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Guardian: Paula Radcliffe's Secret

NYT: What Is Your Fitness Age?

Washington Post on what happens when you drink too much water during exercise.

Brando: 2015 Foothill League Girls Cross Country Pre-Season Rankings

Too old (young, weak, busy, already great) to run an ultra? 70-Year-Old Woman Steals the Western States Show

Races in the summer make a lot of sense. Great training stimuli. That said, make sure you recover from the race. Must respect the race. ~Jay Johnson

Greg McMillan: Calibrating Your Inner GPS

But if you're stranded, sorta lost, and the cell doesn't work... Start a forest fire.

Years ago, Whitney Phillips was a talented SCV youth runner. Now she has written a book on Internet trolling. See here. ...Her parents, Samantha (Sam Phillips) and Steve Salvatori were wonderful and supportive members of the Santa Clarita Runners, who moved to Spokane, and now live in Texas. ...Whitney's current interests include "running through corridors of trees."

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Spikes: TrackTown Wrap 2.0

Q&A with Nick Symmonds. Loves In-N- Out burgers. Hates shorty shorts.

Dan Agnew/Signal delivers the All-SCV Track Teams. Girls. ...Boys.

Online registration for the Independence Day Classic 5K/10K closes Thursday July 2nd at 5:00 PM. Details.

WSJ: Climb Every Mountain, Without Altitude Sickness. We like Mt. Pinos (8,848), Mt. Baden Powell (9399), and Mt. Baldy (10,068.).

Jay Johnson has tips for teen cross country runners serious about making The Jump. ...Core? You should see the elites. Mostly cheetahs. ...Beast?

Alex Hutchinson/Runner's World on sand hills. Just Dune It. ...See Pre's People. While a prep, he trained three hours in the Coos Bay sand dunes (10:30 in the video).

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Watch Alysia Montano win. She's the best. Head, shoulders, and torso above all SCV runners ever. ...More USAs video.

Alex Hutchinson: Muscle memory speeds up recovery after training breaks. As demonstrated by Alysia Montano. And a lot of old runners we know.

Some English guy raves about TrackTown USA in The day Alberto Salazar sorted out my hay fever in Eugene

Must Do: Summer Twilight SCV All Comer Meet. At Canyon, July 10. See Read More. Yes, you can, should race on the track. Fear not. ALL AGES. Show us your bona fides.

New York Times: Assessing Knee Supports. OK if an orthopedic surgeon says so.

Buzzfeed: 27 Thoughts Everyone Has While Trying To Jog

Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run. 15 thoughts from the weekend.

More on Alysia. According to reports in the Register-Guard, the Eugene daily newspaper, Alysia went into the race with no expectations. She has been troubled with an abdominal injury, causing her to miss her usual training, and she is still breast feeding her daughter. Looking forward to 2016, she just wanted to have a good race. Amazing.

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We had a great time with Justin Gallegos and his grandparents. Justin is sharp and fun, knows what he wants, unafraid to go for it. As the photos in Comments show, he knows how to connect with runners.

Robbie Andrews's 2nd in the 1500 was a major shocker. Get this. We were standing next to his coach, Jason Vigilante (who also coached Manzano at the University of Texas), at the fence on the first curve. At the time not realizing he was there, Don said, "Andrews has a killer kick, but he has no chance in this 1500." Vigilante looked around to see who said that. As the racers would come by, Vigilante yelled out the usual stuff coaches say. Don thinks, "Runners don't pay attention, and with all the screaming, who can hear it?" But we learned in the post-race interview, Andrews heard his dad saying, "Don't wait. Don't wait." ...In the early years, Don was around Coach Paragas, and on the last lap he would be yelling, "Go now! Go now!"

1500 video. Don was half right, you must agree. He does have a killer kick..

LetsRun on the 1500.

Ken Goe (now)/Oregonian 1500 story and photos.

5000 finals get an early start today. Women at 10:20. Men at 10:45. You can watch it on the live webcast here. ...Chance of thunderstorms after 11:00. Temp tops at a brisk 83.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. ~ Coach T. S. Eliot

COC XC news.

Marathon Training Tips

Complete 2015 USATF Outdoor Championships results.

Overheard during the women's 5000:

Some lady: There's 19 in the race, and only one has a butt.

Same lady (later): Look, butt is butt last.

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Day 1 results. A good start.

The Salazar/Rupp/NOP controversy will continue. Mostly, we're done with posting about it. LetsRun has the links. USADA is investigating and will or won't find enough to act against those accused. So be it.

When Athletes Hit Their Peak. ...The track announcer introduced the 400m hurdles athletes, including the specifics of three time gold medalist Angelo Taylor. A coach nearby said, mostly to himself, "God, Taylor's still out there. Why doesn't he just retire?" Taylor, 36 and unattached, pulled up within the first 100 meters. Not noticeably limping, or anything, and walked away. I say, why ever retire from competition if you really enjoy it? To hell with the naysayers.

Brando: Foothill League Boys XC Rankings

Are cyclists asshats? Link.

The 2015 Running of the Interns

Muscle-building or performance-enhancing supplements increase the risk of testicular cancer. Link.

Nuts and good health to you. Link. Unsalted, as God designed them.

Running and racing at Oregon State Penitentiary. I ran a 5K there earlier this year. Unforgettable. Trying to get the OTC Masters to go with me next time.

Yep, let's all do that, and Mt. Marathon.

Today at 7 P.M., NBCSN, USATF Outdoor Championships. ...Or on a live webcast here. ...But best experienced in person. Justin Gallegos is in town, along with his grandparents. We're breakfasting tomorrow at the famous Glenwood, and then it's off to Hayward Field.

BTW, some Cowboy alums, Alysia Montano and Chris Low, race tonight, sometime around 8:30 P.M.

Day 2 results

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Just back from Hayward Field. Whew! What a day. It was quite warm and I biked to the meet. And watched, with some measure of pride, Chris Low and Alysia Montano qualify in the 800. Both looked good, confident and relaxed, especially Alysia. ...Not sure, but I think I saw Steve Magness in the men's room. ...It's so awesome to walk around and see some of the most awesome runners in the world, present and past, walking around. ...A guy I know works the post race drug testing. I mentioned I know, sorta, Alysia Montano. He met her during the 2012 trials and confirmed what we all know: She's a sweetheart. ...Get this. It was warm and my back was sore (remember those mountains in my driveway, now cleared?). So I decided not to wait for the 10Ks. I'm getting my bike unlocked on 18th, near Agate, and see Salazar and Rupp walking up the street. Alone. No guards, posse, media essentially unnoticed. The center of the t&f storm, and no one is paying any attention. At that point, it was still 2+ hours until Rupp's race. My guess is Alberto, who oddly enough was in shorty shorts, as if he was going to race, drove Rupp to the race, a 2+ hour drive from Beaverton.

Rupp,True and Hassan Mead go 1-2-3 in 10k.

Huddle wins.

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More allegations, fuss and feathers, about Salazar and NOP at LetsRun. ...Tomorrow. USAs and the men's 10,000 with Galen Rupp.

Larry Eder on The Art of Lying. ...We should be feeling great about our sport, but it seems like we're trapped in a hot room with Nixon, Clinton, Armstrong, their attorneys and flacks.

Better. Alexi Pappas on Running As A Team Sport.

Taylor Villanueva/Signal: Santa Clarita dedicates new stretch of bike trails

Why the big yawn at the starting line? Link.

USAs TV schedule.

Ken Goe on Jerry Schumacher and the Bowerman Track Club, sponsored by Nike, the steeple, and Evan Jager. ...The other U.S. steeple record-holder is Jenny Simpson. Now #1 1500m runner in the world.

El Capitan on Google Maps.

Gotta see a documentary on Coach Bob Larsen

Some study says... "chronic intakes of most antioxidants have a harmful effect on performance."

Salazar responds with open letter and 28 pages of specifics. Link. Great! Now we await the response from all those who made the charges, those who weighed in with their speculations, opinions, and judgments, and the U.K. press. ...Meanwhile, let's watch some great track & field.

Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself. ~William Faulkner

Watch Dylan Alexander, 2015 NAIA 5000 Champion, on the road in Palmdale. Here. ...At age 12, Dylan ran a 41:30 Beast. Link.

The Associated Press has learned the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency is investigating whether Nike Oregon Project coach Alberto Salazar encouraged star runner Galen Rupp and others to skirt anti-doping rules. Story.

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Bizarre: Daily Mail reports from Alberto's driveway. Story.

The Register-Guard, the Eugene newspaper, on shadow over upcoming USAs

Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run: A-Z Guide to the US Championships

Dan Agnew/Signal on Valencia's Dillon Sunday and Justin Baltau.

New address for Canyon Cross Country. Best prep site in SCV. West Ranch a close second.

Don't freak that almost everything, including running, has been linked to cancer. Consider.

Eric Jenkins, best graduating college 5000/10,000 runner, signs with Nike.

Today's OTC Masters workout in Read More.

The Beast in the East. Mt. Washington Road Race.

Contrary to what we read last week in the New York Times, another study suggests working out is more important than diet in keeping weight down. Link. Solution? Move more. Eat less. ...Just in. Be a conservative.

Yes, you can race at Hayward Field. Entry fee is about $5 per night. That's the schedule for adults (age 13 and up). There are another five meets in July on Wednesday for athletes ages 1 to 12.

Ken Goe/Oregonian: It will be hot at this week's USATF Championships, literally and figuratively

Justin Gallegos, the pride of Hart and Don's friend, writes: It was me against one other person. (There were only 150 athletes because it was the first year but still a good turnout). My competitor lead the first three laps. He took it out really fast, but I stayed with my pace. On the last 100 meters of the 3rd lap he ran out of gas and I passed him to lead it into the bell lap. With 300 meters to go, I gave it all I got not letting up. With 100 meters to go, I kicked again to bring it home and "break the tape". It was my first career victory and it felt amazing. I finished with a time of 6:54.85 finishing almost a minute ahead of my competitor who ran 7:51. It feels so awesome to be called the 2015 Angel City Games 1500 meter champion.

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