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World Juniors results.

Mary Cain will be racing the 3000 on Thursday. ...BTW, did you know she likes to blow things up? More.

Possibly after a late evening, and with a sore head in the morning, sportswriter Alan Abrahamson says Eugene is not Track Town USA, blah, blah, blah. More. It's true, Eugene is football-crazed for 3 or 4 months, with lots of yelling, drinking, and gobbling inside bars and homes, though no rioting or burning of police cars to celebrate as done in the major cities. Yes, Uncle Phil has partial ownership of UO, but there are many benefits that go to the running community, and so you take the good with the bad.

Girly stuff from Lauren Fleshman: Why I Run. Hey, back off. No one has ever asked Don what's in his bag.

John Young, a dwarf triathlete, "runs with a waddle, sort of like the Penguin in the old Batman TV series." More.

First review on the 10,000 rhapsody.

SCV needs Traffic Management

Some World Juniors photos.

Rich Gonzalez/PrepCalTrack says West Ranch's Taylor Hernandez was the fastest prep at COC #2

LetsRun: The Week That Was

No wussies at Mt. Marathon. Video.

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LetsRun: 2014 World Juniors Preview: Mary Cain Is the Favorite for Gold in the 3,000; Alexa Efraimson Could Medal in the 1,500; Does Anyone Else Have a Chance?

There will be a baton in the Juniors 10,000. Read.

Haruki Murakami is The Running Novelist.

Q&A with Leo Manzano. He's got an Olympic silver medal, the speed, and is a second off the 1500 AR.

My 5K times are slowing about 30 seconds per year. That means I will be sub 38 at age 100, sub 43 at 110. Hope you're all around to celebrate with me. More.

After two sessions of hill repeats at Hendricks Park, the Oregon Track Club Masters return to the track at South Eugene High School. See the workout in Read More.

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What Santa Claritians are in the MileSplit top ten returning CA preps? Answer.

Outside: The Radical New Guard of Fitness. Some good, some goofy, some possibly dangerous ideas from guys mostly with something to sell.

Sara Hall wins Napa to Sonoma Half in 1:13.16. Lauren Fleshman is second in 1:15.25. More. ...Shalane blazes a 1:09.45 in Chicago.

Fun rant. The Ultra Copout.

Jason Fitzgerald: 9 Reasons You’re Running Slow (and how to fix them to get faster)

About the photos in comments? Sorry, I thought I'd provided a caption last night. Now fixed.

Good stuff! Watch and learn from Release the Beast video. Hurdles ahead for Don? You?

Just in time. Monday Morning Run. Watch Ajee Wilson's convincing win over Eunice Sum.

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Brando updates Beast Bests. Boys. And girls.

Earlier lists by age groups, recording efforts since 1999. Male. And female.

Andrew Talansky displays a champion's endurance. Story.

In 1969, about half of American kids rode their bikes or walked to school. Today, that number has fallen to just 13 percent. Signal story.

Ajee Wilson is the real deal. Link.

Joe Vigil (coached Pat Porter, Deena, Meb, Ryan Hall, Peter de la Cerda, et al) says we should be into Heavy Metal.

Yesterday the Master's had their Summer Series Race #3, a five miler. Results in Read More. Series flyer. $5 discount for those who use the secret code SCVRACER. Usual winner Tyler "I can't be everywhere" Tockstein was on some 12 hour relay team race in Philly. ...Last week Gilby ran the fastest 3000 by a SCV native (8:08.54, besting Seth Totten's 8:14.43). Yesterday he ran a disappointing 14:53 5000 in Europe.

Haitian runners work with Coach Sean Penn to put nation on marathon map

The ghost of Steve Prefontaine is still helping athletes seeking to be paid. Story.

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David Epstein, author of The Sports Gene, wonders: Are Athletes Really Getting Faster, Better, Stronger?

Lets Run has the stories and analysis on Monaco.

Outside: The 4 Most Influential Fitness Trends. Mostly gimmicks and stuff when you don't want to do the hard work.

Matt Fitzgerald: 4 Tactics for Avoiding Overtraining. Only 3 hard running workouts per week.

Maybe the best coach is a roly-poly Catholic missionary. Story.

The Boston Marathon race director has some pet peeves. Santa Clarita has ridiculously few races because no one wants to be a race director. Back when, guys like Gene Blankenship and Scott Butler actually enjoyed putting on races, and doing it well.

The Tour De France Is Agony For The Spectators, Too

Major assault this morning on the Beast. See Read More.

RunSCV: The Beast -- sneak preview of some footage

Julia (runner and Alan's wife) Webb: Wisdom to Change and Secrets to Success

Lolo Jones Wants Her Bobsled Butt Back. Don is here to keep you updated on stuff you need to know.

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COC #2 results.

A record 19-plus million finishers in U.S. running events for 2013; second straight year of double-digit growth led by non-traditional running events, half-marathon and women; 300% finisher growth since 1990. 2014 State of the Sport.

Lets Run previews Monaco DL. Jager goes for the American Record in the steeple. Kiprop seeks the World's Record in the 1500. ...Jesse Squire/Daily Relay provides another look at the Monaco matchups.

Steve Masuda (of fame) and friends did a 40 mile walk from the San Fernando Valley to Palos Verdes. Very scenic, including sections you've likely traversed. Photos. Hey, if you can race a marathon, you can walk 40 miles. ...Steve writes: This 40-mile walk connected the Valley with PV via a mostly coastal route. It was about a mile to the "official" start on Dirt Mulholland and FR30. Our course took us on trails to Temescal Gateway Park then to the Marvin Braude Bike Path, a 22-mile paved cycling path from Will Rogers Beach to Torrance Beach. From the southern terminus of the bike path we walked a short distance on the sand then climbed up from Malaga Cove. After a series of dirt trails through Malaga Dunes and onto Paseo Del Sol and the Douglas Cut, we finished on the dirt median on PV Drive West and the Seascape Trail leading to the Point Vicente Interpretive Center.

How 'bout some live music during a major track 10,000? Link.

Molly Huddle broke her old AR by 2 seconds. Link. And is 6th in the race.

Ajee Wilson won the Monaco 800 in a WL (best in world this year) 1:57.64. Link. Alysia Montano's PR is 1:57.34, achieved in 2010 in Monaco.

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Dare to bare. On nude racing.

Signal: Hart gets Program of the Year.

What the hell were the runners thinking when they took something called “Epiphany.” Powell & Simpson’s bans cut to 6 months: Broad implications

Joy of Six: worst doping denials

WADA president says lifetime bans are not legal. Story.

Alex Hutchinson/Runner's World says aerobic (but not resistance) exercise keeps your arteries young. Link.

Must read. Ricardo Ramirez, past winner of the Santa Clarita Marathon, hopes to go sub 2;30 next time. Training Hard and Racing Often.

Lance might lose the farm. Story. ...More Lancegate.

Spikes interviews Jenny Simpson and Emma Coburn. Best two female American middle distance runners?

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Dan Agnew/Signal: 2013-2014 SCV Team of the Year is Saugus boys cross country.

3 injury prevention videos by Lauren Fleshman

RunBlogRun: Alysia Montano Does It Her Way

Excellent: Extreme Exercise And The Heart. A cardiologist's calm take on our our obsession.

Runners to race a Boston trolley. Story. Here's your challenge as a SCV runner. It's 7:45 A.M. on any school day. Race the southbound Bouquet Canyon traffic from Centurian to Valencia Blvd. Even with the disappearing bike lane at Alamagordo, that should be easy on a bike.

Wild steeple video.

New York Times: Train Like a German Soccer Star

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Yahoo: Why track and field's reputation in tatters again.

Meanwhile, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations, Track & field is 2nd most popular boys sport w/ 580,672 participants & #1 sport for girls w/ 472,939 participants.

Prohibition of Jewelry Lifted in High School Track and Field

Alex Hutchinson/Runner's World: Is Drafting A Placebo? Compare this to the Tour de France where drafting is critical.

Read Steve Magness on the need to balance endurance and strength with speed. Here.

Ed Whitlock (2:54 marathon at age 73) video.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. ~C. S. Lewis

Marc Bloom/Running Times previews perennial Pennsylvania powerhouse Cardinal O'Hara boys.

Lets Run: Week That Was

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Paula Radcliffe says Mo Farah's marathon training will help him in future track racing. Story. Al Sal didn't want Mo to race the marathon. His fears have become a reality. Consider the careers of Lagat and Meb. They've stuck with what they're best at, and remained successful because they haven't stressed their bodies in fundamentally different directions.

At Tour de France, Cameras on Bikes Are No Longer Taboo

Outside: Can a Green Smoothie Change Your Life? No, and it's unlikely to result in lower PRs. But it's a tasty way to get the healthy stuff into your body. Experiment and find out what works best for you. You might want to start with bananas, yogurt, berries, and fruits. Slowly introduce the spinach, kale, etc. Now that it's hot, add 3-5 cubes of ice. Chill, baby, chill. That's lunch for us here on the farm.

Guy runs 5:48 mile in swim fins. Link. WR in swim fins or beer mile? Gosh, hard to decide which is the better goal in life.

Think again about antioxidants.

SB Nation: More to Tour de France Than Cyclists

SCV News: New Sports Field at Central Park Nearly Ready. Where is the new cross country running path?

Did you see Nibali on the final ascent at today's Tour de France? Ross Tucker, the guru at Science of Sport, did and his eyebrows ascended to his hairline. Read.

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