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Video: Proper Running Form. If hurt, you're probably doing something wrong.

The 800m UPHILL Stairs Race ...Variations on the theme by Ashton Eaton and, after doing her drills, starting at 1:22, Alysia Montano. ...If in Santa Clarita, you can find stairs behind the Old Glory park in Pico Canyon, and in Haskell Canyon.

Mario Fraioli: the morning shakeout

Toni Reavis: Why Sport Matters

I wanna be like Bob.

Last time your club, gang, school team, family, you picked up trash? Story. Usually all it takes is one person to say, hey, let's do this.

OTCM workout in Read More.

Kevin Sully: The Monday Morning Run. Not impressed by the HOKA meet. ...Nor was Ken Goe, who writes: ...last week's Hoka One One Middle Distance Classic, which was a clubby, insiders' affair that made little attempt to connect to anyone who wasn't already interested in the sport or the athletes competing in this particular meet.
That kind of meet presentation is a long-term loser for track & field -- at least, if it aspires to occupy anything more than a crumbling niche in the landscape of U.S. spectator sports.

Vin Lannana knows how to engage the community, build the sport at the micro and macro levels. Read.

SI update on Nike vs. Berian.

Phil Knight: Pre & Me

UO Scholars Trash Lake Shasta

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Caster Semenya runs 1:56.64. Impressive. Video. Announcer calls her "barrel-chested."


Have you ever raced the 800? I'm guessing the answer for 80% of you is no. Probably 50% have raced a mile, but... I didn't start my 800 racing until three years ago with the Nick Symmonds 800, a straight street race in Springfield, OR. ...So it's not too late. ...Your time? Hey, we don't care. We really don't. We would be more impressed by your grit, your devil-may-care/not-a -wuss spirit in doing the race. ...Of course, you will send me your results, yes?

NYT profiles Alexi Pappas. Fun, friendly, and fearless.

When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago. ~Frederich Nietzsche

Brits 10,000 Olympic Trials was run through a bar. Cheers.

CIF-SS Masters Performance List.

LAT: Surfing icon Laird Hamilton shares his 10-point plan to live forever

Rupp’s going for the distance double

Giving Back at Big Bear Track Club

More on the Brits brilliant burgers and beer 10,000

Ross Tucker/Science of Sport: Caster Semenya, Hyperandrogenism...

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Seven Foothill League athletes qualify for next week's Masters Meet. Story.

Ups and Downs at Harvard Stadium

Bradley Stulberg: How a Little Bit of Bad Can Be a Good Thing

Only about 20 percent of Americans engage in recommended levels of regular physical activity and about 64 percent never do any physical activity. Regular physical activity is the 'magic bullet'

Read du jour: New Parenting Study Released

Seattle’s all-women city council blocked construction on a sports stadium. Things got ugly. Story

Ken Goe/Oregonian on Boris Berian, the Beast of Big Bear, and Nike. Here. Though Phil Knight and Nike have poured hundred of millions of dollars on the University of Oregon, I'm betting Berian will get a lotta love when introduced at the Pre Classic (sponsored by Nike). Just six days from today.

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Oxy/HOKA results and recap

Centenarian Claims 100-Meter Dash World Record

The Power of Pace

Michael Norman, CA prep, might race in Rio. Story.

SCV Middle School Track Meet results.

Steve Magness on The Benefits of Speeding Up Recovery In Interval Workouts

Bonnie Ford/ESPN: Night Running

D2 Finals today @ Cerritos College. Results to be posted here.

Master's @ NAIA National Champs, 5/26-5/28, Gulf Shores, Alabama

The Science of Picky Eating. Yep, but I still don't get why you avoid black coffee and dry red wine.

Watch: Austin O'Neill race video. ...Chris Low race video.

Boris Berian, the pride of Big Bear, the 2016 World Indoor 800 Champ, got a big surprise at the Oxy meet. Link.

Boris Berian speaks after being served lawsuit by Nike. ...Don served many legal papers in his day. Nike's way is obvious and heavy handed. ...More. ...And more. ...Mmmh, messy. Not a dispute quickly, easily resolved. About a year ago Berian is flipping burgers. Now he's the world indoor 800 champ. And has to worry, respond, be involved in this lawsuit , and, oh, get through the trials and face David Rudisha in about 10 weeks, 5 days.

Worth another look. Berian wins world championship race video.

Canyons @ State Championships here.

Complete D2 results here.

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WSJ on running books and Gene. Maybe a 100 of his used to be mine.

Doping? Who Cares?

Aging in the Key of Humor

How much can a healthy lifestyle cut your risk of cancer? A lot.

Alberto Salazar says Galen Rupp is fine, running 140 miles per week. Link. ...Sometimes Cam Levins runs more.

Steve Magness: Passion: A Gift, or A Curse?

L.A. Is America's Deadliest Place for Walking

100 Best Lists of All Time. That should keep you busy.

What Hiking Does To The Brain Is Pretty Amazing

Dog fights off bear, saves runner/owner. Story indicates dog was a runner too. ...No. 1 son was walking with his dog in Pine Mountain Club. Suddenly a mountain lion appears and goes after the dog. Sons gets in front of dog, tells lion to leave. Lion leaves.

Shelby Erdahl is a great team mate. Video. ...More.

Compare and contrast Shelby Erdahl and too athletes.

Chris Low runs 1:47.81. PR is 1:47.52. Looked strong.

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Week That Was

Steeplechase: Path To Olympics Goes Across Water Pit, Over 28 Barriers. I want to do that in my next life.

Nitwits and knuckleheads. Screwballs, idiots, and morons

Dreadmill tips

About that study you read. Consider.

An Open Letter to the Athlete We Must Stop Recruiting

Afghan Women Fight for the Right to Ride

A good old fashioned rant: IOC’s record over past eight years smells worse than old urine

Chris Low (800) and Austin O'Neil (3000 steeple) will compete tomorrow at the HOKA meet, Occidental College ...Probably the best Southern CA distance races of the year, a chance to see some of America's best in person, and support the second best sport on earth (after cross country). But if you can't, you can watch it here.

Posted by donmclean on 2016/5/18 13:26:56 (145 reads)

Government science. Does compression clothing work? The answer is yes, no, and maybe. And and that it makes you look cool, stupid, and fat.

A young runner shipped off spit and $599 for advice from her DNA and genetics. Read. The advice includes more veggies, exercise, and less ice cream.

Be skeptical, says Alex Hutchinson.

Flotrack video with Princeton coach Jason Vigilante. Vig coached Leo Manzano and Robby Andrew, both opportunistic guys with awesome kicks.

Like: The U.S. Department of Justice on Tuesday flipped a big, fat middle finger to the international sports movement. On what grounds? And to achieve, exactly, what? ...More.

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Study: Exercise May Cut Risk of 13 Cancers

Consider the Naked 5K Run/Walk. Free.

...maybe the best picture we've published in our almost 70 years in the business. ~Track & Field News. Here.

Steve Magness: How Constraints Make You a Better Coach

SI: Q&A with Amby Burfoot

5 research-backed ways to increase grit

What Leo Tolstoy and Allen Iverson have in common: Practice. ...More.

Practice tonight in Read More.

Mario Fraioli: the morning shakeout

With the possible exception of the Foothill League Finals, the toughest and best 2016 distance running in Southern California will be here. May 20, Occidental College.

Kevin Sully: Monday Morning Run

31 Caught Doping in Retests of Beijing Olympic Samples

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Interest in Track & Field resemble the hatch cycle of periodic cicadas. Why?

npr: Keeping Up With The Joneses' Latest Medical Procedure. ...Being the older kid on the block, having already had one, lemme tellya...

Flotrack video: Kate Grace Throws Down 2:00 in Pouring Rain

WSJ: A Run on the Beach Only Looks Easy

WSJ: How Women Took Over the World of Running

Jason Gay/WSJ: 2,226 Steps to Never Forget

Must see video: The Harriers. ...More. ...Spend some time in Humbolt County.

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Signal story on SS Prelims

SS-D1 results.

Master's @ All On The Line results.

Lori Peterson furnishes Foothill Finals fotos

Footless mountaineer to scale K2.

PAC 12 results. Sam Willis, Chelsea Totten, and Jen Owen, all in the 1500, did not advance. ...Chelsea and Jen are scheduled to race the 10,000 this afternoon. That's 26 laps, folks.

Devon Allen is awesome. He was the best American hurdler last year, and he plays football at UO. Apparently, the plan is to hurdle at the Olympics and then return to football.

D2 photos from Patrick King. ...Looks great in his Foothill debut. ...It means the world to the kids. And everyone else. Take some and share with the world. Payback for all the kindness and generosity freely given to us.

D1 photos from Alan Garcia.

Forbes: The 25 Most And Least Educated Cities In America. Warning. California doesn't look good. Oregon doesn't appear at all.

The Master's College Cross Country and Track on Facebook has All On The Line photos.

Oregon swept the Pac-12 Track & Field Championships. 8th year in a row. Devon Allen most valuable male athlete. Oregon sprinter Hannah Cunliffe is named the most valuable female athlete.

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