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Bro: Foothill Bests. ...More interesting Foothill stuff here. ...Canyon continues to have the Foothill best site. West Ranch is second. ...Our cheers and thanks to Matt Nali. ...Thanks to photogs Bob Binnie, Rene Klein, Alan Garcia, Bro, Jim McClain, and Lori Peterson.

NYT: Really, Really Short Workouts. ...Don't forget to warm up!

Today was the Eugene Marathon. We watched. New twist. The bibs showed the runner's name. We were at the 23rd mile, and of course so many of them were feeling poorly. So we and others started yelling out encouragement to Joe, Matt, Ellen, Devon, Jennifer, etc. One guy looked very Eugene with a massive beard. His bib indicated Forest Gump. He got laughs and cheers.

Steve Scott: The Man, The Myth, The Legend.
A couple of SCV guys know Steve. Both say he's a great guy. And a lot of fun to be around.

Master's @ GSAC Championships results. Huzzahs and hollers for Karis Frankian and Josh Sherfey.

From Michael Joyner, M.D. How to get your body used to working out in hot weather

Must reads re Alysia Montano. Here. ...And here. ...Best SCV distance runner.

Tomorrow we are planting Sweet, Sweet Corn. Lotsa. ...My Ohio kin were farmers. Best corn ever, I think. But it's mighty good up here, fresh from our garden. Every day for 2 or 3 months. ...Heavenly.

Amby Burfoot/Runner's World: Can Sprint Training Take the Place of Longer, More Moderate Exercise?

Competitor: 11 Plank Exercises That Build Core Strength for Runners

WSJ: Making Art on the Run? There’s an App for That

LetsRun: Michael Slagowski Becomes the 9th US High Schooler and 4th In Last Year to Go Sub-4 in the Mile. ...Trained more for speed than distance. Story. ...More here.

SOAR 2016 video.

Our friend Justin Gallegos writes: I was accepted to UO, but the cost was too high. However, a handful of highly respected individuals in the running community, such as Alberto Salazar, have heard my story and they want to help pay for me go to UO. All of these people want to see me at UO this fall. We have set up a Go Fund Me. ...More.

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Eric Boal/Signal delivers the goods on the Foothill boys.

Laurie Reyes does the same on the Foothill girls.

Canyon @ Saugus results.

Rene Klein provides more West Ranch @ Hart photos.

Alan Garcia does his usual camera magic. Golden Valley @ Valencia.

Consider Castaic Triathlon Series I & II. I regret leaving SCV without doing one of these convenient challenges. No, you don't need a lot of spandex and a $1000 bike. Just guts and a spirit of adventure.

Must Read: Better Aging Through Practice, Practice, Practice. Note the need for a real coach. Someone who watches you like a hawk, challenges you, and, most importantly, insists on drills and rest. So you're not injured all the time.

Read Coach Walt Whitman.

Memorable track tumbles. Video.

Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired morning, noon, and night. But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired. When you were younger the mind could make you dance all night, and the body was never tired…You’ve always got to make the mind take over and keep going. ~General George S. Patton, Jr. ...Pentathalete at the 1912 Olympics. ...Patton, born in San Gabriel, CA, had difficulty learning to read and write, and was home schooled until the age of eleven. He read voraciously in his adult life, though way-way- more busy and stressed than us. ...On the other hand, he didn't have to constantly monitor gizmos.

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LetsRun: The Week That Was

Runner's World reports on the inimitable Ed Whitlock.

NYT: Aging Runners: How Slow Will I Get? Wouldn't you like to see a follow up survey and story on what percentage of runners, especially those over 50, are racing to those expectations. Less than 10%, I'm guessing.

Rio in flop sweat.

Signal: Volunteers spruce up West Ranch High School. Back when, the Santa Clarita Runners had organized clean ups in the community, including de-littering the high schools, the City trails, and planting trees along the bike trail (north of Pavillions). If you organize or join a work party, you will be surprised to see who shows, who blows.

Matt Nali: SCV Hurdles Previews Week 5

? du jour: How well will you pee today?

Scary Mommy: The 10 Moms You Will Meet At The Pool This Summer

NAIA rankings.

Coming soon:

4/28 Golden Valley @ Valencia
4/28 Saugus @ Canyon
4/28 West Ranch @ Hart
4/28-29 Master's @ GSAC Champs, Westmont College
4/29 Canyons @ WSC Finals, Bakersfield College
5/3 Foothill Prelims, College of the Canyons
5/5 Foothill Finals, College of the Canyons

I despise my competition. ~Phil Knight. Video.

From flipping burgers to world indoor champion. The journey continues for Boris Berian. ...Well worth another watch.

Science we can use and trust. Narcissists post more selfies  ...Any studies/conclusions on those people who blog every damn day?

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Ditch D-1 Sports and Save Money. "Should the university be saddling students with unnecessary debt for athletics programs that added little to no value to their education?"

Nearly half of Americans would have trouble finding $400 to pay for an emergency. Story.

On coaches and why we need them. Here.

Enjoy Meter.

Mario Fraioli: The Morning Shakeout

Alex Hutchinson: Go Out Hard, Then Fade

Hart vs Golden Valley photos.

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Ed Whitlock, 85, broke the age-class world record yesterday in the half marathon, 1:50.47. ...Recent story on Ed here.

Coincidentally, we just heard from AR and WR age-class stud Rich Burns, the pride of Hart, now 61. Though he liked Texas, in 2014 he and Mrs. B. left and checked out Australia, Italy, France and Spain. But are now settled in Wexford County, Ireland. There are no 400m tracks in Wexford. He trains on a 1-1/4th mile grass steeple course for horses, with lots of ups and downs. Not ideal for an 800 meter guy. ...Hey, when you're a successful artist...

WSJ: Fountain of Youth? Drug Trial Has Seniors Scrambling to Prove They’re Worthy.

Yesterday was the Hayward Classic. Results. It's such fun to talk and compete against some of the best masters. Due to some unfortunate scheduling, the usual contingent of Canadians didn't show up (their national championships on the same weekend), and other likely contestants opted for the Eugene Marathon/Half/5K next weekend. My local rivals were injured. Are older runners more susceptible to injury? No, said an 83 year old race walker. He said the key, for young and old, is not do stupid stuff. And if injured, rest and, as necessary, see an M.D. or R.P.T. and follow their instructions, doing the exercises. And keep doing the exercises for life. ...I ran a 23:45 in the 5000. Never in pain. (My bad.) Looking for a from-the-depths-Hell kick on the last lap. Wasn't there. ...BTW, the expression we used at age 17, was "like a badass outa Hell."

Making the case that vehicles, drivers and pedestrians could be made safer but for lack of will. Door to Door. As it happens, I saw the author on television yesterday (Book TV, perhaps my favorite show). He tells about riding in a driverless car on the Google campus. Some Google guy, completely absorbed and typing on his gizmo, walked between two parked cars. If the car had a driver, that guy would have been one damn dead nerd. Even a fully alert human could not have reacted quick enough. The author went on to say 99% of traffic injuries and deaths would be avoided if we instituted driverless vehicles. ...BTW, are runners better than average drivers? My life-long study says no. Because they were, and I hope still are my friends, I name no one. But, jeez, do I some stories about runners. My favorite is a friend, then working in SFV, had Laker tickets. He raced home after work, got his son, and then, while racing down to the Forum on the 405, changed from his suit pants into Levis. ...Here's how I started. Got my first car, a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria, at age 18. First day I jumped on the 91 in Anaheim and jammed it to the floor, needing to find out how fast it could go. Was hugely disappointed to learn only 105. ...I don't speed now. I have a top of the line Subaru Outback with an impressive safety package. And with all that help, my co pilot still won't characterize me as one of the safest drivers on the road, even in my age group.

Science: Women with larger behinds are healthier and more intelligent

Steve Magness: Why Rabbiting works- It’s not all about drafting. My 5000 on the Hayward Field track (probably one of the best in the world, in ideal conditions, lotsa local support) was 30 seconds slower than a recent road 5K with, say, 120 runners through Alton Baker Park. But it seemed like I was alone, running lost in space. No one to key off of, no one chasing me.

Kevin Sully/Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run.

Read du jour: 7 Year Old is Running with the Buffaloes

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Kenyans Win London Marathon

More on London from Ross Tucker/Science of Sport

Canyon @ Burbank Backwards results.

Too much math and not enough exercise is hurting our children

NYT: This Is Our Country. Let's Walk It.

On her 30th birthday, Alysia Montano runs a 2:01.27 season-opener. Link.

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Signal: Cougars track and field athletes win titles

Valencia @ Saugus results

Paul Broneer: Foothill Bests

NYT: Foods Loaded With Sugar, Salt and Fat? Bring It! Yikes!

David Epstein/Pro Publica on stuff you probably missed.

Patricia Devita, 82, has completed every Los Angeles Marathon. Link. ...And lotsa ultras. ...I've known her, though not well, for about 25 years. And she's always upbeat. Big smile. Glad to seeya. About 20 years ago I was on a long, tough training run with some ultra studs in a remote, now forgotten mountain area. For a time, I'd broken away and was charging around a trail and, suddenly, I almost ran into Pat. Alone. Big smile on her face. She greeted me as if we were having a chance meeting at Whole Foods. Though we both knew there dangerous critters around, on two and four legs, she said she was just fine, having fun, "don't worry about me."

T&FN: 2016 Olympic Medal Predictions

The Payton Jordan Invitational will be at Stanford, May 1. Many of America's best will be there for the competition and getting an Olympic Trials qualifying mark. Entrants. Chris Low will be there.

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Signal: Foothill track and field roundup

Canyon @ West Ranch results ...Bob Binnie provides the photos. ...As does Paul Broneer.

Alan Garcoa delivers the Valencia @ Saugus photos.

Leona Divide results. ...Jonathon Morse, 27, was 9th overall in the 50 miler with a 8:10.45. That's a very good, folks. ...Patricia Devita, 82, ran a 13:23.58 in the 50K, demonstrating, no, you're not too old. ...Leona Divide was founded by Bob Kimmerly and Don Hughes, legends in the Santa Clarita Runners, and long heavily supported by the SCV locals. ...But apparently no more.

Steve Magness and Bradley Stulberg have a newsletter. Peak Performance.

SI: Making weight: A lightweight rower's struggle with the scale

On Boston. 9000 Seconds 10th American!

Reminds me. Brian Spangenberg is one of the more memorable Santa Clarita Runners. He appeared on the scene in his 30s, a background of high school football and rock musician. Barrel chested, with chunky, muscled legs. So he starts running and shows some talent. Some of us, before the Santa Clarita Marathon, would do three repeats of the COC xc course at 75-80%. Maybe 5-6 minute rest recovery. Brian decided to try it. And did. As you can imagine, everyone is really dragging on the third. Afterwards, Brian says. "Jeez, that was really fun!" A year or two later he runs a 2:27.40, best ever by a 30+ Santa Claritian.

Tsepo Mathibelle, from a place you never heard of, was last in the 2012 Olympic Marathon... How Last Place Became a Stroke of Luck

Rene Klein provides Canyon @ West Ranch photos.

Matthew Charles Nali/SCV Hurdles: 2016 Foothill League Best

More from (the depths of Hell) Cathal Dennehy.

Yahoo: How college athletics has become a boondoggle for everyone but the students. And the 45.3 percent of Americans who pay no income tax.

NYT: 100, and still running for her life.

More about Leona Divide, now in its 26th year. The course has changed over the years, but it's still 50 tough miles. Current course is 44 miles on the PCT. Results from some of the early years are missing. Vicki Devita was the best best SCV female ultrarunner around, and probably has the fastest time for a SCV female. The best time I could find going back to 1992 was by Patricia Devita, her mom. Best overall male since 1992 is Rob Krar, 36, with a 5:53.51. Michelle Bartan, 32, has the best female time, 7:19.04.

Top 6 SCV guys:

1. Dave Park, 38 years old, 7:24.21
2. Don McLean, 51, 7:36.26
3. Micah White, 37, 7:56.38
4. Dennis Olsen,35, 8:07.51
5. Jonathon Morse, 27, 8:10.45
6. Denis Trafecanty, 56, 9:20.59

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Der Spiegel: How Finland has solved the problem of obese children.

Newest thing. FroYo Run. Pricey!

Outside: High Performance Cultures.

Alex Hutchinson: How Does Your Running Stride Change When You’re Tired? Back when, during the weekly 24 miler, after 20 miles, we did one minute on, one minute off sessions of counting our steps to ensure we were doing at least 180 steps. That seemed to fire up something in our legs. Might work for you too.

BBC: Russia to unveil anti-doping reforms in race for Rio 2016 return

WSJ: Bill Walton Is All About the Bike

On cycling. Has there been a cultural shift away from fun and experiences towards a macho world of speed and Strava. Consider.

Runner's World: The Simple Life of One of the World’s Best Marathoners ...Written by Cathal Dennehy, from The Depths of Hell.

Phoebe Wright: A Positive Spin on Negative Thinking

Ken Goe reports Mo and Rupp will both race at the Pre, though in what races remains TBD. Link. ...Don's (non-probiotic supplemented) gut says Rupp should forget about the marathon, at least this year.

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