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Phe's predictions.

Q&A with Nick Symmonds

AMA Journal: Take a Hike! Best with your spouse, or another human. You will be happier. Live longer. ...Disconnect.

Bad knees? Blame running? Consider.

Last Shot for Andrew Wheating?

Olympic Trials schedule and results. Chris and Alysia will be racing tomorrow in the First Round of the 800.

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LetsRun: The Week That Was

NYT: U.S. Antidoping Agency Seeks to Depose Doctor Who Treated Top Track Athletes

Sweet! Gags

SI: Danny Mackey: It’s time to prepare mentally for Olympic Trials

Matt Powell tweets: Nike sales last year = $32.4 billion. That's $89 million per day; $3.7 million per hour, $62K minute, $1000 per second

Vid du jour: Mt. Marathon. ...When was your last Beast? ...Just outside of Eugene is Mt. Pisgah. The shortest, steepest route is Trail 1. 1015 climb in 1.4 miles. There must have been 50 people on it when I ran/walked it last (22:10). An alternative route, lushly green and shady, is Trail 7, to Trail 3, to Trail 1 (25:31). About 2 miles. I call it The Beauty. Trail 1 is The Beast. ...When in doubt, run uphill.

Jerk du jour video.

Brad Stulberg: How Exercise Shapes You, Far Beyond the Gym

Flotrack video: Nick Symmonds/Brooks Beast 8x1k

From a dear couple, friends in Eugene, who have visited 80% of the countries in the world. How We Met the First Lady In Timbuktu:

This little story is true but some clarification is needed. Chris and I were traveling in Timbuktu, Mali, Africa a few years back when we met a Canadian Lady named Eliza Reid. Eliza was married to an Icelandic man named Gudni Johannesson who was a history professor. Eliza was a journalist writing travel stories for an airline magazine. She was in Africa writing one of her stories. Eliza, Chris me, and another western couple found ourselves In a similar bind--we were all about out of cash and the banks were closed for some Muslim holiday. In the process of working through our financial complication we became Facebook friends with Eliza and later, on a different trip, we visited her and her husband in Reykjavik, Iceland. Now I'm going to jump ahead to just a few months ago when I read an email that said Gudni was going to run for president of his country even though he had no experience in politics. A scandal in Iceland's long-time ruling party forced the old president to resign his office and two days ago our friends husband was elected to the office of president of Iceland. Eliza will be first lady of the country of Iceland when her husband takes over the position on August 1st of this year. I read on the internet that the office of president is more symbolic than in other countries but it has been very cool to follow the electoral process in the small country of Iceland and compare it to our own. We are not counting on an invitation to the inaugural ball but we've had a lot of fun telling the story of our meeting Eliza.

Iceland v. France, in France, July 3, 12 PM PST.

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Mario Fraioli: the morning shakeout

Charlotte Browning/Belle Lap: Chasing Perfection

Maybe we can learn something from teen swimmer Katie Ladecky and her buoyant ally. Chasing a Legend

Alex Hutchinson: Keeping yourself cool this summer

Part II: An Oral History Of The 2012 Olympic Trials Women’s 5,000: The Race

OTCM workout in Read More.

Vin Lananna has made TrackTown USA happen, so what happens when Lananna leaves?

Science. Just in. Eat real food.

Do you need to be 16 to play outdoors? Consider

Read More... | 1929 bytes more | 3 comments

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38 Runner Pickup Lines

Kevin Sully: Chaos Reigned: An Oral History of the 2008 800m Olympic Trials Final. Stand by for men's 800 Trials . Berian, Brazier, Symmonds, Solomon...

Jane Brody/NYT: The Challenges of Male Friendships

About studies and medical journals. Read.

Dirt is Good

Funny! John Oliver on doping.

Team Fernandez writes: Lexi won the 3000 (10:03), the 1500 (4:43), the 4x800 and the 800 (2:18) at the Region 15 Junior Olympic Track and Field Championship. She ran all 3 days starting on Friday night. The win in the 800 was very surprising. She won the same four races two weeks ago at the SCA Junior Olympic Track and Field Championship. So far she has had an undefeated season in all of her races. She has plans to go onto Nationals in July since it will be in Sacramento this year. It will be the first time she has decided to go on. She'll compete in the 13-14 division even though she doesn't turn 13 until December.

Great (and long!) read: An Oral History Of The 2012 Olympic Trials Women’s 5,000, Part I: The Road To The Trials. Great (and shocking!) results. ...We were there along with many Santa Clarita Runners.

You can race (jump and throw) at Hayward Field.

Who qualified, who shows at the USA Olympic Trials. Starts July 1.

Not a good week for England. Brexit and now Iceland 2, England 1. Story. All the Iceland players had names ending in sen or son. Perfect example of a homogenous county. Population about the same as SCV and Eugene/Springfield. And maybe the happiest country on earth. Read.

Bob Cooper/Runner's World: The 25 Golden Rules of Running

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NYT: 1972 Olympic Trials in Black and White. From Eugene. Mark Covert was there in the marathon, in contention with six miles to go. Finished seventh with a time of 2:23:35.

NYT: What Old Monkeys and Old Humans Have in Common

High Tech Tools for Runners

Eugene's Register Guard has a story on Alysia Montano. No Cheating Her.

Guardian: Boris Berian earns hero status off the track by winning run-in with Nike. Just so. ...Except Eugene in just (100 miles) down the road from Beaverton.

You can be compulsive until your first big orthopedic injury. Once you have that, you begin to think more. ~Frank Shorter

New study shows 80-90% of elite endurance training is relatively easy. Read.

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Q du jour: Shorty-shorts or tights?

Please Continue Instagramming/Facebooking Your Amazing Life.

Craig Godwin writes: Rich Burns and Darcy Arreola Lange were amazing runners in SCV, not I. Both have this effortless stride that is beautiful to watch. When I first got to Eugene, I was coached by the late Dick Brown. He said Darcy was the most talented runner he had every coached, which is pretty amazing considering he coached Mary Decker Slaney and Suzy Favor Hamilton among many others. Rich is another one of the great talents, but was often held back by injuries. Spangenburg was amazing in a different way. Not a natural talent like Rich and Darcy, but he trained incredibly hard.

Race the COC Summer Series. ...Flashback.

Hey Nike. Now that you've bullied and bankrupted a young athlete trying to make his first Olympic team, how about paying his legal fees? ...Apparently Nike wants to refocus on its core mission of beating up on widows and children. ~Malcolm Gladwell

Whoa! T&FN projects the US will win zero medals 800-marathon in both genders in Rio

ESPN: There's nothing typical about the Dipsea Race. Now, 111 years later. ...There was a movie... On The Edge.

David Brooks/NYT: On the edge.

72-Year-Old Pole Vaulter Trains Olympic Hopefuls and Still Competes

Woman Up: Q&A with Devon Yanko at the Western States 100

Stories on transition from star athlete to... Read.

Flotrack: How David Torrence Assisted in the Jama Aden Drug Bust

Going Pro. Part One, Phoebe Wright Explains it all

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Nike dismissing lawsuit.

Don's read. Nike's counsel said the judge was going to rule against them. ...Having already lost in the court of public opinion.


Stumptown Twilight results. Chris Low and Austin O'Neil PR and improve on the 800 and 3000 steeple all time SCV records. Chris qualifies for the Trials.

Running is a smart thing to do, and it makes you smarter. Story.

Steve Masuda provides the pics in his tour of downtown Los Angeles and the illuminated bunnies. ...You need to get out more.

Science. Angry, sad, frustrated or fearful people tend to become chronically unwell. Lighten up, willya?

Justphun. Phe's Fan Faves

Alex Hutchinson: Distance Runners May Need More Protein

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Ruling on Berian expected two days before his first race at the Trials. Story.

Steve Magness: Rhythm & Stride Rate.

Alex Hutchinson on supplements and placebos.

Forgiving is good for your health. Think how more stressed/miserable you would be if others hadn't forgiven you.

Tips from a 96 year old mountain racer. Here. ...More.

Drone's eye view of Alysia Montano

The cool, tough perspective of teh_ordo

More on Boris Berian

Deadspin: Boris Berian's Legal Fight Against Nike Could Change Track And Field Forever

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LetsRun is all over Jama Aden, Dibaba, Mo, Nike...

More juicy, ugly details.

David Epstein/Michael Joyner: Why Athletes Who Dope Get Away With It

If IAAF & WADA were after Aden since 2013...think of what that says about testing. You know they are dirty & for 3yrs can't get a + test. ~Steve Magness

If we've learned one thing from Aden scandal: doping needs to be illegal. Stop lobbying WADA and athletic heads, lobby the government! ~Steve Magness

Flotrack workout videos. 400s with Bernard Lagat and pals. Filmed at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, elevation 6,909. SCV immortals Rich Burns and Daren Stonerock attend NAU, but left before graduation, the elevation might being one of the reasons why. ...And Olympic standard chase workout with Jordan McNamara, coach Mark Rowland. Filmed at South Eugene High School, the site for OTC Masters/Don workouts. Jordan is a fun, friendly fellow. Stay to the end of the video to see another of his talents.

Should you exercise if your muscles are sore?

Pics du jour: Seventy-Five Years of Cycling

NYT: What College Sports Recruiters Can Teach Your Child

Chris Low and Austin O'Neil, Galen Rupp and Jordan McNamara are racing tomorrow at the Stumptown Twilight. Entries.

Berian update. Ruling postponed until 6/29. OK for Berian to race in any shoes.

Justphun: Phe's Fan Faves

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