

Dude insists it's OK to hug your bro. Link. OK, maybe when he cops a major PR, dog dies, bike stolen...

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 Re: Thursday, 5/17/12

Cotton candy coach.

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 Re: Thursday, 5/17/12

Photo from BikeLadiesUnite

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 Re: Thursday, 5/17/12
One of the best articles and conclusions about foot strike I've seen. Thanks, Don.

The science seemed fine to me, but it's a given that not everything is known by science.

Still, their conclusion seemed spot on - "Given our current state of knowledge, forces at both initial impact and at midstance should be considered when it comes to designing running shoes and making recommendations about proper form. A single-minded focus on just one or the other is likely misguided."

In my words, since there are both heel strikers and forefoot strikers, shoes should be designed and recommended accordingly, and form recommendations should take into account reducing forces on the body and minimizing injuries (as changing form too quickly or improperly can lead to injury, too).

-- Mark

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 Re: Thursday, 5/17/12
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