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PrepCalTrack/Rich Gonzales: State Team Rankings and Championships preview. The rankings mean nothing. No medals or trophies for past performances. Do or die.

MileSplit has state champs picks and details.

LetsRun: Week That Was.

The Atlantic: What 200 Calories of Every Food Looks Like

We're here to inform and help. The road house in Animal House (starring John Belushi and host of loons), where Otis Day sang Shout, is up for sale. Link. Listed at $279,000. In the Cascade foothills, near Eugene.

CIF State Championships schedule, results here.

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Coming attractions, good news in TrackTown USA.

Did Eugene, UO, Oregon promise too much? Story.

New York Times: Why Antioxidants Don’t Belong in Your Workout

The Outside Guide to 2015

Brando: All-time SCV @ Mt. SAC. Girls. ... Boys.

Brando profiles Lizzy Nelson.

10 tips for cross country success. Here.

12 hill running tips.

Rene Paragas writes: Saugus team and alumni, we have our annual Thanksgiving run/ jog to send off the state teams this Thursday 7:00am at Santa Clarita Park (robot park). Come join us for a jog, run or to just sit the parking lot and chit-chat while sipping hot chocolate/ coffee.

COC Turkey Trot results. And the movie. Starring Caleb McClain.

Maybe the best runner I ever saw: Peter Snell.

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Must see. NCAA photos. Smiles on the podium.

University of Colorado's secret revealed.

Hunger Games: the cross-country version

Jessie Squire/Daily Relay on college cross country.

D2 Girls finish at SS Finals video. D2 boys race here. Complete race video here.

46 seconds of the NAIA women's race.

Time: A Plea to Parents of Young Athletes: Simmer Down

Oregon Quarterly: Pre's People

Bloomberg: Qatar’s Late $37 Million Prompts Track and Field Concerns

Competitor: Why Meb Should Be The 2014 Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year

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CIF State Championship Schedule.

Alex Hutchinson: Exercising to avoid the flu? It’s all about the sweet spot. Get a flu shot.

Snarky, but fun. LetsRun MB thread: Collapsing at the XC finish? Theatrics or real exhaustion? ...How 'bout sobbing at the finish?

Joseph Tan has SS Finals photos.

D2 boys finish line video.

Hurting? Man up! You have a race to run. More.

Must read. Roger Robinson on Bob Schul. America's Only 5,000m Gold Medalist. Check out the Mihaly Igloi training method. Doesn't sound like so much fun, but it worked for Schul, Lazlo Tabori, Jim Beatty (first human sub four indoors), and many others.

We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same. ~ Carlos Castaneda

TF&N: Q&A with Emma Coburn

Look who is racing at CIF-State Championships

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Dan Agnew/Signal: TMC runners finish middle of pack at NAIA nationals

Agnew again: COC men win state cross country title

Daily News: Saugus girls, Burroughs boys earn redemption at CIF cross country finals

PrepCalTrack: Jason E’s CIF-SS Finals Girls Story

SS Finals video.

Image of Sport has NCAA D1 photos.

You know this is a hard race to do without mistakes, and I think we got good races out of everybody. They’re a close bunch of guys, like brothers, and they’ve gone through a lot together: the arduous training, the sacrifices on the weekend, etc. There’s a bond, and they wanted to do it for each other. ...For us, it is ONLY a team sport. ~Mark Wetmore

Runners are like turkeys, but in a good way

Morning workout before NCAAs video. Fire it up.

Annual Turkey Trot at COC. Story. PR time.

Alex Hutchinson: First Marathons and Extramarital Affairs.

California Community Colleges xc championships results.

Saugus XC Fundraiser has photos.

Micayla Frankian's A Mustang's Musings

Sabrina Janes to compete for UCSB. Link.

If you've got this far, you're not that busy. And you'll like this. 2014 Sac-Joaquin Section XC D1 boys video. With drone film footage.

Thanks to Paul Broneer, we have middle school results here.

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PrepCalTrack previews CIF-SS Finals. ...Paavo at SAC writes: Beautiful morning. Cool with a light breeze and blue skies. ...Results here.

Canyons races today in the state championships at Woodward Park. Women at 10:00. Men at 11:00.

Master's at NAIA championships in Lawrence, KS. Women at 8:30 (PST). Men at noon.

New York Times: Living an Upright Life, as a Nun and a Coach

Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it's all about. ~Patti Sue Plumer, U.S. Olympian

Top 7 teams in D2 advance to state finals. Tucker Welker qualifies for state and Kyla Danforth wins All-CIF honors.

Ashley Welker is 4th in an 11/18/14 indoor 800. Link.

Motivational Posters Don't Work. Who knew?

NAIA results. Master's women are 13th, men 18th. Karis Frankian is 9th finisher, an All-American. Karis wins it all next year.

Canyons men 1st, Canyons women 2nd at California Community Colleges Championships. Hooah!

Dan Agnew/Signal: Saugus girls win CIF title in redeeming fashion

Bob Binnie has photos:

West Ranch

Paul Broneer has photos. Bro adds: Kyla Danforth's 13 place finish earned her "All CIF Honors" and her 18:02 time ranks 3rd behind Lauren Fleshman and Natalie Rodriguez on our "All Time List!" ...For more Cowboy lore, see here.

Brian Zabilski's new SCV record at Mt. SAC is especially noteworthy. Consider all the local talent that has ran that course. David Hartman's 14:51 lasted for about 20 years. Just a few years ago, now UC-Berkely red shirt soph Kristian Martinez beat that by one second. Now Zabilski has it by one second.

Natalie Rodriguez earned All American honors by placing
13th at NAIA Champs. Her team, Cal State San Marcos, placed 7th. ...She is coached by Steve Scott, one of the best U.S. milers in history. He held the mile American Record for 26 years. He ran 136 sub-4:00 miles in his career, more than any other runner in history.

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Runner's World: The unwritten code of conduct for running girlfriends.

Real Clear Science: Have Men Reached The Limits of Running?

Study shows Running keeps you younger, especially in energy efficiency.

'B' gone. New IAAF World Championship Entry Standards.

Unbroken has spent more than 180 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list in hardcover, fifteen at number one, and counting. Only three nonfiction books in history have been on the list longer. Must read for you and those you care about. Seeing the movie doesn't get it done. The Boys in the Boat is currently the second best selling sports book on the New York Times bestseller list. Another must read. The main character in each book competed at the 1936 Berlin Olympics and infuriated Der Fuhrer.

NCAA Salaries.

Making history, top girl junior runs down top boy at Mount Marathon. (The race that almost makes the Beast a stroll in the park.) Now watch the movie. Plainly, Ostrander is a helluva prospect. But not a GOAT (Greatest of All Time). Ostrander's 5000 PR is 16:40. The American high school record is by Mary Cain, 15:45.

Christopher McDougal (Born to Run) on Kilian Jornet.

LetsRun is in Indiana for the NCAA XC Championships. Five Things We Learned...

ESPN Video: The remarkable story of Kayla Montgomery -- who, despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, has become one of the best young distance runners in the country. Catching Kayla

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2009 Saugus girls doing mile repeats at Central Park. Video.

Some guys mountain bike up the Beast, down Los Pinetos, and over to the Nature Center. Video.

Runner's Lane has postponed the Beast Annual Charity Run/Walk until February. The running community contributed about $15,000 and a lot of canned goods to the SCV Food Pantry the past seven years. Please do whatever you can to support the Food Pantry over the holidays. You can afford it.

Q&A with Oregon coach Robert Johnson. We like the emphasis on team unity, pack running, the strategy to make it to finals/championships.

LetsRun: Week That Was

Real Clear Science: Being Skinny-Fat May Be Worse Than Being Fat

The seven deadly sins of health and science reporting

Lighten up, Eugene. It's not if, but when. ~Julia Lucas

Elizabeth Ging, Newbury Park senior, will race SS Finals... and ultramarathons.

SS Finals Heat Sheets. D2 boys (Saugus, West Ranch) at 7:45. D2 girls (Saugus, Canyon) at 8:25.

Pointing to SS Finals, Saugus has a motivational slideshow.

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Brando previews SS Finals, Canyons at state finals, Master's at NAIA national championships. Here.

Remy's World: Giant Treadmill Bores 10 Runners at Once.

Our friend Matt McCue sorts out the bizarre aspects of the Vibram class action lawsuit. Two words. Stupid. Shakedown.

As important as your training regimen. Your Fastest Weight.

Hicham El Guerrouj, the marvel from Morocco, owner of two Olympic gold medals and three world records, spoke yesterday on behalf of the Eugene bid. Check out his mile world record race video.

Jon Anderson is an Oregon running legend, growing up four blocks from Hayward Field, with Bill Bowerman being a family friend, etc... But he went to Cornell. More. ...'72 Olympian. Won Boston in '73.

I thought our team did a great job, but it’s too hard to tell. You’ve got 27 people and everybody is telling you they’re voting for you, and then in the end you really don’t know. If you count all the votes, we probably had 35 votes instead of 27. ~Vin Lananna

Saugus XC Fundraiser has Prelims photos.

Still available. DD Altitude Center. Scroll to listing for $159,500. Email if interested, any questions..

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More running races are held on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year. The Calorie Burn Before the Feast. The Santa Clarita Runners have an annual Turkey Trot, 8:00 AM in Central Park in Saugus, a 4-6 mile ramble (not a race) over hill and dale, not to mention the popular "Extra Pie Loop." Goodies thereafter. John and Betsy Swallow host. Good people. Great fun.

Jonathon Morse, only 25, is THE ultra stud in Santa Clarita. He ripped a 22:51:46 at the Rio Del Lago 100 miler, it having an elevation gain/loss estimated at 10,341 feet. Only Santa Claritians to have run faster are Dave Clark (21:27:37) and Vicki DeVita (22:16:00). ...Santa Clarita Runners club records.

Doha (average summer temperature of hell) wins the 2019 Champs. Damn! Gresham's law: Bad money drives out good. Consider.

In the first vote, it was Doha 12, Eugene 9, Barcelona 6. Final vote (Barcelona having been eliminated): Doha 15, Eugene 12. Story. When does the bidding start for 2021? ...Consolation. Lotsa great (best) meets in Eugene. And there are weekly all comers during the summer. Fun, friendly, well attended, and cheap.

WADA's new anti-doping code will punish first-time offenders with four-year bans instead of two years of suspension. More.

Ken Goe/The Oregonian: Vin Lananna/TrackTown USA upbeat, moving forward.

Too late for Welker, Bro, Delong to grow a "stache? Link.

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