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NYT: The Limits of ‘No Pain, No Gain’

"I like routine," Keflezighi says. "There are no shortcuts to getting to the starting line healthy." More. We were born and blessed to run, and not always injured.

Amby: 7 Great Things About the 2014 Boston Marathon

Marc Bloom's High School Athlete of the Week: Ricky Faure Lives High, Races Fast

The symbolism was so perfect, so emotionally overwhelming, that it was impossible to watch the Boston Marathon without tears in your eyes and a lump in your throat. ...Especially when the man you were watching began crying too. ~Philip Hersh

Even if you run an hour each day... Is Sitting For Long Hours At Work The New Smoking?

NAIA team rankings.

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Lets Run has the inside, sweet story on how Ryan Hall and other American runners helped Meb. Link.

Dick Patrick: How Meb Worked His Magic

Wall Street Journal: Older Runners Get Inspiration From Boston Marathon Win

Nicholas Thompson/The New Yorker: Meb's American Victory At The Boston Marathon

Jon Krakauer/The New Yorker: Death and Anger on Everest

Meb was the state 3200 champ in 1994. Video. His winning time was 8:58.11. He also won the 1600 with a 4:07.67.

Fun rant. Fitness Is Not A Computer

Ken Goe/The Oregonian chatted up Al Sal re Mo and other Oregon Project athletes, and gifts us with a links bonanza. Here. Plainly, Salazar was not in favor of Mo's marathoning, and was proved right. Now we will see if Mo can return to king of the nickel and dime store. How many elites have forsakened the track for the marathon, found it to be a harsh mistriss/bad boyfriend, and were unable to transition back to their former track glory?

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This week:

4/24 Hart @ Canyon
4/24 West Ranch @ Valencia
4/24 Saugus @ Golden Valley
4/25 Canyons @ WSC Finals, Antelope Valley College
4/25-26 Master's @ GSAC Championships, Santa Barbara

We're suppose to drink chocolate milk after workout, right? OK, but read this and this. ...Don's rule. Roughly, 50% of all the stuff you hear and read is wrong. Including stuff on DD.

Boston in context. Q&A with Frank Shorter

Guy in Argentina won a half marathon and then expired due to sudden death syndrome.

Classic highlights from the Helsinki 1952 Olympic Games as Czech Emil Zátopek becomes the only person ever to win the 5,000m, 10,000m and marathon events at one Olympic Games. You Tube

Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah, is one of the best high school track and cross country programs in the nation. At the 2013 NXN, the girls were 3rd, the boys 17th. More.

Follow Boston on livestream here. Shalane, Meb and Ryan Hall looking good in the early stages.

Boston story.

Meb wins. Story and video.

Boston top finishers.

Boston Stat Blitz

Boston video.

Lets Run: On Meb and the American guys. Link.

Ibuprofen linked to leaky gut syndrome. Yikes! It also may, possibly, cause you to ignore the pain your body is telling you to rest, fuhcryinoutloud.

Don't raise your voice, improve your argument. ~Desmond Tutu

How Notable Runners Fared

An Appreciation of Meb. Best American marathoner ever? The ultimate racer over so many years.

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Mt. SAC Relays relays.

Erik Boal/Daily News on preps at Mt. SAC Relays. Daily News also provides Mt. SAC photos.

Bill Bolden has Saturday West Ranch @ Mt. SAC photos.

Master's women win relay at the Soka Peace Invitational

Bob Binnie was also at Mt. SAC yesterday gifts us with photos. Includes West Ranch in Boys & Girls 4 x 400, Girls DMR, Boys & Girls 4 x 1600, Boys shot put, and a few other random shots of the Boys Invitational DMR

AJ Yarnell runs with the big boys. Story. And video. AJ is the guy with the beard in a white singlet. At Hayward Field. You can race on that track in All-Comers meets this summer.

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The Signal: Locals start at Mt. SAC

Saugus @ West Ranch results. Photos from Linda Yamamoto. More from Bill Bolden: Girls and Boys

More from Bill Bolden: Mt. SAC Relays

Brando writes: Stephanie Bulder smashed the SCV 10,000-meter record at the Mt. SAC Relays, winning the silver elite race in 34:35.63. A round of applause to Grace Zamudio for breaking the former record as well, as she clocked 34:56.26 in the elite invitational.

Erik Boal/Daily News on area athletes at Mt. SAC Relays

Golden Valley @ Canyon photos here (by Bro) and here (by Jim McClain)

Canyons at WSC Championships results.

More interesting stuff on My Tights Won't Stay Up

Can an American guy win Boston?

Bro updated Foothill Bests

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Signal reports on yesterday's Foothill track & field

Paul Broneer provides Golden Valley @ Canyon results.

Bob Binnie deliviers 344 pix from Saugus @ West Ranch

Creepy, funny story on the Pyongyang Marathon.

As a runner, this is one of the most impressive things I have ever seen

Deadspin: Shot and Raped -Still a Fan

New York Times: Are Exercise Cool Downs Necessary?

The Barkley Marathon: "The Race That Eats Its Young."

Amazing. Prep breaks the shot national record by almost two feet with the spin, a technique around for years that most preps refuse to try. Link. Amazing. Why stay stupid?

We're off to the coast. Postings will be erratic, or none at all.

OK, NOW we're leaving, having just fed the cat and posted Alan Garcia's Valencia v. Hart photos

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Paul Broneer: Foothill League Records

Philip Hersh: New deal gives Nike bigger foot in USA Track & Field. More from Alan Abrahamson. And here.

On fitness bands and the brave new world. Story. A little creepy?

Today's 10 Reasons...

Antelope Valley College’s Mark Covert receives another hall of fame call

Probably best article on... Why Do Healthy People Die Running Marathons?

Vid of the day: Only The Essential (Hiking the PCT). In less than four minutes.

Or maybe try Riding The Rails Across America

Sassy, fun tips from a lady Brit. My Tights Won't Stay Up

Re the Nike-USAT&F deal, Lauren Fleshman writes: If you're going to sell the marketing rights to the athletes' bodies, it would be nice to include us in the conversation.

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This week:

4/17 Golden Valley @ Canyon
4/17 Saugus @ West RAnch
4/17 Valencia @ Hart
4/18 WSC Prelims @ Canyons
4/18-19 Mt. SAC Invitational

Roger Robinson: Analysis: Should Mo Farah Stick to the Track?

Paul Broneer: Foothill Bests

Brando: 2014 SCV Track Bests

New York Times: Younger Skin Through Exercise

Daily News updates on Lizzy Nelson and Tim White. Here.

Even casual marijuana use damages the brain. Link.

Beware the anti-vaxxers. Link.

Flotrack: Alexa Efraimson's Speed Session on the Track.

Lets Run: Week That Was

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Lets Run: David Epstein talks about Roger Bannister.

DyeStatCAL Elite 100: Girls. And boys

Marathon world record holder Wilson Kipsang has warned Mo Farah it is impossible to balance running the marathon and competing on the track. Story.

Runners remember Boston Marathon tragedy

Outside: How To Fix A Flat: With Lance Armstrong. See, just a regular guy. Eric Schranz asks, What's next? Saturdury Night Live.

Do rich kids have more overuse injuries? Some study.

Coach Jay Johnson: Stop the negative self-talk and you will run faster

What can track & field learn from road racing? Link. Hmm, would you really prefer to watch a marathon over Pre's Classic?

Strategies to avoid/deal with muscle pain and soreness. Here.

Funny. What Athletes Eat

Tonight's OTC Masters workout in Read More. Like Ian Dobson's workouts, not a lot of miles, but, done per direction, you finish worked and satisfied.

The Science of Sport guy has a good one. The scientific process: Disprove it!

Read More... | 2736 bytes more | 2 comments

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What could be more fitting than to start with a Q&A with Jacqueline Hansen, the pride of Granada Hills High School, winner of the 1973 Boston Marathon (3:05.59). She set WR at the 1974 Western Hemisphere Marathon (2:43.54), and set another WR (2:38.10) at the 1975 Nike OTC Marathon, Eugene, OR, first female ever under 2:40. See Comments.

Two runners die at North Carolina half marathon. Story. Jeff Bytomski, head medical team physician at Duke University, said mostt of the runners who die in races probably have little warning. They’re supposed to get checked out by a doctor before running a race, “But how many people do that?”

New York Times on a bad day at the office for Mo. Story.

On Boston and the kindness of strangers. Story.

At Boston. Faces of Heartbreak

Onion. The Pros And Cons Of Vaccinating Children

Coach Jay Johnson: Stop allowing the GPS to rule your running

Coach Jay Johnson: The best book for High School Coaches, The Bible for one Foothill coach we know.

Don't miss The Monday Morning Run. Don't miss the Jon Drummond snit video.

Preview Bannister: Everest on the Track

Mt. SAC Relays schedule and entrants. Shannon and Gilby in the 5000 Olympic development category. Overall, it looks like everyone is racing, save thee and me.

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