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Canyons men and women dominate at WSC Inland. Results.

While we were sleeping. Tough day for USA @ World XC Champs. Results.

Signal: Teen cyclists set to compete in Castaic

Toni Reavis: Where Have All The Racers Gone?

In the big money sports, character doesn't matter.

The New Yorker on gender testing. An Imperfect Dividing Line

Is there a more versatile runner than Max King? Terrain Tips By Max King. Just guessing, but he's probably having more fun.

Q&A With Deena Kastor. Years ago I had a chance conversation with Joe Vigil, her coach for about ten years at Alamosa and Mammoth. He said she is as tough and coachable as they come. And smart. She listens to her coach and her body.

Check out Wind Wolves Preserve. Truly awesome. Only 90 minutes from your Santa Clarita driveway. Run or, better, ride your mountain bike. Bring lots of water. Before the 99 and the Ridge Route, that was the route twixt San Francisco and Los Angeles. ...About this time five years ago, we wrote: No. 1 son and Don hiked down San Emigdio Canyon, following the creek and historic (and gone) Camino de Viejo, from Pine Moutain Club (5500 feet) to the trail head at Wind Wolves (1860' elevation). Lotsa rough scrambling and hopping the creek about 152 times. 12 miles in 5 hours. It was still winter and chilly at the start. Half way down it was a gorgeous spring day, lushly green and covered with flowers. Near the end, it was warm and the green was turning brown. Completely satisfying and fun.

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Brando writes: Saugus girls track and field won over Canyon, led by Sabrina Janes and Samantha Ortega. Janes ran her fastest 800m since June 2013 and the fourth fastest mark in California so far this year, clocking a Foothill League leading time of 2:14.81, and split 59.5 on the 4x400m, while Ortega won the 1,600m (5:01) and 3,200m. Kyla Danforth and Mariah Castillo ran 5:08 and 5:10 unofficially, while Ashley Heys impressed in the 800m, running 2:18.08 to take second, with Danforth third (2:22). Kendall Bietsch also held off Janes to give Canyon the win in the 4x400m. ...Canyon boys track and field edged Saugus, despite the Centurions sweeping all three distance races. Brian Zabilski won the 1,600m (4:25) and 800m (2:00) with Ryan Tate taking the 3,200m. Tate (4:27), Tim Broggie (4:28) and Caleb McClain (4:29) all went under 4:30 as well with Justin Lightfeldt taking second in the two-lap event (2:01). ...New additions to the all-time lists: Mariah Castillo moves to No. 7 on the SCV HS freshman list, moving past big names like Ashley Heys, Karis Frankian and Shannon Murakami. Sabrina Janes is now No. 10 on the SCV HS senior list in the 800m. Times are unofficial.

West Ranch writes:3 of 4 divisions (against Hart): Varsity Girls WIN 90-46, Varsity Boys WIN 83-53, JV Girls WIN 87-59! ...Frosh/Soph boys ALMOST 65-71

Canyon v. Saugus results. ...Signal story ...Signal photos. ...Paul Broneer provides photos, and updates Meet Records.

Re West Ranch v. Hart, Bob Binnie writes: West Ranch Varsity Girls win 90-46, Varsity Boys win 83-53, and JV Girls win 87-59 ... A day for a number of PRs for the West Ranch athletes including an impressive 178' 10.5" for Nathan Bultman in discus, which beats his prior best by over 6'. If he throws is much further it will be bouncing off a fence, which I would like to get a picture of ... Until then, the following will need to suffice. ...Photos.

Alan Garcia provides Valencia v. Golden Valley photos.

NYT: Does Kinesiology Tape Really Work?

LetsRun on World XC Championships. Rejoice, Chris Derrick Is Just Like You – A Running Nerd; The Course Is Awesome, Tough and Dry; and The IAAF Shafts Ethiopia

Ultra dirtbaggers should write advice columns. Link.

Things Teens Do When Driving

Lauren Fleshman is hurt. Link. The potty mouth thing is overdone.

Joseph Tan has West Ranch v. Hart photos.. ...Results here. ...West Ranch will have professional timers on upcoming dual meets.

Master's at Aztec Invitational results. Distance races start at 4:30 P.M.

Don ran a 23:18 5K at the Oregon State Penitentiary 5K. 14th overall, 1st in AG. Yes, as a matter of fact, there was a 74 year old in the race. Maybe 60 competitors in the 5K, and about the same in the 10K. 19 visitors, including 5 women (who got a lot more attention than Don). Official results, photos, and Don's reax soon. Meanwhile, see this. Pre supported the running program and was inside for talks with the inmates.

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Signal previews Foothill track & field boys. And girls. And the Canyon sprinters.

Canyon v. Saugus meet records.

PrepCalTrack: Distance Meet of Champions Preview & Entries! (SS)

LetsRun: The Week That Was

NYT: How Exercise May Aid Cancer Treatment. Runner mice, with cancer, have better outcomes.

Wise words from Jordan Hasay. Video.

Mario Fraioli/Competitor: Workout Of The Week: Know Your Tempo

Adventure Journal: Is America’s Most Cycling-Friendly City Fighting a Dirty War Against Mountain Bikes?

PrepCalTrack: Pasadena Games entries

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Flotrack: Robby Andrews 20X200. Ouch!

Steve Magness rants on Crossfit

Running Times: The World Cross Country Conundrum. If there's no money in it, how can a pro justify doing it? Unfortunately.

Outside: National Parks Drawing Fewer Young Visitors. Maybe because the parents of the Millennials didn't take them? You Southern Californians are fortunate to be eight hours or less from Zion/Utah, Grand Canyon, and Yosemite.

Our friends are going R2R2R. Experiencing this.

Bruin track meet video highlights. See Austin and Chris (briefly), and two lady Bruins doing a chest bump.

Q&A with Alexi Pappas.

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Does your town need something like The Lodi Mile? One of the races could be The Coaches Challenge. Think of all the distance coaches in your area, most of them with a history of some running excellence, but now racing no longer. Wouldn't you love to see that? Or the Foothill Alums race?

U.S. tennis player banned for 15 years. Story. That's an ace.

LetsRun: Everything You Want to Know About the Nike Oregon Project and L-Carnitine Injections

We still like... Alberto Salazar's Ten Golden Running Rules

Why would a 90-year-old navy vet set out to run across the country? To save a ship. Of course. Grind Of The Ancient Mariner. Love it. Go Navy.

Running Times: Mastering Running As You Age.

Today's Oregon Track Club Masters workout in Read More.


March 26 Canyon @ Saugus
March 26 Hart @ West Ranch
March 26 Valencia @ Golden Valley
March 27 Master's @ SDSU Aztec Invitational
March 27 Canyons @ WSC Inland @ Cougar Stadium
March 27 Don @ Oregon State Penitentiary 5K
March 27 Dennis, Greg, Kevin and Chris @R2R2R, Grand Canyon
March 28 Foothill preps at Pasadena Games or APU Meet of Champions

UCLA/PAC-12 track meet today at Drake Stadium. Low races the 800. Link. ...Results here.

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Good Monday morning.

Birthday cheers for Sir Roger Bannister, now 86.

Colorado Springs Gazette: High school track and field programs finding success without a track

Dean Ornish/NYT: The Myth of High-Protein Diets.

Storm track photos.

Much ado in the London Times about Alberto Salazar and his group using apparently legal supplements. Link.

Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run. Don't miss the Rudisha video.

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Canyons @ AVC Invitational results.

San Francisco Chronicle: Runner, 81, leaves stereotypes in dust on way to records

Thanks for the birthday best wishes.

At Least Kentucky Doesn't Pretend to Care

West Ranch and Valencia @ Mo Greene. Results. Merissa Magsarili wins 800 in 2:18.63. Sam Pico wins 800 in 1:58.70. Nathan Bultman wins shot with a 62:00 heave.

Cal Relays results. Nice work by the Valencia boys in the 3200.

Master's @ Westmont results. Pierce Miller, unattached, wins the 800 in 1:56.72.

Drug policies across college sports are wildly inconsistent—an issue the NCAA’s chief medical officer wants to fix. Story. Good luck.

A CA friend, on the comeback track, writes: "Today's run (#6) was 22 minutes on the grass at X City Park. Still slow but feeling better. Wearing my green Eugene Running Company shirt." ...Give the shirt some credit.

On Thursday, Valencia beats Burroughs. Results.

Canyon has some all-time top ten performances today at Thousand Oaks. Link.

Bob Binnie provides 117 Mo Greene photos.

APU Distance Classic is on March 28th.

WSJ: Time for Missy to Go to The Bank

Scientific American: Anyone Can Challenge Scientific Experts

Only 31 Things Standing Between You And Your Dreams

Flash. Mo Farah wins Lisbon Half in 59:30. About 69 seconds and a $100,000 bonus off the WR. Ryan Hall's AR is 59:43.

Brando: 2015 Foothill Bests

Bro: 2015 Foothill Bests

Arcadia Invitational Standards 2015 The meet is at Arcadia High on April 10-11.

Update needed for SCV Bests. Kristin Schranz, Hart alum and now with Santa Clarita Runners, ran 3:13.14 at the 2010 California International Marathon. ...BTW, though a SCR at the time of her marathon, in her 30s, she still does not get the credit in the SCR club records. Sadly, it's tougher to get the credit than doing the work and the pain of the race.

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It's the big 7-Oh. Or 7-Ouch! We're traveling on a surprise (for me) weekend. She's in charge. As usual.

MileSplit: Q&A with Loyola senior distance runner Robert Brandt

Competitor: Brenda Martinez Has Big Goals for the Carlsbad 5000

Inspiring: Nine Surprises From Unlikely U.S. Marathon Champ Blake Russell

Cheers for our friend Pat Devita, 81, oldest female finisher (first in age group) at the Los Angeles Marathon with a 7:13.08. ...Updates for the SCV top 10 women marathoners. Mandy Larkin ran 2:57.12 at the 2000 St. George Marathon. Leanne Riggins got a 3:08.11 at the 2006 NAIA Championships.

New York Times: The Case for Free-Range Parenting.

Latest newsletter (about recovery) from Jay Johnson.

Great stuff: Endurance Sports and Personal Growth: Ask the Experts.

Lolo Jones, Olympic hurdler, and Girl Scout cookies. More Lolo.

The gifts today include a kayak for two and cyclist gloves, purportedly from Lance.

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LetsRun: Week That Was

Marc Bloom/Running Times profile prep sensation Anna Rohrer

The Atlantic: The Power of 'Good Enough'

New York Times: How to Get Your Spouse to Exercise

...increased nighttime light exposure tracks with increased rates of breast cancer, obesity and depression. Link

Be the first kid on your block... Link. Look stupid in public?

What's the equivalent of walking up two flights of stairs? Answer. Never thought of it quite that way.

Please tell us about your gluten intolerance. And your special insights on politics, religion, medicine, science... After I...

Running Times: Simple Strength Moves for Masters Runners. And other upright humans.

Just in. Internet Commenter Has All the Answers for Ryan Hall

The madness is not in March only. Link.

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What's elite (top 100) in California? Link.

Must read. Big 3 Down To 1. Hey, they've been on our radar for 15 years, thrilled us along the way, and continue to give us their best. Show some understanding, respect, and appreciation. Just as we crave the same for our achievements and failures.

And show some love for the pole vault. Last year, waiting for Chris Low to race at the NCAA Championships, we were watching the men's pole vault competition for about two hours (it lasted three hours). Surrounded by vault fans, almost next to the Texas A&M coach (his guy won), we got educated and caught up in the action. ...Maybe the best vault guy in SCV is Canyon's Frank Rock. See here. ...Life Lessons From Pole Vaulting. ...Bro has a friend and pole vault rival from the college days, Steve Morris, now 65. He went 10-6 at the 2015 Canyon All- Comers. Fearless, for sure.

Jesse Squire/Daily Relay on the popularity of college track & field. ...Ken Goe's take. ...How many chips, cookies, coffee, and beers (and time) will you consume during your March Madness? But show no love, support, or participation in track & field?

Does mental fatigue alone slow us down in a race? Can we just be tough, stop the pity party, and go faster? Study.

Forget the politics. Barney Frank is one funny guy. Read.

Pitch the pavement. Video.

Maybe we should do the Flagstaff Vertical Kilometer. That reminds me. Just this week I learn about two old guys, once runners, with health issues. And scared. The Southern CA guy swears he will run the Beast weekly until... The Eugene guy will hike Mt. Pisgah, steeper but shorter, until...

Excellent!!! 6 Reasons Parents Should Not Watch Practice.

Developing story. Ron Morris, pole vault silver medalist at the 1960 Olympics, is the soon-to-be 80 year old brother of Steve Morris. Ron taught the pole vault to Steve and a kid down the block, Paul Broneer, in some backyard in Burbank. Ron and family operate On Track.

2015 Daily News track and field preview

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