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He's 22. Head coach at tiny Liberty High. And they're going to state. Q&A with Eric Morford.

LetsRun: Was Syracuse Winning NCAAs The Most Significant Development In a Generation?

Video: Q&A with Mary Cain. Loves 200s. Perhaps explains why she has a kick, and we don't.

Video: Ultimate Runner’s Man Cave

Frank Bruni/NYT: The Gift of Reading. Life is way-better if you got it.

Woodward Park All Time List

Thinking of Russia and Kenya's athletics teams, and Nike sponsoring both, I now understand what the company meant when it said "Just do it. ~David Walsh

Michael J. Joyner, M.D./SI: Can You Exercise Too Much?

Matt Fitzgerald: Anaerobic Training For Runners

Lexi Fernandez won the Region 15 Championship for 11-12 girls division in Las Vegas. Results. Junior Olympics in Albuquerque on Dec 12

Teen runs a marathon. Accidentally.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/11/24 11:30:05 (123 reads)

Sam Willis, Canyon alum, is named to the PAC-12 All-Academic team

CIF-State Cross Country Meet Press Release & Entries

Runner's World: Who Says Cross Country Isn’t a Contact Sport? Into the early 60's, mostly, we trained and raced barefoot. Even at Mt. SAC. Course all on dirt, two miles, finished on the track.

Remembering Emil Zatopek

David Brooks/NYT: Tales of the Super Survivors

Mustangs @ NAIA Championships stories @ SCV News

Every racer counts. Goosebumps @ NXR video

Why we go long, live longer. Read. It's science, dude.

Alex Hutchinson: How Salad Can Make Us Fat

Asker Jeukendrup: Sleep disturbances in trained athletes. Z's, please!

Alexi Pappas: On Being Happy To Compete

Must Read: Playing In The Red. Taxpayers and students (fees) take the hit.

ESPN: Terror At The Stadium. Not sure how we're going to win if only playing defense.

Dick Pound is ready to shock the world with new revelations. Story.

Jason Gay/WSJ: 33 More Rules for Thanksgiving Touch Football

University of Oregon's Robert Johnson might be the best t&f coach in the country. Consider.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/11/23 3:08:36 (228 reads)

NAIA Championships race video. Women. And men. (Corrected.)

CIF-State XC Championships Information

Mike Whitman has Canyons at state championships photos.

Some twenty Santa Clarita Runners raced the USA Half Marathon Invitational. Results. Carl Stromberg won the 60-64 age group with a 1:25:33. That's national class stuff, an 84 age-grading score. Kelley Schranz was second in the 65-69 group with a 1:52:23, an 80 in age-grading. Big cheers for both.

Almost Everyone Cheats, But Only Just a Little Bit

NYT: Athletes Storm Kenyan Athletics Federation Office in Protest Over Doping. ...Kip Keino was the first great Kenyan. Continues to be revered. Lives on a farm. Takes in orphans. Started a school. ...Keino vs. Ryun.

Age Grade Calculator. Roughly, 70=Good. 75=Damn good. 80=Superior, national class. ...90? Your confessor/Dick Pound would like a word with you.

Solid marriage and Consistent High Performance Racing

Yoga class scrapped over 'cultural issues'

Posted by donmclean on 2015/11/22 5:08:32 (218 reads)

Bob Binnie has SS Finals photos.

Huge congrats to West Ranch. State! That's huge. We're predicting a podium finish. And more. We're already anticipating next year. West Ranch, Saugus, and Golden Valley boys will be even better. Together with the girls, Foothill is the toughest XC league in the state.

LetsRun: Syracuse “Out-Colorado’s” Colorado For NCAA Cross Crown. Earlier this year, at the South Eugene High School track, where the OTC Masters do our Tuesday workout, we met three Syracuse dudes finishing their workout, prior to their appearance at Hayward Field and the NCAA Championships. Syracuse, I thought, WTH? Distance power? Justyn Knight was especially well-spoken, engaging. Who knew he would lead Syracuse to this NCAA shocker?

This afternoon, with others, we had pizza with an UO thrower. We learned:

Along with his older brother, who threw for Stanford, he went to an OR high school, coached by two international quality throwers.

Recruited to UCLA, he was there for two years. The program is messed up. Met Austin O'Neilll, "a good guy." Learned to hate USC. Snobs.

At UO, and most D1 schools, frosh scholarship athletes are required to attend eight hours a week of tutoring. Thereafter, if not 3.0, you have to attend five hours a week. If a football player, so goes the rumor, you also get, well, "additional assistance", he admitted with a grin.

Distance runners tend to be smarter than other athletes.

Cheserek is the best. "Great guy."

Nike supplies all UO sports. It's mostly good stuff, "and you better wear it."

There's no money in throws. The best javelin thrower in the world is a Kenyan. He gets the money. "Millions," our friend thinks. ...Like Adam Nelson and Nick Symmonds, friend plans to rent out space on his singlet and skin to survive. He heard USATF is going to distribute ten million a year to the pro athletes, but it will be nickels and dimes by the time the throws guys get to the pay window.

It's now the off-season, and they are limited on throw time and coaching. Five hours or eight hours per week? Something like that.

Saugus XC Fundraiser has photos.

Signal: Saugus girls XC edges Serrano for CIF-SS Division 2 title

Daily News: Saugus, Harvard-Westlake lead banner CIF cross country day

PrepCalTrack has the SS merge. Good information. Better perspective. We're all grown-up boys and girls. We can handle it.

Choose to be grateful. ...Thank your coach. Hand written note or card. Gift card to Starbucks. Subway. Something. My coach gets no money. Out there in all sorts of weather, and now in darkness. In fact, has two non-paying gigs.

PrepCalTrack: Jason E. on the CIF-SS Finals: This One Had It All

Posted by donmclean on 2015/11/21 11:50:40 (281 reads)

SS Finals. D2 girls at 9:45. D2 boys at 10:45.

OMG: Sleeping In May Be Unhealthy

Jay Johnson: Three principles all runners need to understand

Can we, should we get along with e-bikers on city trails? Story.

NAIA Championships results should be here.

CCCAA Championships (Canyons) results should be here.

Damacio Diaz, McFarland hero, indicted.

Q&A with Terrence Mahon

WSJ: The Quest to Run a Two-Hour Marathon

Amish man runs marathon in traditional slacks and suspenders

D2 girls: Saugus 1st, Golden Valley 11th.

D2 boys: West Ranch 6th, Saugus 9th, Golden Valley 15th.

Lady Mustang Cross Country Earns Highest Finish in School History at NAIA National Championships

At CCCAA Champs, Canyons women 3rd, men 4th, and Ethan Walker wins. Results. Should be a clue. Don't bother commuting to Glendale.

Posted by donmclean on 2015/11/21 1:44:38 (136 reads)

8th Girls Name School Time Name School Time
1 Tori Waldeck Placerita 9:00 47 Macy Bryant Arroyo Seco 11:53
2 Audrey Dang Rio Norte 9:39 48 11:54
3 Breeana SanLucas Arroyo Seco 9:51 49 Nadine Macus Placerita 11:56
4 Hailey Kirsch Rio Norte 10:03 50 Grace Noguera La Mesa 11:58
5 Analise Rappe Sierra Vista 10:12 51 Gabrielle Fuller Rancho Pico 11:59
6 Aly Durkin Rio Norte 10:15 52 Mariah Waddell Placerita 12:01
7 Angelee Berganio Sierra Vista 10:19 53 Erin Miller La Mesa 12:03
8 Hanna King Sierra Vista 0:19 54 Sophia Boton Placerita 12:04
9 Vivianna Raker Arroyo Seco 10:21 55 Jean Paik Rio Norte 12:05
10 Isabel Antillon La Mesa 10:23 56 Lia Maldonado Placerita 12:05
11 Taylor Toledo Placerita 10:24 57 Maddie Nohoa Rio Norte 12:06
12 Angelene Estiandan Rio Norte 10:31 58 Briana Brothers Sierra Vista 12:06
13 Mialani Noble Placerita 10:43 59 Maya Morales Sierra Vista 12:07
14 Alyssa Irwin Placerita 10:45 60 Leliah Martinez La Mesa 12:08
15 Aisha Hall Placerita 10:51 61 Bella Montiforte La Mesa 12:08
16 Tracy Sterkel Rancho Pico 10:52 62 Emma Petit Rio Norte 12:09
17 Dominique Rivera La Mesa 10:56 63 Namita Shyam La Mesa 12:09
18 Abbey Negosian Arroyo Seco 10:59 64 Jenneh Sessay Rancho Pico 12:10
19 Shaina Berdin Arroyo Seco 11:02 65 Kyle Lindbom Rancho Pico 12:11
20 Rebecca Hamilton La Mesa 11:04 66 Melissa Duncan Sierra Vista 12:11
21 Julia Melchiorre Placerita 11:04 67 Rebecca Harima La Mesa 12:12
22 Alexis Barrios Placerita 11:05 68 Ashley Machado La Mesa 12:13
23 Samantha Best Arroyo Seco 11:07 69 Maridian Maylnn Rancho Pico 12:15
24 Hailey Rutter Arroyo Seco 11:07 70 Jinyoung Yi Rio Norte 12:17
25 Hope Hill Placerita 11:09 71 Alyssa Rodin Arroyo Seco 12:19
26 Brielle Wiley Placerita 11:10 72 Abby Clark Arroyo Seco 12:20
27 Hannah Siegel Placerita 11:12 73 Nicole Weatherman Rio Norte 12:24
28 Giselle Sayan Sierra Vista 11:14 74 Chase Eisenberg Rancho Pico 12:25
29 Cory Greer Rio Norte 11:18 75 Kate Jetter Rio Norte 12:28
30 Marley Teagardin Placerita 11:25 76 Rachel Kim Rio Norte 12:29
31 Abby Welch Castaic 11:26 77 Staefani Woll Placerita 12:35
32 Evelyn Kong La Mesa 11:26 78 Bridget Sanchez Rancho Pico 12:37
33 Sara Diaz Sierra Vista 11:28 79 Aubrey Park Rancho Pico 12:39
34 Megan Soto Placerita 11:30 80 Savannah Forte Castaic 12:41
35 Mia Bradner Rancho Pico 11:34 81 Ashley Busentiz Placerita 12:42
36 Phoebe Wong Rancho Pico 11:35 82 Dayna Storaker Rio Norte 12:43
37 Kylie Sathre Placerita 11:37 83 Aaryn Brink Rancho Pico 12:51
38 Anahi Gomez La Mesa 11:39 84 Viviana Rodriguez Sierra Vista 12:58
39 Elle Schroeder La Mesa 11:39 85 Jackie Roche Rancho Pico 13:00
40 Jacquelene Hundelt La Mesa 11:44 86 Sarah Bob Placerita 13:00
41 Rachel Wong Rio Norte 11:45 87 Olivia Vasquez La Mesa 13:06
42 Kayla Prieto La Mesa 11:45 88 Wendy Mojica Sierra Vista 13:13
43 Alexis Songco La Mesa 11:46 89 Taylor Jackson Sierra Vista 13:18
44 Jayden Yamassaki Rio Norte 11:50 90 Riley LaPlant Sierra Vista 13:19
45 Megan Puettmann Arroyo Seco 11:51 91 Maddie Moreno Arroyo Seco 13:21
46 Melissa Stanley Arroyo Seco 11:52 92 Alex Grande Castaic 13:33
93 April Zadeh Castaic 13:34
94 Maribel Varillas Sierra Vista 13:38
95 Cassidy Moline Arroyo Seco 13:38
96 Sarah Carstens Castaic 13:52
97 Madison Hartman La Mesa 14:06
98 Mackenzie Voll Castaic 14:10
99 Maggie Pooren Rio Norte 14:16
100 Mackenzie Arnold Castaic 14:16
101 Aylssa Truong Rancho Pico 15:12
102 Alexandra Garridos Sierra Vista 15:49
103 Diana Rodriguez Castaic 16:23

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Dan Agnew/Signal: SCV cross country teams face loaded CIF finals field

Wes Felix: What You Don't Know About My Sis, Allyson Felix

Haile, now retired, still loves training and racing. Not sloth.

Excellent: Advice to Elites, by Steve Holman

Orlando "The Big O" Benitez, Hart alum and our friend, rookie coach at tiny Lindsay, proudly watched his boys get 14th, girls 6th, at the Central Section Championships. Results.

Soldiers on PEDs

NYT: Fitter Legs = Fitter Brains. ...Cosider stairs.

102 year old French cyclist sets world record. Video. ...He turns 104 in six days. Has other feats to perform. ...You?

Just in from the Santa Clarita Runners: After camping out at COC this morning they have agreed to us moving back to the COC Stadium beginning on December 8th and hopefully we will have lights too. There will still be the possibility of interruption due to filming or event commitments. We will continue to use Saugus track until that date.

Oh, deer. Problems at NCAA D2 Champs. Story.

SCV Middle School XC results in Read More. 7th grade only. We will post the 8th grade and team results later today or tomorrow. Shout out and huge thanks to Dan Cota, our go-to guy at Placerita. Not his fault for the delay or crappy format on DD.

The Atlantic: Men Overeat to Impress Women

Photos of Vasquez Canyon Road.

Read More... | 12079 bytes more | 2 comments

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Dan Agnew/Signal: GV's Johnathon Bay’s maturity has helped him develop as a runner

Competitor: 3 Secrets of Legendary Coach Arthur Lydiard

Oiselle: Cross Country Tips

Commercial: Bob Dylan. Scroll to find.

NYT: My Dark California Dream

Football and death. Why Him, Why Me?

The New Yorker/Einstein's theory in one thousand easy words. The Space Doctor's Big Idea

Coach Budd Coates teaches six exercises to increase your flexibility and agility, balance, get faster, decrease injuries. Link.

Lauren Fleshman: Discussing “Equality” in NCAA Cross Country

Roger Robinson/Running Times: Is 80 the New 50 in the Running Community?

Turkey Trot/XC Race @ COC. With the cooler weather, we predict (expect?) PRs for everyone.

Cross Country Express: Catching up with Santa Rosa coach Doug Courtemarche

Why ISIS Hates Soccer

Middle School results are coming. Probably tomorrow.

Saugus video: A Decade of Excellence

For those of you racing this weekend. Inspiration.

IAAF: Two-Time Olympic 800M Champion Mal Whitfield Dies at Age of 91. Korean War fighter pilot, and yet returns for the '52 Olympics.

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