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Sammy Watson, 10th grade, breaks Mary Cain's soph 1K record, 6th best all time national prep. Story.

Sonia O'Sullivan, the goddess of Irish distance runnning, stands up for cross country. Story.

The Master's gets ‘Champion of Character’ award by NAIA. Link.

The Master's and Santa Clarita Runners will be doing the Surf City Half Marathon today.

Why you/Don are so annoying. To get the word out, employ a wingman to brag for you

Fun: Bill Belichick Wore Flip-Flops

Bruce Jenner, gold medal decathlete, is transitioning...? Link. BTW, does he always have a Starbucks coffee in hand? Is that cool? Gay? A slick attorney my employer used once drove me in his Jag from Sherman Oaks to Santa Ana, on I-5, with a tall Starbucks cup in his hand. Didn't set it down once.

Galen Rupp talks training with Mo Farah, marathons, weird drug test story. Link.

Tony Sandoval, UC-Berkeley coach since 1982, Alysia Montano's coach since 2004, in Q&A. New Mexico state 880 champ in 1963.

Good day to race and tube. SCV All-Comers. Surf City. Armory. UW Invitational (AJ Yarnall racing Teg and Bumbalough in the 3000). Enjoy.

LetsRun is on Facebook.

Kenny Stone, 2011 Canyon grad, opened the indoor season with a 3rd place 49.83 400 meters at the Armory.

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Team USA: Catching Up With Teen Track Sensation Mary Cain. ...More the merrier. Link.

LetsRun: Armory Track Invite Preview. Better than the Super Bowl. ...But check the stats.

Boston Herald: Marathon finish line shoveler did it for love of the race

Malcolm Gladwell/The New Yorker: The Trouble With Fries. ...Last McDonald's in Iceland. Don't miss the time lapse death of a Big Mac.

New York Times: Are Vitamin Drinks a Bad Idea? ...Should you take that multi?

Best college tracksters so far? Check Official Qualifier Lists. Any Foothill alums?

Darcy Arreola-Lange will be racing with the Janes on February 7th at the USA Cross Country Championships. 40+ Masters team competition.

Watch Molly Huddle surprise Anna Rohrer with national prep cross country award. Here.

semi-rad: How To Be A Terrible Adventure Partner

Five Points for Uphill Running (How to Drag Your Ass Up the Mountain)

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LetsRun: Week That Was

Check out the best prep indoor times in 2015. Here. Impressive. Mostly from eastern schools. Prep indoor track is not a school sport in the west. Foothill schools will not be in serious competition for another month. Four months of no racing for our preps (Foothill XC finals on 11/6. First Foothill track meet on 3/26).

Rupp, Centro, Cain, and Hasay are racing this week at the Armory in New York. Story. On the tube Saturday afternoon. ...Preview.

Study: Helicopter parenting better for pets than for kids

Lauren's Workout of the Week

Steve Magness: My best books of 2014- Books that established connections and patterns.

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. ~Mark Twain

Why we run.

Re your race goals, training pace. Jack Daniels' VDOT Running Calculator

Good read on pacing and pack running.

Ditto on free range parenting.

Jeff Sather (OTC Masters/Don's coach): Two Great Hill Workouts & One to Reconsider. We do the aerobic hill workout on a popular, forested 300m (maybe 15% grade) hill at Hendricks Park. We're given the option of alternating the interval pace between moderate and harder. Sometimes we do an 80 meter strider between each interval. Big emphasis on employing the best form.

Fittish Q&A with Black Cactus. Can The Chillest Runner In The U.S. Be The First To Make Five Olympics?

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Rene Paragas on the SCV All Comers: About 40 kids will run the 3200m and 400m double. With another 60 running the 1600m.

With those numbers, surely you can hide yourself in the crowd. Maybe make a memory with your kid, same heat. Or set a Santa Clarita Runners club record.
...An elderly SCV friend said, "...track stuff is no longer in my wheelhouse," because no one else is doing it and fears embarrassment. ...Fear not. A few years ago, I was in a masters 3000 before maybe 7000 fans at Hayward Field, and came in dead last, 20 seconds behind. And got a nice cheer. A sweet memory. No one will cheer or admire your courage or make a memory if you're not in the race. ...SCV All Comers flyer.

Tuesday With The (Arizona) Track Cats. SCV alums now at Arizona include Sam Willis, Brendan Tinoco, Daniel Whitman, and Stephanie Bulder. What other D1 school has so many SCV tracksters? Probably like the University of Oregon, Arizona covets Californians. These schools are easier to get into than most UC schools, comparable or even cheaper, and a good distance away from tiresome parents.

Flotrack Wednesday Workout: Track Intervals with O'Lionaird and Blankenship. No, a different Blankenship.

Q&A with Nick Willis. Admires Ashton Eaton and... Detroit Pistons?

USAToday: Parents who do not vaccinate their children should go to jail.

Is Breathing Oxygen a Terrible Idea?

Oregon guv finally (almost) pays up. Story. Big emotional deflation here for at least 24 hours after the game. Don laughed (privately, of course). His kin peeps are Buckeyes.

YouTube: Bridging the Gap between Science and Coaching: an interview with Steve Magness. Amby Burfoot joins the conversation.

The New Yorker: Kílian Jornet, Sky Runner

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Jeff Messner/YouTube: Understanding Alberto Salazar's Training

Some lady writes: Meeting Lauren Fleshman

Steve Magness/Runner's World: How Uncertainty in Workouts Can Help Your Racing

The story of the human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short. ~Abraham Maslow

Real Clear Science: Why Science Is Anti-Antioxidant Supplements

The Atlantic: Joy: A Subject Schools Lack. ...With the best foresight and attitude, we can always jam more joy in our running and lives.

Guardian: The joy of fellrunning: mud, sweat and solidarity

Not running. Just fun stuff. Tom Brady Cannot Stop. ...BTW, Mark Liebovich is also the author of the funniest book I read in a 2014, This Town

Outside: Meet the Pacific Crest Trail's Resident Food Magician. ...As it happens, today I bought The Pacific Crest Trail Bicycle, with a detailed route to bike, as near as possible, mostly on pavement, the entire 2500 mile trek. It takes a summer to hike the whole damn thing. The author provides a 36 day plan, the shortest day being 42 miles, the longest 97 miles. To cover the PCT nearest SCV, north to south, you go down Sierra Highway, over to Angeles Crest Highway, to Mill Summit (N3, to Highway 2, and on to Wrightwood. And God help ya. Hiking or biking, you have to be in awesome shape.

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YouTube: Cas Loxsom American Record 600 1:15.58. More here.

Newsday: (No) Life After Football

Flotrack: Predictive Value of HS Success in NCAA XC. Corollary fact. The best preps of yore are no longer racing.

Jay Johnson video: Circuit Training

37 Stunning Photos That First Appeared In Sports Illustrated

The Oregonian: Oregon PCT, south to north

When people go to a track meet, they're looking for something, a world record, something that hasn't been done before. You get all this magnetic energy, people focusing on one thing at the same time. I really get excited about it. It makes me want to compete even more. It makes it all worthwhile, all the hours of hard work. ~Steve Prefontaine

Ultra-marathons: What drives people do to the world’s toughest events

Paul Broneer writes: The Second Santa Clarita Valley All Comers Meet is this Saturday, Jan 31st. We have a new start time on 9:00 am at the request of runners wanting to come from out of the SCV. We have also added the 4x100 meter relay as our final event of the day. We also
have two brand new pole vault pits, (so there is a guaranteed tail wind) as well as a new high jump pit. Details.

Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run. Oddly, no mention of the SCV All Comers. We hear rumbles and rumers about the next one. Clear your schedule.

Jane Brody/New York Times: Sweaty Answer to Chronic Illness. Take aspirin and drink plenty of liquids. After drills and 1200 at marathon pace, 6X800 at 5K pace, with 60 second rest intervals, and a cool down. Repeat as necessary.

Outside: How Technology Will Predict (and Prevent) Your Next Running Injury

PrepCalTrack: Statewide All-Comers & Indoors Leaders List. No Foothillers.

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Steve Adams Thrives as a Runner Despite Epilepsy Diagnosis

...the ability to get by on little sleep isn't a badge of honor that validates work ethic but a profound failure of self-respect. ~Maria Popova. 7 Things I Learned

USC and Oregon competed yesterday in Kentucky. Outstanding photos here. Results here.
We can't recall any Foothill distance talent at either school. Nathan Bultman, West Ranch thrower, has declared for USC.

RunBlogRun: Four ways in which Kenyans do their long runs

semi-rad: The Dawn Wall And The Idea of ‘Wasting Time’

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Amby Burfoot reports Americans buy and consume more calories during Super Bowl weekend than at any other time of the year, including the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Link.

Lauren Fleshman, Kate Grace, Mel Lawrence, et al are altitude training in Albuquerque.

New York Times: Why Is India So Crazy for World Records? Any simularites to runners we know?

Video: What has Nick Symmonds been up to?

UCLA (Jen Owen and Austin O'Neil) competed today at the NAU Challenge in Flagstaff. Results. Austin O'Neil wins the mile.

Ani Velcheva, 10, runs a 10:58 indoor 3000. Link. Parents considering move to Saugus.

Burbank All-Comers (exclusive, so far) results in Read More. FYI, adults from A Runners Circle and Fleet Feet Burbank ran the 3000/5000, and parents. Also a few middle school and even elementary school aged athletes. ...Your next track opportunity on January 31. Here.

Read More... | 54030 bytes more | 3 comments

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Some unknown Ethiopian wins Dubai, worlds richest marathon. Bekele drops out. Link.

The Independent: The dark side of Dubai. Yes, we're still miffed that Eugene lost out to this moral monstrosity.

Daily Relay has a Dubai Marathon recap.

New York Times: The Best Time of Day to Exercise to Lose Weight?

Happy Feat Running is a Santa Clarita area group training for the Los Angeles Marathon. Cool photos.

Happy Feat video, running free in the green hills of Santa Clarita. Never Quit Exploring.

Beware The Burden of Self Improvement. ...Deep down, you/Don/everyone are morons to fall for the latest gizmos, shoes, diet, b.s. ...Hey, just run.

Consider hiking, running The Inman 300. ...More.

Five Points for Downhill Running (Learn toThrow Yourself Off the Mountain)

UC backs off from bold tip toe into academic mediocrity.

Only if you're between 5 and 105. Put yourself on this list. As early as tomorrow. DD will be the first with results.

Canyon, probably like most/all Foothill schools, have qualifying standards to be on the track & field team. As of now, here's the Canyon team. Interested peeps now on basketball and soccer rosters will have a tryout later.

Clue from Mike, Tim, Vince, Margo, Paul, Lisa, Mark, Jim, Phil, Paola, Chuck, Gavin, Nancy, Cindy... Here.

Brando: Ten Santa Clarita Valley records that could fall in 2015. Valencia's super soph Kaylee Thompson now running for Saugus.

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David Oliver: Words of Wisdom

New York Times: The Benefits of a Lunch Hour Walk. Strange how more women are more likely to walk.

Lauren Fleshman/Strava provides a Workout of the Week.

When to walk, jog, or push the pace between intervals. Link.

Paula Radcliffe: Sport has not learned about periods

Some guys says, Smartphones Don’t Make Us Dumb. Maybe, but it's rude to not look at whoever is talking. Leave the damn thing in the car.

Cool PCT pix

Historical Badass: Explorer Alexandra David-Néel

Saugus XC Fundraiser has photos from Ben's Ten 2015

Alberto Salazar video: Always Working On Form

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