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Bob Binnie has State photos. Boys. And girls. ...Bob is the Foothill photographer of the year.

Saugus XC Fundraiser has photos.

Daily News story on the Saugus girls.

State stats.

The Science Behind Effective Coaching

On Norman Harris, the cub reporter who knew, trained with Arthur Lydiard, dreamed up and organized the London Times Fun Run, and gave us the word jogger. Here.

NYT: Addicted to Distraction

Mike Whitman has Canyons @ State photos. Mike is the community colleges photographer of the year.

3 Lessons Learned About Making the 50-Mile Leap. I like this. Here's the deal. How long do you want to do marathons? They hurt like hell, and most likely you'll suck after the initial 5 or 10, especially when you factor in the chances of lousy weather or an injury after you've trained for months, registered, got your plane tickets. Move on! We don't want to hear about your struggles any more. Enough, please! Ultras and trail races are a blast. Don's tip. If you've done a marathon, do Leona Divide. It's in your back yard. Train with someone who knows the course. That would be Don, but, alas, he's not available.

CA Boys Podium Teams, 1987-2015. Saugus best in SCV. ...Girls tomorrow. Saugus again?

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CIF State Championships schedule and results.

Top ten individuals and teams since 1987. Here.

State Cross Country Championships to Remain in Fresno Through 2021

Dan Agnew/Signal: Redemption, expectation for locals at CIF State Cross Country finals

Best Running (non-instructional) Books

SCVTV: Canyons Turkey Trot

NYT: How many weekly miles should I run to improve my health?

SI: World champion Emily Chebet among Kenyans suspended for positive tests

Our brains can't multitask at all. Read.

Harvard: Butter is not back

How and Why to Do High Knees.

New Yorker: Inflamed. It's a long distance read. No b.s.

Don's Pine Mountain Club house has sold, now in escrow. The buyer doesn't want the furniture, etc. Anyone interested in making a bid for all of it? You haul. It's one hour north of SCV. See here. Partial list of contents in Read More.

CIF-State results. Saugus was 4th girls team overall. Tate and Welker in top 10.

Dan Agnew/Signal: Saugus girls win ninth cross country state title

Who is going to NXN from California? Link.

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1. You won the SCV middle school xc race in the 8th grade. You continued to best the best in high school, but, due to family needs, also struggled due to working two (three?) jobs at the same time, attending school, training, preparing for college... How hard was that - emotionally, academically, athletically?

At the time I thought I was going to keep improving forever regardless of rest. My dad left during my soph XC season and I started working the summer between my soph and junior years. Two jobs by my senior year. Emotionally it was tough due to not being able to see my family as much as I would have wanted. My sibling and my mom understood what needed to be done so they always supported me. Academically I had the wonderful support of my teachers, especially my period 1 teacher who understood that why I was late in the morning. Coach David would let me crash in his truck during lunch so I could sleep. Athletically I suffered due to not having enough rest but I had the support of my teammates who encouraged me even as my times staggered. Overall, it upset me that I wasn't improving but I learned quickly, and Paragas also mentioned it, life will throw stuff at you and won't always work the way you want. The key thing I had in all of this was the support I had in all those aspects. I had good practice for this and use my past to encourage my runners who have similar lives.

2. The Hart guys were tough during your era. Won a title or two? With you, Alfredo Coronado, Gio Guzman, the Suzuki twins, Jimmy Kelley... Tell us about those guys.

Great bunch of guys. Alfredo was the best man at my wedding 4 years ago and we hang out every now and then. In high school he was always hardworking once he had a goal in mind. He now works with children with autism.. Gio and I hanged out last year at William Kuykendall's wedding in Tahoe. Very loyal guy who works hard. Currently up in Napa. His girls team made State this year, I believe. The Suzukis are very devoted guys who ran Prefontaine style. Good guys. Jimmy went on to win League as we all knew he would. Had the pleasure of having dinner with him a couple months ago.

3. You reached out beyond your team -to other schools, coaches, members of the community, a characteristic unusual for a high school athlete. Explain.

I like people. While I'm not a social butterfly in nature, I enjoy talking to people to understand different perspectives. In XC we all suffer the same course. I respect all those who are crazy enough to take on this sport. If you don't have respect for your opponent, what's the point? We are all one big league family. I loved going up the Beast with the Saugus crew, Joe Dunn, Shannon, Stephen, Derek etc. Why get limited in friendship by what school you went to, right? Rene, George, Velarde, Delong, the Burbank coaches were always kind to me and encouraged me despite not being their athlete and told me what I needed to hear. I loved running with the hamsters in the mornings cause they have the experience and they would share that with me.

4. Though without funds, you went to a highly regarded, spendy, private college, Point Loma. How did that happen? Your experiences there?

I first learned about Point Loma from my search into San Diego schools. Then I learned Rev Garman was a trustee and he wrote me a letter. I guess you could call it fate. As you said, it's pricy. Due to the fact that I did my FAFSA as an individual I was given more loans. Still paying for it but it's okay because I loved my time there. It was difficult for me at first since it was so far away and I didn't know people but I made friends that I still communicate with today.

5. Pardon me. We're buds, right? Recent photos indicate you're not in primo distance condition. So...?

This is true. While a senior, I hurt my arch bad and didn't run my last track season. I just focused on working and making money before I graduated. Eventually, I lost interest in running to be honest. I regained my love for running recently and started running again. My runners recently made me give up soda so that's a step in the right direction. I'm not that young anymore and I have some work to do in the upcoming months.

6. Post college, you married and migrated from Point Loma to the San Joaquin Valley. Why? (I mean about SJV, of course. Congrats on the marriage, you lucky dog.)

Simplest answer. I love my wife. My wife wanted to go live in Fresno. I ended up taking a position there because I feel that I can make a difference there. Santa Clarita is already blessed to have so many good educators. I want to be an example to my runners and students.

7. You've completed your first year as head coach of Lindsay High School cross country. Good results. Best ever for the school? What did you learn in your first year?

Best ever? I am not so sure about that. The guys did solid but the 2012 team was faster. I had to run a lot of JV guys due to some of my best runners not showing up to practices. It wasn't that they wanted to miss but they had family commitments to take care of. The girls however did the best they have done in a decade. I learned how time consuming it is and how different everyone is from everyone else. Adding to that would be all the difficulties that each student was facing at home made every week. We had a lot of freshmen who did not even know about xc until they ran the mile in PE. I learned to rely on the PE teachers to give me a heads-up on potential runners. I also learned I need a lot of help. I only had 29 runners but I had various levels. Because XC is not a class, it was hard to take roll. Next year the expectations will be more clear and I hope things go smoother.

8. How are the xc kids different, if at all, from the Hart kids in your era?

I do have many runners who are new to XC. Demographically, I only have one runner who is Caucasian but he fits in perfectly. Everyone else is Hispanic . But if I remember correctly, we had a lot of Hispanic runners at Hart. Almost half my runners work in the fields on Saturday and Sunday, and so not as committed to running their long runs. There is only one major gang around town, but all my runners make sure to stay clear of them. They love to travel, and taking them to Tahoe was the highlight of the year. The only bad thing that I hate is the lack of hills we have. We have a couple, but not as many as I prefer.

9. You have a small team (understandably at a small school). What are you doing to get more?

Right now, I am talking to a lot of students in my class who are all talk. I invite them to join us next year. I am also going to the soccer games and talking to them about joining us next year. All my girls made the Varsity Soccer team and were able to be in the game the whole time while the others faded. I'm trying to work with soccer to have them join us before their season starts.

10. What did you learn from Hart and other coaches that has been especially valuable to you now?

Before the season started I communicated with both Larry David (my old coach) and Rene Paragas to ask them if I should take on the job. They were both encouraging in me taking over the team. I later would email or text them for advice on racing schedules and workouts My brother David also shared some of the running philosophy that was being used at Golden Valley. I tried to see what would help and what was unrealistic for my team based on location and time. The one thing that almost all coaches used for team bonding was the team trip to altitude. My wife's uncle owns a cabin that we were able to use for 14 runners in early August. The team grew closer than ever during the week.

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Saugus and West Ranch chances for NXN? Predictions.

Lord Coe quits Nike. Story.

Burbank Community YMCA Turkey Trot 5K/10K results.

Ashton Eaton is the IAAF World Athlete of the Year ...The one thing IAAF got right this year. ~Kevin Liao

Sonia O'Sullivan: Learning to relax the key to success

Earl Verdelle You Brooks Johnson is a former sprinter and head coach at Stanford. Now 81. Feisty and provocative. Putin, the Pope, and problems in USATF ...Unrelated video.

My lady got a Fitbit. The model that retails for $150. It's impressive. Motivating. Provides a wealth of no b.s. data. Her buddy is very competitive (probably like yours) and they share data (automatically). Buddy's data shows her daily progress on a virtual El Camino de Santiago. ...Not for Don, but, hey, whatever it takes to getcha moving.

Is it possible to enjoy the company of parents without the aid of pharmaceuticals? Consider.

Just a sec. Need to toss more logs on the fire, get that therm to 85 degrees.

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He's 22. Head coach at tiny Liberty High. And they're going to state. Q&A with Eric Morford.

LetsRun: Was Syracuse Winning NCAAs The Most Significant Development In a Generation?

Video: Q&A with Mary Cain. Loves 200s. Perhaps explains why she has a kick, and we don't.

Video: Ultimate Runner’s Man Cave

Frank Bruni/NYT: The Gift of Reading. Life is way-better if you got it.

Woodward Park All Time List

Thinking of Russia and Kenya's athletics teams, and Nike sponsoring both, I now understand what the company meant when it said "Just do it. ~David Walsh

Michael J. Joyner, M.D./SI: Can You Exercise Too Much?

Matt Fitzgerald: Anaerobic Training For Runners

Lexi Fernandez won the Region 15 Championship for 11-12 girls division in Las Vegas. Results. Junior Olympics in Albuquerque on Dec 12

Teen runs a marathon. Accidentally.

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Sam Willis, Canyon alum, is named to the PAC-12 All-Academic team

CIF-State Cross Country Meet Press Release & Entries

Runner's World: Who Says Cross Country Isn’t a Contact Sport? Into the early 60's, mostly, we trained and raced barefoot. Even at Mt. SAC. Course all on dirt, two miles, finished on the track.

Remembering Emil Zatopek

David Brooks/NYT: Tales of the Super Survivors

Mustangs @ NAIA Championships stories @ SCV News

Every racer counts. Goosebumps @ NXR video

Why we go long, live longer. Read. It's science, dude.

Alex Hutchinson: How Salad Can Make Us Fat

Asker Jeukendrup: Sleep disturbances in trained athletes. Z's, please!

Alexi Pappas: On Being Happy To Compete

Must Read: Playing In The Red. Taxpayers and students (fees) take the hit.

ESPN: Terror At The Stadium. Not sure how we're going to win if only playing defense.

Dick Pound is ready to shock the world with new revelations. Story.

Jason Gay/WSJ: 33 More Rules for Thanksgiving Touch Football

University of Oregon's Robert Johnson might be the best t&f coach in the country. Consider.

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NAIA Championships race video. Women. And men. (Corrected.)

CIF-State XC Championships Information

Mike Whitman has Canyons at state championships photos.

Some twenty Santa Clarita Runners raced the USA Half Marathon Invitational. Results. Carl Stromberg won the 60-64 age group with a 1:25:33. That's national class stuff, an 84 age-grading score. Kelley Schranz was second in the 65-69 group with a 1:52:23, an 80 in age-grading. Big cheers for both.

Almost Everyone Cheats, But Only Just a Little Bit

NYT: Athletes Storm Kenyan Athletics Federation Office in Protest Over Doping. ...Kip Keino was the first great Kenyan. Continues to be revered. Lives on a farm. Takes in orphans. Started a school. ...Keino vs. Ryun.

Age Grade Calculator. Roughly, 70=Good. 75=Damn good. 80=Superior, national class. ...90? Your confessor/Dick Pound would like a word with you.

Solid marriage and Consistent High Performance Racing

Yoga class scrapped over 'cultural issues'

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Bob Binnie has SS Finals photos.

Huge congrats to West Ranch. State! That's huge. We're predicting a podium finish. And more. We're already anticipating next year. West Ranch, Saugus, and Golden Valley boys will be even better. Together with the girls, Foothill is the toughest XC league in the state.

LetsRun: Syracuse “Out-Colorado’s” Colorado For NCAA Cross Crown. Earlier this year, at the South Eugene High School track, where the OTC Masters do our Tuesday workout, we met three Syracuse dudes finishing their workout, prior to their appearance at Hayward Field and the NCAA Championships. Syracuse, I thought, WTH? Distance power? Justyn Knight was especially well-spoken, engaging. Who knew he would lead Syracuse to this NCAA shocker?

This afternoon, with others, we had pizza with an UO thrower. We learned:

Along with his older brother, who threw for Stanford, he went to an OR high school, coached by two international quality throwers.

Recruited to UCLA, he was there for two years. The program is messed up. Met Austin O'Neilll, "a good guy." Learned to hate USC. Snobs.

At UO, and most D1 schools, frosh scholarship athletes are required to attend eight hours a week of tutoring. Thereafter, if not 3.0, you have to attend five hours a week. If a football player, so goes the rumor, you also get, well, "additional assistance", he admitted with a grin.

Distance runners tend to be smarter than other athletes.

Cheserek is the best. "Great guy."

Nike supplies all UO sports. It's mostly good stuff, "and you better wear it."

There's no money in throws. The best javelin thrower in the world is a Kenyan. He gets the money. "Millions," our friend thinks. ...Like Adam Nelson and Nick Symmonds, friend plans to rent out space on his singlet and skin to survive. He heard USATF is going to distribute ten million a year to the pro athletes, but it will be nickels and dimes by the time the throws guys get to the pay window.

It's now the off-season, and they are limited on throw time and coaching. Five hours or eight hours per week? Something like that.

Saugus XC Fundraiser has photos.

Signal: Saugus girls XC edges Serrano for CIF-SS Division 2 title

Daily News: Saugus, Harvard-Westlake lead banner CIF cross country day

PrepCalTrack has the SS merge. Good information. Better perspective. We're all grown-up boys and girls. We can handle it.

Choose to be grateful. ...Thank your coach. Hand written note or card. Gift card to Starbucks. Subway. Something. My coach gets no money. Out there in all sorts of weather, and now in darkness. In fact, has two non-paying gigs.

PrepCalTrack: Jason E. on the CIF-SS Finals: This One Had It All

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SS Finals. D2 girls at 9:45. D2 boys at 10:45.

OMG: Sleeping In May Be Unhealthy

Jay Johnson: Three principles all runners need to understand

Can we, should we get along with e-bikers on city trails? Story.

NAIA Championships results should be here.

CCCAA Championships (Canyons) results should be here.

Damacio Diaz, McFarland hero, indicted.

Q&A with Terrence Mahon

WSJ: The Quest to Run a Two-Hour Marathon

Amish man runs marathon in traditional slacks and suspenders

D2 girls: Saugus 1st, Golden Valley 11th.

D2 boys: West Ranch 6th, Saugus 9th, Golden Valley 15th.

Lady Mustang Cross Country Earns Highest Finish in School History at NAIA National Championships

At CCCAA Champs, Canyons women 3rd, men 4th, and Ethan Walker wins. Results. Should be a clue. Don't bother commuting to Glendale.

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