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Brad Stulberg: Productivity Lessons from Artists and Entrepreneurs

Bad knees? Probably because you didn't walk, run, or bike enough. Consider.

NYT: How Fast Can You Run One Mile?

Want to Raise Your Child to Love Reading? Read These Secrets. ...If they become constant readers, their lives will be so much richer, and they will be forever thankful.

Signal story on Foothill League cross country.

From the Craig Leener blog: By The Numbers: 2 Interviews, 1 Hall of Fame Coach. ...First interview in 1964. Listen.

9 Things That Make You Unlikable

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Byrke O. Beller, 49, is a dedicated obstetrician, husband, father of two girls, and outstanding sprinter. At age 47, he ran an 11.5 100m, age-graded at 91.65%, OTC Masters' overall Track Performance of the Year. This year he has run a 25.87 in the 200m, and a 57.58 in the 400m. He also runs an occasional 5K.

1. You were a gifted track athlete in your youth. You then gave it up. Why, and why/when did you return to track?

I got burned out. I started running at age 7 and by age 15 had been running competitively for 8 years. Also, I was really skinny and about that time got very interested in girls. I noticed they seemed to be more interested in the football players…so that was it! I started lifting weights and eating a lot. In the 10 grade I was 5’10” and 140 lbs and by 12th grade 6’3” and 190 lbs. And I had a girlfriend. I came back to running after taking my kids to an All-Comer’s meet when they were quite young. I got nostalgic and needed to lose some weight so started running again.

2. Most of us complain we don't have the time to... How do you train? Training schedule and key workouts?

I carve out a little time around lunch. Three days a week during weekdays, one weekend day. Sometimes I am unable to meet the group of guys I train with so end up going later on my own. Some days I train having had 4 hours of sleep the night before. All less than ideal but I have no choice but to make it work

3. Mark Crear, twice an Olympics silver medalist in the 110 hurdles, when we asked about the farthest he has run, said with a laugh, "Uh, I think about a mile, maybe." From personal experience and from a medical doctor perspective, can fast twitchers be outstanding middle distance runners?

I am certainly no expert but I think it is quite rare to be excellent over a wide range of distances. Not impossible but rare. I believe that each of our unique biological and physiologic traits help to create a body that has an optimal distance range.

4. We're almost certainly wrong, but some distance people think sprinters lack humility, a work ethic, and spend an inordinate time working on their starts, stretching, preening, and resting. Your view, and what do sprinters really think about distance runners?

LOL. Well, I believe to be a highly competitive sprinter you need to be extremely confident in self. I think there is a cultural component as well. But not all are super cocky. Tyson Gay was rather humble in my opinion. As for work ethic and such they work just as hard, in a different way. You can’t equate miles run with work done…obviously. What do sprinters think about distance runners? That they run distance because they’re not very fast.

5. Best lesson your father/mother ever taught you?

Work hard in life.

6. Personal daily exercise routine?

I don’t exercise every day. I’m old, I need more rest days! 3 days running, 2 days lifting.

7. Advice to your younger self at 20 years?

Spend at least one season on the track team at your peak of physical being.

8. Quotes you live by, or quote often? “

It’s always something!"

9. What does your morning and daily routine look like?

Coffee, newspaper, work, workout over lunch, home for family time

10. In your recent years, what has become more important and less important?

Time/relationships/experiences - more. Stuff - less

11. What would you do/have/be if you had 20 million dollars?

Spend more time on relationships/experiences, work on ending violence towards women.

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COC cross country aiming for high finish in state meet

Knee Arthritis Has Doubled... And It’s Not Because of Running

Age Grade Calculator

Healthy stuff at Trader Joe's

Outside sends amateur cyclist into the back rooms of sports medicine, where he just said yes to the most controversial chemicals in sports. Story.

We Aren't Close to Limits of Human Performance

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Mark LaPlant provides COC Finals photos. See car enter the race in photos 72 and 73.

Signal previews The Masters cross country.

Austin O'Neill records a 4:07 at the Lodi mile.
More towns should have street races. Nick Symmonds put on a street 800 in Springfield (next to Eugene), but then left town and the race died. Kinda fun. Quien es mas macho?

The Top 10 Get Out Of Adventure Excuses

Malcolm Gladwell and Nicholas Thompson: Sex, Drugs, and the Inside Lane: Recapping the 2017 World Championships of Track

Q&A with Dave Barry


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How running saved me from boozy lunches and obesity

Three preps at one school go sub 9 in the two mile. The Magic of Maywood Park

Steve Magness writes: I'm not certified in anything.

the morning shakeout

Jen Fedorov: My Summer of Track Racing. This year Jen, a 45 year old mom, has clocked 19:47 in the 5K, 5:57 in the mile.

Old boys, many of them former runners, now Monsters of the Cart Paths. Kudos to my old SCV buddies who are now doing 4-5 hour bike rides. Impressive!

Naked ladies!

'Fat but fit' is a myth, study says.

Q&A with author of The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit. Terrific book.

Just finished The Complacent Class. Fascinating look at how the U.S. is changing from a dynamic country into one of stasis. ...Cowen blogs daily at Marginal Revolution.

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When your sister (Emma Coburn) becomes a world champion.

She’s 98. He’s 94. They Met at the Gym.

Friends Across Barbed Wire and Politics. ...More.

Consider the value of a student-athlete education.

How Mo Runs. ...Is it ever too late for us to work on our form, stride efficiency?

NYT: Running

1 in 8 Americans Struggles With an Alcohol Disorder. ...Grade yourself here.

How to Watch the WC: Sunday, August 13

Amazing. About a sprinter/high jumper who ran a 2:26 marathon. 10,000 hours: The Saga of Hayden Smith. ...More.

OK, so what would happen if you really got serious about running?

On your left! The Politics of Passing. ...Today, like on most weekends, I'll be running two hours on Spencer Butte. Besides OYL, I say thanks, offer a compliment or other pleasantry. Around here, to not do so is unusual, even creepy.

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