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He had no job, no car, no home of his own. He weighed 567 pounds, and
his wife had left him. So Eric Hites started riding a bike from coast to coast. Fat Guy Across America

Flotrack: North Carolina Does 1200 Repeats. Warmup/drills for 20 minutes.

Keep State's Tentacles Out of Sports

Endurance runners in the Grand Canyon are missing the point

Quadruple St. George (104 miles)? Report. Nutty. Nice photos.

CIF-State Rankings.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/10/7 4:12:04 (168 reads)

Video: Foothill #1 Boys Varsity. Nice pack running by West Ranch.

Life Lessons From Cross Country

LetsRun: Week That Was. Mark Wetmore says rah-rah doesn't work for cross country runners.

Mary Cain is back home in New York, attending Fordham. More.

The Harvard debate team, national and world champs in 2014, loses to the team from Eastern New York Correctional, a maximum security prison. More. Reminds us of our friend Vince McGrath, teacher at Camp Scudder, once a boys probation camp on Bouquet Canyon Road. He started a running program (c. 2000) that, eventually, beat all the other Los Angeles probation camps. Probably could have beat some Foothill schools. Wearing used shoes. Once we took them to The Beast on a warm day, kinda challenging their manhood to make it. And they all did. And were thrilled. Turned some lives around.

Q&A with Ryan Hall. Struggling with low testosterone. ...Sara Hall update.

Drudge and Don. Doomed? ...His site gets 15 million visits a day.

How vegan Scott Jurek kept the fire burning during his record run on the Appalachion Trail. Here.

NYT: Homing In on the Source of Runner’s High

Today is International Walk To School Day. Story. Is that good? Alone? What if they trip, encounter bullies or rain, get lost, abducted, tired, scorned being the only kid to walk?

Posted by donmclean on 2015/10/6 12:25:51 (195 reads)

Video: Foothill #1 Girls Varsity

Find some inspiration from 42-year-old Deena Kastor, running legend. 5 Things No One Tells You About Running As You Get Older. We're all getting older.

Alexi Pappas: Watching Greatness

Scientific American: What Makes a Prodigy? Includes a rage to master.

To go longer than 26.2, sacrifice efficiency to avoid muscle damage. More. Doesn't that happen naturally, without thinking?

Daily News: No fall festival at Lombardi Ranch. Sad. But the Threespine Stickleback fish thrives, and the choo-choo to nowhere continues to burn through billions of tax dollars.

We appreciate you being a concerned, conscience driven consumer, but is that brew salmon-safe? Story

Bailey Matthews, an 8-year-old with cerebral palsy competing in a triathlon, had already earned the crowd's cheers as he neared the finish line. Then he cast aside his walker. Video. What's holding us back?

$10 sports bra? Not to worry. Holds up just fine.

Oregon Track Club Masters workout in Read More.

Ken Goe/Oregonian: Some fans shy away from 2016 World Indoor Track & Field tickets because of price. We're waiting for the single session tickets. The expense aside, Portland is two hours from Eugene without traffic (in Portland, that's Sunday, 5 AM only). Check the photos with the story. There's a rare photo of Jerry Shumacher, the other big Nike coach in town, but none of Alberto. Footnote. Mary Cain, who won some minor XC race a few days ago in NYC, is obviously back in Portland.

Is Nike's influence at the University of Oregon hindering the educational process? Story.

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Little girls should persue their own dreams. Story.

National Geographic: Is The Wild West Dead?

NYT: The Decline of ‘Big Soda’

Storm and Trinity Classical Academy results.

The Eatons: Japan Vacation

A 'comfort animal' might help you and your running. Story.

Reclaiming Conversation

Quick fixes for common running problems. Here.

Dynamic stretch before you run. Static stretch after you run. ~Ian Dobson

Deadspin: Seven Habits Of Highly Awesome Middle School Runners

Updated CIF-SS rankings. No changes for West Ranch and Saugus.

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More Staub/Barnes results. ...Paul Broneer has photos.

Alysia Montano started something. Story.

Do Not Waste Good Time – Reflections on Sarah Sumpter

USATF 10 Mile Championship results. ...Check out the companion 10 mile race, involving 9147 finishers (3311 men, 5836 women). ...SCV should bring back Ben's Ten.

Frank and Kelley Schranz, Libbie and Don had Italian and three hours of conversation at Ambrosia, Eugene. The following was discussed and agreed.

1. Our kids are awesome. The grandkids even better.
2. Santa Clarita's post high school and college runners, nutty about the marathon, need some shorter, faster reality.
3. Eugene kicks Bend's butt. I think we agreed on that.
4. Santa Clarita needs track meets/all-comers, Carlsbad-like 5000 (or go race there), road mile.
5. Community out-reach, free, to work with beginners and the rest of us, taught by a successful coach, on the track. Should be at Canyons, but, as we know, that community college is mostly off-limits to the community.
6. We love the fact that Ashley and Taylor Welker, Billy Walker and Sam Peckham are NOW all attending the U.S. Naval Academy.
7. We like the Hart girls. We hear good comments about the new coach.
8. It was more fun, less phony and PC back when. Lotsa chatter about the Hart summer training and mayhem of yore, so nice that no one died or in prison.
9. Carl Stromberg, Darcy, Mandy and Kelley rule adult running.
10. You gotta do stretches and drills before you run. More rest and recovery. Cross train (walk, swim, row, bike, whatever). Kelley and (sometimes) Frank do Chi. Lib and Don do Pilates. You can run and race when you're elderly. Like us.

Mayo Clinic on the benefits of Pilates.

Ben Blankenship on video. Looks wild, eh, not appropriate for Santa Clarita? But today he was more trim, no war-wounded headband, and a very nice fellow, as a matter of fact, His training partner was also at Hayward Field this morning.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/10/3 13:19:13 (239 reads)

Canyons Men 1st, Women 2nd at WSC Preview. Results.

Love this. Q&A with Jonesy, Marathon Legend Steve Jones. Definitely not PC. A painter? How cool to be able to say, "Yeah, Steve Jones painted my house." ...Also good. 6 Ways To Simplify Your Training With Steve Jones.

Lotsa racing today. Good luck! Or better, Make it hurt!

Austin O'Neill 29th, 3rd Bruin at the Washington Invitational. Results. ...Pre-race Q&A with Matthew Maton. Bet you didn't know the 5K is so short you can just red-line it from start to finish. Try it next time, and text me at the finish.

St. George Marathon results:

Dennis Olsen, 53 yrs old, 3:05.09
Greg Garman, 55, 3:12.06
Mandy Larkins, 38, 3:24.00
Steve Watanabe, 62, 3:46.20

Nice! Fist bumps for the dudes, a hug for Mandy. ...Top SCV ladies in marathoning are Lauren Fleshman in 2:31.87, Katrina Graham in 2:51.13, Mandy Larkins in 2:57.12.

Master's @ Pomona-Pitzer XC Invitational results. Master's women 4th, men 5th. Karis Frankian wins. Josh Sherfey 8th.

Central Park Invitational results should be here. Sometime. Probably now walking it in. Recorded with feather quill pens.

Palos Verdes Invitational results should be here. Power outage?

Staub/Barnes results. No team results. What gives? ...Hope everyone got a participation ribbon?

Rich Gonzalez twitter has some early (actually late) Palos Verdes results. Some good work by Hart.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/10/2 11:43:22 (163 reads)

Saugus girls 29th in Dyestat national rankings. Foothill guys not ranked. Yet.

Stephen Shay, training for the Olympic Trials marathon, living in a van at the beach. Story. Living the life, or needs to get a life? His biz, we say.

(It's early, but probably...) Read of the day. What IBM Watson can do for elite athletes. ...Our take. Most of us don't follow PCP advice (lose weight, less sugar, lower blood pressure, rest/sleep more, yada, yada). Don't do daily drills, warmups, cooldowns. Self-coached.
Raw data is not to our taste.

Bell-Jeff had an open race, and many adult runners and clubs participated. Results. Join in the fun.

The City of Los Angeles now bans unpermitted business in parks. Story. Includes those fitness boot camps

Hike/run Mt. Langley. Next to Mt. Whitney. Almost as high. More.

We interrupt this blog for a report from correspondent Sir Athur Conan Doyle on the 1908 Olympic Marathon.

The Importance Of Recovery After A Marathon.

George Sheehan's Words to Run & Live By

About calcium. Running strengthens our bones. Supplements and dairy, not so much, if at all.

Talk to Each Other, Not Your Phone. Don't bring your toys to the table.

Evan Jager looks ahead, eleven months, but now, some rest

Saugus School Records

Posted by donmclean on 2015/10/1 11:51:14 (226 reads)

Foothill #1 stories from the Signal and Daily News

After a multi-year layoff, the Foothill League has re-established itself as the premier combined-gender league in the state for 2015. ~Rich Gonzales. More.

Interviews with Tate, West Ranch boys, Saugus girls

Photos from Bob Binnie and Christopher Go

More from Mike Whitman and Celine Whitman


10/2 Canyons @ WSC Preview, Oxnard College
10/3 Canyon and Golden Valley @ Kenny Staub, Crescenta Valley Park
10/3 Hart @ Palos Verdes Invitational
10/3 Saugus @ Central Park Invitational, Huntington Beach
10/3 Master's @ Pomona Pitzer
10/3 Hamsters @ St. George Marathon
10/9 Canyons @ Santa Barbara Invitational, Shoreline Park
10/10 Canyon, Golden Valley, Saugus @ SCV XC Invite, Lake Castaic
10/10 Valencia, Hart, and West Ranch @ Clovis, Fresno
10/15 Foothill #2, Central Park

Jason Gay/WSJ: Sports Sitting Will Kill Us All. ...Hey, who sits at a cross country meet? At what other sporting events do the spectators run around?

Mo Aman, one of the finest 800 meter guys on the planet, has some Words of Wisdom

Roger Bannister is the one athlete Phil Knight most wanted to sign. More.

Check out Nicole Tully's story, tips, and video. Her win at the U.S.A. Champs was a shocker for all. Including Don, who was there.

NYT: A Long Walk or a Short Stair Climb?

WSJ: When a Spot in the Olympic Trials Is Enough Jamesom Mora has the qualifier. Katrina Graham is going for it at CIM. ...Jamesom races the Portland Marathon on 10/4.

The Myth of Busyness Just so.

Daily News video. Includes Emma Bahr's fall and gutsy finish.

Five Things We Learned From Jack Daniels

Jim McClain provides Foothill #1 photos.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/9/30 12:26:33 (374 reads)

Week That Was

Harvard: Butter is not back.

Meb Keflezighi discovers renewed motivation at twilight of career

Alex Hutchinson says, It's all in your head! Stay with it. Good stuff!

Alex Hutchinson: Has a Norwegian Physicist Shown That All Elites Run Wrong?

Alex Hutchinson: Can Mindfulness Training Make You a Better Athlete? Perchance we all need a different kind of head coach.

Nike: Last

When you're late, and even Bouquet is jammed... It's probably time to employ the '44 Buick.

Trail Runner: How to get Fast

Bad boy bike. Breaks all the rules.

In Alaska, you run and race in the rain. Link. ...Reminds me of Chuck Texeira, once a near elite cyclist (now at employed at Specialized), who willed himself into an outstanding marathoner, a lizard who raced best when it was 90+, including some 2:48 Los Angeles Marathons, while the talent only had dropped out. An all-weather guy. Once there was a virtual typhoon in SCV. Sensibly, all the usual hamster 24 milers stayed in their jammies, home and dry. It was understood the run was cancelled. But not to Chuck. He ran the whole damn thing alone, one thoroughly drenched rodent. Later he explained, "Hey, guys it's just water. Doesn't hurt a bit." ...More Chuck lore and legend.

The men's and women's teams at N.C. State do 2-3 mile tempo reps in the Raleigh backwoods. Video.

Video: The treadmill's dark and twisted past

Why we like to race in a pack.

Karis Frankian Named GSAC Women's Cross Country Runner of the Month

Foothill #1 results. ...95 degrees at 3 PM.

Alan Garcia with first of the Foothill #1 fotos.

Paul Broneer has photos.

Saugus XC Fundraiser has photos.

Good night.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/9/29 13:06:36 (222 reads)

Must see. The Billy Walker movie. The Hart alum, now a midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy (along with Talyor and Ashley Welker), seen on his summer internship at the Johnson Space Center.

NYT: Coke Spends Lavishly on Pediatricians and Dietitians

Funny: Sneaker Wars: Inside the Battle Between Nike and Adidas.
...I miss my SCV buddies, but not the pestering about why I must go big on the latest (minimalist, clown shoes, whatever) shoe fad.

USATF to pay athletes more. Story. Collectively, about as much as Kobe, injured and not playing.

Endurance runners in the Grand Canyon are missing the point

A football story.

If the kids can't walk to school (play tag, dodge ball, or touch), perhaps they could walk/run a daily mile. Story.

CIF-SS rankings. West Ranch boys, Saugus girls still #1 in D2.

Laughs from the Kodiak ultra.

More football fun. Referee Ejected From Game For Allegedly Trying To Punch Head Coach

Oregon Track Club Masters workout in Read More.

Nike apologises to Kipchoge over defective shoes.

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