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Five tips to make you race faster. DD adds one. Race more.

Kevin Liao: Pumping the brakes on Galen Rupp marathon hype

German thrower's tip of the day: I train on a slackline wire

Alex Hutchinson: Does “Overuse” Really Cause Injuries?

Steve Magness opines on The Cruel, Unrelenting, Back-Breaking, Knee-Busting Anti-Logic of the NBA Schedule. Money quote: "We get this nice big surge of testosterone and human growth hormone when we get into deep sleep," Magness says. "The longer the deep sleep phase gets, the more HGH and testosterone you produce."

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LetsRun: Week That Was

Alex Hutchinson: Strength Training for Running Economy

New Yorker: From drug dealer and convict to Olympic Marathon Trials. 44 next month.

What your pulse says about your health

NYT: Why We Get Running Injuries (and How to Prevent Them)

Northern AZ Olympic Trials marathoners do a 16 miler at goal pace. Video.

Deena Kastor, injured, withdraws from Olympic Trials. Link.

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Longreads: The ‘Wellness Craze’: Six Stories About Fitness

SCV All-Comers Meet on 2/13/16. Details.

SI: Hunter/Webb Connection

Phe: Comeback Kid/The 2016 Olympic Buildup

Ladies get ready for a race like they do prom. There's make up, music, dancing, hair products, and speculation about the night! ~Phe

Life was simpler before the dopamine inducing world of texts,notifications and the beeps & buzz that comes with,turning them off is freeing. ~Steve Magness

Shaq spent over a million dollars at Friedman Shoes.

The mountain lion story... Hoaxed!

More from Dave Barry in New Hampshire

Alysia Montano Hopes to Inspire Daughter at 2016 Olympics

Steepler Stephanie Garcia: My Olympic Dream. Note comments on the DXA scan, the gold standard in measuring body fat, bone density, and distribution of fat. As part of a Univiersity of Oregon study, Don got a DXA scan, a copy of which is to be provided later this week. Perhaps you've read the usual BMI results are being called out for inaccuracy and not reflecting one's true health, etc. ...Don't miss Garcia's reading tip, Your Fastest Weight.

Running gives your brain a work out, say scientists

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. ~ Mark Twain

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Does it Matter if Your Threshold Heart Rate is High or Low? Vin Lananna tells his runners, beginners to elites, know your threshold and work within it depending on what you're trying to accomplish in the workout. ... Assumes we have a training objective on each workout. ...Is a late afternoon run to complete my 10,000 steps a legit objective?

A Diet For High School Athletes

NYT: Q&A on sweat.

Not carrying a smartphone indicates eccentricity, social marginalization, or old age. (Don is three for three.) ...Hopelessly Hooked.

Some LetsRun message board expert says Drew Hunter is a shuffler. And her husband agrees. Check the vid.

Steve Magness: The Case For Running By Feel

Run Safely on the Roads ...Or more safely, off the road.

And when attacked by a mountain lion... Story and video.

Cyclists Seek a Safer Bouquet Canyon Road. ...Don't even think about running up there.

Why USATF sucks. It has been 48 hours since the XC championships, and still no results on most of the races, including (especially) the masters races.

Bud Lights were going for $13 a bottle at the Super Bowl.

The San Francisco Unified School District’s board is poised to expand its Condom Availability Program for high school students into middle schools. The school district no longer offers Algebra I as an eighth-grade course — Algebra I has been folded into a two-year, eighth-grade and ninth-grade class that is supposed to be more comprehensive. But the board is ready to bring higher level learning to middle school by handing out condoms to sixth-graders. ...What could possibly go wrong? Story.

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Bennet Omalu Won't Be Watching the Super Bowl. Story.

Halftime at the Colosseum

Roger Goodell’s words are hollow and meaningless

Kevin Liao tweets: From 1964 to 2011, there were five HS sub-4 min miles. Just in the last 10 months, there have been three sub-4's.

Alex Hutchinson tried McDonald's kale salad. Story.

Asker Jeukendrup: Symptoms of overtraining

Hey, prep peeps, four national records went down this weekend. Check it out.

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Ken Goe: Last night's action at the Portland House of Track

Competitor: 7 Plank Variations for a Strong Running Core. Pilates has many more plank variations. The side versions are great for the obliques.

Thoughts on High Performance Cultures.

I don't know anyone who wants to die sooner than later. Read. Go on regular walks with those you love.

'Unbroken' Finally Opens in Japan

Meb, 40, hints at retirement, but first, wants to make the American team for his daughters. Story.

Watch Hunter set new prep indoor mile record. Video. ...I felt terrible out there, said Hunter. Video.

Dave Barry: In New Hampshire, the moose are as cranky as Bernie Sanders

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LetsRun: Week That Was

On Drew Hunter, America's best prep, and his internet guru, Tinman.

Q&A with Joe Newton. Outstanding coach at York High School the past 55 years. ...Joe on video.

Ross Tucker/Science of Sport questions the IAAF's resolve to investigate the Wang Junxia revelation.

Ryan Hall’s Overtraining: A Cautionary Tale

Runner's World: 10 Bad Habits (And How to Break Them)

Is It Wrong To Watch The Super Bowl?

When it comes to track & field and doping, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Read.

Bill Bryson writes: One of the things that happens when you get older is that you discover lots of new ways to hurt yourself. Recently, in France, I was hit square on the head by an automatic parking barrier, something I don’t think I could have managed in my younger, more alert years. ...More.

The NFL has no moral center... no defensible posture, just marketing. More.

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Worse than The Beast. Hill of Death.

Matt Fitzgerald: Eat Like an Elite.

Video: Kara Goucher's Journey To 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon

Oklahoma university requires new students to wear Fitbits

Nike video: Make It Count

NYT: A Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

Flotrack video: Penn State Women Ladder Workout. Train in groups of like fitness.

Willie Wood, 79, Hall of Famer, Super Bowl I hero, doesn't remember the game. Story.

And more. Pathologist and football fan writes: The N.F.L.’s Next Play: Address Brain Trauma or Fade Away

Wang Junxia, who still holds the 3000 and 10,000 world records, apparently admitted to doping in a letter. Story.

Jay Johnson: Should you run with a cold?

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FYI, penultimate SCR All-Comers meet, on 6/21/05. results in Comments.

The case for speed work for long distance runners. Here.

WaPo: Spacing out and goofing off is so good for you

Scientific American: How Winning Leads to Cheating

Mark Leibovich/NYT: Roger Goodell's Unstoppable Football Machine. ...In other news today. Ken Stabler was suffering from CTE. ...More.

Kenny Moore on Bill Bowerman. The Man

Forbes: Cancel the Rio Olympics

When I realized that New York was a cesspit filled with the viscera of broken dreams, I decided that the time had come for me to move to beautiful, sunny Los Angeles... More.

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Phe: Focusing On The Main Thing

A neuroscientist says there’s a powerful benefit to exercise that is rarely discussed

WSJ: The Small Warnings Before Cardiac Arrest

WSJ: Same Day Hip Replacement. We have yet to meet anyone who regrets a total knee or hip job.

Book review. Amby Burfoot's First Ladies of Running. Available on 4/5/16.

Funniest book I've read in years: Insane City.

Health Officials Urging Americans To Do Something, Anything For 30 Minutes A Day

USA Sets New World Record

Foothill results from 4/3/05 in Read More.

Fitness trackers may be vulnurable to monitoring, accessing data, even your location. Story.

Fifty years ago this month, Don was in boot camp at the U.S. Naval Station, San Diego, chased in by the draft, serving four years, most of it at the Pentagon. There were female sailors doing similar work, by choice, not because of the draft. Now hear/read: this. Well, why not? In Israel and Norway, all males AND females are required to serve in the armed forces. ...Hoping soon to hear all the Presidential candidates declare their position on this third rail issue.

More on the real Jim White and McFarland USA. Apparently, that snobby, good looking white boy from Palo Alto, who lacked a killer kick...

Bernard Lagat, 41, knows that his racing days are numbered. Story. ...Like you, he would be most welcome at the Hayward Classic and our many All-Comers meets.

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