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Dan Agnew/Signal has another good one on CIF Finals.

Why Legendary Athletes Retire Too Late? Why we should never stop racing.

Must see. Joe Gagnon's SS Finals photos. Your loss if you don't look at every one.

Which reminds me. A million thanks to all you Santa Clarita photographers who shared your photos with us.

Honor Roll

Bob Binnie
Bill Bolden
Paul Broneer
Mark Frankian
Alan Garcia
Christopher Go
Jim McClain
Lori Shimizu Peterson
Saugus XC Fundraiser
Joseph Tan

Some of the above will be graduating to other pursuits, having already done so very much. Replacements needed. If you have a camera and a track/XC kid... And every school (your dedicated, hard-working athletes) needs/deserves a web site. Like Canyon and West Ranch.

Helene Neville, cancer survivor, running perimeter of U.S. Story.

Kick of the Week: Charles Jock v. Ponce/Grand Prix 800 Field. It's you in your dreams.

WSJ: The States Where Fitness Is King

Hey, boys and girls. Let's do Quest for the Crest. The juice is worth the squeeze.

Ken Goe/Oregonian: At long last, Portland distance runner Galen Rupp is within reach of the mountain top. Don't miss the photos and video.

OTC Masters workout in Read More.

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Happy Memorial Day. Please honor the vets.

Bianca Tinoco interview.

Runner's World: An 80-Year-Old Grandfather Will Run Badwater

MileSplit: Christina Aragon Is New HS 1500m Phenom

Bill Bolden provides SS Finals fotos. Bill might be the All SCV long distance champion photographer. Denied access to the field, he took all the photos from the stands, including shots of St John Bosco shot putter Matt Katnik's record throw of 71' 11 1/2". ...Katnik (6-4, 305), an honor student, will be joined by Nathan Bultman and Great Oak's Nick Ponzio at USC. Katnik gave up football for track & field because..."I think it's going to help me preserve my body a little bit better...(and) you can do it a lot longer. I see it now with guys like Junior Seau, rest in peace, people who have dementia and struggle to walk and have back issues, I take note in that type of stuff."

Mountain 2 Beach results.

Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run

Steve Prefontaine left mark on Tacoma running scene before his death

How would you like to see 5000 with Rupp, Lagat, Lalang, and a host of Africans, and a 10,000 with Mo and more Africans, and a lot more world class action? You can for free on Friday at Hayward Field, the first night of the Pre Classic.

Fiesta Days 10K results. Nice work by the home team. 9. Greg Garman, 40:23. 13. Kevin McSweeney 42:47. 32. Steven Watanabe 48:32.

More about Another Colossal 10k Set for Pre Classic

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Daily News has SS Finals stories. ...Pasadena Star News has some terrific photos.

Free access to Dan Agnew/Signal's SS story.

Paul Broneer updates 2015 Foothill Bests. ...Bianca Tinocco's 2:10.44 places her 7th on the SCV All Time Bests, just behind Shannon.

New Yorker: When Brain Surgery Goes Wrong. From a guy with long experience in the med mal biz, mistakes and instances of patient unhappiness with outcome usually are not malpractice. Most cases are abandoned or dismissed, settled for nuisance value only; maybe 80-90% of the few going to verdict are defensed. Also, no doubt about it, American medicine is the best. ...BTW, for what it's worth. Old guys and gals ask, My ortho recommends knee or hip replacement. Should I? Well, hell yes. It's almost a dead cinch you'll be way-better off. You might not be able to run as much (or not much at all), but some is better than none. Besides, cross training can keep you very fit, likely still racing the short stuff, and we should all be doing it anyway. And if your race times slide, that is inevitable sooner or later, and we'll still like you fast or slow.

A horde of Santa Clarita Runners ran the Mountain2Beach Marathon around Ojai and Ventura. Results should soon be available here. Photo of the phastest in Comments.

Some of our friends are doing the Fiesta Day 5/10K. Details. Nice event. Check out Descanso Gardens afterwards.

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CIF SS Finals today at Cerritos College. Field events start at 11, running at 1.

SCV News: Canyons Track & Field Concludes Season at CCCAA State Championships

Rory Bosio is one of the best ultrarunners. But doesn't train? Story.

The secrets of the world’s longest-lived people include community, family, exercise and plenty of beans. More.

NAIA concludes today. Results.

NAIA update from Master's Facebook: Charity Schroeder finishes the Marathon this morning in 6th place, running a time of 3:11:55. Schroeder's All-American performance made her the school record holder and the first All-American for the women's program in the marathon. Congratulations Charity on finishing your collegiate career as an All-American! Later today, Michael Sciarra will compete in the steeple chase and Karis Frankian, Andrew Orona, and Josh Sherfey will compete in the 5000.

Skier Needed a New Knee, So He Invented One. Gotta love these stories.

Jenny Simpson wins a brutally hard, talent-stacked women’s 1500m in cold and damp conditions at IAAF Diamond League meeting in Stockholm.

Master's Michael Sciarra finishes 9th, one step from the podium, with a 9:44.59 in the 3000 steeple, but good enough for the soph to claim 9th in SCV Bests. ...Natalie Rodriguez, freshman, finishes 11th, with a 4:40.93 in the 1500 finals. ...In the 5000, Karis gets 3rd ((17:22.94); for the men, our friend Dylan Alexander (running for So. Oregon, in Ashland), wins (14:45.74), while Josh Sherfey is 25th with a 16:21.85. ...In the team scoring, Master's women were 18th (out of 60). Of the 17 points scored, 14 were by Karis, 3 by Charity. Master's men were blanked.

CIF-SS Finals results.

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PrepCalTrack: CIF-SS Team Rankings

What Meb Does Before Every Race. More stretching and core work in one day than most of us do...

NCAA D1 Regionals Performance List-Men. Chris Low in the 800. Austin O'Neil in the 1500.

NCAA D1 Regionals Performance List-Women. Includes Amber Wright, Molly Grabill, Chelsey Totten. ...Chelsey's 16:19 is the third best 5000 ever by a SCV woman, only behind Lauren Fleshman and Shannon Murakami. Video. ...Chelsey has not done the 10,000 in college. So far as we can tell, Lauren has never run a 10,000, and Shannon only once. Probably on orders from their coaches. ...Mmmh, maybe it's just me, but shouldn't every real deal middle distance competitor do at least one 10,000 on the track? In an all-comers or throwaway meet -call it a tempo run. It's 25 laps. Try that for mental toughening. ...Seth Totten did a 31:04.27 in the 10,000 in 2014, 8th in SCV Bests.

Alex Hutchinson: Does Skipping Breakfast Affect Performance? Yes, and makes you, well, less lean.

Thinking less about yourself is one of the best ways to improve yourself. Patterns of Performance: What We All Can Learn From the Practices of Elite Athletes

Recommended: O.U.R. Rescue Run. Story here. Over 300 have already signed up.

Karis Frankian just had the highest finish by any female from TMC in any event at Nationals... Placed 2nd in the 10k this morning, running 36:14. Next up: Abigail's steeplechase prelims tonight and Karis' 5k final tomorrow.

Cal-State San Marcos women were ninth in the 4 x 800. Natalie Rodriguez ran the second leg.

Abigail Frankian, freshman, 11:24.23 in the 3000 steeple, just misses qualifying for the final. Suddenly #7 on the All-Time SCV Best list, ahead of Chelsey Totten and the immortal Shannon Murakami. ...What's your, Don's steeple PR?

Posted by donmclean on 2015/5/21 4:39:27 (247 reads)

What Makes Pre So Special

The athletes that win won’t always be the hardest working or the best coached. At the most elite level, the victory is contested by those with the best genes... More. ...OK, but are those elites, or just the best runners in high school, running and racing ten or thirty years later?

Successful runners keep competing by adapting and reinventing themselves at each age milestone. Mastering Running As You Age

Bi-partisan running in Washington, D.C. Story. And results.

2.5 years later... Man convicted in injury of UO distance runner Molly Grabill. ...Molly missed a year of competition following the assault.

Master's @ NAIA National Championships results. Abigail Frankian in the 3000 steeple. Big sis Karis in the 10,000. ...Natalie Rodriguez qualified for the 1500 final.

RunBlogRun: Harry Marra: 10 Event Maestro

Several reports into DD indicating rain and lightening delayed, and may cause a rescheduling for the remainder Day 1 of the NAIA Championships. ...Update. 5k goes straight to finals on Saturday, 10k at 8 am Friday, and women's steeplechase at 6:55 pm tomorrow

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How fit are you? How do you really measure up as a runner? For the mature (old) runner, the answer is to be found in Age Grading. Easy to use calculator here. ...So far as we know (mostly based on the Heritage Valley 5/10K), the SCV Kickass Class of 2015 is ruled by Kelley Schranz (87.79%), Carl Stromberg (84.20%), and Tyrus Deminter (82.82%). ...Former Santa Claritian Craig Godwin (88.45%) is at the top of the heap for the Oregon Track Club Masters

But talk about kickass. Check out Michelle Obama.

Pac-12 track coaches explain where the drive for 'the kick' comes from

New York Times: Lack of Exercise Can Disrupt the Body’s Rhythms

OMG. Some People Do More Than Text While Driving. If that's you, please don't tell Don.

Austin O'Neil ran the fifth fastest 1500 last week in college track. Link.

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LetsRun: The Week That Was

Joseph Tan has D1 Prelims photos. Without Socks.

Melody Fairchild was the Mary Cain of her time. And then had some bumps on the trail. Has some good advice for the young and the rest of us hanging on, or entering new running ventures. Here.

Steve Magness: "People remember the last interval"-Why you should go out on a high note ...Will try to keep that in mind tonight. See Read More.

Heritage Valley 5/10K results. Special shout-outs for Santa Claritians Tyruus Deminter, Carl Stromberg, Mandy Larkins, and Kelley Schranz. And Vince McGrath.

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Bill Bolden delivers D1, mostly West Ranch, photos.

Oregon #1, USC #2 in the PAC-12 Championships. It was close on the women's side. Results.

Chris Low dominates at the Big West. Video.

Interview with Charlotte Brown, blind pole vaulter. Video.

NFL, Goodell thrashed and trashed.

Take a hike. What ‘Wild’ Has Wrought

The Superhero Runner

Dan Agnew/Sigal: Justin Gallegos: Can't doesn't exist. More on Justin Gallegos.

Oregon prep Alexa Efraimson ran 2:01.13... and if it was recorded at a sanctioned high school meet, it would be the fastest high school time in the nation by about three seconds. ...More.

Rob Evans to coach the Grizz XC. Story. 2015 Foothill XC suddenly looks doubly competitive, especially intense, girls and boys. Awright!!!

Daily Relay: The Monday Morning Run.

Paul Broneer updated 2015 Foothill Bests

Posted by donmclean on 2015/5/17 10:40:58 (237 reads)

Ken Goe/Oregonian on the PAC 12 Championships. ...No story in the Los Angeles Times, at least so far. ...Only 1194 fans? ...Big day today. Austin O'Neil in 1500 finals. ...A little PAC 12 video.

Alan Garcia provides D1 photos. Though a Valencia partisan, Alan also delivers plenty of West Ranch and other track action. ...Runnerspace has D1 video.

bbc: Blind pole vaulter Charlotte Brown wins state championships bronze

Daily News, with a nothing much bit on track, delivers on Abbey Weitzel and other Foothill swimmers. Here. The first ever California state championships is next week, in Clovis of all places. Why no mention of that? ...More on Abbey.

WSJ: Use Stress To Your Advantage

‘McFarland, USA': Interview With The Real Jim White

About screaming, nutball coaches. Link. Ever known an angry and effective track coach?

Guy races the London tube (subway), from one station to the next. Video.

Jim McClain has D2 video, girls 4 x 400 and girls/boys 3200. Link. Caleb gets tripped from behind and falls around 6:00, an unfortunate end to a fine prep career. Post race photos show him spiked and bruised.

In a slow, tactical 1500 final, Austin O'Neil is ninth. Link. After a big PR yesterday, an all-time SCV best, today's result was not unexpected. Onward to NCAA Prelims!

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